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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 204, chapter 204


"Why did Loki give you a ring?" Finn asked picking up a carrot biting into it.

"Piss off Dagan I think." our heroine replied never taking her eyes off of Reuben, the knife still in hand. Leaning over, Finn took the knife from her as he continued to peel the potatoes.

"Where is Dagan?" Rolf asked flicking his hair out of his face, sniffing.

"Back in the estate where we left him."  the female replied reaching up to grab Reuben's arm. Closing her eyes, she swayed a few inches closer to him, the sound of blood ringing in her ears like a crashing river. Reuben's smelled the sweetest and it had our heroine wondering what he'd been snacking on?

"He must be insane by now." Rolf added as he shook his head laughing. "Last time, when you and the Seer opened that portal and left us; Dagan lost his memories. I'd hate to see what he's going through right now." Rolf's voice rose as he licked his lips still grinning.

"Don't." Reuben whispered holding our heroine suddenly by the shoulders keeping her from biting him. "Nos! You okay?" she nodded opening her eyes. They flashed the amber-grey of the wolf before flashing pure white of the banshee. "You need to feed?" The dark haired male looked around swearing as he pushed her into the corner of the tent. Nodding towards Rolf, Reuben told him to guard the doorway. "Last thing we need is someone catching you feeding off me." he held out his arm for her, slapping the soft underside of his elbow.
Grabbing hold of his forearm, our heroine dug her fangs deep into the curve of his arm just between the shoulder and the elbow. Reuben's mouth fell open in pain as he growled. "Watch it!" he shook his hand out flexing and unflexing his fist."Hey! Hey! That's enough." he ripped his arm from her, causing her to stumble into his chest in a daze. "You good? You happy? Get what you need?" he started to laugh at her.

"What have you been eating?" she cooed licking her lips as she wrapped her arms around his waist as if to settle into a hug.

"Couple of barmaids, few drunk people." he unhooked her arms from around his body holding her again at arms length. "Hey, what was this idea of yours?"  Lifting her chin Reuben forced her to look at him. She was pleasantly stoned off his alcohol laced blood.

"Right." she cleared her throat. "I still need a mate."  The male dropped his arms from her taking a half step back.

"Oh no. No no no!" his eyes became wide as he stopped, leaned closer towards her frowning.

"Roo...Hon, I'm having a magickal werewolf baby..."

""  he interrupted her shaking his head.

"... I'm a banshee. I'm not even suppose to be able to get pregnant..."

"Not going to do it Nos...I won't..." he refused to look at her then, finding the tip of his shoes interesting.

"...I told prince Vlad that you and I are a couple."

"...I'm not..." he growled at her, crossing his arms.

"...We don't know how long we're going to be here? In this century. I might be here when I give birth, if I do. It's a werewolf baby. A lycanthrope. I am going to have to explain it somehow..." she reached her pale slim fingers out again to touch the male's arm but he shrugged her off.

"No, no. We find the magick mirror and we leave. All of us. In the meantime,tell the truth. That it's magickal. That you are knocked up by a god." he growled again, tilting his chin down so that his long hair fell over one side of his face. The male then started to rock on his heels.

"Roo, look around you. We are smack dab in the middle of a religious war. Do you think claiming Loki as the biological anything is a smart idea? Really? Personally, I like all my parts stake free I don't know about you, but I really don't want to end up like an extra in a bad horror flick."  She watched as the realization sunk in. Reuben kicked at the ground beside them, causing dirt to fly everywhere.

"Fine!" he stomped around in a huff running his hands over his beard. "I hate you right now."

"I know."

"This is a bad idea. Bad bad bad idea." he pointed at the ground then poked her square in the chest leaving a bruise. "Horrible idea! Worst thing you've let drip out of your mouth!"  he spat on the ground between them. Our heroine was about to say something when Reuben put his hand over her mouth. "Don't even think of saying it."
They both turned just as Rolf sidestepped from the doorway, clearing his throat. Sebastian was standing there looking displeased. He simply pointed at Reuben gesturing for him to follow. Sniffing, the werewolf squared his shoulders as he obeyed.  Exiting the tent, the dark haired male looked up at the sky, noting that the moon was almost risen, and it looked to be a full one. Swearing silently he followed Sebastian into Vlad's tent.
Scanning the tent, he fully expected to see a coffin of dirt or half bloodless bodies, but other then a pile of rugs, it looked like a normal tent.

"So the woman is yours." it was a statement more then a question, as Vlad poured a dark liquid into a goblet. Reuben could tell by the smell it was neither wine nor blood.

"For all intents and purposes." he mumbled. The shapeshifter continued to keep a distance from the prince, uncertain if he could be trusted.  Vlad looked at him from the corner of his eye, mouth open slightly. His two top rows of fangs jutted out gleaming with saliva. Before anything else could be said, before the threat that Reuben knew was about to leave Vlad's lips could be uttered, there was a scream. Turning the werewolf exited the tent again, Vlad hot on his heels.

Vlad's men were running in all directions, shouting, their swords at the ready, some already covered in blood as two men were brought into the center of the camp; their bodies mangled and shredded in places. Swearing loudly, Reuben ran back to get the others. "You okay?" he asked Rolf, who was seemingly unaffected by the full moon. "We've got company. Damn it!" he grabbed our heroine by the back of the neck, leading her out of the tent. "I warned Dagan this would happen. Warned all of you and none of you listened." he dragged her to the edge of the camp. Whistling, he waited till he knew he had the attention of every member of the other pack that was hiding in the edges of the woods. "This is what you've come for." he pushed her forward hard. "The full moon ritual is in full effect boys." a boot landed firmly on her butt sending our heroine flying to the ground. "She's all yours. Just remember, she's a screamer." he laughed sticking his tongue out, his head down. The other pack advanced from the shadows, slowly, stalking them. "Rolf get out here now! You need to see this." The other male was beside him in a flash, snarling as he passed Vlad.

Seven large onyx wolves began to circle around each other, getting closer and closer to Nosferatu, who was still on the ground. 

"You're sacrificing her?" Rolf commented, his eyebrow raised in question.

"Yeah actually, I am." Reuben replied never taking his eyes off of the one wolf to his right. It was lingering just a little too far back, like it didn't care to take the bait. "You think you can handle the six up front here while I deal with the one in back?"

"Piece of cake." Rolf tossed his head back giving a noise that sent chills through some of Vlad's men. It was beastial, not really a howl or roar, yet not completely the banshee's scream either.  The prince watched in complete amusement as Rolf fought off one after another of the creatures. Each one leaving little evidence of their attacks. Our heroine was stuck unable to crawl away as the fur, blood and saliva landed everywhere.

Strong steel like hands grabbed her by the waist, hauling her to her feet. "Are you alright?" Vlad's breath hit her ear in a single rush, like the wind through an open door.

"Do NOT touch her!" Reuben screamed  as he pointed at them. The sound of bones breaking echoed in the air as the alpha's lifeless body fell to the ground at Reuben's feet. "You lay one stone white finger on her and this is your fate!" he stepped over the other werewolf's carcass his hands out palms up. "I am not joking. Until I've reclaimed my mate, this is what you will be dealing with every full moon." he slowed his pace as he deliberately stalked towards them. He bent then grabbing one of the other wolves by the scruff lifting it's head; it's tongue dragging before dumping it back down on the blood soaked ground.  "Every male lycanthrope will come sniffing around the little bitch on every full moon till one of them manages to shack her. Putting your men in danger every single time. I've heard of your reputation. Seen all the book reports, read all the news clippings. But not even you can stop this. This is beyond your power." he pointed then to the ground.
He stopped dead in his tracks as a strange electricity began to clinch at the base of his spine, a burning sensation crawling through his shoulders, into his brain. He looked back at the dead wolf, as a mischievous grin spread across his lips. Wiping the corner of his mouth, Reuben sniffed as he stretched out his arms in front of him, rotating his shoulders. His eyes shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf, giving him just a touch of danger.

"I think the pack just grew by seven." Finn mumbled shaking his head as he peaked out of the tent. "No living with him now."

"Know what? Second thought, I no longer need her. If you want her she's yours." he stood there taunting the prince waiting to see what he would do.

"No!" Rolf's scream was deafening as the sound of our heroine's neck snapping echoed through the group.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Bet you didn't see that coming)

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