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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 297, chapter 297

Out of Time...

The smell of the food hit him long before Seward came up the stairs knocking on the bathroom door. Edric opened it all the way, allowing the dark haired human to hand him the coffee.  "Wicked." the younger male said his eyes wide. He stood then in the doorway fascinated by the hybrid's actions. Edric couldn't help but smirk to himself in the mirror as he dragged his nails down his jaw, rinsing the shaving cream off.

"I thought it rude to use your razor." he cleared his throat. "Did he turn? Arthur, did he go full on wolf?" he snatched a glance at Seward's reflection gaging his reactions. Seward nodded.

"We had to lock him in the tool shed."

 "Damn! What colour was his fur?" Edric wiped his hands throwing the towel onto the sink.

"Black, jet black."

"Would you say onyx?" Edric sniffed. Part of him was disappointed that Detective Arthur Holmwood got the good side of things, but another part was relieved to learn they were not from Dagan's bloodline. This made them Rolf's. Turning Edric made a sound of boredom. "This is a lot to process. Um..." he closed his eyes, unable to think clearly. "Yeah, another thing, how long has your cousin been involved with Nosferatu?"

"Landin's gay remember." Seward responded quickly.

"Yeah I know that, not Landin you dimwit, Ruthven!"

"Oh the hug!"

"Yeah the hug. Were you not going to tell me about that little incident." his voice was pinched as he yelled at Seward.

"They're not involved." he made a snort of dismissal. "Shortly before she got here, the grey streaks in Arthur's hair disappeared, literally there one second gone the next. When she saw that she tried to give him a hug, she went flying across the living room, then tried to hug Ruthven and he went flying across the kitchen."

"She said he tried to hug her." Edric tilted his head to the side his anger beginning to melt.

"More like she turned facing him and told him to. Dude it was weird, if I didn't know better, I'd say he was hypnotized by her or something. Like, she said hug me now, and he just ...did what he was told."

"Huh, interesting." he swore shaking his head. Clapping Seward on the shoulder, Edric pointed at the plate of food. "I can't eat this, there's ranch dressing on it."

"I don't follow"

"Garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. Read a label." the sandy-blonde haired male moved past him into the hallway, sipping at his too hot coffee.

"So what do you think happened? With the no touching thing." Seward asked taking a bite of the sandwich not wanting to waste it. Edric shrugged as he continued on towards the kitchen himself, the promise of bacon and tomatoes leading him by the stomach. The hybrid felt his shoulders begin to twitch and tighten, as the faint scent of Arthur still clung to the room. He began touching everything in the kitchen marking his territory. It was all he could do not to actually say out loud 'this is mine'.

"I don't know, it's an anomaly." he began grabbing things out of the refrigerator stacking them up on the counter, searching the cupboards. "One minute everything is over, done, the sire bond shafted..."

"Wait, she broke the sire bond? How is that possible?" Seward asked. Edric nodded as he continued to heat up a fry pan slicing onions and tomatoes.

"She got underhanded and cried to Bacchus is how. Doesn't matter, she severed it. That female has gone out of her way to shack me at every turn, removing her soul so that she can't be claimed as someone's mate, cause she's been used for security before, therefore keeping me from becoming pack alpha." he tossed a large chunk of butter into the pan. "Removed the sire bond so that I no longer had a logical reason to be with her, therefore cutting my ties not just to the pack but her." he tossed in a large pinch of salt as he cracked two eggs into the pan. Seward watched completely amused as the angry hybrid gracefully moved around the kitchen at near break neck speed. "Then there was the attack by The Seer's minions. And she wanted to fight them alone, fine I sat back and watched her rip their hearts out. Then we ate them. Well, I ate them." he stirred the eggs with a splash of milk before tossing in the onions. "Yet somehow, she got outsmarted." he nodded as he began cutting up a potato adding it to the pan. Placing the eggs and onion on a plate with the sliced tomatoes, he added a large piece of bologna to the fry pan. Staring at the pan before adding a second slice.

"I'm confused. But you claimed her, so you two had sex and she tossed you out..."

"No. Actually, she turned me down more than once, which is weird." Edric snapped his fingers "Mustard? Pickles? I mean, come on I've had straight men offer to shack me."  Seward opened the refrigerator handing him a jar. "Sweet mustard pickles. Even better." he added a couple to the plate, the thick mustard sauce sticking to the fork, as he dragged it across the eggs.

"Yeah Arthur really liked those too." Seward commented as he got himself a cup of coffee.

"Really?" Edric held the jar in his hands, then licked the length of it. "Now he won't."

"I'm not putting that back in the fridge." he took the jar from him running it under the tap. "What is it with you werewolves and sticking your fingers in everything? You don't have to drool on everything...what?" he turned to see Edric standing there totally still eyes wide.

"I marked her as mine! I had transformed, felt a threat coming towards us, so I used my blood! I marked her! It was all over her and her clothes."

"I did the laundry after she got here."

"Yeah don't worry about that." he said dismissingly as he flipped the bologna and potatoes. "It was instinctual. Nothing to do with the sire bond at all." his voice rose in giddiness as he rocked on his toes for emphasis. He slapped both hands then on Seward's shoulders. "You know what this means right?"

"Not a clue." the younger male said, his curly dark hair flopping around his forehead.

"Me neither. But, I think it proves that she was wrong. Capital w ; wrong."  he turned his full attention back to the stove. "I wanted..." he made a face as he turned the burner off, serving up the potatoes and bologna to the rest of his plate. Edric sat down at the kitchen table to eat.

"You wanted what?" Seward asked leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Her to trust me. To accept me. It proves she finally did. Forgot the pepper."  Seward nodded handing him the pepper shaker.

"But, you're still not the pack alpha?"

"Yet. Give me time." Edric said before stuffing a forkful of food into his mouth. "That's actually secondary right now. " he turned quiet as he enjoyed his food. When he was finished eating, he put the dishes in the sink, licking his thumb, grabbing another cup of coffee. The hybrid couldn't remember the last time he had felt this comfortable, this confident. He wasn't too sure if it was the new knowledge that he'd found yet another loophole in the magickal contract or if it just simply had to do with the Van Helsing's house? He couldn't deny it was a house you could instantly get used to living in.

"So if that's secondary, what's the first thing?" Seward asked after nearly five minutes of waiting for him to continue.

"What? Oh." he moved closer to the human, dropping his voice to such a degree, Seward had to strain to catch what he was saying. "Getting her to admit she allowed me to mark her as mine."

"Why are you whispering?"

Edric pointed to the ceiling. "She can hear me, us. Super hearing remember." the dark haired human nodded his realization as the hybrid continued. "I need her to admit that she needs me. Values me."  

Seward looked at him smiling. "But why?"

"I need her to admit she wants me." Edric said slapping Seward on the shoulder again before heading back up the stairs to the attic.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is what happens when you get two people who've been hurt too often crushing on each other, neither trusts they are desirable.)

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Random movie Jan 14th

Movie: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
starring: Michael Cera, Kat Dennings
genre: Comedy
year: 2008
format: TV EDIT

plot: After learning that a band is playing an after hours gig, a group of teens spend the night following clues as to where the band will be, while dealing with the reality of their relationships being less then desired.

Based on the book.

Okay, so I was flipping the channels and saw this listed, hit the description for it and saw Jay Baruchel listed as being in it, and that was the only reason I bothered to sit down and watch it. Sadly, he only had four minutes of air time.

You've got a guy who is head over heels with his ex, who burned him, and the chick who has been secretly crushing on him for awhile finally spending time together, and the only thing getting in the way of them is themselves; their friends and two jealous exes.
I kept waiting for it to get funny. I could have done without the puking in the airport bathroom scene. It just seemed like there was nothing happening, just one long ramble of a game of tag.

I have to say, there was one line that was almost the redeeming quality for the whole movie, when the character of Norah is looking through Nick's music collection and says "you are literally like my musical soulmate". That line got my attention and just stuck with me for the last few hours. 

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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 296, chapter 296

Out of Time...

"Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Huh, ever think of that?" Edric crossed his arms staring down at her, his teeth grinding together. "But you've got such a thick skull..." he started to lose steam as he rolled his blue eyes towards the ceiling, just standing there pouting. He licked the corner of his mouth, shifting his stance just a little at the waist so that he was half turned from her. Our heroine didn't move, just stood there, her own arms now crossed, waiting. "What do you want me to tell you?" he shrugged leaning against the door frame as casually as possible.

"Tell me how it is that something that can't happen happened?" her own voice was soft.

"I can't!" he felt a tightness in his shoulders, his chest. Another flash of the dream danced behind his eyes. A scene from the disco of him sitting in a corner table, drinking heavily, three large wolves stalking around the room. It made him dizzy forcing him to breath deeply counting to ten.

"Why'd you come here?" she asked still not moving.  Edric chewed on the inside of his cheek shrugging again.

"I'd...I don't know?" he answered stepping away from the doorway, and into the room. "Look, I woke up in a playground a whole town over, and all I could think was that I had to be here." he spun around facing her, taking a few steps backward farther into the room, his hands out at his sides. "I woke up saw it was daylight and just ran back to town. There doesn't need to be a reason does there?"

"You turned Arthur. He's your bloodline now. There is a connection between you two, like brothers. Instant. Only, you didn't go looking for him, you came straight to where I was. The claiming barrier is in effect which should be beyond impossible because I don't have a soul to be claimed! So, once again, tell me why is it that I can grab you but I can't get near anyone else?"

"There is a glitch in the system?"  he started to laugh bringing both hands suddenly to his chest, making a drumming motion.

"This isn't funny."

"Yes it is." Edric tossed his head back and let out a howl of pure laughter. "If this is true, that means you're mine. Oh my god." he ran his hands over his face practically snorting with giddiness. "Dagan can't touch you. I win. I have no idea how I won, but I win."  he leaned in closer to her, his hands on her shoulders. "You know what else it means? It means that you lost too. You spent the entire night playing keep away only to get got in the end." he planted a rough kiss on her exaggerating the noise as he groaned. "This is priceless. Just too perfect."  She turned from him still caught in his grasp. "What?"

"You need to shave."

"Really? The universe just outsmarted you and that's all you have to say for it?" he touched his hand to his face. "Well, okay I'll grant you that."  slapping her ass he turned from her. "I'm in such a good mood now, I could kiss you for real." gesturing to the candles he bent down beside the pentacle. "What's all this for?"

"A locator spell. But, I was having a difficult time focusing." she sighed moving past him to a small sofa. Edric nodded to himself as he looked over his shoulder in the direction of the attic door. He could hear Seward in the kitchen clanking away with the coffee mugs, the smell of fresh grinds being opened filling the air. Quietly he stood back up crossing to the door, locking it. He figured they had less than five minutes before Seward came up to the attic with their drinks, and maybe two more after that before he demanded they unlock the door or found a key. The hybrid needed his sire's full attention. Sighing, he picked up one of the orange candles the still warm wax dripping on his hands. Putting it back in place, Edric sat down beside her on the sofa, playing with the bit of half melted wax between his thumb and forefinger.

"The night I turned, when you demanded I transform so you could see what colour my fur was..." he cleared his throat tossing the little ball of wax across the room. "What was that all about exactly?" he turned towards her, willing her to do the same. But she didn't. He ended up reaching for her hand locking his fingers with hers, the residue from the melted wax acting like a soft glue.

"Well, Dagan's bloodline is a redish-auburn colour, he was turned by Ash, Ash also turned Leo. Reuben is a caramel colour. He's a natural born lycanthrope, he turned The Seer. And Rolf is onyx. He's also a natural born. Being that I was sired by Dagan, and shared a soul with Rolf, it was pretty much a toss up between their bloodlines, but Reuben's family has claimed me more often. So... Why you bringing this up now?"

"I had a dream, and there were three large wolves in it. One of each of those colours. I thought maybe it might have meant something but..." he shrugged. Edric squinted up his eyes suddenly remembering something else. "When I got here, you said Ruthven tried to hug you. Why was he trying to hug you?"

"Enough share time there are spells to do." she tried to stand up but Edric grabbed her pulling her back down beside him. His blue eyes went wide, his mouth falling slack.

"Ruthven? Ruthven?" he shook his head in disbelief. "Ruthven? I've been throwing myself at you hips first and you're telling me..." he swore under his breath. "You keep telling me how hot I am, and you dis me for...why?"

"I can't have a just friends clause?" our heroine tilted her head towards him, her thumb roaming in circles over his, causing the male to release her hand he'd still been holding.

"Sure, if this was a normal situation and you weren't a mythical supernatural being who might very possibly turn into a full blown goddess." he let his hand slap his thigh feeling suddenly both very territorial and useless. "But it's not." he was too aware of the fact her fingers had left little imprints in the remaining wax, like a second layer of skin on his knuckles. Edric scratched the wax skin off.

"Right, cause if this was a normal situation, you and I wouldn't be here right now like this." she stated flatly.

"Why not?" the hybrid's ears twitched as he caught the sound of Seward's phone ringing downstairs. He figured that gave them at lest an extra two minutes. "You've got one argument against us, and logically speaking, it's crap."

"And it logically, no longer applies. Your only leverage was the sire bond. That's gone." she said getting up from the sofa moving back to re-light the candles. Grumbling, Edric shook his head, shifting closer to her, his arms dangling over his knees before standing up. He crossed to the attic door unlocking it, his one hand on the doorknob.

"That will work better if you add some periwinkle, mistletoe and thyme to the points."  our heroine looked at him in surprise. "My grandmother's best friend was a root worker."

"You never said you knew anything about hoodoo before?"

"You never bothered to take the time to get to know me." he shrugged as he walked down to the second floor landing. Sighing, Edric ducked into the bathroom closing the door half way. Leaning on the edge of the sink, the hybrid sniffed deeply, running his hands over everything without thinking about the fact, before shaking out his hand. His nails grew to sharp claws, as he began rummaged through the Van Helsing's cupboard finding the shaving cream.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. When have you ever known a man to shave because you asked? Right, me neither)

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Coffee talk Jan 3rd 2017

Spudguns! grab a coffee, lets' talk a bit about movies, monsters and mash-ups.  Today marks one month into the Blog Year 6; and as I stated last month, Blog Year 6 is going to be random. I did decide to make a small change in Night Bleeds for year two.

Not all the selections this year are straight up vampire stories. I'm tossing some witches and zombies into the mix.  

First selection will be the 1995 novel Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and the 1998 movie version. 
The deadline will be the last Sunday in February 2017, which makes it the 26th.

The rules are otherwise the same; read the book watch the movie and blog about it. If you were inspired by the movie or the book to bake/cook/craft anything, add that to your post. You must have a blog to take part, and link to either this post or the Night Bleeds page, and let me know you joined in by commenting.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 295, chapter 295

Out of Time...

Edric lay in the middle of the sandbox. His memory hazy. The transformation had left the hybrid screaming as every bone in his body rebroke itself, shifting and then realigning. Bringing his hands up to his face, the male was relieved to feel his nose back to it's normal shape. Making it to a kneeling position, Edric looked around, thankful the playground was still deserted. He wasn't too sure just how he'd explain being covered in blood. Stretching, he figured he could always just say he'd been drunk in a fight, and passed out on his way home? The male ran his hand over his shoulder, feeling every notch of muscle. He remembered running for miles, climbing over a few large buildings, roaming their rooftops.

Running for miles. Sniffing, he grumbled under his breath. He was in the next city. The sire bond had truly been severed, allowing him to have distance between himself and our heroine. Swearing Edric magick misted a hoodie, pulling it up over his ears, hiding his blood stained face as he headed back towards home. The sun had been up for at lest an hour, and there was no telling what had happened during the time he's been gone.

He remembered snatches of the dream, but nothing that seemed to fit together, nothing that made any sense to him. He had been sitting in a coffee shop, one of the ones attached to the big chain book stores, reading a book in a language he'd never seen before. The image overlapped with him dancing in what seemed like a 1970's disco, in a white and purple suite. Another image of himself in the 1880's, dressed as if he were going to the opera, a coach drawn by horses taking him through the streets. Himself working in a mine, that image overlapped with what seemed like a school dorm in the 1950's. With him wearing rolled up jeans and a brown sweater.  Shaking his head, the sandy haired male threw himself against the nearest building, his back flat, shoulders digging into the roughness of it. He closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths trying to clear the cobwebs. Pushing himself back to a full stand, the hybrid used his werewolf speed heading back towards the hotel.

The bodies had been moved. By Nosferatu he guessed. There were still a few patches of dried blood, but if you did not have supernatural sniffing abilities, you would be unwise to the fact a fight had happened there, let a lone the carnage they'd created. Grabbing a hold of the top of the window, Edric climbed back into the hotel room, lowering himself gently into the room. The spellbook was gone, but Edric's metal storage box was still there, as were two of the blood bags. Our heroine had obviously left them for him before taking off. He took a few minutes to clean up washing the night's events off him, before grabbing his stuff.  The male hybrid began sniffing everything, catching her scent, heading back out the window to find her.

"A disco?" he mumbled to himself as he crossed a nearly empty street. The sound of his own breath echoed in his ears as he found himself suddenly at a crescent street. There was a school to his right, a church beside that, and from what his senses told him, if he continued on turning right, there was a neighbourhood mini mall packed with noisy teenagers. Edric stood perfectly still, his hands in the pockets of the hoodie the box tucked under his arm, his nose in the air, eyes closed as a bus zipped past him. The air shifting in its wake forced the male to turn to his left crossing the main area and heading deeper into a side street. He growled low as a familiar scent filled his space, causing him to speed up.  Opening the backdoor of the car, Edric grabbed the backpack that was there, dumping the few contents onto the seat, before shoving the metal storage box and blood bags into it. Dropping the backpack onto the seat as well, he slammed the car door before turning his attention to the house.  The hybrid's momentum was stopped as he found himself thrown off the porch before his hand reached the doorknob. Howling in frustration, he ran up the stairs again, only to again be thrown a few feet. Running his hands through the limp mohawk, he kicked the ground sending rocks and dirt flying. "Nosferatu!" he screamed towards the living room window. "I know you're in there!"

"Right, right I have to let you in." Seward smiled as the front door suddenly opened. "This is so cool. Okay..." the dark haired male said practically jumping in place. "My first real guest since inheriting the house..." he cleared his throat bowing. "I invite you."   Edric snorted as he tilted his head to the side, his eyebrows knitted together. The younger male sidestepped still holding open the front door, the smile still plastered to his face. Edric let go of the tension he'd been unaware he'd been holding, as he crossed the threshold of the house, his arms suddenly relaxing and feeling like jelly.  "You want something to drink? Something to eat? I've got sandwiches. Landin brought a whole side of roast beef and a large ham with him from the shop cause he's a...butcher."  Edric bit his lip, his blue eyes falling up and down over Seward.  "How about I go make some coffee?" Seward's voice dropped to a near whisper all the excitement drained from him. Nodding, Edric turned heading up the stairs to where he knew our heroine was.  The hybrid ran his hands over everything, the walls, the railing, photos of the Van Helsings, a small vase that sat on a corner table, the need to mark his territory became stronger and stronger the closer he got to the grandfather's room. Edric stopped in front of the bathroom door. The shower indicating someone had recently been in there. He sniffed the edges of the door, his hands flat on the wall. Snorting, he continued on towards the bedrooms. The female banshee wasn't in the grandfather's room, nor was she in Seward's. Edric did catch the scent of Arthur though. It was obvious he'd been there, only hours before. Anger clinched at Edric's chest as he continued on to the attic. The sandy-blonde haired male stopped cold in the doorway, once he'd found his sire. She was sitting on the floor, a large pentacle drawn in the middle of it, four orange candles and one yellow at each point. Shaking his head blinking, he swore the yellow one had been floating a few centimeters off the ground.

"Dude, you totally need to see the collection grandpa Van Helsing has. He makes Matilda's occult shop look like a school kid's flea market." our heroine said getting up blowing out the candles. He noted to himself, as she was stepping over the edge of it, careful not to let the hem of the tie-dyed skirt knock over any of the candles; that our heroine had changed her shirt. Hugging him, she caused the male to stagger a few centimeters. The powdered blue men's shirt reeked of Seward's scent. Breaking the embrace just as quick, she tilted her head to the side. "Huh. Ruthven tried to hug me earlier when I got here, and he went flying across the kitchen." our heroine said ducking her face to watch Edric as he continued to lick his fingers touching the nearest bookcase; acting as if the hug had never happened. But she still caught the slight rise in his body temperature as he tried to suppress the soft blush at his cheeks. "He's at the hospital. Landin and Arthur took him. Concussion and three stitches. That sounds like the barrier when someone is claimed." The male looked at her processing what she was telling him. "Would you care to explain?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Let's just throw the logic out on this one)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 294, chapter 294

Out of Time...

The hybrid screamed, clawing at the female's hands as she covered his mouth. "Ssshhh! I know it hurts. But you can't afford to scream. There are sleeping humans, and if you shatter the windows..." he nodded, straining against the pain as he buried his face in her elbow. "You've been fine half the night. What changed in the last five minutes?" she lifted the male to the edge of the bed, watching the tears of pain pool from his eyes. The hybrid was struggling to breathe. Biting her wrist, she force fed him once again. Edric could do nothing but cough up the blood as another spasm tore through his limbs, as they broke and realigned themselves. Arching his back, the hybrid suffered another round of torture. "The full moon ritual sets into motion the need to claim a mate. Any male werewolves in the same territory will tear each other apart in order to get the female first. You stopped transforming earlier because...because Dagan was across town out of your territory. Which means either he's woken up and is near by or...or Arthur has fully turned."  The bed stopped shaking, Edric laying silently still. Every hair on our heroine's body stood on edge as the air around her shifted. Opening his eyes, Edric sniffed. The low growl that escaped him hurt the female's ears.

The air crashed out of her body at the same moment she crash landed on the ground; broken glass all around her. Edric crouched in the now broken window, his taloned claws covered with a thin layer of sweat, his nose twisted into a muzzle, his eyes pure white. His duel natures unable to either take full control of his body, trapping him between the wolf and the banshee.

Launching himself from his perch, the male landed squarely on his feet, centimeters from our heroine's head. Crouching down, blocking her view, he snarled towards the edge of the parking lot. Nosferatu didn't have to look to know Edric was warding off a rival.  Only, none of it made sense. She was soulless, unclaimable. Both Edric and whomever he was threatening should have both made a run for the other side of town where Matilda was. She was the only other supernatural female in the whole reality they'd been dropped into by Loki. A reality where magick didn't work the same way it did where they were from.  Our heroine felt a rib crack as the male hybrid dropped his hand to her chest, pressing on it. He was holding her in place, keeping her from getting up from the ground. She watched as he tossed his head back, sniffing the air, grunting; as if satisfied with the result.  The female let out a short gasp of pain as Edric stood, his taloned hands tangled in her short spikes dragging her to her feet.  Picking up a piece of the broken glass, he crushed it in his hand dragging his palm across the wall of the hotel. Before smearing his blood down her face and the front of her clothes. Marking his territory.

Edric backed away from the female in the direction he had been growling only seconds before. A guttural noise echoed hollowly in the rapidly rising sunlight. The now grey sky hinting at a light tint of pale orange and copper. Our heroine still couldn't tell who her fledgling was marking his territory from, and there didn't seem to be any scents in the air to clue her in. In fact, she could smell nothing but the hot coppery salt of Edric's blood smeared on her. Nothing was getting past it to free her mind of the chaos it was in. Seconds ago, they were done with each other, freed from the sire bond ready to part ways. Now, she was standing in what seemed to be the middle of a war for territory between her chosen champion and some unknown assailant. Oddly, this time she was just a viewer and not the prize.   Or so she thought.

Both Edric and our heroine caught sight of the preconceived threat at the same time; turning towards each other in question.

"Really?" Nosferatu shook her head squinting up her eyes as she gestured towards the figure. "Yeah, I guess The Seer sends his love." she nodded towards the guy dressed in the mermaid costume. The Seer had cast a spell over him, basically possessing the guy. The joke being that he was one step above a zombie and of course, wearing a mermaid costume. "No one else would be twisted enough to send a mermaid to do...guess it's time to get my hands dirty. You can go, I got this."  Edric snarled wiping the back of his hand over his mouth, before moving very slowly to the right of our heroine. Grabbing the edge of a dumpster, he pulled himself up perching on the very edge of it in a crouch. "Or you know, grab a seat get comfortable...ow!" she grabbed at her neck, the long nails of the drag queen having left their mark. Edric tilted his head to the side his eyebrows knitted together at the sound of bones snapping and a yelp of pure pain. The guy stumbled back a few steps holding what was left of his arm, the shattered bones exposed just below the elbow before passing out.  "That was sadly too easy." our heroine commented as she turned taking a step towards her fledgling. She felt the sharp edge of the dumpster cut into her cheek as she was sent flying into it. Turning around, she spotted three more mermaid costumed men, the one closest to her holding a baseball bat. "Who brings a bat to a vampire fight? Wait, puns on me."  Grabbing it out of the guy's hand, she snapped it in two before ramming him face first into the brick wall. The scent of blood was now heavy as the limp dead body fell to the ground. "Where exactly did he find these guys?" she ducked as the next guy back flipped over her, landing almost perfectly in the tight fitting dress. "His wig didn't even fall off, that's impressive." she pointed towards him before moving around him in a blur. Our heroine found herself moving out of the way at rapid speed as the guy had managed to get a few punches in, one kick landing squarely in her chest. He barely blinked as the female just stood there smiling. Edric snorted from his perch on top of the dumpster, informing our heroine of the final mer-man to her left. "You know what..." she removed her hands from their chests at the same second, her arms covered with blood; their hearts in her hands. "I really hate mermaids."   Breathing heavy, she lifted her right hand, the bloody heart still in it so that it was just under Edric's muzzle. "This blood's for you."

Growling the hybrid grabbed her wrist, his fangs sinking deep into the offering, before draining it. He jumped down from his seat, taking what was left of the heart from her, chewing noisily on the muscle. Nosferatu leaned back against the dumpster with a thud, licking the blood off her fingers. She saw the way Edric's eyes shifted to her other hand, as the male licked his already blood covered lips. She handed him the other heart moving a few centimeters from him.  Another sound escaped his throat that was more animalistic then she'd yet heard from him. Dropping what was left of the prize, Edric nudged his face against her ear. Taking a few deep sniffs, the hybrid ran off into the darkness, just as the banshee scream began to rip from both their throats.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I really do hate mermaids.)

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Night Bleeds December

The last combo of the all vampire movie book club for 2016, is Dracula  and the 1992 movie version Bram Stoker's Dracula. 

movie:  Starring Gary Oldman and Sir Anthony Hopkins.
plot:  1462, and there is a war between the lands of Vlad Tempes and the Ottoman Empire. Vlad manages to turn the Turks back away from his lands, but not before is wife is tricked into believing that he was killed. She then commits suicide, damning her soul in the eyes of the church. Vlad Dracula, then in a violent fit of depression vows to return from the dead to take revenge.  1897, London and we see Johnathan Harker, who has just been given an assignment by his new boss of traveling to Transylvania to meet with a Count Dracula, in order to deliver deeds to his new properties. Harker, leaves behind a new fiancee; Mina, to make the trip where he is kept prisoner by the Count. Mina, meanwhile, is staying with her childhood friend, Lucy for the summer. Lucy, agrees to marry Lord Arthur Holmwood (after turning down his two best friends Dr. Jack Seward and Quincey Morris) After a letter arrives from Harker, Mina wonders if he's in fact alright, but her attention soon is taken completely by a Prince Vlad who has arrived in London. Meanwhile, next door to Lucy's house, is Dr. Seward's insane asylum where R.N. Renfield; the lawyer who had Harker's job before him, is being kept. Seward has a close friendship with Renfield, which proves interesting as the story progresses. Lucy, while sleepwalking one night is attacked by a werewolf-like creature and begins to act out. Dr. Seward then requests help from Professor Van Helsing. He preforms three blood transfusions on Lucy, but she ends up the victim of the Prince after Mina leaves for Transylvania to be with Harker.  The men (Van Helsing, Seward, Morris and Holmwood) then proceed to track and destroy Lucy once they learn she has become a vampire herself. When Mina and Harker return to London, they learn that the Count is a vampire, and Mina his original choice of victim as she is the reincarnation of Vlad's dead wife. The group try to save Mina, by hiding her in the asylum, only to cause Renfield's violent death by Vlad, and then chase him from London back to Transylvania for a final showdown.

So some of my favourite scenes are the shaving scene when Dracula breaks the mirror, the seduction of Harker in the castle by the three brides, Lucy running down the garden stairs screaming "I love him, I love him",  Van Helsing asking Seward for the knives, the love scene between Mina and Dracula, and Lucy's werewolf rape scene.

Van Helsing  - "Jack, I need for you to get for me before nightfall, a set of post-mortem knives."

Seward - "An autopsy, Lucy?"

Van Helsing- "No, no no, not exactly, I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart...Jack Jack!"

The themes in the movie, are forbidden love, lost love, reincarnation, trust, faith, mental illness, domination, sexual repression, drug abuse.

I like the parallel going on in this. We have Lucy with her three "husbands" Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris and Jack Seward; while Harker has the three "brides" who are actually un-namned. Both are being "seduced" in their own way.  Then, tipping the scales, we have Mina with her three love interests as well in the form of Harker, Dracula and to a level Van Helsing.

Both the movie and the book bring up the idea that by exchanging blood, a form of marriage has occurred. Arthur Holmwood is the one who mentions it in regard to himself and Lucy, unaware (in the book anyways) that Van Helsing, Morris and Seward have also "fed her" their blood by medical means. You then see the sire bond beginning to take shape between Dracula and Lucy, and later Dracula and Mina. With the emphasis on the psychic/empathic connection. (a big trait in folklore on the proof of vampires)
The movie drops a lot of the folklore, such as the fact vampires can not cross running water (the book deals with this element - no pun intended- by having low tides and running boats aground)

The book:  Johnathan Harker sets off across Europe, to meet a Count Dracula, in order to hand over the deeds to a series of properties around England. The Count, at first is pleasant but after awhile, begins to become shifty. He even goes so far as to steal Harker's clothes locking him in a high tower room. After escaping his rooms, Harker wanders the castle and discovers what at first seems like three ghosts, but are in fact vampire women. They attempt to trap him by seduction, only to have the Count threaten them for it. Harker then witnesses their true nature when he sees them devour a child. Again, he tries to escape only to find the vaults where the Count has begun collecting dirt in large boxes, and the Count himself sleeping in one. Meanwhile, back in England, Mina and Lucy are on a trip to Whitby. Lucy's mother is gravely ill and the two girls are doing their best to keep calm but it's wearing Lucy down causing her to sleepwalk. One night, she sleepwalks out to their favourite spot, while a storm has happened just the night before, causing a ship to run aground. Lucy is then attacked unawares to herself and Mina. Lucy, then starts to become sick herself and they return to London. Here, we meet the three men who are in love with Lucy, Dr. Seward, Arthur Holmood (Lord Godalming) and Quincey Morris. She quickly becomes engaged to Holmwood.  Mina is then pulled way from England by a letter from a convent in Romania, letting her know that Harker was found wandering with a brain fever. Meanwhile, Dr. Seward who is self medicating over his depression, is giving special attention to one of his lunatics, R.N. Renfield. Renfield keeps escaping his cell and running to the empty house next door. Seward ends up having to ask his friend Van Helsing to come help out with Lucy. Within two weeks, Lucy's mother dies of a heart attack, as does Holmwood's father. Lucy then dies of extreme blood loss. This causing the men to follow stories of  'the white lady' and the fact a sudden rise in children disappearing only days after Lucy's death. They soon learn she is a vampire and destroy her. Mina and Harker then return to London, to learn of all this. From the many letters and diary entries that everyone has kept in the long five months, Van Helsing pieces together what has happened and that they are looking for a real vampire. Tracking the Count down to the building next to the asylum, they begin to purify the boxes of dirt. While this is going on, Renfield is murdered in his cell, and Mina is attacked in her bedroom. The group then travel to Transylvania chasing the Count for the final showdown.

There are a lot of differences between the 1992 movie version and the original 1897 story. Such as, the movie has added much more of the idea of Vlad Tempes, where the book just touches at it. The movie added the entire reincarnation idea, the vampires have less weaknesses in the movie than they do in the book.  In the book, Renfield as far as we know, was never a lawyer or in Transylvania; in fact he doesn't meet Dracula until near the end of the book when he's killed.
The movie has Mina still in London when Lucy becomes gravely ill and meets Van Helsing just before she goes off to rescue Harker, where as the book does not.  Dracula himself, has very little scenes in the original novel, as Seward and Van Helsing are the real main characters.

The book, though is a classic gothic novel, it's also a bit of a crime story which were becoming popular at that time. A lot of the story has the group making plans over breakfast or dinner, or having the characters tracking down information/leads; which drags the story out for nearly nine months. 

Something I have always wondered about the novel, is if it was meant to be a serious book or a bit more comical? There are paragraphs where Van Helsing is babbling in what seems like complete sarcasm. Not too mention Mina's constantly commenting on "brave's work" etc. You almost wonder if Stoker wrote it tongue in cheek or if he was serious about his social concerns?
The men in the novel are appalled by the fact that the women are more aggressive, voluptuous, and calmly confident when death/near death after having been in contact with the Count. At certain points, all of them physically turn away disgusted by the sight of their beloved in the "trances", when they are more "live"; and calmer when both Mina and Lucy return to a more compliant frame. 

Some of the themes in the novel are fear of foreigners/foreign lands, mental illness, equality, sexual repression, religion/superstition, status, plagues.

Okay, I have to admit, given the hundreds upon hundreds of essays and literary studies done on this novel, I don't know if anything else I have to say right now, will measure up?  So this is my end for this topic. I must admit, because I've referenced Dracula all year in comparisons/examples of the other book club selections, I feel like I've covered all I can at this point.

Doing Night Bleeds this past year has been an exercise for me in my biggest obsession/hobby/studies. I'm grateful for anyone who joined in with me, who read what I had to say, who might have picked up the movies and book reading/watching along with me and Heather (I think she's got a take on this coming? I will post a round up if/when she does)   I am still tossing around ideas for doing Night Bleeds in 2017, so if anyone is interested...