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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 349, chapter 349

Jacob's  Daze


He grunted as he raised the axe, splitting the wood sending shards of it flying. he was angry, adrenaline pumping as he tried not to think. He'd been angry since he'd woken up that morning and there had been no reason for it. Sweat beaded on the werewolf's flesh, leaving a ring at the waist of his pants. His ears twitched as he heard the laughter. They were miles away still, three of the local whores come to keep Vlad's men company. Sniffing shallowly, he wiped his hand over his mouth. They smelled good, sweet in their perfumed clothes, carrying baskets of fresh berries, fruit and wine. To Jacob that smelled even better than they did. But he just didn't want to smell it. Didn't want to know how the tang of sweat and perfume would sit on the edge of his very sensitive nose for the next few hours.  His stomach rumbled as he stopped his task long enough to watch the three women marching arrogantly through the trees. Their feet crunching carelessly on fallen branches. Each footfall an insult to the forest. Jacob's gaze fell across each before settling on a crushed leaf. The green colour bursting like a waterfall. Something wasn't right here. Bringing his hand up to his face, the lycanthrope hid behind his palm as he sniffed deeply closing his blue eyes. It was like a spell gone wrong as it burst around him, slithering across his back and shoulders. He felt as if he were being hugged by a bear, the tightness making him feel the need to rotate his shoulders a few times to assure himself he could move. His senses overloaded with the taste of magick which seemed to be like eating burnt leaves. A horrible reminder that the full moon was that night. Since Rolf and Reuben had returned to their own time, Jacob once again took his place as Oaken pack alpha. And with having to share space now with not just the Blacksmith pack but the Copperheads and the Millersons, he was simply dreading this full moon. It would; he was more than sure, be a nightmare of a bloodbath. Now, this tinge of whatever magick he was sensing was not welcome.  The tall jet black haired male magick misted a clean crisp shirt as he bent to gather his firewood.  He sat a few hours later by the edge of the camp having had no stomach for the dinner, a familiar feeling beginning to creep over him. The sun was less than an hour from setting, and the packs were already beginning to get restless, each holding territory nearby.  Jacob stretched grunting in pain. Something was different tonight, something tugging at him causing every muscle in the shapeshifter to ache and burn. Had been all day. The dark haired male decided not to wait for nightfall as he got up from his seat and walked into the woods. Letting the magick mist surround him, his clothes and boots disappeared leaving him naked as he knelt on all fours. His bones shifted and cracked as he screamed in agony. His voice going from human to nothing more than animalistic gurgles before a howl escaped his throat. He hadn't felt this much torture shifting to his wolf form since he was a kid, since the first time he turned.  Panting, the large onyx wolf shook himself before heading off at a run. The werewolf crossed nearly twenty miles within minutes as he ran deeper into the forest. Something driving him to test his own speed. Stopping at the edge of a lake, he dipped his muzzle into it lapping the cool water. He was thirsty. Good old fashioned thirst from running so long at such a speed. He let his mind drift then to the simple task of quieting that need, when he caught a scent. Turning his eyes up the beast peered across the lake's surface. He stopped drinking jerking his head up to get a better look. There less than a mile away on the far side of the lake was the Banshee.

"Jacob."  he heard her whisper as she stood still her pulse quickening. The onyx wolf raised his face to the sky, one front paw raised as if about to take a step. He hesitated before lowering his muzzle once more to return to the cold water. His amber-grey eyes never breaking contact with Nosferatu's. He then crossed the length of the water in a half heartbeat, without even wanting to. The creature stopped once again distracted for a half a breath by a large trout swimming against the current. Snarling before letting a yelp escape him, the wolf continued to concentrate on the fish. Pouncing his powerful jaws clamped down on the fish as he proudly showed off his prize. His animal mind telling him he needed to prove he could do it without failure. Jacob moved onward to where our heroine was still standing, her skirt hiked up around her thighs as to not get too wet, her bare legs under the water. The wolf past the female dropping the large fish on the edge of the bank before snorting at her.  He transformed back to his human self just as the sky began to become rust orange. The sun starting to set.

"How did you know it was me?" he asked breathless. It was all he could do not to count the beats of her heart as he tried to still his own breath. The female shrugged clearing her throat as she tried not to stare at the still naked man. Jacob smelled the banshee's body chemistry change as she blushed.

"Just something I've always been able to do." She walked towards him splashing water as she did, the waterline getting closer and closer to her ankles, revealing just how pale she was. "Well I was hoping to be at the castle before anyone found me. Should I run?"  the male's gaze was drawn then to a large scar on the hybrid's right leg. He was reminded that in her time such injuries were no longer life threatening to humans. Remembered her telling him about how surgeries to repair broken bones were common place. Reminded that she'd once been human.

"Please do not." Jacob closed his eyes running his fingers over his mouth. "Running will just set things off. Heartbeat the blood rushing which you already know yourself. And I am not sure I can resist with the moon so close to rising." opening his eyes he gave her a sideways glance. "I had no intention of..." he gestured towards her. "I'm already alpha and I have no problem fighting to keep it."

"That will not matter once the full moon is visible completely. All logic and rational thought or good intentions are gone." our heroine said her tone low. "Trust me. I have been through it before."

"If only there was a way to stop it." Jacob said still standing a few feet from her; still naked.

"There is." our heroine moved farther up towards the edge of the bank towards the trees. "Beating it to it. The very first time I witnessed the full moon ritual, I stopped it by choosing a mate." she breathed a deep sigh. "If I were to choose someone the ritual is stopped. Ended before it can begin." reaching her hand up to touch his neck her eyes flashed the pure white of the banshee. The air shifted around them carrying on it the heavy smell of wet dog.  "Damn." she shook her head her eyes returning to their human hazel. "The other packs are coming. I have to go. Try not to get killed."

"Wait." Jacob's words were starting to slur as he reached out for her. His nails sharp glass like points, his bottom fangs already exposed. Grabbing her hand he brought it up to his face sniffing deeply. He trailed his nose up her arm to her elbow as he closed his eyes. Snarling Nosferatu tried to pull away but couldn't. "I think...I think it is too late." Jacob mumbled as he fought back a growl. Her scent was all he could comprehend. It just seemed to engulf him like a wool coat. Our heroine swore as she listened to the sounds of the approaching werewolves. At lest five heartbeats were closing in. Turning to look at the sky, she did indeed see the moon visible beside the still setting sun.  She had two choices; either fight her way out of it getting killed in the process or give in letting one of the lycanthropes claim her. Taking a deep gulp of air, Nosferatu stopped struggling.

"Shack it! Jacob Oaken, I choose you."  her voice was steady and solid as she tilted her chin so that she was talking to the wind as much as to the male beside her.  The involuntary transformation seemed to stop cold leaving the male able to get some control over it and return to his human form. He pulled her to himself before toppling them both to the ground.

"You hear that?" he whispered a few moments later. "The packs they are gone." the strange feeling he'd had all day suddenly vanished. All the odd aches and pains suddenly gone, as if they'd never been. He stretched out beside her wiggling his toes. "I could get used to this." the dark haired lycanthrope said rolling back on top of his new mate, his arms raised over her skull as he flexed and unflexed his fingers kneading the dirt and grass around them.  Reminding our heroine suddenly of a cat and not a wolf. "I feel great!" there was no hiding the joy and shock in his tone. The energy seemed to snake it's way up his spine flowing into his shoulders. "Can you feel that? Like the whole world is humming." his blue eyes seemed to actually glow as the last rays of sunlight gleamed in them. Our heroine said nothing as she examined him, tracing a nail through his hair. Nosferatu half expected to see the grey streaks appear at his temples but the didn't. Unlike when she'd claimed Reuben last time while she'd been pregnant, the Frankenstein curse seemed to have no effect on Jacob.  "You do not look like you feel great. You look like you feel sad." he knitted his eyebrows together in worry. "I know you have been through this process before, but unlike your other mate, I am not that easily killed."  Jacob nodded unable to keep the smirk off his face. "You already had my loyalty now you have got my body and my heart." he leaned in to kiss her but she turned her face.

"I do not want your heart. Save that for when I am gone and you fall in love." she said with a touch of venom to her voice. "You are right. I have been through this claiming process before. a half dozen times. And I knew enough to know that with Reuben gone, it was going to happen. The full moon ritual is a beast all it's own. Given Maxwell is the alpha for the Blacksmith pack again, I figured it would eventually be down to one of you two. You were the better choice." she remarked trying to wiggle out from under him. "Do not look so hurt."  She gave up trying to move as the dark haired male slammed both palms into the ground snarling.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Remember, Jacob is Edric past and Edric is Jacob future)

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Talking about the book club

Spudguns!, we are a few days into June and currently 150 days till Hallowe'en.

This would be the official monthly announcement for Night Bleeds Book and Movie Club.  I really should have thought of a shorter title, but zombie eaten brains. Anyways, the June selection is Gerald's Game by Stephen King. 

Rules are simple, read the book (watching the movie version as a bonus is optional this month) and blog about it. You must have a blog to join in. Then if it inspires you to cook/bake/craft anything, add that to your blog post. If you do join in, leave me a comment either on this post or on the day of post. Don't forget to link back to either this post or the day of post. 
Blog post must be current; which means in this case June 2019. Deadline is the last Sunday of the month : Sunday June 30th 2019.

And as always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, just drop me a message.

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May Book Club Day

This month the selection was the novel Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice.  I decided this time around to skip the movie version, as I've talked about it a few times before on here. (last year when I covered The Vampire Lestat in book club I talked about the movie version of Queen of the Damned)

plot:  It's a week until the big rock concert by the Vampire Lestat. Everyone in the world, be it human or supernatural is planning to attend. Some are going to experience the show, others are out to kill Lestat. As the week progresses, we learn that Akasha, the oldest living vampire, has awoken after thousands of years. She makes her way towards the gathering, destroying all in her path. We also learn of a common nightmare all the vampires, and many of the human psychics have been having repeatedly. They keep seeing two red haired twins and a burnt body. No one is certain what the meaning of the nightmare is? It isn't until after Lestat is kidnapped by Akasha, and turned into her personal steward, forced to kill for her, that the remaining vampires come together under one roof to learn the truth of the nightmares and their origins. Akasha feeling affronted by the remaining vampires, gives them an ultimatum.  They refuse, and a final showdown between them and Akasha begins.

Okay, so first off, this is one of those novels that has been studied in university courses and by professionals countless times in the last 30 years since the novel was written. I don't know how much I can actually add to it?

This book, which is book 3 of The Vampire Chronicles, is told through the eyes of many characters. From the main characters like Lestat, Jesse, and Maharet, down to minor "extras" like Baby Jenks. Keeping with a bit of a theme, it's like from Royalty down to the Commoner.
It's also the first major depart from a straightly solid vampire story into witchcraft and the outlining areas of other paranormal issues; with the story of the Twins and the Great Family. (something Anne Rice would expand on in other novels)

For me, the characters of Jesse, The Talamasca and the Twins -Maharet and Mekare, were the most interesting.  These are the witches and the paranormal researchers in the story. And the core of the two major family lines.

It's a very global thinking story. One that tackles the issues that were being faced in the 1980's when it was originally written. Issues we are only now really years later dealing with. A conscious thought that pointed out the flaws. The vampires gathered at the end; the survivors, are almost like a small version of the united nations. Each representing a "nation" so to speak. (Egypt, Rome, Iceland etc) and take on the responsibilities and perspective of such an enclave. A ruling factor advising the monarch.

It's almost visionary in the way Anne Rice describes the way Akasha sits undisturbed in front of screen after screen, connecting to the rest of the world without participating in it. Much like we do now with endless hours of internetting. It's hard to believe it was written 30 years ago before this was the norm. And Akasha's initial response to the images she sees, is equal to a child acting out on impulse learning that the information isn't always as it first appears.  Akasha is trapped not just physically as a statue for thousands of years, but emotionally in her stubbornness. Her need to be right even when she knows just how wrong she is; is one of her only driving desires for so much of the story.

Where as the second novel in the series, The Vampire Lestat, was a clear metaphor for paganism, this seems to be a note on feminism and what one would consider extremism.
It's very female centric. Parallel in the fact Akasha begins killing all the men in the areas she visits, while Maharet ignores all the male family members basically stating that they are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Choosing to focus her attention and wealth on the females of her family.
The story is about evolution as much as it is about political boundaries. It parallels the idea of evolution itself with "two great families", both coming from one root. The human descendants and the surviving vampires. Proving that everyone is connected and all is one. We are given a clearer version of this metaphoric truth through the eyes of Baby Jenks as she sees the webbing of souls upon her final death. The same webbing Akasha claims to have seen when she was turned in the beginning.

Unlike the first two novels, the male perspective is down played to the point Lestat is afraid to use his powers. To test just how strong he truly is. As we're reminded time and again in the story that history can repeat itself. It's almost as if he's not sure he wants to admit he could be capable of falling into the queen's viewpoint/actions on his own. Even the most powerful of the male vampires, seem to be in a more docile role. Khayman being forced to rape the twins by the King's order, while the King being controlled by Akasha. Marius, being trapped in ice and completely unable to help himself as he waits for Pandora to rescue him. Daniel the newly turned vampire, who is addicted to Armand's blood.

Okay, I'm going to end this here. I think I've said all I can without a degree in anything.

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Cinema Files s1 p18

Cinema Files
page 18, chapter 18

Gumshoe Intermission

"Detective."  I nearly giggled as I walked across the street. Rudolph was still down the block beyond the crime scene tape paying the cab driver.

"No." Ryan said pointing at me. "Back behind the line Desdemona." he was over to me, his fingertips digging into my shoulders as he guided me back ten feet to the do not cross barrier. The smirk on his face letting me know it was all he could do not to light up. Oh trust me Detective Whitechapel, the feeling was mutual.

"Is it another drowning?" I asked searching every inch of his face before falling into his not really green not really blue eyes.

"How'd you even hear about this?" he shook his head blinking in disbelief crossing his arms. He was still holding his pen in his right hand as he began to fiddle with it. The pen nothing more than a blue streak teeter-tattering in the air by his shoulder.

"Is it?"

"Not discussing this with you now." he replied as the pen fell hurdling to the ground, him needing to pick it up. This of course gave me a full view of the victim. Which of course he'd known. It was by the looks of it, another drowning. A motel maid was laying on the ground beside her cleaning cart, her hair wet, the bucket knocked off the bottom of the cart, rolls of toilet paper muddy and crumpled, a few sets of rubber cleaning gloves stuck to the middle shelf of the cart frozen in mid-fall. "Serious. Unless you're a witness or police, you can't be here right now."

"We will talk about it later." I said as Detective Ryan Whitechapel gave me another of his smirks.

"Oh indeed we will." his tone was smoky and playful. I blushed as he winked before his attention was taken again. Rudolph had finally caught up to the scene. I left Rudolph trying to get access to the witnesses, his press id only slightly the magick key he'd expected.  Even though it was late, nearly 1am, I didn't feel like going all the way home again, so I headed to Vincent's.  His house is a two story five bedroom tucked in the north end of town. Did I forget to mention Vincent came from a wealthy family. Not rich by today's standards, but comfortable enough to not have to worry for the next few decades. Taking my glasses off I brushed a stray bug that had smashed into them as I rang the doorbell.

"Dessie?"  Vincent looked curious to see me at that hour.

"You alone?"

"Lucky for you I am." he side stepped for me to enter. "Everything okay? There's nothing wrong at the mini mall is there? "

"Everything's fine. The cafe is fine, the store is fine. I was just at another crime scene with Rudolph and Ryan." I answered as I took my shoes off before even thinking about crossing the hallway to the livingroom.

"There is a bad joke in there somewhere. I'm just too tired to come up with it. Wait, another crime scene?" he locked the door behind me. "You want a drink?"

"I'm good. Did I wake you?" I dropped my purse on the edge of the large chair nearest the livingroom door, my jacket on top of that. I noticed Vincent was wearing his grey pajama bottoms and t-shirt he favoured. He ran his hand through his short dark hair yawning.

"Not yet. I was just heading there now. Was just about to lock up. " He leaned against the back of the sofa. "How did you end up at another crime scene?"

"Was with Rudolph when his boss at the paper called told him to cover it." I sat down then on the sofa turning to look at Vincent. "Just an odd evening. First, Rudolph stalked me at the grocery store, then we started to have dinner where he proceeded to con me into doing his job for him next two weeks, then he dragged me to the crime scene where he just forgot about me. Okay, he didn't really drag me there, I wanted to go but..."

"He stalked you?" the tone in Vincent's voice was I think shock, as it was interrupted by more yawning.

"Sort of. He told me at dinner he likes me. That's weird right?" I bit my lip trying to process the whole evening.

"Life is weird."  he relied. "You get a good look at the victim?"  I nodded as I watched him scratch his stomach.

"Same killer I'm more than sure of it. Get this, drowned in a bucket."  I stood again to put my jacket back on.

"Na. Just stay. It's 1am already."  he turned to get me a blanket from the hall closet.

"You sure?"  he nodded another yawn.

"Just know the alarm is set for 7am."

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story. Weird is as weird does.)

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Coffee Talk May 7th 2019

Spudguns!, how's it where you are today? Good, spiffy sweet.

I had mentioned way back I believe nearly two months ago, about a few "What that Movie Inspired Me to Do".  So the other week I took another stab at one of the failed recipes, and once again, it just became a mess. It got me thinking about the fact, when I started the whole concept of that series of posts for this blog, I had originally wanted to cover everything it inspired. Not just recipes. Granted, recipes became the most common and just tied in with it the easiest. Usually the first thing that popped into my head because pretty much every movie/tv show has food or food related moments.

I've also been gearing up for Hallowe'en crafting season, which starts in July. That's when the crafting supplies for Fall/Hallowe'en start appearing in stores, and then of course late August we start with the treats and decorations and costumes etc.

You follow so far? Great. I knew you could.

Full disclosure, I am definitely no Martha Stewart, so this next while should be interesting. But, you already know this if you at all saw the Nightmare on Elm Street house I made way way way back in like the first couple of What that Movie Inspired posts.  My crafting skills are worse than my kitchen skills.

And for those waiting for the serials, I should have one of them up this weekend.

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May Night Bleeds Book

Spudguns!, it's a new month and that means a new selection for book club/movie club. This month's selection is Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. The third novel in the Vampire Chronicles. 

It's simple, read the book, blog about it, and if you're inspired to cook/bake/craft etc something because of it, add that to your post. You must have a blog to join in. If you do, let me know by leaving a comment with your post link to either this post or on the actual day's post.  The blog post must be current - in this case May 2019.

The deadline is as always, the last Sunday of the month, in this case Sunday May 26th 2019.

Since there is a movie version of this as well, watching the movie is optional. But, the movie version of Queen of the Damned, only covers half the novel.

And as always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, just let me know.

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April 2019 Bookclub day

The selection this month was the novel Bloodline by Kate Cary.

plot:  John Shaw,  having been injured in the war, finds himself returned home to London, but the events having left him plagued with nightmares. He can no longer tell if the visions he saw of beasts and wolves on the front lines are real or just his damaged mind trying to make sense of it all? While recovering, he falls quickly in love with Mary Seward, the young daughter of Dr. Jack Seward. After having secretly read John's diary, Mary Seward has reason to believe that what John witnessed was real, and fears her best friend Lily; John's sister, has fallen pray to the very monster John talks about in his diary. Quincey Harker. Whom Mary learns is the son of her father's friends. As lies become uncovered, Mary finds herself on a race against time which takes her to the very heart of Transylvania.

This is done in the same style of the original Dracula by Bram Stoker, told from the point of view of each character's diaries and letters. Nearly all the original characters are mentioned in one way or another.

Okay, I didn't love this, but I didn't hate it. I thought the story was great up until the last chapter. For me, the ending just didn't sit right.

For me, I kept waiting for there to be more linking it to the original. I loved the little wink and nod to Renfield's cell, and the fact the heroine is the daughter of Dr. Jack Seward. His appearance was the big highlight for me. I did not care for the sub-plot of the Mina Harker/Tepes  character at all. For me, it pulled away from the how the rest of the tapestry was flowing.  I also wasn't at all thrilled with the Count Tepes character. He felt like he was just tossed in to fill in a blank. He is mentioned more than a few times in the last half of the novel, but when we finally get any real evidence of him, he's dispatched too easily.

Normally, I find the more common themes and what I think the story was a metaphor for; but I didn't really get a whole ton out of this other than the idea of trust. Everyone seems to be lying to each other in one way or another.

Next month's selection will be Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. I'll be back later in the week with the official announcement for it.