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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 319, chapter 319

Rolf's Kingdom

Our heroine pushed herself up from the floor where she had skidded across the length of the kitchen, crumpled against the wall. "Damn Roo, how do you make that shoulder roll look so easy?" exiting the kitchen, she turned left down the large hallway. "Everyone, meet everyone else." her voice trailed behind her as she headed towards the library. Reuben hot on her heels.

"Finally. Rolf's been..." Reuben was talking at werewolf speed, his words blending together over her shoulder.

"Where's the mirror?" she didn't stop moving until she was standing in front of the magick mirror. Removing the blanket she knocked twice. "Wrong mirror." letting out a deep sigh she turned quickly slamming into the dark haired werewolf. "Where's the other mirror? The one that connects to my world?"

"Finn's bedroom." the dark haired wolf said pulling his hair back into the perfect ponytail. Our heroine shook her head a millimeter as she let a small breath escape.

"You never change do you?"

"No need to." he breathed the sentence as he watched her turn again leaving the room. Sniffing the edges of the walls, our heroine picked up the trail leading to the familiar's bedroom. Finding the mirror she was looking for, she knocked twice. A hazy picture started to focus, like watching through a dirty window in the rain. She saw the female figure begin to come into view, as Matilda stood in front of her side of the magick mirror a half eaten banana in hand.

"I need to talk to Edric." the banshee's voice was edged in quickness.

"Okay. I can do that. I think? I can whip up a spell that will allow any surface to tap into this mirror. Might take a few hours. But I think if I ..."

"Matilda! Phone him! Just grab the telephone and dial Seward's number. Put it on speaker."

"Oh right yes!" the older hippy said, her tie-dyed skirts flying around her as she spun in a half circle looking for the little cell phone. "How did you end up back home?"

"Portal. I couldn't get it to open back to our reality. Bacchus has some sort of blockage in place."she sniffed halfway turning again to face Reuben who was standing behind her once again. "Fill me in here, what's the date?"

"September 4th 2026." Reuben said raising his palm in question, his arms crossed over his muscular chest. "Why?"

"Have you had the full moon yet this month?"

"Two days from now." he turned then to look at the bedroom door. "Oh!" he rubbed his nose confused as to why he hadn't picked up on the scent of the two females.

"Shayne needs safe passage out of the kingdom. I'd take her with me back to my reality, but even with every glamour spell on the planet, she wouldn't be able to hide for long. " our heroine said gesturing to her hair. "She's the lest of our worries."

"The other one?" Reuben shrugged towards the hallway. "You going to tell me why you brought passengers?"    Our heroine was about to answer him when she heard Matilda say she needed to put Seward on speaker.

"Seward. Can you hear me?" our heroine's voice was tight as she yelled leaning over towards the mirror. Reuben squinted up his nose as he stuck his finger in his left ear.

"How can he not? I have a ringing now." the dark haired wolf grumbled under his breath.

"Nosferatu! Oh my god!"  the human's voice sounded as clear as if he was in the room with her, and not transmitting through time and space. "Oh my god. Okay, so where are you?"

"Long story. Is Edric with you?"  she knew the second she'd asked that she hadn't needed to, as she could hear the sound of the human running through the house nearly tripping over the stairs in his rush to bring the phone to the hybrid. The view of Matilda on the other side of the magick mirror didn't help matters, with her nervously jumping in place with every sound. It was like watching someone playing a video game for the first time, holding the controls while acting out some of the movements.

"Okay, he's right here, I'm just...oh watch the puddle...god I hope that wasn't...Arrgghh!" she heard Seward land hard on the ground. "Hang on. You still there? I tripped, dropped the phone." she heard the human's breathing returning to a hot pant as he scrapped the cell phone across the edge of the pavement. "Hello? Hello? Nosferatu?"

"Yeah still waiting." she sniffed catching the aroma of a crowd having gathered at the doorway. She didn't need to turn to look to know that not only had Finn joined them, but the two kids and Maxwell.

"Dropped the phone. Arthur's been leaving bones everywhere. Among other things. I need to hose him down again. We can't seem to get him to shower."  the human was cut short as Edric snatched the little contraption out of his hand.

"Where are you?" the male hybrid demanded.

"Not where I should be. I'm with Rolf and Reuben." she replied her voice becoming less hurried. The impatience leaving her body, her shoulders relaxing at the sound of Edric's voice. "Everyone okay on that end?"

"We're all alive if that's what you mean. Mentally, not so much. Are you? Okay I mean?" the sandy-blonde male's voice took a dip as he held the tiny phone in his hand. His blue eyes darted back and forth in a silent panic as he wished for the long heartbeat of dead air; that they were still connected by the sire bond. If they had been, he'd have been able to locate her.

"Yeah. Physically. It's going to be a while before I can open another portal." she bit her bottom lip at the same time Edric did the same on his end.

"How long is a while?" the hybrid asked feeling the back of his throat go dry.

"Not too sure. I'm hoping before the full moon." our heroine tilted her head to the side as she listened to the sounds coming from the little phone on the other side of the magick mirror. She could swear she'd heard the disappointment and grief in her mate's body language. The way Edric shuffled his left foot just a half centimeter, and the very twitch of his perfectly pointed ears.

"But you're safe. I mean, we handled it." Edric swallowed unwilling to allow the sudden doubts creep over him.

"I'm safe darling. It's the others who escaped with me I'm worried about." she sighed, scratching at her forehead. "It's not safe for either of them. Not just because of that but because I don't know what Bacchus will do?"

"Oh my god! No pun in tended." Seward said leaning over the little phone again. "I had the craziest dream about you and Edric. I was a security guard and there was a mall..."

"Seward hon."  our heroine felt more than heard Reuben wince at hearing her call someone other than himself hon. "There's no time right now." her own hazel eyes shifting around the room quickly, taking stock of the situation. "Edric, I..." she paused for a half a heartbeat, allowing herself to blush hotly before continuing. Lowering her voice a few notches, she closed her eyes tilting her head to the side. "lIj wIj ruStay "

Edric shook his head in confusion as Seward's eyes lit up before Edric covered the human's mouth, bringing his finger up to his own lips in a quiet gesture. Removing his hand, Edric mouthed the words "Star Trek?" Seward nodded as the hybrid shrugged. Seward touched Edric's chest before drawing a heart in the air. Quickly, he whispered something for Edric to repeat. Edric screwed up his nose at his friend unable to figure out what he was saying.

"nuqDaq 'oH puchpa'' e' " Edric said as smoothly as he could one hand gesturing in circles. The whole time Seward giving him looks and giggling like a two year old.

"Ferengi che' Suq Soch, wejmaH, wa'vatlhHutlogh."

Out of Time

They heard Matilda say the magick mirror went black, and the call was over. Seward turned the cell phone off. The fit of laughter that broke from him was hyper-extended with a sharp snort as the human nearly fell over.

"She comments about you being her mate and you ask where the bathroom was?"  he typed in something on his cell phone then showed it to Edric. "Rough translation of what she said."

"Not all of us is fluent in pop culture. Obviously, she felt she couldn't trust someone if she felt the need to resort to Klingon." Edric said running his hand through his limp mohawk.

"Well, it was obviously meant just for us." Seward commented as Edric glared at him. "What? I'm just saying! But why would she mention the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition? That's like double coding the code?" he scratched his ear as he started to look something up online. "There was the number seven, I think, and thirty-something, and a hundred we go." he nodded more to himself than to the hybrid as he scratched his nose. "Why would she tell us to make detergent?"

"She wouldn't. You got the number wrong. Give me that!" he tore the cell phone out of his hand scrolling through the website. "This seems more likely, number 190 which, makes sense if you're right about the other numbers. They all have similar meanings, about not trusting anyone."

"Think that means Matilda too?" Seward asked.

"Might? But, Matilda could just as easily figure it out too. I'm betting she picked star trek because of who's on her end of the mirror.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  I was referring to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition 183 and 190.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 318, chapter 318

Out of Time

"I don't understand." Shayne said as she stood in line, her tray in front of her waiting for our heroine to add the spoonful of mashed potatoes. "Every other female in this place are slaughtering each other to get into Bacchus's bed. Yet you, choose to wash dishes." she shrugged. "Why?"

"He's not that charming." our heroine replied smirking.

"EVERY female." the other creature replied moving to the side of the line so she could continue to talk. "Even the ones who don't like males are fighting for their chance to lay with him."

"Ew. Like seriously, why?" our heroine asked glancing around the room. She'd forgotten that Bacchus only appeared to her in the form of the sandy blonde Australian surfer. To each creature he would appear as they figured he should look. Some of them, indeed would be lusting after him as he took the image of their ideal man; some just wanted to be his favourite for the power it would allow them. "Yeah well, sleazy come...what?" she asked it was her turn to shrug.

"You're the one he's got plans for. Accept all that it entails. You've got a target on your back." Shayne nodded as she moved then to the nearest table.

Our heroine screwed up her nose as she mocked her, continuing to serve the meal.  An hour later, she leaned on the edge of the small cafeteria window that separated the actual kitchen from the dinning hall. Watching the rows and rows of females as they talked and fought among themselves. Like anywhere else, the female creatures had broken down into smaller communities. The former mermaids huddled together next to the witches, but away from the vampires and former shapeshifters. The amazons seemed to prefer the former shapeshifters, but were less inclined to share space with the trolls. The dragon like furies seemed to distrust the sprites and sidhes.  All of them sending chills through our heroine as they plotted to over throw her.  She had turned her back to the window, her attention on mopping the floor of the kitchen when it happened.

Her brain seemed to freeze up, her nose twitching as if on fire, her ears tuning in past the din to one single heartbeat. Her eyes became the pure white of the banshee, her gums aching as she licked her lips. There was no denying the familiar scent that suddenly caught on the air. Looking up, she caught the image out of the corner of her eye. Blood splattered on the attacker's hair as she continued to punch the raven haired female over and over, her companions holding her in place. Growling, Nosferatu snapped the wooden mop handle in half, jumping over the edge of the window just as Shayne's strong grip landed on her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" the other female asked not bothering to look around the room."Are you trying to get yourself killed already?"   Our heroine snorted back a half growl, running the back of her wrist over her mouth. She shook her head no.  "Well that's what will happen if you interfere." Shayne said nodding now towards the fight between a few of the amazons and the other creature. "She's just come from Bacchus's quarters. That one's been a favourite of his for as long as I can remember."  Our heroine had stopped listening to her friend, her instincts on overload. In fact, she heard nothing else that was said to her, heard nothing else that was happening around her. Saw nothing but the mass of creatures as they cowered on their knees, or fled the room entirely.  Their ears covered, some with blood running down the sides of their hands where the blood was trickling between their fingers, others with full streams of the red liquid trailing across their lips and chins.

Our heroine had let out a howl enough to silence everyone of them. The banshee's voice reverberated off the walls in a painful echo.  A moment later she found herself breathing heavily as she turned towards Shayne checking her friend for any real damage.

"You're good." she mumbled, not realizing that the other creature could hear nothing but a ringing in her ears as she glared at the banshee in pure anger. Watching as Nosferatu pointed towards the main hall, shoving her out of the way. Shayne watched then as our heroine moved across the room at lightening speed.

"What the shack was that?" She asked a few minutes later in the hallway following our heroine back to the small room where she slept still in the cage. Shayne didn't understand why our heroine chose to act like a prisoner when she had the right to act like a queen?

"That!" the banshee snarled her double row of top fangs wet with blood saliva. "That was me laying down the law."

"Why? I don't understand what you were trying to accomplish?"

"I just...I need...a moment!" she hissed slamming her fist into the wall causing the bricks to bend. "That can't happen again! In fact I won't let it! It ends tonight because I'm out of here. I'm going and you're welcome to come with me. Or not. Up to you. But I'm going to figure out how to get out of here and I'm taking her with me!"

"Her who? Bacchus's favourite concubine?" Shayne asked referring to the raven haired girl. "What is she to you?"

"Technically. Me. Well, the female werewolf I replaced. That was Anezka." she said swallowing some of her anger. "Rolf's sister. The one he traded his soul to save. She's suppose to be living as a human."


Rolf's Kingdom 

The six year old stood in the middle of the room, his little hand gripping the edge of one of the old poppets tightly. The fur dollie was a sad excuse for a toy, but little William adored it. His ears had been ringing for almost half an hour, his nose itching with the electricity in the air.  You heard it too? the voice in his head said. Nodding, he didn't bother to turn seeing his older brother standing a few feet away from him in the doorway of the kitchen. Damen bit his lip trying not to appear frightened as he reached for his half brother pulling him back into the hallway.  A brief half second later and Finn, Reuben and Harker were standing between them and the portal that had begun to open in the middle of the castle's kitchen.

Harker was thrown backwards hard into the wall, his vision blurred as he'd watched Reuben move at werewolf speed protecting the boys; just before three figures seemed to tumble out of midair.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  I've got "we are family" stuck in my head now)

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night bleeds August

So the selections combo for this round was the Russian fantasy Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, and the movie version.

Book: Anton is a member of the Night Watch, a group of Others who police the streets in the name of Light magick. His talents include being a magi and Seer, as well has his more mundane skill of being a computer analyst. His biggest assignment to date is tracking down a large vortex and stopping it. Which seems simple enough at first. But, he ends up getting mixed up with a couple of rouge vampires who have kidnapped a young boy -Egor. Figuring out that the vortex was accidentally caused by a female Other- Svetlana; who's unaware of her real powers, he manages to calm her down and disarm the vortex. But, not before learning that he himself is the bait of a much bigger plan. Both his own boss and the boss of the Day Watch -the Other's who work with Dark magick - are after both the boy and the female magi. Each connected to the next like a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.
Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, killing only members of the Day Watch. The murders are then blamed on Anton. As Anton goes undercover by switching bodies with a female co-worker, he finds himself once again the pawn in a larger plan still unknown to him, as he is put in the path of the serial killer twice in one night. It's soon learned that the serial killer was indeed an Other designed to become the Judge. One who is neither light or dark.
To make matters worse, Anton's bosses are aware that the young boy who's destiny has not been chosen, was meant to be the greatest magi the world has ever seen.  Anton learns almost too late that he is the missing key element designed to push Svetlana into an extreme emotional state which will accelerate her magick powers. This is then channeled into her ability to rewrite a new path for Egor; allowing him to be shuffled from darkness to light. When Anton figures out his part in the bosses plan, he removes himself from the group leaving them to come to terms with it.

We actually have three kinds of vampirism happening here. Blood drinkers, energy sifters and old fashion manipulation. The fact the Day Watch, who work with the "dark energy" do so by taking the emotions from normal humans and turning them into energy for spells, falls into folklore of what a vampire really could be, and why witches were feared as being able to become vampires after death.

All the characters are technically "vampires" be they witches/seers, shapeshifters or vampires as all the characters gain their powers by "tasting" the emotions of humans. Be them "light" or "dark".

The Night Watch boss, is as much a bad guy as the actual bad guys are, because he has seen how everything is going to play out, and decides to take things into his own hands, turning his watch into pawns for slaughter without telling anyone what his end goal is. He lies for the greater good, destroying so many lives in the meantime.  

movie:  The rulers of two fractions, the Dark and the Light, are seen battling on a bridge in the middle ages, their knights slaughtering each other. A truce is created by the two warlords, declaring a divided agreement to keep humans out of their affairs.  We then fast forward to 1992, where a young man has gone to a local witch doctor in order to get his wife back. She had cheated on him, choosing the other man over him. The witch doctor tells him she can do the spell to reunite them, but also that the wife is pregnant with the other man's son. In order for the spell to work, Anton must agree to allow her to kill the child. He begins to refuse, but gives in. Before the spell can be completed, a group of invisible men arrive arresting the witch doctor and informing Anton he himself is a Seer. Fast forward another 12 years, and we see a young boy being lured by a couple of young vampires. Anton, now a member of the Night Watch, is tracking down the two rouge vampires. He manages to kill the male, and injure the female. But Anton is hurt in the battle, and his boss has to use magick to heal him. In doing so, he learns that while Anton was tracking the vamps, he crossed paths with a woman in the eye of a storm. His boss tells him about an old legend that prophecies the return of a curse that will start be the catalyst for the shift in power. Warning Anton that everyone is in danger, he partners Anton with a shapeshifter. Anton and Olga then begin tracking the woman, and the young boy Yegor; to stop the prophecy from happening. Anton, learns during his investigation that Yegor is his son. Before long, Yegor is captured by the rogue female vampire, who demands revenge for Anton having killed her husband. Yegor learns the truth about Anton being his father, and turns his back on him, choosing to be part of the Day Watch.

This is the 2004 movie starring Konstantin Khabenshy and Valdimir Menshov.

The big difference between the two stories, is that the movie only covers the first 200 pages of the novel. As the female vampire, has a small role in the actual novel but is a main plotline in the movie. 

The movie also, down plays the role of the (dark side) Day Watch's boss to a few short scenes. We see him mostly sitting in a room playing a video game. Which we learn is how he actually figures out how the situation can go by "playing out" every possible path. The novel has him with a much heavier role. Both have him as a sympathetic character and is one who seems to tell the truth all the time. The idea being, you can do more hurt with the truth that's been hidden, than you can with a big lie.

Both the movie version and the novel play out the idea that everything is connected and therefore nothing is ever by chance. Something that you do now, will have large consequences down the line. The idea of free will is heavy here too. It draws parallels to how governments have tried to unify society over the years; comparing the characters manipulation to this.  Which once again, comes back to the big theme of vampirism.

The novel is actually the first in a series of novels (followed by Day Watch, Twilight Watch, Last Watch, New Watch, Sixth Watch) called World of Watches.

That's about all I've got for now, I'll be back later in the week with the announcement for the October selection.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 317, chapter317

Out of Time...

Our heroine lay on the floor her wounds already healed, the blood drying in the salt, forming a prison of its own. She should never have opened her mouth. Never corrected the other creature when she had been boasting of Valhalla. Our heroine should have just let it be. But she didn't, she couldn't. The female creature spoke of having been there, of having moved along side the valkyries. Boastings of nothing but play acting. Our heroine had only to let the female have her moment, even if it was a lie. But, the banshee couldn't leave well enough alone. It cost her two back teeth.

"I'm fine. Good even. I mean, the floor is somewhat clean. Cleaner than some of the floors I've been left to bleed out on. No, really, don't get up. And I don't blame you for not wanting to get too close to me cause you little rat are big enough for a snack. What's that? Oh you spotted a crumb of something by the leg of the table enough for your dinner. Groovy, but first can you swing that tail and just move some of these damned grains of salt for me huh? All nine thousand eight hundred and fifty two of them..." she shifted her head a half centimeter. "make that fifty eight. I didn't see the sprinkling of it by my ear."

"Why are you still on the floor?" Shayne said from out of nowhere.  Our heroine sniffed as she sat up her short spiked hair smashed sideways.

"The view was nice." she shrugged getting to her feet. She pointed towards the spilled salt. "I wasn't done counting them."  Shayne shook her head in confusion. "Vampiric creatures can't pass by things like seeds or sand or any kind of little spilled grainy things without counting every last one."

"Oh." Shayne's eyes went wide. "So what else is true? Do crosses work?"

"No. Garlic yes. Which totally sucks by the way cause I really miss garlic bread." she pointed to the salt that still lay on the floor by her feet. "Seriously, can you sweep these for me. They are blocking me and I really need to pee."


Dagan stumbled into the doorway of the building as he was exiting the bar. The sudden sense of heat at his left elbow causing him to blink; his body on automatic as his fingers encased the offered hand. His ears were more than ringing from the noise, his very sensitive nose nearly burned from the inside from the lack of air conditioning; as stale beer and sweat clung to him. He barely heard the female's giggle as she drunkenly stumbled over her own shoes. The pair stumbled and staggered their way in a zig zag across the next few streets as the shapeshifter tried to ignore the constant babbling his drunken companion was saying. He'd picked her simply because of the white fur coat she was wearing. One of those shaggy messes of fakeness that hung just below the edge of her too mini mini-skirt, and seemed to be puddled at her elbows in a careless angle. He felt her move away from him as he stopped suddenly. The city zoo had been closed for years, the 'do not enter' sign faded from the weather and sun, but the scent of the animals still clung to areas long forgotten within. Raising his right hand, the auburn haired male felt the heat coming off it. Spreading his fingers, he pushed the tips against the heated area, a slight resistance making him wonder.  "Baby, I lost my purse. I think it's back at the bar." the slurred giggling voice said from a few feet away over his shoulder, causing Dagan to look. He moved back towards the girl shrugging.

He woke the next morning to some horrible station on the radio, the girl still passed out, the fake fur coat clutched in his hand. It even smelled synthetic. Years of bar hopping clung to the wool and acrylic like a life of its own. Using his werewolf speed, he moved in a blur, out the door of the girls' apartment, out of the building and halfway down the street, before the magick mist had fully formed around him. Dagan found himself once again standing at the back entrance to the old zoo. He couldn't explain it, but it was almost as if someone had stuck a grappling hook into his chest and reeled him in. Sniffing, he ran his left hand through his hair, smoothing it back before deciding to break the lock and chains baring up the gates. Screaming, the werewolf shook his hand as smoke rose in heavy grey clouds from his now burned palm. Snarling, Dagan cracked his neck rotating his shoulders more determined then ever to get into the place.  He was still wearing the white fur coat.


"What are you doing?" Ruthven asked his younger cousin as he walked into the kitchen refilling his coffee mug. Landin said nothing at first as he continued to stare out the window squinting.

"Trying to read his mind." he finally whispered gesturing towards the backyard where Arthur was. The werewolf was crouched down on his heels in the farthest corner of the yard, completely naked, covered in dirt and leaves chewing on a bare turkey bone. "He's been like that for the past hour. Just chewing away on that thing."

"And that's entertaining?"  the dark haired human asked reaching around his cousin to see what the book was he had in front of him. Ruthven flipped a few pages of the journal discovering that other than the date, it was blank. "And this?"

"Why I'm trying to read his mind." Landin sighed biting his lip. "He's easier to read when he's in full wolf form."

"Yeah too bad we have to keep him locked up when he is though. Okay you going to tell me why you want to read his mind?"

"I want to know why Nosferatu keeps scoring these guys? Is it just a supernatural thing?" the bleached blonde looked at his older cousin. "I mean, you've become smitten with her too, I've seen it. So, spill, what is it that attracts you to her?"  Ruthven stared blankly at the journal for a few long seconds before shrugging. "So is it this so called love spell because she's half god?"

"Not too sure myself. But one thing I do know..." Ruthven pointed his coffee mug towards the backyard. "We're going to need a higher fence if we want to keep the neighbours from calling the police on him. We've been lucky so far that Mrs. Brownstone has been on vacation. He's going to get himself arrested for indecent exposure soon."   The two Van Helsing boys snickered as Arthur gave them the finger not bothering to look up from his chew toy. "Shack. Forgot about the wolf hearing."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Mid-season always a hard point)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 316, chapter 316

Pangs of Glory

"What's going on here?" Edric asked as he stood suddenly behind them. Seward swore under his breath before jumping between Edric and our heroine, who was still holding the handful of underwear from the clearance bin.

"Surprise?" Seward said nodding towards them both, his hands now clinched at his chest as he rocked up on his toes. "Nosferatu decided to stop by for coffee before the fireworks...cause it's July 1st and...oh BBQ..." the dark haired male said stammering as he looked at his empty wrist. "I'll just go do a quick set of rounds and then see if there is anything in the food court we can use for a picnic or...I'll be back." he scurried away in the direction that Edric had just arrived from.  Our heroine and Edric stood there both unsure what to say or do next.

"He means well." our heroine said as she cleared her throat suddenly remembering she had a half a bin of cotton underwear in her hand, placing them back and smoothing them out. "Total method to his madness. I think?"

"Yeah, he's a good...I'm sorry, what are you doing here?" Edric tilted his head blushing hotly, scratching at his neck. "I mean, hi I'm Edric."

"Nosferatu." she held out her hand not sure if she should offer it or not, but it was too late by the time she'd thought the gesture through. Edric had already grabbed her hand in his, the action so familiar it took them both a few long seconds to realize they hadn't actually shook hands. They were both just sort of standing there in a daze holding hands.

"Edric! Edric! Edric!!!" the sound of heavy running seemed to break their trance as Zeddy came around the corner at top speed. He stopped beside our heroine placing one hand on her shoulder, the other at his chest trying to catch his breath. "I'm not hallucinating. I'm not too high, there is someone after me!"

"Dude, there's no one after you." Edric replied his blue eyes closed all blushing and awkwardness stripped from the moment. "Okay fine, say there is. What makes you think it and what did they look like?"

"Big, horns on their head, furry." he gestured over his shoulder towards the hallway nearest the food court. "I was getting flour from the storage area, and it's shadow took up half the wall. Hi Nosferatu, you're still here?"

"I'm sure it was nothing. But, I was in the middle of doing rounds so I'll check it out." Edric said back to work mode.

"Good. Nosferatu can come with us. I'll hide behind her." Zeddy mumbled as he took the tail end of their little group, literally walking behind each of them peering over their shoulders. "It's good to see you two finally together. I mean, man, if I had to listen to him any longer about how he wasn't sure he should message you...ouch what you hit me for?" Zeddy rubbed his left shoulder from where Edric had punched him. They continued on in silence for a few more minutes, Edric opening the door to the storage area not seeing anything out of the ordinary. He was about to yell at his friend when our heroine pointed to a spot on the floor.

"Does that look like a hoof print to you?" she bent down to examine the dropped bag of flour and the light dusting it left across the floor. There was clear indication that something had been there.

"Uh. Oddly it does." Edric replied in puzzlement. "Okay you're not completely crazy this time." he said off handedly to Zeddy.  Hunching down on his heels, Edric tried to get a closer look. "There seems to be a trail sort of. If you call three scuffs a trail." he turned towards the back of the storage room, where the trail seemed to stop. Getting back to a standing position, the sandy-blonde male made his way to the back door. It was unlocked which it shouldn't have been. Grabbing his flashlight, he peeked into the hallway. Nothing but spiderwebs and dust. He waited for a long pause, listening for something when he noticed the webs were moving. There seemed to be a breeze coming from somewhere, only there were no fans or air ducts. "God, this is like a maze. Did you know this was here?" he turned to ask Zeddy. The larger male shrugged shaking his head.

"No idea there was a second door in this room. That's usually in that spot." he pointed to a large wooden bookcase. The bookcase had been moved a few feet, but looked otherwise untouched. The boxes and cans all still in their place. "You go check it out and I'll wait here." he grabbed our heroine by the shoulders hiding behind her.

"Alone? You who's like a foot taller than I am, and out weigh me by 40 pounds, want me to go in there alone? With no map or anything?"  Zeddy didn't answer just nodding ducking behind our heroine some more.

"Oh give me that." our heroine said with a sigh as she grabbed the flashlight out of his hand.

"Scream if you need us. Like if a psycho killer is in there or you trip into a well or something." Zeddy said. "We'll get Seward to rescue you."

"Uh. Speaking of. He should have been back by now." Edric started to dial Seward's number.


Out of Time...

Seward snorted as he woke, the sound of the cell phone buzzing somewhere near him. He pushed the stack of open books away from him as he searched for the intrusion to his dream. Hitting the button, he found he'd missed a call from Quentin asking him if he'd gotten any farther with his research?  The dark haired male was about to reply that he hadn't when he spotted a photo in one of the books. Grabbing the large volume he dragged it into his lap still sitting on the floor of his grandfather's book shop. The page before him was written in a language he couldn't read, but the woodcarving was very familiar. Shaking his head, Seward got up off the floor and headed for the back of the store. Searching the one corner of the building where they had comic books, the male found what he'd been looking for. A rare collector's edition of a 1970's horror comic. Seward had convinced his grandfather to add a bit of a "modern" edge to the store a few years before, but his grandfather had been less then willing to do much more than appease him with the far back corner converting one book case for it. But here, now in inked pinks, yellows and slime greens, all faded from their former glory, he found the matching images.

Returning to his spot on the floor, the dark haired male compared the comic's panels to the woodcutting in his ancient text. Even with the "modern" setting of the 1970's, when you ignored the intense afros and street slang, the story seemed to match up. Though he had to admit as he titled his head to the side making a small noise in his throat, he did like the rainbow that glided out of the disco sorcerer's hand, and the magick 8-ball that sent lightening up to activate the skull shaped mirror ball over the dance floor. 
The story centered around a guy who had to travel to the underworld to battle a god. Along the way, getting stuck in a maze having to fight a minotaur, a group of feral women and searching for the key with a bunch of magickal fae.

"Just like my dream." he whispered to the comic. Seward scrambled for a pen and paper to write down what he saw in his dream before he forgot it, but couldn't find a pen. Quickly, he hit the record button on his cell phone, dictating the dream.  "July 1st, book store, secret passage way, hoof prints, flour, the make-up...which was fairy dust! the stuffed animals, uh...uh a bat, a wolf, a fox, there were trees and a pool, I think it meant to be a wooded area? Not sure, what else was there?"  he closed his eyes letting out a deep sigh forcing himself to remember. "a prism on the text book, text books in general, oh it was a metaphysics book! So the occult, Zeddy was there, he was going on about movies and..." he looked at the comic in his hand. "he was standing in front of the comic book store in the dream, talking about the whole thing..." hitting the off button Seward dialed Quentin. "Hey, I think you need to return. Leave the book wherever you stashed it, and get back asap. Oh, and tell your new buddy he needs to come with you."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Disco inferno anyone?)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Food n Flix July 2017

It's that time again, where I tell you "hey, the group watched a movie and were inspired to make stuff". This month's Food n'Flix selection was Dirty Dancing, and it's being hosted by Chef Sarah Elizabeth.

plot: Two teenaged girls spend two weeks with their parents at a hotel, and end up falling for two staff members. The older sister unknowingly gets involved with the local cad, while the younger sibling ends up with the misunderstood rebel. Before long, they find themselves having to battle their own personal morals vs what they have been told they should believe in.

I am not going to lie, I've never been a fan of this film. I'm not a fan of  Romeo/Juliet style stories at all, and that's what this is at the core.  I have just never seen the appeal of this movie, or Patrick Swayze? (I always thought he looked like an oversized troll but...)   (I mean seriously, what was wrong with Watermelon Boy? She by passed the one guy completely for the flashiness of the dancer)

What this movie is about and does handle well is the topic of abortion, and I will give it all the props on the planet for that, and it was one of - if not the first major film to do so; but otherwise; when you strip that off you're left with a story about two teenaged girls who get involved with older guys.   Here, you have "Baby", this 17 year old kid who pushes her way into the lives of these twenty-somethings, sticking her nose in their business where it doesn't belong, pretty much steals Penny's job out from under her not too mention her best friend, and flaunts her wealth by giving her money to "fix the problem".

So, with all that said, I had a wait for it...TV EDIT ON VHS!  Yeah, I managed to borrow a really old copy and was so worried it was going to get eaten by my vcr.

Notes- "meringue" (because of the Merengue dance scene) soup (mentioned) pickles, bread, butter, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pot roast, chicken, watermelon, alcohol, cake, "pot pie" (one of the dancers' hat made me think of it)  pop, milk, rice pudding, brownies, cabbage rolls, coffee, bagels, donuts, jujubes (mentioned) grapefruit, eggs, sausage, pancakes, toast, juice, jam, bacon, pastry.

There was a lot of breakfast foods that I saw, but I wanted to go with! Yeah, the nodes of pink throughout from the title to her dress had me thinking of icing sugar actually. But, the temperature here has been too much for me to handle without having the oven on; so I went for the only other pink food I know how to make...Beet and Potato Salad.


2 large potatoes,
half an onion chopped,
pinch of salt,
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup Miracle Whip
sliced baby beets with juice

Boil potatoes in salt water till they are slightly tender, drain and chop
Set aside to cool, 

once cooled, mix potatoes with onion, salt, sugar, Miracle Whip,

Put into fridge for 15 minutes,

Take your beets and chop them up, I would advise doing so either on a plate or a paper towel, because they will stain everything.  I used 4 pre-sliced pieces but adjust to the amount of salad you're making.

Remove potato salad from fridge and add your beets, mixing well,
Carefully add 2 Tablespoons of the beet juice.  Again, if you are making a larger salad you can add more, or if you want a darker colour.

Mix well,

Return bowl to fridge for about 45 minutes.

And that's all I've got for you this time around.    And next month's selection will be Second Hand Lions, and is being hosted by Fictional Fare.

Till next time

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 315, chapter 315

Pangs of Glory

They continued to walk through the empty mall, our heroine still wondering if she should be pissed off at Seward or flattered that he was trying to play matchmaker?

"Wait 'em second. So he's not gay?" she shook her head stopping once again, this time in front of the expensive make-up store. The display featuring a two foot poster of a woman in deep charcoal coloured eye shadow and sparkles over her cheeks and lips; the headline reading You'll make your wildest dreams come true with our Fairy Dust. Little pots of the powder sat piled under the poster shaped like cartoon fairies. Only they looked smooshed, flattened like roadkill.

"You thought Edric was gay?" Seward asked the smile and good humour still glowing in his eyes. Our heroine said nothing as she stood there waiting for him to answer her. "Like I said, Edric has been crushing on you for a really long time..."

"It's just, when a man's that hot..." our heroine sighed continuing on down the empty mall, her foot steps echoing as she did.

"You've never seen him strung out depressed after a break up, all..." Seward let his arms turn into a windmill as he moved the few steps to catch up with her. "...blotchy cry eyed and having spent a week eating nothing but Poutine and pie, and drinking himself into oblivion, his hair gross with not being washed for a week, and the beer butt..."

"You mean gut don't you?"

"No, I mean butt." Seward puffed out his cheeks a little slapping his own rear. "Everything goes right to that guy's arse."

"I no longer know if you're still trying to sell me on the idea of him or put me off it?"

"Sell you on him. Definitely. Just pointing out that he's not that hot." Seward shrugged dragging out the word. "Just a guy under all that pretty. He poops like everyone else."

"Yeah, thanks for that visual." our heroine said waving her hand near her temples. "I didn't really need to think of anyone that way."

Seward looked up to see the book store lights were on. Telling Nosferatu to wait, he checked out the store.  One of the display tables had been knocked over, spilling a stack of books. Bending to pick them up, he half glanced at the fact they were metaphysics text books, the cover looking like a giant crystal with coloured dots marking off a prism shape. "Hello?" he continued on towards the back of the book store, spotting a bit of light coming from the stock room. Satisfied that the store was in deed empty, Seward returned to where he'd left our heroine.  She had moved on towards another store and was staring at the window display. A bunch of stuffed animals were hanging by threads over a large blow up pool. A little fuzzy grey bat seemed to be about to fall off it's thread, having been hung uneven, and with the breeze from the air conditioning, it swayed just a little too close to the little red fox and white wolf, who were positioned nearest an evergreen tree.  

"Does that look wrong to you?" she asked her fingertip tapping on the glass window, pointing just above the fox and wolf.

"No. Same display they've had all week. No one's touched it."

"No I just mean the fox and wolf being too close...never mind. I don't know what I was thinking?" her voice trailed off slightly as she let out another sigh. "I don't think I'm up for this. Meeting Edric, I mean."

"No no you are! You totally are!" the younger male said eyes suddenly wide hands out once again as if holding up an invisible wall. "I'm sorry, okay, I didn't mean to gross you out with the poop comment..."

"Ah sweetie, it's not that. I just mean...he's..." she tapped the window again without thinking before looking up at the stuffed bat. "...and I'm..." she could tell by the fact Seward's expression hadn't changed that he wasn't listening to her. "Here." she said grabbing him by the elbow and leading him towards yet another store on the other side of the hallway. Stopping in front of the men's clothing store, she shoved Seward towards the mannequin dressed in a tux. "Edric right." she continued, passing another two stores before reaching the lingerie store. She pointed towards the plain white cotton underwear in the clearance bin. "Me." she dipped her hand into the chaos of price tags and material pulling out a handful. "Not a bit of frilly or flash. Understand now?"

"Um...if I say no will you continue to try to explain by taking me over to the lacy frilly pink see-through...and...I'll shut up now."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Remember, they are standing in Edric's blindspot.)