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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 339, chapter 339

Out of Time

"Would you like to explain to me your behaviour back there?" Seward asked as he stood suddenly on the second floor landing.

"No." our heroine said crossing her arms under her chest. Her eyes were as cold and blank as chrome plates as she turned to look at her human friend.

"That was uncalled for." the dark haired human began to march towards her in anger. His face beet red as he did, his curly hair flopping around his eyes. "He's just a kid..."

"Just a kid?" she lowered her arms, turning a half step on her heels towards him, closing the gap now between them. "Just a kid? That kid is a psychopath at best. A monster in every sense of the word. A half werewolf, half banshee demi-god with entitlement issues." she snorted having to wipe the back of her hand across her mouth, her fangs beginning to show. "He set a village on fire just because the local boys wouldn't play with him. Crept into their homes after dark and torched it. Not one house, but all of them." she gestured wildly with her right hand in a smooth motion. "Hunting because his werewolf side was coming to the surface. That I could have understood. His emotions didn't erupt causing him to get into a fight and bite someone in the heat of the moment.That I could have understood. No, he waited till everyone was asleep and burned them alive. Fifty people. Just because two little boys didn't want to play tag with him!" her voice had risen beginning to hurt Seward's ears. The colour started to drain out of the human's face, leaving him a sick ashen skin tone. "That kid..." she was pointing now to the main level of the house towards the kitchen. "Should never have been born!" she began to pace around the landing then, like a caged animal. "Loki's magick, Maxwell's soul." she made a noise between a laugh and a grunt. "The last of the pack alphas because Loki wanted his litter of shapeshifters. The Frankenstein curse farthest thing from anyone's mind. The last of the litter." she tilted her head, her words becoming slurred as her double row of fangs were completely exposed. Seward shrank back a half step, ready to run back down the stairs but forced himself to stop. "That damned Frankenstein family curse. Only two children a generation..." she let her chin droop, as she slammed backwards into the wall.  Seward watched himself move towards her as if watching a movie on tv. He had no connection, no control over his own actions as he reached out wrapping his arms around her shoulders, letting the fierce creature melt into his embrace. "If only Loki had left that piece of Maxwell's soul alone." her voice was strained between the half choked sobs and the fact her fangs were making it difficult to do much other than hiss.

"If he had, the youngest would have been Jacob's." Vlad's soft voice said with authority as he firmly planted his foot on the top stair of the landing. "That would have not made any difference to how things are. Edric would still be here now." a frustrated breath escaped Vlad's nose as he gestured towards the stairs, indicating Seward needed to step back. The dark haired human did not budge.

"I don't follow?" Seward said as he finally broke the hug but refused to move from Nosferatu's side.

"Edric is Jacob." our heroine answered; her eyes back to their human hazel as she stared deeply into Vlad's own brown ones. "When we..." she gestured then to Vlad and back to herself. "When we were first married back in the 1400's, before actually...I was with Jacob Oaken. He was the pack alpha. And then he betrayed us." a deep sigh forced her to put her palm flat on her chest to keep calm.

"How?" Seward asked suddenly feeling a wave of fear tickle his spine.

"He sided with my brother Radu to overthrow me as king." Vlad never broke eye contact with the female.

"Still fuzzy on the details. I mean, how could you not recognize..."

"He's soul not his body's not as simple as movies make it out to be. But it explains why he turned into a hybrid and not just a banshee when I bit him. He'd already been a werewolf in his past life. A born lycanthrope, not a turned one. It was dormant he just needed for it to be triggered." she cleared her throat unable to look at either male as she continued. "And why he was able to claim me with just his desire to. Just a bit of his blood."  her eyelids fluttered as she began to blush. "Why Arthur became just a werewolf when Edric bit him."

"Speaking of wolves. I came up here to tell you Maxwell is apparently ruling Rolf's kingdom." Vlad spoke softly as if trying not to wake some invisible sleeper, as he clasped his hands in front of him.

"That's impossible. I just left there and everything was fine. Reuben was ruling as king. I mean, I know time moves differently, but still it couldn't have been more than a week or so there?"

"Hey, darling." Edric's voice broke their worry as he called from the bottom of the stairs. "You're cake's done. Ruthven is wanting to slap the icing on it." his footsteps were light on the stairs as he bounded up them to join their little party. Jerking his head to the side, the sandy-blonde hybrid tried to assess the situation but got nothing from his friends. Even with his sensitive hearing, Edric hadn't been paying close enough attention to their conversation, and now felt the awkwardness of interrupting it.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Things are starting to get sticky.)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Random movie July 13th 2018

Movie: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation
starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James
genre: Comedy, Cartoon, Action, Adventure,
year: 2018
format: Cinema


plot: The gang - Drac, Murray, Frank, Wayne and Griffin are being hunted by Van Helsing, in 1897. The guys end up having to disguise themselves as women in order to sneak on a train. But Van Helsing realizes it's them and chases Drac in all his animal forms. (rat, bat, wolf etc) They eventually end up on a cliff and Van Helsing falls to what we believe is his doom.  Fast Forward to present day, and the gang are at the hotel for another wedding. Drac finds himself the last single monster of the entire group, and begins to feel just how lonely it can be. Mavis decides to cheer him up by planning a surprise vacation for everyone, refusing to tell Drac anything about where they are going. They end up on a cruise in the Bermuda Triangle where Drac meets the captain- Erica. He soon finds himself falling in love with her, and unable to do much of anything around her. Wanting to know if she feels anything for him, he secretly follows her one night after the ship docks, only to have to save her life more than once. While this is going on, Wayne and Wanda are attacked and drugged by Abraham Van Helsing back on the cruise ship, and the kids - Dennis and Winnie are trying to hide the fact they broke the rules by bringing along their puppy. Erica, unknown to anyone, is a Van Helsing, and comes to regret her family's grudge against Drac. Before long, she finds herself falling in love with Drac as well, but Mavis just doesn't trust Erica. Specially after Erica unleashes the deadly Kracken; who the Van Helsings can control with music. It's up to Johnny with his skill for DJ-ing to find the right song that will break the spell and save the day. Once everyone is back home in Transylvania, Drac asks Erica to marry him.

Okay, so there is a lot going on in this movie. It's moved from the typical buddy comedy the franchise has been known for in the first two films, and is a big action-adventure story complete with a Raider's of the Lost Ark style scene. And keeping with the nautical theme, instead of the henchmen being zombies as in the first two, we've got fish-men. They are fish heads with feet.

The timeline is not given, but we know a few years have past because the werewolves have a new litter of kids, expressed with the addition of the second female werewolf. (Winnie having been the only one in the first two movies)  And we've got a role reversal with Mavis being overprotective of Drac's love life; letting us explore the jealousy and feeling of abandonment a lot of kids have when their parents re-marry.

I am torn on this one. I really love the first two in the series, and have literally been waiting for this one to hit cinemas, but it left me little disappointed. There were so many characters that were just left out of the story that we've come to see as main ones. Like Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne and Johnny that were barely there this time around. As the story arch comes full circle with one of the Draculas falling in love with a human, this one feels like it got too wrapped up in being bigger.

Honestly, I am hoping for a fourth film that deals with Dennis and Winnie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Cinema Files s1 p10

The Cinema Files
page 10, chapter 10

Flowerpot Fantasy

"Desdemona." Blake was hunched over the fridge his fingers tapping on the edge of the wide open door. "When are you going to give up this fad you've been on?" he asked grabbing the milk container. "This is not real milk yous knows that right? I mean, it's water flavoured with crushed nuts."

"Twenty years is not a fad, it's a life style." I replied waiting for the coffee maker.

"Life style." he snorted moving around the small kitchen back towards the table where the files were still scattered. " 'tis what you've been up ta with Vincent? Why the good detective Ryan clenches up every time I mentions ya?" he picked up a handful of the newspaper clippings waving them at me.

"You mentioned me to Whitechapel?"

"And that why yous were wi't that reporter guy I saw you out banging around town with? Eh? Your little murder club solving crimes? God woman, yous really are as bad as your aunt." he tossed the pages back down on the pile.

"Pretty much. Speaking of, I'm meeting up with Vincent." I waited for a half a heart beat unable to look him in the eye. Blake said nothing as he sat there reading the headlines of the marked newspapers.

"You sleeping with him?" the tone was both snarky and serious at the same time when he finally broke the silence. "Is it a rendezvous for sex? Or is it just a shopping date? Cause the boy's got style right? Or you just getting together for lunch? All those free meals he serves you, never does that for anyone else now does he? Na. He's fattening you up for somet'ing. That's for sures." Blake leaned back in the chair, one elbow thrown over the top of it. "Or...or is it you two are going to go look at a dead body?" he snatched up a sticky note waving it around. "Or the tattoo parlors? Track down a lead." his voice rose at the sentence but not in question. Getting up, he moved to the fridge again getting the milk once more and a bowl for cereal. 

"You done ranting?" I couldn't tell if he was just plain hurt or really jealous?

"Not in the slightest." he pulled the kitchen chair out again sitting down with authority. "What's your plan?" leaning over his nose almost touched the table as he scrutinized some of the pages before moving them enough for him to put his cereal down. "What now? You 'tink you two are just going to waltz right on ins do ya? Have the mortician great you wit' a smile and just let you ransack him for information?"

"Sure why not?" I closed my eyes breathing in the scent of him as he walked past. All stale cigarettes and whisky. It caused me to creep back a bit on my toes, pressing myself flat against the edge of the kitchen sink, afraid to breathe in the space. Afraid to let him know how much air he was sucking out of the room. Blake was the room, even when he wasn't trying to be. The coffee maker made it's last gurgle informing me it was ready, only I was unsure of my hands suddenly. Embarrassed and knowing I'd start shaking if I tried to maneuver to pour any. A dead giveaway to Blake that he still held that heated attraction for me. 

"Mons. You wants to do this you have to remember you're not your aunt. What you needs is a cover for 'tis." he gave a short half breathed laugh. "Why do ya tink your aunt bought flowers from me 'tree time a week?" he turned in the chair now to stare up at me with his eyes sparkling in their overly confident way. "Not cause she liked me that's for sure. No, she needed a way in to places. Flowers get you in, butter someone up to talk. Na, you needs me on t'is. In fact..." he ran his hand over his jaw for a second a million miles away in his thoughts. "This calls for a fruit basket."

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story. Fruit basket.)

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Coffee Talk Sunday July 8th 2018

Spudguns! Hey, how's it there? Spiffy. We are 115 Days till Hallowe'en.

Right off, yes I'm aware I'm once again behind schedule with the serials. Can't be helped right now. To be honest, everything in my life is behind schedule right now, mind body and otherwise.
I hope to have things back on course soon. Like end of the month soon. Life putters along one click at a time for years, then you suddenly get one or two potholes in the road and everything gets scattered to the winds. That's sort of where I am right now.

With that said, I will have one of the serials for you on Wednesday.  And a couple of movie reviews this week.  I know right, movie reviews on a movie blog, the idea of it.

Okay, that's about the time I've got for now. I'll be back later in the week.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 338, chapter 338


Vlad leaned over the wooden table, it's rich dark wood even darker in the flickering lamp light. The pages before him unreadable to most at this late hour, the words a blur of ink. But his eyes were keener, sharper as he read over the documents. He had come to regret leaving the day to day items in the hands of his advisors. His kingdom might have been protected by his men as they fought the kingdom's borders, but his throne was under siege it would seem from within. At this point, there was nothing expected of him, but to go back and take care of it.

"I'll only be gone a day." he whispered. Our heroine scoffed as she moved through the edges of the camp, a large basket on her hip. "Now now, you sound like a jealous lover." Vlad's lips barely moved as he shifted his own hip to move without appearing to do so around the table. The two vampiric creatures had grown so accustom to communicating without words, their psychic link allowing them to even be in different areas of the camp. "No one will even suspect I'll be on my way. The surprise will be to our advantage."

"What advantage?" she nodded to one of the female companions that had arrived in the last few weeks and begun hanging around the men. Nosferatu was sure some of these companions were spies. Only she had no solid proof. "Why not send one of the pack members as your proxy?"

"No one back at my castle has met any of the pack members. Besides, they are our best defense down here. No one dares attack us at night anymore with the wolves patrolling."

"Vlad darling, no one dares attack us because of the fence of impaled around us."  our heroine's attention now on one female companion in particular. An olive skinned woman who had taken to dancing brazenly for the men every night near one of the bon fires. There was something off putting about her, only our heroine couldn't put her finger on it. The companion wore too many coins on her belt and wrists. Her jewellery a mocking imitation of what a gypsy fortune teller is suppose to look like in bad movies. Only, they were here in the actual 1400's and no one knew what a movie was. They wouldn't be invented for another 400 years. Sniffing, our heroine got nothing but the scent of mud, sweat and rotten fruit. That in itself disturbed the female hybrid, as the one thing lacking was the heavy scent of wet dog. The pack members were off somewhere too far from the camp. Most likely hunting. If nothing else, they did keep the camp from going hungry. The lycanthropes abilities to catch bears, deer and fish were a hundred times better than any of the skilled human hunters.  Our heroine watched as the olive skinned female got up from the bon fire and made her way down to the river with a jug in hand. Deciding to follow her, Nosferatu felt a slight uneasiness begin to pit up in her stomach. Placing her own basket down, our heroine found herself alone. The companion having disappeared into thin air. Confused, she tilted her head to the side trying to catch the female's scent, but there was nothing. Nothing as the air was still no breeze.

"I'm not usually into women. But for our queen I'll make an exception." a voice said suddenly from over our heroine's shoulder.

"Not interested." Nosferatu snarled running the tip of her tongue over her fangs. She hadn't even realized they'd begun to extend.

"Then why are you following me? Don't tell me that you need some pointers on keeping the king happy." the companion's words were meant to sting and not as a question.

"He hasn't complained yet." our heroine's voice never rose above a smooth whisper.

"Then what do you want?" the female was standing now just to the left of our heroine, in the shade of a large tree. "To rob me?" she jangled her wrist, the multitude of coins clanking together catching the fading light. The noise was like an echoing orchestra to our heroine's very sensitive ears; causing her to wince. "You followed me here why?"

"You wandered off alone. None of the other companions ever wander alone. They are always in groups of three or four. But you, you are always alone. Are you not afraid of what might be lurking about?"  our heroine flexed and unflexed her hands, her nails having grown on their own. Shaking her head, she felt her eyes begin to shift as well exposing the amber-grey of the wolf.

"No. I am very well to take care of myself. You on the other hand, seem unwell." her voice took on a sing song tone as she stood now her head down, her skirts in hand. "Might have something to do with the flowers I've strung up." she looked up then gesturing to the tree branches. Our heroine swore as she followed the other woman's gaze. There too high to have smelled and too small to have recognized at first glance, were five small bundles of  purplish-light blue monkshood hanging from a small knot in the tree's trunk. "I was drying them out to crush for their poison."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Remember, back in the 1400's our heroine was still a banshee werewolf hybrid with a soul)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Cinema Files s1 p9

The Cinema Files
page 9, chapter 9

Flowerpot Fantasy

I was restocking the shelves in the drama section, when I felt someone place their hand on my back. The dvds went flying out of my grasp, and my elbow smashed into the edge of the metal rack. "Shack!" I breathed deeply, shaking. "You scared the hell out of me."  Blake's eyes brightened as he laughed with a hint of embarrassment.

"Sorry Mons. Didn't means ta."  he was still laughing as he dipped his chin down, looking up at me from under his lashes. "I'm takin' you ta dinner." he gestured then towards the door as if that was all the discussion needed. "Come on. Grabs your purse and coat. I'm totally flushed Mons. Got 'tis big account come in earlier. Dropped like 'tree gran on a delivery. Tryin' to win his girl back or somethin'. Cleaned out all me roses, every colour..." he waved his hand again towards the door before sticking both his hands in his back pockets. "Taught we could go to the restaurant in the Ruthven." his east coast accent making him sound more embarrassed than he really was.

"You want to go to a hotel for dinner? Now is that because it's the fanciest in town or because it's the restaurant in the hotel?" I bent down awkwardly trying to gather up the dvds.

"Fifty fifty on that." he answered scratching at his nose letting out a small giggle. "Would that be such a wrong 'ting?" he ducked forward his face millimeters away from mine, but never bothered to help clean up the movies. My eyes were caught on the necklace he was wearing under his shirt. A gold chain with a little shamrock swung back and forth rapidly before hitting his chest and stopping. "Besides can't remember the last time we were out...for...for dinner." he had stood back up straight, his gaze now sweeping the building. "Where are they?" his hands slapped his thighs in frustration. "Aw Mons, you did it again didn't ya?" Blake sighed in defeat. "You gave them away. Why do I bothers? Who you give 'em to 'tis time?"

"Vincent wanted them for the coffee shop." I said off handedly about the flowers.

"Vincent wanted so you just handed them to him." Blake swore as he started to move around the room. "Vincent wanted them. Figures."

"I never understood why you don't care for him?" one of the dvds slipped as I was placing it on the rack, knocking two others off with it as they crashed to the floor again.

"Cause Mona, he's had ya wrapped around his finger nearly 'tir'ty years!" Blake ran his hands through his strawberry-blonde hair before closing his ice blue eyes. "Yous jump whenever he calls. You says how high and how long? Got you at his beck and call all hours of the night." he licked his lips tilting his head to the side, his right hand now tapping on the counter. "Is that why you don't want to spend the night with me?"

"Spend the night? I thought you were taking me to dinner? Who said anything about spending the night?" I had my back turned to him now my hands out towards the shelf of movies as if telling the dvds to stop in their tracks.

"That's not what I mean! The other night when I came over you wouldn't even let me in."

"That had nothing to do with Vincent."  the door to the video store opened grabbing both our attention.  The two teenaged girls were giggling wildly over their cell phones as they entered the store.

"No, you believe it never does; does it?" Blake scratched at his ear as he stepped out of the way of the the teenagers. "I had a great day at work and I wanted to share the spoils with you." he started to head for the door, his shoulders slumping as he did. "Forget it. I'm going to the bar."

Dinner ended up being a veggie burger and fries, as I sat at my kitchen table alone two hours later. The files taunting me from the opposite chair. My mind split between the task of thinking about how I might have just lost my last opportunity for a relationship, and the guilt of wanting to beat the police to solving the murders.  Too many of my meals were eaten alone. Too many years of being a hermit had me wondering if I was even capable of being in a relationship anymore? Granted, Blake wasn't the most beautiful guy in my view point, or even the most dependable. But he was the most honest.  The phone rang causing me to jump before staring at it in shock. This foreign thing that was nearly forgotten for cobwebs. It was long after midnight and I wasn't used to hearing the sound of the ring anymore. Crossing to the living room, I answered.

"Hello. I have your friend. Please come outside and get him." the voice was unfamiliar.

"I think you have the wrong number."

"He says he forgot his keys. Please come outside and get him I have another fare waiting." the voice hung up leaving a dial tone in my ear.  Grabbing my keys I made my way out into the building's parking lot to find a cab waiting and Blake standing by the open door, a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

Blake was still snoring on the sofa when I was tip toeing around the kitchen at seven in the morning. I had decided to take the day off of work, and already left a message for Vincent to meet up with me later at my aunt's storage unit. Nothing was going to get in my way with finding tattoo chick; not even Blake's hangover.  I was gone for less than four minutes to the bathroom when he got into things. He was always as bad as a kid when it came to getting into places he shouldn't. When I returned, he was sitting at the kitchen table a coffee in hand reading the files.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story. Well, we've all got baggage.)

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Coffee Talk June 24th 2018

Spudguns!, how's your Sunday going?  I know, I didn't get the serial done for last week. It should have been Cinema Files. I am off schedule this month. But it's been a busy few weeks on my end, and I've barely been home.

So, Tuesday, I'll have Cinema Files up (June 26th 2018) and Thursday I'll have Nosferatu Adventures up (June 28th). And that should put things back on course.  (Cinema Files on Sunday July 1st 2018)

We are sitting at 129 Days till Hallowe'en.