Monday, May 13, 2019

Cinema Files s1 p18

Cinema Files
page 18, chapter 18

Gumshoe Intermission

"Detective."  I nearly giggled as I walked across the street. Rudolph was still down the block beyond the crime scene tape paying the cab driver.

"No." Ryan said pointing at me. "Back behind the line Desdemona." he was over to me, his fingertips digging into my shoulders as he guided me back ten feet to the do not cross barrier. The smirk on his face letting me know it was all he could do not to light up. Oh trust me Detective Whitechapel, the feeling was mutual.

"Is it another drowning?" I asked searching every inch of his face before falling into his not really green not really blue eyes.

"How'd you even hear about this?" he shook his head blinking in disbelief crossing his arms. He was still holding his pen in his right hand as he began to fiddle with it. The pen nothing more than a blue streak teeter-tattering in the air by his shoulder.

"Is it?"

"Not discussing this with you now." he replied as the pen fell hurdling to the ground, him needing to pick it up. This of course gave me a full view of the victim. Which of course he'd known. It was by the looks of it, another drowning. A motel maid was laying on the ground beside her cleaning cart, her hair wet, the bucket knocked off the bottom of the cart, rolls of toilet paper muddy and crumpled, a few sets of rubber cleaning gloves stuck to the middle shelf of the cart frozen in mid-fall. "Serious. Unless you're a witness or police, you can't be here right now."

"We will talk about it later." I said as Detective Ryan Whitechapel gave me another of his smirks.

"Oh indeed we will." his tone was smoky and playful. I blushed as he winked before his attention was taken again. Rudolph had finally caught up to the scene. I left Rudolph trying to get access to the witnesses, his press id only slightly the magick key he'd expected.  Even though it was late, nearly 1am, I didn't feel like going all the way home again, so I headed to Vincent's.  His house is a two story five bedroom tucked in the north end of town. Did I forget to mention Vincent came from a wealthy family. Not rich by today's standards, but comfortable enough to not have to worry for the next few decades. Taking my glasses off I brushed a stray bug that had smashed into them as I rang the doorbell.

"Dessie?"  Vincent looked curious to see me at that hour.

"You alone?"

"Lucky for you I am." he side stepped for me to enter. "Everything okay? There's nothing wrong at the mini mall is there? "

"Everything's fine. The cafe is fine, the store is fine. I was just at another crime scene with Rudolph and Ryan." I answered as I took my shoes off before even thinking about crossing the hallway to the livingroom.

"There is a bad joke in there somewhere. I'm just too tired to come up with it. Wait, another crime scene?" he locked the door behind me. "You want a drink?"

"I'm good. Did I wake you?" I dropped my purse on the edge of the large chair nearest the livingroom door, my jacket on top of that. I noticed Vincent was wearing his grey pajama bottoms and t-shirt he favoured. He ran his hand through his short dark hair yawning.

"Not yet. I was just heading there now. Was just about to lock up. " He leaned against the back of the sofa. "How did you end up at another crime scene?"

"Was with Rudolph when his boss at the paper called told him to cover it." I sat down then on the sofa turning to look at Vincent. "Just an odd evening. First, Rudolph stalked me at the grocery store, then we started to have dinner where he proceeded to con me into doing his job for him next two weeks, then he dragged me to the crime scene where he just forgot about me. Okay, he didn't really drag me there, I wanted to go but..."

"He stalked you?" the tone in Vincent's voice was I think shock, as it was interrupted by more yawning.

"Sort of. He told me at dinner he likes me. That's weird right?" I bit my lip trying to process the whole evening.

"Life is weird."  he relied. "You get a good look at the victim?"  I nodded as I watched him scratch his stomach.

"Same killer I'm more than sure of it. Get this, drowned in a bucket."  I stood again to put my jacket back on.

"Na. Just stay. It's 1am already."  he turned to get me a blanket from the hall closet.

"You sure?"  he nodded another yawn.

"Just know the alarm is set for 7am."

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story. Weird is as weird does.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Coffee Talk May 7th 2019

Spudguns!, how's it where you are today? Good, spiffy sweet.

I had mentioned way back I believe nearly two months ago, about a few "What that Movie Inspired Me to Do".  So the other week I took another stab at one of the failed recipes, and once again, it just became a mess. It got me thinking about the fact, when I started the whole concept of that series of posts for this blog, I had originally wanted to cover everything it inspired. Not just recipes. Granted, recipes became the most common and just tied in with it the easiest. Usually the first thing that popped into my head because pretty much every movie/tv show has food or food related moments.

I've also been gearing up for Hallowe'en crafting season, which starts in July. That's when the crafting supplies for Fall/Hallowe'en start appearing in stores, and then of course late August we start with the treats and decorations and costumes etc.

You follow so far? Great. I knew you could.

Full disclosure, I am definitely no Martha Stewart, so this next while should be interesting. But, you already know this if you at all saw the Nightmare on Elm Street house I made way way way back in like the first couple of What that Movie Inspired posts.  My crafting skills are worse than my kitchen skills.

And for those waiting for the serials, I should have one of them up this weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

May Night Bleeds Book

Spudguns!, it's a new month and that means a new selection for book club/movie club. This month's selection is Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. The third novel in the Vampire Chronicles. 

It's simple, read the book, blog about it, and if you're inspired to cook/bake/craft etc something because of it, add that to your post. You must have a blog to join in. If you do, let me know by leaving a comment with your post link to either this post or on the actual day's post.  The blog post must be current - in this case May 2019.

The deadline is as always, the last Sunday of the month, in this case Sunday May 26th 2019.

Since there is a movie version of this as well, watching the movie is optional. But, the movie version of Queen of the Damned, only covers half the novel.

And as always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, just let me know.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

April 2019 Bookclub day

The selection this month was the novel Bloodline by Kate Cary.

plot:  John Shaw,  having been injured in the war, finds himself returned home to London, but the events having left him plagued with nightmares. He can no longer tell if the visions he saw of beasts and wolves on the front lines are real or just his damaged mind trying to make sense of it all? While recovering, he falls quickly in love with Mary Seward, the young daughter of Dr. Jack Seward. After having secretly read John's diary, Mary Seward has reason to believe that what John witnessed was real, and fears her best friend Lily; John's sister, has fallen pray to the very monster John talks about in his diary. Quincey Harker. Whom Mary learns is the son of her father's friends. As lies become uncovered, Mary finds herself on a race against time which takes her to the very heart of Transylvania.

This is done in the same style of the original Dracula by Bram Stoker, told from the point of view of each character's diaries and letters. Nearly all the original characters are mentioned in one way or another.

Okay, I didn't love this, but I didn't hate it. I thought the story was great up until the last chapter. For me, the ending just didn't sit right.

For me, I kept waiting for there to be more linking it to the original. I loved the little wink and nod to Renfield's cell, and the fact the heroine is the daughter of Dr. Jack Seward. His appearance was the big highlight for me. I did not care for the sub-plot of the Mina Harker/Tepes  character at all. For me, it pulled away from the how the rest of the tapestry was flowing.  I also wasn't at all thrilled with the Count Tepes character. He felt like he was just tossed in to fill in a blank. He is mentioned more than a few times in the last half of the novel, but when we finally get any real evidence of him, he's dispatched too easily.

Normally, I find the more common themes and what I think the story was a metaphor for; but I didn't really get a whole ton out of this other than the idea of trust. Everyone seems to be lying to each other in one way or another.

Next month's selection will be Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. I'll be back later in the week with the official announcement for it.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 348, chapter 348

"My cellphone isn't working." Seward said as he waved the little machine. "Like nothing. No bars, no indication of anything." he looked around them nearly spinning in a complete circle. "Where are we? If we were in the warehouse when we went through the portal shouldn't we have returned to the warehouse when we came back through?"    Our heroine was barely listening, as she brought her left hand up flexing her fingers before whispering and blowing on her palm. A golf ball size bubble appeared suddenly, a small butterfly held within. She moved her wrist slightly letting the bubble move across her knuckles.

"Wicked." she said wide eyed.

"How'd you do that?" the dark haired human asked just as the bubble disappeared.

"Shack." our heroine huffed. "It's a trick The Seer used to do all the time. I guess his bloodlink ran it's course. Any magick I had from him just ran out." the female banshee plunked down on the nearest patch of lawn, the canvas bag with the spellbook now in her lap. They turned to see Edric returning from just to the left of them. Neither had paid any attention to the fact the hybrid had wandered off in the last few minutes.

"I just found this." Edric said showing them a newspaper. "Look at the date."    Seward and our heroine looked at the little black and white print.

"Oh my god! 1976! What the shack?" Seward threw his arms up . "Back in time?" he was still waving the little dead cellphone in his hand trying to understand. He spun around on his heels surveying the landscape suddenly. They were in what looked like a naked plot of land. Half of it was nothing but dirt, with bits of car parts and trash in the far corners by a wire fence.  "Are we in a dump?" he shook his head blinking at what he thought were train tracks hidden under long weeds about thirty feet away. Walking over to them, he pointed. "This is where the warehouse should be. By the abandoned tracks."

"Figures." Nosferatu sighed linking her fingers together stretching. The weight of the spellbook causing the canvas bag to slide off her knees.

"What do  you mean figures?" Seward was now holding his useless cellphone in both hands like his life depended on it, his knuckles bone white.  He crossed back to them his shoulders tight.

"I think that was me. Not on purpose, but it's not the first time it's happened. No puns intended."  the two males stood there waiting for more; Edric's eyebrows knitted in confusion and Seward looking like he was about to have a full on panic attack. His fingers were gripping the cellphone to the point they were leaving heat prints. "Way back when I was first in the Darkest Forest, the Seer and I opened a portal, only instead of going to another reality, we landed back a few years in the year 2000.  Then another time I'd had enough of things with Dagan, and opened up a portal only I ended up in the 1400's. How I met Vlad actually." she frowned. "Come to think of it, when I escaped Bacchus's palace I ended up back in Rolf's kingdom with a wee bit of a 24 hour time difference." she held up her thumb and forefinger squinting. "Just a touch of jet lag on that point."

"So what you're saying is you can time travel?" Seward asked his chin down eyes wide hands now out at his sides, the cellphone still clutched in his left hand.

"Not on purpose." our heroine picked at a single blade of grass having noticed how it was yellow and split down the middle where as all the others around it were still deep vibrant green. "It's one of the reasons Bacchus is so determined to have me. Well, not have me-have me..." she went quiet for a long pause as she thought about it. Tilting her head to the side she raised an eyebrow as if answering a question to herself.  " lest that was never hinted at as part of his deal. Anyways, it's one of the reasons Bacchus wants me to rule by his side as the High Priestess Queen of his Bacchae. Because of the portal time thingie. I don't move through the realities in any liner fashion."

"And you're just telling us this now! After we followed you through the portal to begin with and back to what was suppose to be home! You couldn't have said anything oh I don't know, like twenty minutes ago when we were still safe in 2018 in the warehouse?" Seward was standing on his toes red faced getting hysterical.

"Don't you dare!" the female got up to face him. "I never asked you to jump through the portal with me. You did that! That's on you." she bent down snatching up the canvas bag, slinging the straps over her shoulder as she stormed off towards the nearest street.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Yes, it was 2018 still in the story's modern timeline when they went through the portal.) 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Random movie - Happytime Murders

Movie:  Happytime Murders
starring: Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph
genre: comedy, crime,
year: 2018
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When the former members of a beloved sitcom start to turn up dead, an ex-cop turned detective is forced to team up with his old partner to solve them and figure out who's framing him.

This is a buddy-cop movie plain and simple. The classic odd-couple styling slapstick this time between a human and a puppet. It plays as expected as far as the crime-story goes. As far as the storyline goes, there's nothing new to it.

The theme is clear that it's about prejudice. You can switch out the puppets for any minority and the basic theme would still play the same.

I have to admit, when I first heard about this last year, I was looking forward to it, but this felt like such a let down. The characters are a bit thin and one dimensional. (The tv show Angel did a puppet episode back in it's 5th season called Smile Time that was more thought out.)

Here's hoping the company have a few more films in the works, because the idea was there, with this new sub-genre of puppetry, it just wasn't fleshed out as well as it should have been.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April 2nd book club

Spudguns!, we are 212 Days till Hallowe'en, and into a new month. And that means it's time for the April Night Bleeds selection.

I've picked Bloodline by Kate Cary for this month.

As usual, you need a blog to join in. The deadline is the last Sunday of the month, which in this case is Sunday April 28th 2019. 

If you decide to join me, just read the book, write a blog post about it, and if you're inspired to cook/bake/craft something because of it, add that to your post. Then link back to either this post or on the day of, my book club review post. And let me know in the comments that you joined in with a link etc.

The post must be current, in this cause done within the Month of April 2019.

And as always, if you're in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, just let me know.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Night Bleeds 2019 March book

Spudguns!,  It's book club day. This month's selection was Queen Victoria Demon Hunter by A.E. Moorat. 

plot:  It's the mid-1800's and young Victoria has just both had her eighteenth birthday and been informed she is now Queen. At the same time across town, Quimby and his manservant Perkins have just survived a horde of zombies that have broken out of their captivity. Well, mostly survived, as Perkins is half eaten by a zombie before Quimby is able to save him. Perkins then becomes the latest zombie. As well a large pack of rats have begun chasing people through the streets. The information reaches the ears of Maggie Brown, head of the Royal Protektors, and she is called into action to the Queen's side. Maggie manages to fight off an attack by a succubus saving the Queen. With their assassination attempt a failure, the Queen's enemies lay dormant for the next few years. During this time, the Queen marries her beloved Albert and gives birth to both a daughter and son, all the while unaware that her enemies have been living with her. As we learn, Sir Conroy, the very human familiar to the Queen's uncle; had a hand in setting up the royal marriage. Meanwhile, while this is happening, Quimby, who has managed to create a serum that causes reanimation, has been blackmailed by Conroy into helping the Queen's enemies overtake the Parliament by turning half the members into zombies.  The Queen's enemies, who are in fact demons, kidnap her husband Albert, forcing Queen Victoria to rescue him. The Queen, along with Maggie and another member of the Royal Protektors, Vasquez, find themselves first having to deal with the chaos caused by the zombied members of Parliament, before tracking Albert to Bedlam where he's being held captive. And which turns out is also the entrance to hell. 

There are so many sub-plots going on here. They do eventually come together to make one cohesive story, but at first glance, they seem almost not to have anything to do with each other. You're about midway through the book before they really connect.

I liked this a lot more than some of the others in this mash-up genre I've read. About the only real complaint I have on this novel is that the last 50 pages becomes one long action scene. Some of the characters could have been a little more fleshed out, such as the Royal Protektors Hudson, Hicks and Vasquez, as it is they ended up being sort of flat.  One of the most interesting characters other than the character of Victoria herself; happens to be Egg, and he's only given a few scenes with little to do. I kept expecting him to have a more important role in the whole thing, but sadly he didn't.  There are also the mysterious creepy children who are Conroy's bodyguards. A little bit of a back story on them would have upped the game just a notch.  There is also, an entire group of werewolves that at first seem like the center of the villains, and are given some depth, but you quickly learn they are just the comic relief.

I don't have a whole lot else to say about this one. It's a lighter book, which sways between action-gore and dramatic-comedy. You're drawn between the relationships which focus on the mentor/student dynamic of Maggie and the Queen, and the buddy/odd couple of Quimby and Perkins more so than anything else.

I'll be back in a day or two with the official announcement for April's selection.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 347, chapter 347

The Seer snapped his fingers freezing the hallway. "You've got less than 30 seconds before they unfreeze, you need to leave." he grabbed our heroine's wrist as he was speaking, and bit down hard.

"Damn it!" she pulled back from him nearly hissing.  The Seer wasn't paying attention to her sudden rant, instead just waved his hand causing someone's water bottle they'd been holding to fly twenty feet across the hallway. Grabbing it in midair, he bit his finger squeezing a few droplets of blood into it.

"Drink this after you go through the portal. It will link us psychically for a few minutes. I've got a lot to fill you in on, and blood swap is the fastest way." he nodded towards the props room. "Nosferatu, I'm serious! Every second you're here, the more dangerous the situation will become." he gestured towards the burly ex-boyfriend wide eyed. The Seer sighed then making a shoving gesture sending our heroine flying backward into the props room.

"Come on. We'd better go." Edric mumbled grabbing Seward by the collar of his shirt and dragging him along. The male hybrid shoved his sire through the mirror wanting nothing but to get her as far away from her exes as possible.   The three landed in a heap on the ground.

"Shack!" our heroine growled as she rubbed her elbow. "Not cool."  She stood then, brushing the dirt from her, before opening the plastic water bottle downing the mixture. "Gross." she stuck her tongue out grabbing the canvas bag from Seward feeling the extreme desire to hold onto the spellbook.

"The Seer's blood?" Edric asked getting to his feet looking around, realizing they were not in the warehouse. "Uh where are we?"

"No. Gross the Seer's blood in vodka. I hate vodka. Whoever this had belonged to, they were drinking on the job." she barely got the sentence out when she sucked in a large gasp. Her eyes turned then to the pure white of the banshee. Images flashed in a crazy 3D effect in front of her. She saw Loki in chains being tortured; which rapidly turning into an image of Damen being struck with an energy ball from Odin, another image overtook that one of someone trapped in stone but she was unable to make out their features, which quickly melted into a vision of complete destruction. A grown up William stood in the middle of a burnt circle, bodies smoking around him, blood covering him like muddy paint, Reuben's heart in his hand. That shifted just as rapidly to an image of Edric in the bathroom of the warehouse talking to someone in the mirror.

Our heroine then heard the Seer's voice ask if she could hear him?   

"Yes." she spoke out loud trying to get her barrings. Seward reached for the canvas bag again gingerly taking it from her, and the plastic bottle dropping it into the bag. The look on his face was shock as he continued to look around, trying to figure out where they were as well.

"William can be stopped. But you need your soul back first."

"I don't want my soul back. I had to go through a lot to get rid of it." she started to answer but The Seer's voice spoke over her's.

"It's the only way to keep William from growing up to become king. You have to get your soul back and accept the werewolf part of you again. You have to activate the Frankenstein family curse. Only two kids per generation. The man you saw Edric talking to in the mirror must be born. A Van Helsing must be born so that William dies."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Bet you didn't see that coming eh?)

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Cinema Files s1 p17

The Cinema Files

page 17, chapter 17

Gumshoe Intermission

"Ever notice how the building's cleaning lady always sounds like she's breaking the doors down when she vacuums the hallway?"

"No." Rudolph said without thinking. "But I have noticed the neighbour on the other side of me seems to always wait till he's right in front of my door before he coughs. Like he's hacking up a lung."

"Oh yeah, I've heard him too. So, you mentioned the store. What's on your mind?" I was already standing in front of his crime board. My eyes were stuck on the photo at the far right of it, a blurry black and white print out from a 1950's newspaper clipping. Rudolph had marked it with a green sticky note.

"Not why I brought you here." his hands were on my shoulders gently guiding me towards the kitchen table. There was a chickpea salad, mushroom risotto, grilled beets and peppers with roasted cauliflower. All sitting around an unlit candle in a very pretty short vase. "This is." he gestured towards the meal before taking his phone out of his pocket. I had to lean back slightly as the phone was under my nose before I could think, Rudolph was scrolling through shots of not just this meal, but two others in a blur.

"Hold up." I snatched the little contraption out of his hand. "Explain with words."

"My boss decided to dump the Lifestyle section on my lap while the regular girl is off on her honeymoon."  he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, leaning on my right one. He smelled like cantaloupe and limes. "He's got me doing that on top of my regular columns. I'm over my head. I don't know a thing about this stuff."

"And you thought I would why?" I took another deep breath, just breathing him in.

"Your aunt wrote that sort of column. I saw a few of them in the archives."

"So translate that for me. Are you asking for my advice and input or are you asking more?"

"For you to cover it for me. Please? It's just for two weeks, just two articles on any topic." his left hand was now down to my elbow as he moved around to face me. Bringing both hands then up together in a begging gesture. "Please Desdemona. I'm begging and I will make it up to you." He looked so helpless all of a sudden. "Starting with dinner."

"Fine. But something tells me I'm going to regret it."  We sat down to eat, a look of relief washing over his beautiful grey eyes. "So you still haven't told me why you were thinking about the store from this morning?"  I watched as Rudolph lowered his face, slumping his shoulders tight as he leaned over his plate.

"I don't want to talk about it right now. I just want to have a pleasant dinner." he sighed then stuffing a large amount of food into his mouth, nearly biting the fork in frustration. He chewed noisily for a long moment before dropping his fork  to his plate. "You don't have any girlfriends." Rudolph shook his head. "The group today was all men."   I found myself unable to stop a smile suddenly at his jealously.

"No I don't have any female friends. But I don't see why that matters?"

"Because." he didn't continue, just stared at his plate wide eyed pushing a single chickpea around. "I like you. I need to know if  I am going to have to work for your attention? What kind of walls am I up against?"

"I'm not sure I really know the answer to that?" I was blushing at this point, unable to catch my breath. There was no way I could tell him the true about my last 24 hours with Detective Whitechapel.  I was brought back to the moment by the sound of Rudolph's phone buzzing wildly.

"It's the newspaper." he mumbled as he moved from the table to answer. I didn't hear him say much beyond a few 'okays' and 'are you sure'; but he did grab a pen and jot something down on an envelope. Hanging up he copied the info then into his phone.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story. Emotional boy)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Randomness

Spudguns! We are sitting at 228 Days till Hallowe'en. I was checking the coming soon listings on, and here are some listings I'm looking forward to this summer.

April 10th - The Man Who Killed Don Quiote
April 19th- Curse of La Llorona
April 26th- Avengers Endgame
May 3rd- The Long Shot
May 10th- The Hustle
                - Tolkien
May 17th- John Wick Chapter 3
June 14th- MIB: International
                - Shaft
June 21st- Child's Play
July 5th- Spiderman Far From Home
August 2nd- Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw

The movie The Hustle is a remake of the 1988 film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Child's Play is a reboot of the franchise, Shaft is a sequel and reboot.  

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Coffee Talk March 14th 2019

Spudguns!,  Happy National Spider Day.  That's very important for vampire/Dracula fans. Anyways, how's you? You might have noticed how much time has passed between posts on here. That's because...I've got nothing. Empty. Drained.

Okay, not totally true; as I've got two paragraphs written on the serials. As in one paragraph each. Hand written, which is about three lines each typed. I'm working on it, I'm working on it. I've also got three "what that movie inspired" lined up for ...soon. The movies are watched, the notes are taken, the recipes ...well failed. I need to remake the recipes or come up with better ones.

But I am slowly dusting off the cobwebs on here...get it, cobwebs cause it's both National Spider Day and I haven't been blogging much...well I thought it was funny.

Just thought I'd come in here and let you know I'm still working on stuff behind the scenes so to speak because, well I have massive blogging guilt. I had promised you all a weekly schedule and I haven't been able to keep it. I'm sorry for that. Look at it this way, at lest the blog has been given some attention once or twice a month the last few months, where as my youtube has been dry since last summer.  And now a new wave of vlogging guilt has hit. Moths in the stomach as I realize I need to get a few videos edited now too.

Well, I have my homework assignment. I'll be back within the week with some of the above.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2nd 2019 Night Bleeds

A new month means a new book club selection. We are in the month of March, and this month's selection is Queen Victoria Demon Hunter by A. E. Moorat. 

Rules are fairly simple, read the book and blog about it. You must have a blog to join in and the post must be done in the current month, in this case March 2019. If you are at all inspired to cook/bake/craft etc something by the book, please add that to your blog post. If you do join in, leave me a comment with your post link so I know and can do a round up. Please link your post to either this announcement, the Night Bleeds page or on the day the actual post.

Due date is the last Sunday of every month, in this case Sunday March 31st 2019.

And as always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to be part of the physical bookclub, let me know.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Cinema Files s1 p16

The Cinema Files
page 16, chapter 16

Gumshoe Intermission

"Mons get ready all your vids wit' the words shoes and feet in ther' title. I just delivered a few vases to a podiatry convention." Blake's voice cut through the length of the video store as the bell jangled.

"What is wrong with you?" I stomped through the store from the far left side, having just restocked the horror and sci-fi dvds. I moved back towards the check out counter, angrily opening dvd after dvd not paying any attention to it; as I attempted to make sure the right ones were in the cases.

"What 'ya mean? What's wrong wi't me? What ya talk'n about?" he replied his face ducked down as he began to shuffle through the pile.

"This morning. Your behaviour. What was that?" I picked up the already checked pile and started to shelve them.

"What?" Blake's voice trailed behind me as I slammed the cases onto the shelf.

"Uh how you reacted to both Ryan and Rudolph."

"Oh I'm sorry Mons if I ruined your little attempt at a scooby gang there." He said sarcastically. I made a face as I moved around him watching him duck his one shoulder to keep me from slamming into him, as I hit the play button on the answering machine. A female's voice came through the little speaker asking for a copy of  In Her Shoes, followed by a man looking for the movie Red Shoe Diaries. "See warned ya."  I didn't get a chance to argue as the bell over the door chimed announcing the arrival of a customer.

"Do you have a copy of the Man with One Red Shoe?"  the drag queen asked as he stood towering over us at nearly seven feet.  I pointed towards the comedies as I stared watching him touching the beehive wig making sure it hadn't been damaged on the top of the doorway, desperately wanting to ask him where he found the black pumps he was wearing.

It was after 9:30pm, and I decided closing the store half hour early would be fine. The winds began to bit a little as they picked up  forcing me to tug my coat closed. The fancy grey trenchcoat I was wearing wasn't actually designed for real weather. Turning the corner, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by ducking into the grocery store. I'd be able to pick up something for dinner, and steal a few moments of weatherless warmth. I found myself without thinking standing then in the frozen food section as a hand tapped my shoulder. I looked up to see Rudolph, a sad distracted look in his beautiful grey eyes.

"Hello you."

"Rudolph hey." I sighed as I grabbed a frozen pizza from the freezer. He took it from my hand, tossing it back in. "I wanted that."

"I've been thinking about the video store this morning."

"So you felt the need to deny me dinner?"

"No. I'm going to make you dinner."  I still couldn't figure out his accent.

"Are you making pizza for dinner?" 

"No." he shrugged as he tilted his head to the side licking his lips. I waited for him to say something else but he just stood there for a long moment ping ponging between duck faces and furrowed brows. I grabbed the frozen pizza again holding it tight to me like a shield. "You didn't come home last night."  he repeated this information from this morning.

"Were you spying on me?" I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or freaked out?

"Not spying no." his reply was staggered through his teeth that distant look in his eyes. "There was a fire alarm just after midnight. I didn't see you in the crowd of people the parking lot." his voice became soft. "When the fire department let us back in, I tried knocking but...the guy with the small dog in the apartment at the end of the hall said he saw you leave hours before with someone."  Shoppers were starting to bump into us, reaching around my shoulders for the freezer doors. We moved onward then towards the check out. "Then I got your text and at lest I knew you were safe."

"Uhm yeah. I was out with Detective Whitechapel. He was working a case needed some help."

Nothing seemed real. I stood about an hour later in my bathroom fresh form a long over due shower as the steam escaped through the not completely closed door. Rudolph's behaviour I wanted desperately to say was caused at lest in part by jealously, but his body language suggested otherwise. He had seemed genuinely worried, lost in his own memories of the night before. My gut was telling me his motives were pure even if they weren't transparent. Blake on the other hand, he was a pickle. Blake just hated loosing. Hated the idea he couldn't charm his way out of or into a situation. Crossing into my bedroom, I slithered into a fresh pair of underwear, some comfy yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt. And then I took a look at myself in the mirror, sighed removed the shirt and declared to the reflection that a bra was needed. Then scolded myself for my lack of enthusiasm. Whatever Rudolph was wanting over dinner, seduction wasn't part of it.  I barely got my apartment door locked when Rudolph had popped his torso out the door of his own place as quick as a rabbit; the click of his own door echoing in the too empty hallway. I jumped dropping my keys.

"Finally all my furniture has arrived."

Letting out a short sigh, I closed my eyes telling myself it was exactly what I knew it was. Not a date. He was excited for a housewarming party and there were most likely already people from the newspaper waiting. It had been a week since he'd moved in and by now with his looks I was more than sure he'd enchanted half his co-workers. I crossed the threshold to an empty apartment. Crickets empty. There were no other guests, no friendly drunk co-workers or anything of the party sort. His apartment mirrored mine in the lay out, as well as the fact he brought his case files home. Boxes of them. The only difference here was his version of the crime board was front and center in the living room taking up half the wall over his desk.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your up story.  He's up to something...)

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feb 24th Night Bleeds Bookclub

This month's selection was the 1989 novel The Dark Half by Stephen King.

plot: Thad Beaumont is a successful writer, only most of his fans had no idea who he was as he wrote under the name George Stark. That is until he decides to do a tell all in a national magazine. Before long, Beaumont finds himself not just the center of attention but the center of a series of brutal murders. The local police attempt to arrest him after the first death occurs, but find he was nowhere near the actual crime scene when it happened. Before long, it's revealed that someone believing themselves to be the alter ego Stark, is in fact committing the murders and framing Beaumont. While this is happening, Beaumont starts to experience headaches and black outs that he had thought were long buried in his past. As the local police begin to investigate, the sheriff uncovers more that a few linking factors to Beaumont's current situation and his past. The key elements being a strange swarm of sparrows that only seem to have appeared in Beaumont's life at the time of his brain surgery. The sheriff has to then disregard his own belief system if he's to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Stark.

I have to admit, I'm not too sure where to start with this one given there have been actual classes taught on the themes and subject matter in every inch of King's works.

The topic of twins comes up -pardon the pun- more than once. We have the characters of Beaumont and Stark having been twins who come from a long family that's had twins in multiple generations. Beaumont admits that his wife had miscarried twins at the start of their marriage before finally having a second set of twin children.
The idea of an alter ego is brought up commenting on the Jekyll and Hyde aspect nearly all writers carry in them in order to work. As well as the comparison to Frankenstein; with a mention of the fact if the Stark character can't create he will uncreate, much like the comments made in the novel Frankenstein.
The Stark character because it is a "twin", is a Doppelganger. He calls himself a vampire more than once, reveling in the idea that his capacity to take "life" in order to create it in story form makes him a psychic vampire. This lends itself to the deep rooted psychic link the two "writers" have. This also leads him to being the best version of a Tulpa you can come up with. A thoughtform believed in so strongly it manifests in the physical.
The character of Beaumont at one point calls Stark a ghost, leading to the fact he's not suppose to be a physical reality. I find it interesting that the character of Stark only manifests in the beginning as a result of grief and addiction.
And then of course we have the addiction theme running strong here. Like any vampire in mythology, Stark is addicted to his violent nature and Beaumont is addicted to the freedom Stark allows him to have. Stark is the freedom of desire that Beaumont would otherwise be denied. He's the permission slip of bad behaviour.

The addiction leads to the doubt of sanity in what clearly is a fractured reality. The imagery of windows and mirrors are used when the character of Stark's existence is threatened, like when he's examining himself while layering make-up to hide his flaws, or when the two are finally sitting side by side in the windowless room with the mirrored door.

The bulk of the story takes place in a 2 week timeframe, with flashbacks to Beaumont's childhood. I loved the weaknesses that the main character of Beaumont had with his addiction and self doubt. There is a complete scene where he's actually comparing himself to a character in a story, talking about how in a perfectly pictured novel the heroes and villains never need a bathroom break or a moment to rethink their last decision.
One of my favourite elements of this story, is the other professor. The character of  Rawlie DeLesseps, who ends up being the token supernatural expert and I'm assuming based a bit on Hunter S. Thompson. It's the first time we are given an real explanation to what the sparrows might mean.

There is this nearly delicious moment of pure uncertainty near the end of the novel where you start to see the two halves blending into each other, and you're left thinking the Stark side is about to come out on top. You soon realize that as the character of Stark relaxes into his personal victory, the character of Beaumont has sacrificed his own version of reality in order to end the addiction. He gives up so much in order to just hang on to what he's currently got.

Okay, and I think I'll end it here. I will be back later in the week with the official announcement for next month's book selection.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Night Bleeds 2019 book 2

Spudguns!, it's that time again. The selection for this month is The Dark Half by Stephen King.

Rules- Read the book (watching the movie version as well is optional) and if inspired to cook/bake/craft something add that.  You must have a blog to participate. The blog post must be current (in this case Feb 2019)

Datedue- Last Sunday of month. Which for this month is Sunday Feb 24th 2019.

If you do join in, please link it to either this post, the Night Bleeds page or on the day of, the actual post. And leave me a comment with the link so I know and can do a round up later on.

And as always, if you're in the Thunder Bay area and would like to take part in the physical book club, let me know.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Night Bleeds Jan 2019

Book selection was the  Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. There is no movie version at the time of this post.


Plot: Jet her sister Franny, their brother Vincent and cousin April are members of the Owens family. In the early half of 1960 Franny is invited to stay the summer with their aunt Isabelle for Franny's seventeenth birthday. This causes the already strained relationship between the kids and their parents to become an actual rift. The three siblings, Franny, Jet and Vincent happily go to Massachusetts to stay at the family house on Magnolia Street.  They quickly learn that the small town seems to fear their aunt Isabelle. They spend a couple of weeks getting to know the area, learning about their family's history, when their cousin April arrives out of nowhere. Already having spent the summer before there herself, April feels entitled to the house more than Franny and Jet feel she should.  Jet quickly meets Levi, one of the locals and falls deeply in love, while Franny is hung up on her best friend Haylin who is back home. Before long, Vincent is spending his nights between the local bars and at the aunt's next door neighbour's. The next door neighbour who just happens to be a middle aged woman. While all of them know about the family's connection to witchcraft, Franny ever the scientist refuses at first to believe it  until she spends a few evenings working on spells with aunt Isabelle. At the end of the summer, everyone returns home, with Franny getting ready for college. Jet continues to have a semi-secret relationship with Levi, and on the night they had planned to run off together; there is a car accident which kills not just Levi, but their parents as well.  Jet then becomes depressed and rents a hotel room ready to commit suicide. She's saved by a bellboy, and begins a complicated relationship with him. The three siblings learn that cousin April now has a little girl named Regina. When Isabelle dies not too long there after, the Owens family house is left to the three siblings. Franny unable to go to college, breaks up her semi-relationship with Haylin, having to watch as he becomes engaged to someone else. A few years go past, and we learn that Vincent is in a relationship with a man, and intends to break the family curse. He fakes his own death, removing himself from the familyline, and disappears. Franny reunites with Haylin decades later, only to discover he's dying of cancer. The sisters learn that cousin April died from a poisonous spider bite and her now grown daughter Regina, also having died in a fire leaving two granddaughters -Gillian and Sally.  Franny and Jet then take in the two girls.

I have to say right off the bat, I read this in a day and a half. Cried through 90% of it, but I really fell into the story. It ends where pretty much Practical Magic starts, with the aunts taking in the girls.

My one complaint with this is that the timeline doesn't match up. Practical Magic takes place in the mid-1990's with Sally and Gillian in their 30's to 40's, with teenaged kids of their own. This ends in 1998 with the characters of Sally and Gillian roughly 6 years old. That is literally the only negative thing I have to say about this book.

The big theme that seems to reoccur is the idea of being true to yourself and accepting your whole self in order to be happy.  There is literally one scene where aunt Isabelle offers each of the four -Franny, Jet, Vincent and April- a choice of tea. Either the caution tea or the courage tea. It's a form of personality test to see who of them is being true to themselves and who isn't. She uses it to form her final decision on whom she should leave the house to.

The character of cousin April is one of those you find yourself tisking and cheering for at the same time. Possibly, the most realistic with her desperation for acceptance. She's almost the mirror of Vincent.

A lot of the characters in this have trust issues. They can't or won't trust the people they love, or the people they end up needing the most. With the character of Jet, after the death of her true love, she spends years fighting with Levi's father. His trust issues about her family and the Owen's curse keep him from grieving properly, as well as allowing Jet to. It's also the one element that keeps her current lover at arms length.

This is a prequel to Practical Magic, and the bridge for the spin-off  The Probable Future. I'm actually going to end this here, as I can't get any deeper into this novel without giving away every little detail.

If you joined in this month, leave me a comment with a link to your post, and don't forget there's always next month's selection. I'll be back later in the week with the official post for it.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Random movie - Overboard Remake

movie:  Overboard
starring: Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez
genre: Comedy
year: 2018
format: Crave

plot: After getting into a fight on a yacht, a single mother ends up conning a rich man who has amnesia into thinking he's her husband. Over the course of the next month, she gets him to become the house husband she's needed while she advances her own career.

This is a remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell film.

I wasn't overly thrilled with this remake. The original had Hawn's character as the rich person with amnesia, whereas this has a role reversal with Derbez's character in that role. Since the movie has half the cast speaking Spanish, unless you speak it, be prepared to read subtitles for more than half the film.  I like subtitled films, but I like to know ahead of time that's what I'm getting into.

What the remake did well, was the role reversal. Here, you've got a widowed single mother, who is feeling pressure from all sides. She ends up being hired for a job by someone who dismisses her before she's had a chance to even do her job, then refuses to acknowledge the fact she isn't being allowed to actually do her job. He treats her like she isn't important enough to have common dignity, then he himself ends up in her position. Everything that happens to him from the point of their argument onward, is because of his own ego in the beginning.
He throws her overboard from his yacht, then he himself falls overboard. While he's in hospital, his own family refuse to acknowledge him, getting revenge for his past behaviour. While the Faris character cons him into believing she's his wife thus getting revenge for how he treated her, she accidentally teaches him humility.

I know this is suppose to be a romantic comedy, but it's more in line with those Hallmark made for tv movies about finding the good in everyone.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 346, chapter 346

Five Hours Ago

The smell of roasted vanilla quickly became sour as the pan began to smoke. The woman in the tight fitting white dress with the oversized cherry pattern screamed as she ran away from the stove. Someone yelled cut into the headset just as Edward closed his eyes in frustration, his shoulders a knot of regret. "It's not that difficult people. Just butter and a few herbs." his words were spoken through clinched teeth as he pinched the bride of his nose. Opening his blue eyes, he cracked his neck slightly as he squinted to see the image before him. The actress they'd hired for the cooking show had disappeared, as had the kitchen set and the studio. In it's place Edward was staring into the depths of a black hole that quickly birthed blobs of green light. He hadn't had a vision in years. Stumbling a half step backwards he pressed the heel of his hand into his eyes telling his assistant that he had a migraine as he left the studio. Before he'd even gotten out of the building, he'd had two more visions at a rapid speed. All had one thing in common, the fact Nosferatu was in each. If he was going to stop any of what he'd just witnessed, he didn't have time to research the outcomes, or even book a flight for that matter. Edward had no choice but to take the risk and trust one of the three variations of the visions. He continued on out of the parking lot, dismissing his car, his pace as quick as his body would allow till he crossed from the cemented back lot of the studio reaching the thin line of trees that marked the edge of the city. Finding himself now on the small bike trail used by the local joggers in summer time, and a few random moose lost in winter, Edward gestured widely as he chanted a nearly forgotten spell. A small portal opened up in front of him as he stepped through finding himself on the other side of a large mirror.

About eight minutes ago...

The Seer leaned over reaching for the canvas bag Seward was holding, his right leg up in the air like he was skating, his cheek brushing against our heroine's boobs, his left hand resting on her hip as he balanced himself.

"Total accident right?" our heroine said with a sigh.

"Totally." The Seer replied straightening up, the smirk on his lips seductive by nature and not on purpose. Our heroine noticed how Finn's temperature rose a half notch as he stood just a little too still.

"Oh my god!" Nosferatu gave a slight smirk of her own. "That's why you weren't shocked by my biting you. He's your boyfriend!" she pointed then from Finn to the Seer.

"It's a snacking thing not a shacking thing." the Seer commented as he ran his fingertips over the canvas bag, the aura from it giving off a heat that seemed to pulsate in a sea foam green; not daring to actually touch the spellbook itself. "Speaking of former shackables, you need to leave before Quincey sees you which will be in about..." he screwed up his nose closing his eyes. "30 seconds." he tried once again to guide the female to the portal but she refused to move.

"You saw him?"

"More like seeing. Not a vision...well okay, I had this vision." he pointed to the floor. "Which is why I showed up here but he's on his way over. Like right ...too late." the Seer let his shoulders slump in defeat as our heroine turned to see a man she hadn't thought of in years. A man she didn't recognize because he had aged 25 years. "Geez babe. No wonder you keep falling for werewolves. That was one of your human boyfriends huh? He's like a yeti with all that..." he gestured then to his face to indicate a beard. " Like an orangutan and the abominable snowman had a baby."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Yes, the ex-yeti is real.)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Random movie - Get Out

movie: Get Out
starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener
genre: Thriller, Drama,
year: 2017
format: Crave

plot: After dating for a few months, Chris agrees to meet his girlfriend Rose's parents. He finds it a bit nerve racking given her entire neighbourhood is white, and he's not. They arrive just as her parents are having their annual BBQ, and Chris feels less comfortable with each passing moment, that is until he sees another young black adult. When their conversation becomes extremely awkward, Chris begins to suspect something isn't right in the neighbourhood and relays his fears to his best friend over the phone. While trying to quit smoking, he allows his girlfriend's mother to hypnotize him. This only adds to his already growing paranoia. As the weekend is about to end and Chris prepares to return home, he finds himself the victim of a kidnapping by Rose's family members and quickly learns he's not the only one. In fact, the entire neighbourhood is not just in on it, but have been doing it for the last few years. Stealing the identities of the young people Rose has been baiting in.

I know this is an award winning film, but I've got to admit, I didn't really care for it. No, let me rephrase that, I loved it the first time around when it was the Skeleton Key.  This film is just a remake of the Skeleton Key but with science instead of Hoodoo and just enough of the Stepford Wives thrown in for good measure.

It's a social statement to what's happening in society sadly, but as a movie, it's just not original. Given the topic, it should have you as the viewer, feeling queasy with a slight touch of claustrophobia; but it just falls a little short. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Coffee talk Jan 12th 2019

Spudguns!, it's a moderately cold and snow covered day where I am, hope your outdoors is treating you nicer where you are. Spiffy good.  I just wanted to run in for a moment and blabble.

The last two and a half months, I've basically done nothing but binge watch Crave and play video games on facebook.  I can say 100% that I liked half of what I watched. I'm still iffy on one show. I sat through the entire series of True Blood, and I still don't know if it was any good?  When it first came on tv, I saw the first couple of episodes, and just couldn't get past the third episode. I thought it was terrible. I really didn't care for the two leads, and I've never been a fan of anything that has to do with the US civil war. So that whole underlining story plot just turned me off. But, after a decade of people making references to things and me going "I don't know who that is." or "Where's that from now?" and them looking at me like I'd grown another  limb telling me it was from True Blood; and me shrugging cause I'd never watched it;  I thought why not? It was all there, all 7 seasons and 80 episodes on Crave. So I sat down and watched it. I have to say, I spent the first two seasons rolling my eyes asking myself out loud why was I still watching it?  It got slightly better around the end of season three. But, I still don't know if I totally liked it?

Dexter, on the other hand, I was consumed by. When I read the synopsis for the show saying it was about a serial killer, I had all sorts of negative remarks. Mostly, "why would anyone want to glorify that?" Then I found myself thinking, if it were a story about a vampire or a werewolf, that would be okay from a moral stand point. So, I dove in and was hooked. If it had been a story about a vampire or werewolf, it honestly wouldn't have been as interesting.

I find it ironic, that both these shows were based on book series.

Changing the channel for a second here, and I want to mention the show Charmed. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that I'm a big fan of the original show. So when I found out there was going to be a remake-spinoff, I was excited. I actually get Charmed on 'W' here in Canada. Hard to think that in just a decade, television and society in general has changed so much, that the way the topics are handled is so different. That's great for society in general, having become more open. As much as the original show's Book of Shadows, was a main character all it's own, I'm loving the fact the new BoS is designed to be more like a real one. I didn't think I was going to, but I do. Where as the original show was based on Wicca, this one is based more on Santeria. As far as some of  the topics/themes go, that was one of the -pardon the puns- charms of the original show that isn't needed for the spinoff. With society being more open, some of the hidden metaphors are not needing to be hidden. Such as the pilot episode of the original Charmed having the character of the warlock being the abusive boyfriend/serial killer. The fantastical situations and characters that were metaphors in the original can mostly now be openly talked about.

And I've been binge watching movies the last week too on Crave. I may or may not get around to doing reviews for them all, but I have to admit, it's been nice to just watch movies again without having to think about it. When you do reviews for any length of time, you stop seeing the movie and just the points or flaws. It's been nice to just empty my brains a bit and just watch stuff for the sake of the tv being there.

Okay, I'll be back later in the week with one of the serials.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cinema Files s1 p15

Cinema Files
page 15, chapter 15

Rancid Romance

Vincent was standing in the doorway of the cafe when we pulled up to the mini mall. He was once again wearing dark jeans that were like a second skin, the silver plated belt buckle in the shape of a 'V', and a grey long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows. His skin ripe olives, his deep brown eyes sparkling as he smirked at us. His short dark hair seemed to be just a touch greyer. Closing the door to the cafe, Vincent brought the tray of coffees as he followed us into the video store. "It's about time."

"What was that?" Detective Ryan Whitechapel asked a half step behind him.

"Nothing. Minding my own business." Vincent replied handing him one of the coffees in the same movement that he grabbed me by the waist leading me into the far left corner of the store, into the far far little room that had the dramas and the crime dvds. "So?" he was still smirking.

"So back." I reached for one of the coffee cups but Vincent pulled the tray out of my reach.

"No no no. No treat till you tell me how his tricks were?"

"You're worse than a teenaged girl."

"Possibly." he tilted his head to the side. "As happy as I am to see you with him... look at you  you're just careful. You've been alone too long and the last thing you need right now is to fall in love. It's called rebounding for a reason."

"Mons. Girl, I see the cops are here. You getting arrested there?" Blake's voice was loud as he shouted over the sound of the small bell, announcing his arrival. He giggled at the idea or out of nervousness, hard to say as he closed the door behind him. "Where are ya?" he unzipped his jacket tossing it onto the counter before noticing Ryan was standing a few feet behind him in the doorway to the room on the far right. Ryan had been wandering through the musicals and kids section. "What's he doin' here? His name was not in the email thing rights." Blake commented then as he leaned his elbows behind himself on the counter, staring down Detective Whitechapel. "I gots the text rights here. His name is not on the invitation. See, it's got Vincent right, your wee little puppet man, then it's got that Rudolph character that may or may not be the murder; which I'm leaning towards may. But I still have to prove it. And then there's me. My name. Where on here does it say Detective Whitechapel? Where does it say his name? If he's not parts of tha' group text, it must mean he's just not parts of the group. Mons. How did he know if he didn't get the text? Didn't get the call on the bat phone?"

"Wow you are so jealous." Vincent said walking up to the edge of the counter handing Blake one of the coffees.

"Me? Why would I be jealous? Jealous of him?" he gestured towards Ryan. "What with his perfect hair and sparkly eyes?" Blake then ran his hand through his own short hair feeling a slight bit insecure. "I got nothin' to be jealous for. Can we just get on with this now?"  his voice became pinched. "What no danish for this coffee?" his attention was then taken by the door jingling once again, as Rudolph walked in. "Good now the gangs t'all present and account'ed for. Let's get this over wit'." Blake nodded slurping the contents of his cup noisily. "S'uppose tis' is all about the case she's been working on. With us. Behind your back." Blake gestured once again to himself then Ryan.

"I'm late by the looks of it." Rudolph remarked as he crossed the length of the shop to lean on the edge of the counter. "You didn't come home last night." he spoke softly to me as I walked back into the main part of the store, having finally gotten a coffee from Vincent. Rudolph's beautiful grey eyes looking up at me from under his lashes, as he licked his lips both arms crossed on the counter top, staring at me for a long pause.

"This is all off the record." Whitechapel said suddenly crossing to close the gap between himself and Rudolph. "I will arrest you for interfering with an investigation if any of what we talk about today ends up in the paper."    Rudolph sighed nodding towards him.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your (straight up story. Yes, I know I'm over a week late once again.)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Jan 2nd 2019

Spudguns!, we all made it to 2019.

This would be the official announcement for Night Bleeds for this month.  The book selection is Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman.  Due on the last Sunday of the month which in this case is the 27th of January.

So, to join in, you need to have a blog. Read the book, blog about your thoughts, and if by chance you are inspired to cook or bake or craft (paint, journal, plant a garden etc) because of it, let me. If enough people join in, I'll have a Round-Up a day or two later.

The blog post must be current - in this case January 2019- and must link back to either this post, the general Night Bleeds page, or on the day, my own post.

And as usual, if you are in the Thunder Bay area, and would like to join in on the physical book club let me know.

Happy reading.