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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 309, chapter 309

Out of Time...

Edric slammed his fist into the brick wall as he stomped around the outside of the warehouse. A snarl escaped his throat as he thought about what the mirror guy said. Nodding to the now broken bricks, he ran back across town to the Van Helsing house.  It seemed his refuge was become his weakest link.

"Hey dude, you're just in time for..." Seward commented as he locked the car door holding up the bag of take-away. It went flying onto the lawn as Edric grabbed his friend slamming him face first into the hood of the car.

"I just saw some guy in my bathroom mirror telling me Nosferatu, my sire, the female I claimed; would be giving birth to a Van Helsing! Shacking explain to me how would that be possible?" he rubbed Seward's face harder into the hood of the car.

"Good news! Good news!" the dark haired human said.

"How is that good news? The only way someone else can claim her is if I die." the sandy-blonde hybrid screamed.

"It means we get her back! We get her back..." Seward was starting to run out of breath. Edric let go snorting, as he took a large pace, circling back around to glare at his young friend. Edric picked up the bag of food, moving as slow as possible to make sure Seward saw the gesture. He could tell by the weight of it that it was still okay, nothing had fallen out, or it seemed spilled. Carefully the older male placed it on the hood of the car. "Tell me what happened. Exactly?"  Seward said rubbing his hand then at his throat. Edric filled him in on the situation, his blue eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf as he seemed to get angry again.  "Okay, what do we know about it? We know..."

"That I die is what we know! I end up dead and someone..." the hybrid began screaming again.

"...we know that in order for her to give birth, that means she will get her soul back. And if it's someone claiming to be in my family, then we get her back." Seward said his hands up trying to calm the hybrid down. "And one of us get turned." Seward swallowed hard, his eyes darting back and forth quickly.

"If you think I'm going to sit back and allow you or Ruthven to take my place you've got another thing coming!" Edric was pointing at Seward, his nails having become glass like and at lest two centimeters. Seward swallowed again trying not to blink as the nail on Edric's forefinger was getting just a bit too close to his face.

"What if it's not? One of us I mean?" Seward inched away from him grabbing the bag of food slowly moving towards the house. "You did say the guy said he isn't born for like over seventy years still. So what if it's not us? What if it's our grand kids or something who ends up..."

"You're over looking the me being dead part!" Edric said following the human into the house and straight to the kitchen. The sandy-blonde hybrid brought his left hand up to his skull, in the gesture of a gun, his eyes wide having gone back to their human blue. "Trust me, I really don't have any suicidal tendencies."

"Are you sure right now? Cause that's a really impactful gesture." Seward replied dropping the food on the table picking up a stack of napkins. "Really, a cartoon character?" he said waving the children's birthday napkins at the nearly empty kitchen.

"They were on sale." Ruthven shrugged as he walked into the room. "So, if I heard you right just now, you saw something..."

"Someone! I saw someone." Edric corrected him growling.

"Someone, who may or may not be Nosferatu's kid, and may or may not be related to us down the road. And may or may not be lying to you? Don't we have a coven we're suppose to be crapping our pants over? Huh? Isn't there a couple of uber powerful male witches out there that both just happen to be Nosferatu's exes who might want to screw with your head because you're her guy right now?"  Ruthven ran his hand over his beard, wiping the corners of his mouth before picking up the files on the table, waving them for dramatic effect, then dropping them in front of Edric. "You had me watch weeks of that soap opera cause Quentin had a hunch about The Seer leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in it." he pointed to the table before turning back towards the kitchen door. "I am pretty sure Hansel and Gretel were punished because in their selfishness, they didn't see the forest for the trees."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Edric growled again.

"You're not the only one who's affected here." he doubled back to the kitchen table grabbing the small glass of rum, the ice clanking as he did. "I forgot my drink." he mumbled as he then left the kitchen.  Edric stood there blinking shaking his head in a double take.

"What just happened here?" he asked hooking his thumb towards the doorway.

"He misses her too you know." Seward replied shrugging as he removed five plates from the cupboard. "They'd become friends."

"Friends? He thinks they became friends." Edric crossed his arms in defiance. "He just got suckered into her spell is all. Friends my arse." his eyes became hard slits as he shook his head, the sandy-blonde hair falling over his one eye, forcing him to fix the limp mohawk. "Banshee half god." Edric snorted in disgust.

"Edric. Go home. Go home get some sleep grab a few iv bags, go for a run. I don't know." Seward said closing his eyes emotionally exhausted. 

"Wait. Are you kicking me out?"

"Yeah." he nodded making a clicking noise with his tongue. "I am. In fact what time is it?" he looked at the little clock on his cell phone. "For the next four hours. Edric I'm uninviting you from this house."  he pointed towards the backdoor.  Edric snarled his hands in fists at his side, rocking up on his toes. Opening his mouth he tried to speak but found he couldn't. It was as if his throat was closing in on him. The air trapping in his lungs as if he were holding his breath underwater, his neck and face turning red. But he couldn't move. The hybrid was stuck in place as if part of the floor. Burn marks began to form on the edge of his collar, small blisters appearing over his skin as his nose began to bleed.  "I undo it! I unto it! You're invited to my house! I invite you in, and give you free reign of the place!"   A howl of pure pain escaped Edric's lips finally as he grabbed his skull in both hands falling to his knees. The magick mist seemed to burn off him in one giant puff of smoke, leaving the male naked for a few seconds, a heavy layer of sweat across him where the blisters were already beginning to heal.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. The X-Division might just save wrestling again.)

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Random movie April 19th 2017

Spudguns!  It's National Film Day here in Canada, -beauty Eh? - and I decided to dig through the vaults and offer for you one of my favourite Canadian films.  Strange Brew.   But since I'm lazy cause I had too many donuts Eh?; I am not going to write about it, I'm just going to pop the top on this and give you my video review.  Beauty.

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Coffee Talk April 16th 2017

Spudguns! How's your night going?  Well it's night where I am right now.  Anyways, I thought I'd slip in for a moment, because...I didn't have a reason to be honest. Just sitting here having a coffee, watching the weather being craziness. We've gone from +22C to -3C with snow in the last 24hours.

Don't forget, Night Bleeds is this month. Sunday the 30th, and we're covering the book Vampire Lestat and the movie Queen of the Damned

And if you're outside of Canada, you might not be aware that April the 19th is National Film Day.  So do yourself a favour and check out some Canadian movies on the 19th.  If you go to the official website  you'll be able to get a list of some great movies to inspire you. 

That's about it my little moose droppings, I'll be back later in the week.

and now, coffee

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 308, chapter 308

Out of Time...

"That's what that blast was. No, that blast didn't come from there it came from my photo thing." Landin was mumbling out loud to himself as he continued to shuffle papers around on the edge of the bed. They still had him hooked up to an iv bag, which was nearly drained, causing the bleached blonde to have to be careful how he moved. "There is so much anger with this guy, so much regret." he continued as he held up a page that seemed to have been overrun by a spilled liquid. Sniffing the page, Landin felt certain enough it was safe to taste as his tongue darted out over it. "No that's ink." he nodded to himself.

"Who you talking to?" Edric asked as he appeared out of nowhere to hover in the doorway.

"Myself." the human replied not bothering to look at him. "Not allowed. I've had my fill of your lot. So you just stay right where you are on the outside of the hallway. Whatever healing my body has done, I really don't want it re-torn by you. Any of you."

"Memo received and read." Edric answered feeling slighted. "Not that any of this matters anyways." he continued on back out of the house, heading quickly down the street. The sandy-blonde hybrid had thought that being supernatural would mean he finally was part of something. But, it was turning out not to be the case. More and more he was really feeling the weight of being alone. These people whom he was forced to be around, were the only friends he had left. The only family he had ever really had. And it felt like they were purposely shutting him out inch by inch.  Edric continued walking until he found himself back at Quentin's warehouse. Another place that just reminded him how empty things had gotten.

Flopping down on his bed, Edric reached for the half empty bottle of water that our heroine had left by the bedside. The last time he'd seen her when Bacchus had kidnapped her. He was all out of anger. Self pity had moved into him, into every fiber of his being as he lay there on his stomach, tilting the bottle one way then the other. If he was suppose to be the all powerful creature everyone kept saying he was, then why couldn't he figure out how to get his sire back? There had to be a way to find her?

"There is a way."  the voice said from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Edric was standing, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his nails claw like talons. Sniffing he smelled nothing to indicate anyone had sneaked in. He was alone in the vastness of the warehouse. "Over here boy."  The voice said from the direction of the bathroom. Crossing the length of the building in a blur, Edric stared into the mirror.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Someone who wants the same thing you do. To get Nosferatu back. She's important to me."  the dark haired male said from the other side of the mirror.

"How important?"

"Important enough." the reflection smirked showing off two very sharp teeth that seemed to be just a little too glass like.

"Why? Why is she important to you?" the sandy-blonde hybrid asked as he stood his feet planted firmly, his torso turned a half centimeter towards the mirror.

"Let's just say, I will cease to exist without her. I'm Iosef. Nosferatu's my mother."

"Na na na na!" Edric let his shoulders droop as he let out a sigh. Bringing his right hand up to the mirror in a wait a second gesture he turned fully towards it. "She already had two sons, Damen and William. I've been told all about them already and how she can't have any more because of the Frankenstein family curse of only two kids a generation. She's had them, and since both her and Dagan are immortal..." he shrugged "there is no way another round of kids can be born." he moved his hands as if brushing dust off them.

"But I'm not a Frankenstein. And I won't be born for another 75 years. Give or take a decade. Mirrors, some believe they were created to be portals originally. It's why I can see you in the past where you are, and you can see me where I am. "

"How can you possibly be Nosferatu's son if you're saying your not a Frankenstein? She is a Frankenstein, through and through. By marriage, by blood, by the whole death regeneration thing."  Edric commented suddenly feeling a slick sickness in the back of his throat.  Iosef's eyes flashed then from their human hazel to the amber-grey of the wolf before becoming the pure white of the banshee.

"I'm a Van Helsing."

 Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Oh yeah, we're going there.)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 307, chapter 307

Out of Time...

Bacchus stormed into the area where he was holding our heroine captive. Rolling his shoulder, a basketball sized energy burst echoed out slamming into the female sending her flying into the wall. "I will not play this game with you!" his voice was nearly a growl as he advanced towards the cage. "I don't have time to repeatedly heal  my warriors!"

Our heroine smiled, spitting the finger across the room before wiping her hand over her mouth, smearing the still fresh blood. "Then tell them to stop coming near me and I won't need to defend myself."

"Defend yourself?" the god was still holding on to the Australian accent. "Those bacchae are your sisters! You're to lead them..."

"My sisters? I have no interest in being anyone's sister. Nor do I want to lead them towards anything." she began stalking across the length of the cage. "All I want to do, is go to Transylvania, build a hotel, hang with my monsterous little pack of misfits, and shack some hot guy for the rest of my existence. Now that might not sound like a plan to you, but I think it's swell." our heroine turned a half step, the trenchcoat flaring out like a skirt as she did. "Instead, you and Loki swooped down all those years ago, telling me Elvis talked to you and you were seeing spots. And next thing I know, I'm not just doing my best Buffy impression but I'm handed over like a deed to a chunk of land every time a new king wears the crown."

The sandy haired god smirked as he took another step towards her. "And what do you think your current king did before he met you?" his blue eyes became cold slits as he eyed her up and down. "No wonder Loki fell in love with you. You're both so dreamy eyed believing the world can be better than it is. One reality after another and all you've got to show for it is the fact you can't let go of your heartstrings. Neither of you." Bacchus turned snapping his fingers as he did, the lights going out as he left the room.

Ten Years Ago...

Edric zipped up his jeans as quickly and quietly as possible. Looking over his shoulder at the still sleeping female he picked up his shoes and shirt tiptoeing across the room. The hotel room door clicked shut causing him to grind his teeth together in a silent prayer. He didn't let out the breath he'd been holding till he was in the elevator moving. Tossing his head back against the wall he ran his hands over his face, getting dressed. The elevator doors opened revealing the lobby of the hotel, the sunlight as deafening as the noise of the customers. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Edric walked as fast as possible down the hallway towards the staff entrance.

"You're late." his buddy's voice said as he slammed his locker door already dressed for work. "Please tell me you at lest had time to shower." 

"Not just yet. Can you cover for me for another ten minutes?" he asked grabbing his own uniform.

"Only if I can have table five all night." his coworker nodded towards the staff door.

"Yeah fine." Edric sighed rubbing his temple, eyes closed. "I appreciate it man. Means I don't have to face her today." 

"Couldn't be that bad?" his buddy said moving towards the exit, his usual deck of playing cards in hand. "Two bottles in and she's tipping more than we make in a week."  he started flipping cards like a fan.

"I just want tonight to myself is all." he said not bothering to look at his friend.

"Right, forgot, happy birthday man. Twenty-five man, damn. It's truly all down hill from here." his buddy laughed as he finally left the staff locker room, entering the main area of the casino.   Edric waited till he heard the door close, before digging into his pocket. Counting the money, he grabbed the little key he had tucked away in the pocket of his jacket and opened the metal storage box.

"Five hundred. Thanks you Mrs. Jones, for your contribution." 

30 seconds ago...

The sandy-blonde hybrid stared at the small calendar that was sitting on the dresser in the grandfather's room. Edric had been standing there for nearly half an hour in the doorway of the bedroom when Seward found him.

"About what happened outside..." the dark haired human began.

"Don't worry about it. It's a tense situation. You have any idea if werewolves get older?"

"Why? I can ask Vlad he might know..." Seward replied about to turn on his heels again to find the vampire. Edric reached out his left hand stopping him.

"Half way rhetorical question." his voice was pinched. "Dude, I think...I think I'm thirty-five today. I mean, yeah but..."

"Um, technically you were turned when you were thirty-four so..." Seward answered smiling.

"That's just it. The banshee side is frozen at thirty-four but the lycanthrope side is still aging I think...I think I'm thirty-five."

"Do you want to be thirty five?"

"Honestly, never thought I'd live to see the question answered." Edric's voice dropped to a whisper. "It's a little odd to even think about."

"Edric, you're immortal now. Thirty-five, or three hundred and thirty-five. You're good to go." Seward said with a slight hint of sadness to his tone. "Oh chocolate or vanilla?"


"For the cake. There is no way I'm letting you tell me it's your birthday without getting you a cake. I mean, dude, specially given we're up against evil covens and angry gods and who knows what else. Seems like the best time to celebrate something. Even for a moment, and even if it's just a slice of cake."

"You're so weird. I'm surprised Nosferatu never turned you?" Edric said shaking his head eyes closed.

"I asked but she told me to come back when I was well...your age."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Hang on I plan on screwing up the timeline even more.)

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What that Movie Inspired me to Do (iZombie)

Spudguns! It's time for another recipe. And this round, is iZombie based. This came out of a conversation with my friend Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen. She does a zombie themed recipe every so often, and since I had fun doing one last couple of months, decided to go ahead and do one myself.

If you haven't seen the show, in the first season, the food scenes were kept fairly basic for the first few episodes. We see Liv eating a lot of foods that would normally have hamburger in it as well as stir fry. But, season two things begin to get more creative.
I have to admit, Blaine is my favourite character, and I had a few ideas to do a recipe based on the fact he has a butcher shop/deli in season one, but my grocery store didn't have any veggie meat -substitute in stock. So, instead I drew my inspiration from two different episodes where we see Liv eating eggs and hand held foods.
In season One episode 2, we see her eating a taco, and in season Two episode 5, we see her having an omelette. 

I decided to make my Breakfast Brain Scramble.


2 taco shells
1/2 Tablespoon of taco mix
1/2 cup cauliflower
2 eggs
extras of your choice

This is another so simple it hurts recipes.  I used frozen cauliflower that I blanched and let cool. I DID NOT drain it, just let it cool enough to chop up and put into a small baggie with the 1/2 Tablespoon of taco mix.  This I then mixed like a "shake and bake".
The reason I did not drain was so that the seasoning mix would stick.

I then followed the instructions for the tortilla shells, filling them with some of the cauliflower "brains",

Then scrambled the eggs as normal, adding some slices of onion and cheese. Adding this to the "brains", 

I have to admit, I find myself using cauliflower in almost everything lately. From soups/stews, with potatoes or in place of potatoes (put some in your mashed potatoes, it's my new favourite addiction) in pizza dough etc.

If you want to get a little more "colour" on your "brains" you could add a small splash of beet juice when blanching them. I sadly, was out of beets therefore out of beet juice. Or cook them with a small bit of purple/red cabbage.

Of course, because this is an iZombie, you can always load up on the hot sauce. I chose not to go too heavy with the hot sauce, as the taco mix was already fairly spicy.

That's it for this offering. I might try another swing at this down the road with that recipe based on the character Blaine...

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 306, chapter 306

Out of Time...

"Quoyle!"  the guy standing in the backyard said before sniffing. "Come out come out wherever you are."

"Who's Quoyle?" Ruthven asked.  Edric let out a deep sigh dropping his chin to his chest, rubbing his left hand over the back of his neck.

"My last name." the sandy-blonde hybrid snorted as he touched his thumb to his lips. "Damn it, this can't be a good sign." he shuffled his feet around the edge of the group as they still continued to peek through the lace curtains. Quickly Edric opened the back door crossing the length of the yard.  He was down on the ground before he had blinked; the sky swirling in semi-darkness and shades of crimson. Edric realized a sharp few seconds later, the crimson was the after effect of his skull cracking on the ground.

"Huh, did he just DDT him?" Seward asked.

"Yeah he did. Do they even still class that move as..." Ruthven stopped mid-sentence as he saw the look of complete awe in his younger cousin's eyes. It left a cold chill down Ruthven's back.  "So who you think he is?"

"I'm not overly sure I want to find out." Arthur mumbled tilting his head to the side the same way a dog does. His movements were becoming more and more uncontrolled as the werewolf became more and more used to his new found nature.

"What do you think he wants?" Seward asked.

"I dont' think I want to find that out either." 

The group watched as the god pulled Edric up by his hair, grunting and smiling at him. "See, we've got a bit of a problem. See, Rolf made a deal with me very very long time ago. He gave me his soul." the god shook Edric like a rag doll still holding him by the limp mohawk. "Only, when I went to collect, Loki had divided Rolf's soul, hiding a piece in Nosferatu. Until she gave birth to that first brat of her's. Then he took a small piece of it. Now, she's dumped all of her soul back into Rolf." Odin sniffed the smile never leaving his face. "and Loki has been bargaining for it back. Only, since she willingly gave it up for you; that's a sacrifice that needs to be honored." he flicked his hair out of his face revealing his missing right eye. "And if I respect anything it's personal sacrifice." he laughed deeply, causing Edric to turn his head, covering his ears. "I can't kill the brat. I won't. But you are Rolf's bloodline. As is the mutt detective in there." he tossed Edric to the ground.

"What does some shapeshifter I've never met have to do with me?"

"Your sire turned you while she still had a soul. A piece of Rolf's soul. It's Rolf's essence that flows through your veins. And since you turned Arthur...well" Odin shrugged too casually. "You're heading into a battle you won't win. I'm just giving you a heads up that your shapeshifting days are running on fumes. Both you and the detective. Live or die, I will collect every remaining piece of Rolf's soul, even if I have to drain every drop of blood from anyone in his bloodline." taking a step back, he seemed to melt into the large maple tree at the edge of the yard and disappeared.

"Dude, that was cool!" Seward said pointing at the window.

"I need a drink. A really large drink." Ruthven said moving around the kitchen opening all the cupboards one after another. "Why is all the rum gone?"

"You drank it last week." Seward replied still focused on the window. The younger male moved then as if jolted by lighting, grabbing his medical kit from the sofa, running outside to where Odin had just been. Moving past Edric quickly, he started grabbing samples of the bark, some of the soil where the god had been standing, even tried to bottle up some of the air between the two spots.  There seemed to be a ripple of warm air flowing at a crooked angle between the two points. Seward knelt below the air flow, punching numbers into his cell phone; promising himself to add them to the map he was making.  Every time someone shimmered into view, there seemed to be a bit more static electricity in the air. Making it harder to breathe in that spot for awhile afterwards. He was sure it could lead to finding away to rescue our heroine.  Walking back into the house, not once did he bother to look up from his calculations.  "Hey, Ruthie, where are your notes on the soap opera?"

"My...oh yeah on the table there." Ruthven said shaking his hand towards the kitchen table like he was trying to get something sticky off. "Quentin really thinks The Seer is out right telling us what's going on?"

"Yeah." Seward grunted.

"But why? I mean, if he's trying to take over the world and Nosferatu was his only real thing blocking him...not that she really seemed to be very effective at that...why would he want to help us get her back from wherever it is Bacchus is holding her, in order to help her stop him...The Seer I mean?"

"Maybe he needs her for something?" Seward said shrugging before slamming into the edge of the door frame. "Hey!" he brushed himself off to see Edric had reentered the house.

"Oh I didn't even touch you much. Thanks for nothing back there. When you grabbed the kit, thought you were coming to see if I was okay, but no, you ran straight for the science." the sandy-blonde hybrid said pointing towards the backyard. He was physically fine, his ego on the other hand was still stinging. Seward hit a button on his cell phone, a sound effect playing as he moved the little machine across Edric's shoulders and face.

"My Star Trek ring tone says you're fine."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What about Odin?)

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Random movie March 31st 2017

Spudguns! I got to the cinema and saw The Goon 2-Last of the Enforcers.  A not so little Canadian film.

movie: Goon 2 the Last of the Enforcers
starring: Jay Baruchel, Seann William Scott
genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports,
year: 2017
format: Cinema

plot: After what looks like a career ending injury, hockey player Doug the Thug, finds himself questioning his current state of unhappiness. After watching his hero in a local fighting competition, he decides to come out of  retirement by learning to be a left handed player instead of a right. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife is feeling more and more ignored unaware Doug's going through this mid-career crisis.

Okay, let me add that the star power in this with Kim Coates (Skinwalkers, Innocent Blood, Red Blooded American Girl, The Club) and  Callum Keith Rennie (Hardcore Logo, Blade 3 Trinity, Due South, Twitch City) alone is worth seeing.

The first film in this series, was very gruesome in the fact it was jam packed front to back with fights. This was not. And I appreciated that fact. There was a big fight scene at the end of the film, that actually had me cringe in my seat. Not because of it's gore factor, but because of some of the points of view on the shots. As someone who's had too many broken bones, I tend to find a scene with broken noses and such; hit too close to pun intended.

This film focuses on the "what do I do now?" aspect of this guy's career. Not just the career of the lead character, but how it sort of ripples out to those around him. As we see him get injured and how his team deals with his replacement, and how it in turn creates opportunities for one of his heroes.

Because this is still in cinemas - I don't know if it only got a Canadian release or not- I'm not going to go too deep into things, because I want to keep away  from any real spoilers.   But I have to say, the arsejacking scenes, had me laughing for awhile. And there are a few penis jokes that are done, but so seemlessly, they don't really knock you out of the moment. The raunch levels are acceptable. Some of the gags could have easily over stepped, but they manage to feel natural.

You do get the feeling that this is wrapping up the lead character's story.  There is possibility for a third installment, with the story focusing on either the character of  LaFlamme or the best friend Patrick. The first movie had introduced the character of LaFlamme having a complicated past, and the best friend Patrick having a career as a hockey journalist.  I can totally see a third film dealing with either of those elements.

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Coffee talk March 29th 2017

Spudguns! I just ran in for a moment, not even sure why?  Yeah, it's been one of those days today.  Actually, I'm just working on the next installment of The Nosferatu Adventures; and decided to breathe for a moment. I just asked elsewhere on the internet, about the video situation and if for movie reviews on vid; do you guys want me to go full throttle with a costume or anything?  You happy with the current look of my videos? As low tech as they are, do you my Spudguns! care for the over the top Hallowe'en costumed horror hostess idea, or you cruising with the current sitch?  Leave me a comment either here or on my youtube (channel)

Believe it or not, I'm already trying to get organized for October season. For the "13 Days of Hallowe'en 2017". I do believe last year was not as spiffy as it could have been. So, thought I'd try to get something grand planned early.  Let's see how many of the "days" I manage to do justice to? justice for?...

Leave me a comment, letting me know if you've got any movie recommendations. I'm still sort of looking for some new films to view. 

And with break

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 305, chapter 305

Out of Time...

"Why is he naked again?" Edric asked as he walked into the kitchen, the large tray of take-away coffees and box of donuts in hand.

"Again?" Ruthven questioned nodding towards Arthur. "Try still." he replied reaching for one of the coffees. "He insists that's the way you lycanthropes are meant to be. All naked all the time."

"Well, if you want to do that, go to the basement or something. Better yet, go to your shed. I had enough naked wolftime when I first met Dagan." he shivered. "Pants!"

"You realize you sound just like her right?" Vlad said from the top of the stairs at a volume only Edric and Arthur could hear.

"You make that sound like it's a bad thing?"

"Who are you talking to?" Ruthven asked leaning a shoulder closer to the dark haired hybrid. Edric just hooked his thumb over his shoulder towards Vlad as he entered the room. "Okay for the record, could you guys not do that cause it's freaking me out."

"Yeah whatever." Edric mumbled into his coffee.

"Is the book safe?" Seward asked as he bounced into the kitchen grabbing two of the sugared donuts.

"Which one?" Edric asked opening and closing a drawer with his hip.

"The leather one." Seward snorted back a giggle.

"I hate you right now. Yes, the black one is with Quentin, and the brown one..."

"I thought it was green?" Vlad said from his spot in the doorway of the kitchen, his arms crossed.

"It's brown." Edric replied not looking at him.

"I distinctly remember it being green." the older banshee said holding up his left hand. "Nosferatu carried that thing everywhere with her for over a year when we were together."

"Well, your eyes are colour blind bud, because it's brown." the sandy-blonde hybrid retorted as he now turned his torso towards the ex-husband.

"Guys! I hate to break up this little Angel -Spike moment, but can we get on with it? Really? What does it matter what colour the leather on that old thing was? It's not here, it's safe if you did what you were suppose to." Seward blurted out. The normally hyperactiveness of the youngest member of the group was gone. Leaving in it's place a tone that let everyone know it was time to be more than serious. Ruthven raised an eyebrow at his younger cousin half expecting him to start fumbling in his pockets for his glasses, just the same way their grandfather used to; whenever he was angry. "Did you do what Vlad suggested?"

"Yes. I took The Seer's spellbook out to..."  Seward covered Edric's mouth with his hand not letting him finish his sentence. The hybrid was tempted to bite him, but thought better of it given the situation with Arthur.

"Dude, don't say it out loud. We have no idea what kind of powers The Seer has anymore, or any kind of idea with this new threat. What we calling him?"

"Sorcerer. Edmund Gaerwn. The Seer's family can be traced back to him. I read all about it in Nosferatu's book." Vlad remarked, starting to fill them in on the history of The Seer and his doppelganger.

"So, this spellbook, the one The Seer had...the one we just did what we did with. It's only part of a bigger book?" Arthur asked as he left his seat on the floor of the living room, magick misting a pair of long pants that looked more like ballet tights than actual pants. He held his hands nearly two feet apart vertically, then added another foot, so that his one palm was under his nose and the other near his waist. "The one we just got rid of was like a stack of phone books to begin with. You're saying when you add it to the one Quentin has..."

"They are still only parts of it. There are at lest two if not more parts out there somewhere." Vlad added.

"Uh guys, who's that?" Ruthven asked peeking out the kitchen window. Everyone gathered around the little back window, the laced curtain pushed up to expose a man standing in the middle of the backyard. He had raggedly cut off shorts, a leather jacket and a plaid shirt tied around his waist, his hands in his pockets; in an overly casual way. His head tilted to the side allowing his curly hair to fall over one eye. Turning, he smiled towards the group.   A look passed between Edric, Vlad and Arthur. "What?" Ruthven asked getting nervous.

"He has no scent." Edric replied sniffing wildly at the window.

"Which means what?" panic had begun to pinch at Ruthven's throat.

"Either he's a ghost, or...a god." Vlad replied allowing his own voice to drop to a whisper.

"Please be a ghost." the dark haired human said wiping the back of his neck.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Dude, I've been writing this for nearly 5 years, and I'm so not going through the whole story to try to remember what colour I originally made The Seer's grandmother's book's a green-brown mix now)

Friday, March 24, 2017

What that movie Inspired me to do (Shaun of the Dead)

It's that time again, my lovely Spudguns! for another recipe inspired by a movie. And once again, I'm joining Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, for her zombie recipes.  But first the movie...

Movie: Shaun of the Dead
starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost
genre: Comedy,
year: 2004
format: DVD

plot: When a zombie outbreak happens leaving half of London, members of the walking undead, two buddies Shaun and Ed, hatch a plan to save their loved ones - Shaun's mom and girlfriend- and hide out in the safest place they can think of; the bar down the street. Their only problem is getting there safely with a pack of mindless flesh eating zombies in the way.

This is the first movie of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (Hot Fuzz and World's End rounding it out) where each film featured a flavour of the brand's ice cream.

The big theme here is taking responsibility and letting go of the past. We see a scene early on, where the two are fighting off a zombie by throwing their record collection at it and just arguing over which records to use. Which is the lighter side of this. A more serious side of the theme comes about midway in the movie when we see Shaun's parents get bitten and he's got to make the choice of trying to save them (his mother hides her bite for awhile, afraid and nearly ashamed of it not wanting to upset him. Much like a patient who knows they are dying not wanting to tell their child) or help them to end their suffering.
This gets repeated later with the character of Ed; who throughout the film, is the metaphor (and sometimes literal) element everyone says is holding Shaun back from being a grown up.

There is a lot of foreshadowing, with Shaun constantly bumping into people in the first few minutes and saying "next time I see you, you're dead". Which of course is the running joke, as everyone then becomes zombies. This is also shown by how everyone around him for the first few minutes of the film are so bored, you would think their lack of energy had already turned them.

I loved the fact this movie is overly ambitious in pointing out how everyone seems to lack any real ambition. It's the curse of the slacker generation X (sadly my own generation) Everyone just seems to have settled into the idea that they either shouldn't bother trying for anything real, or that they don't really deserve anything more than the bit they do have.
I also love the nods to the zombie franchises such as Evil Dead (he's working in a "mart" just like the character of Ash) and the most unassuming anti-hero becomes the smartest guy in the room. I also dug the fact they sort of predicted the zombie craze by the last scene in the film. Having a "zombie tv culture".

And the BBC geek in me was laughing out loud with the appearance of most the cast members from Black Books and Sherlock showing up in the one scene, when they meet up with the second group of survivors.  Dylan Moran already being one of Shaun's crew as David.

Notes: beer, chips, cookies, butter, fish, bottled water, fruit (there is a fruit stand in one shot) pizza, orange juice, toast, jam, tea, milk, apple snapps (mentioned) canned food and sauces, pickles (both in jars in the store scene and his nicname) pasta, pop, meat pies (mentioned) squab, eggs, spices, bloody mary (mentioned) lemons, ice cream, onions, oatmeal, deer, cake, honey, burgers, sandwiches (mentioned) peanuts

Okay, so I took my inspiration this time from few things. 1- the bar and 2- the line "you got a little red on you".  There is a running joke through the movie where Shaun near the beginning gets ink on his shirt and someone points it out, then as the movie progresses, he gets more and more blood on him. So, I decided to make "You've got some red on you" sauce and "zombie skins".

Ingredients for "skins":

Wonton wrappers,
dried rosemary,

Separate the wrappers, sprinkle salt and rosemary on both sides, place into oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees

Or, deep fry, in which case you would sprinkle salt and rosemary after they've been fried but still hot

Ingredients for sauce:

diced red pepper,
diced onion,
hot sauce,
tomato paste

Mix all together,

So simple it hurts right...well if you'd like to see me expand on this review by about 10minutes and watch me making a fool out of myself while I fight with the wonton wrappers, then you can click the two videos below.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 304, chapter 304

Out of Time...

Landin was staring into the coolness of his towel as he continued to dry his hair. The feel of the hallway rug under his bare feet the only bit of security he'd felt in the last few hours. Grounding him enough to allow the bleached blonde a moment to breathe.  That was until the hairs on the back of his neck stood electrified, his pulse beating so rapid he could swear a drum solo was being played under the floor. Moving from the second floor bathroom towards his grandfather's bedroom, the middle Van Helsing cousin found himself choked for air as a powerful hand grabbed him from behind, covering his mouth. He couldn't have screamed if he'd tried. The assailant had him in a death grip, their right arm constricting Landin's upper body. The worst was feeling his neck and shoulder being torn into, the pain blinding enough to drop Landin to his knees.  As he lay then limp on the floor, in what he was sure was a pool of his own blood, he spotted the hidden panel in the closet open. Spotted the broken lid of the coffin.

The pain should have felt worse. The damage his body took should have killed him. But when Landin woke, he found himself bandaged up, in his own bed, a needle in his arm and an series of tubes leading from it to a half used iv bag propped up on pillows beside him.

"Dude!" Seward's voice cracked the silence. "How you feel? You need anything? Water? Can you talk? Ice cream? I've got fudge ripple downstairs...I think if they haven't eaten it all. Or I can get you something else..."
Landin ignored his younger cousin, instead turning to grab the iv bag, holding it to his chest like a rag doll. "Yeah okay, I'm going to go downstairs and get you pudding. Which I'll have to go to the store for first cause we don't have any. Butterscotch or banana? Ruthven likes banana your butterscotch." Seward held up his one hand as he took a half step out the bedroom door. "Just please don't die on me while I'm gone cause...just don't die okay." he nearly ran through the house.

"Yes, I would advise not dying in the next 24 hours at lest." a voice said from the shadows of the room. Turning his head to the right, Landin jumped sending tendrils of extreme pain through his body. The shadows in the corner began to gather together in the shape of Vlad as he uncrossed his arms, moving a step towards the bed. Grabbing the desk chair the dark haired male sat down mire centimeters from Landin's face. His breath warm against his ear as Vlad leaned closer to him. "Unless you want to become undead as your pop-culture calls someone like me."  carefully with skilled fingers so fast the patient didn't feel it, Vlad unwrapped the wound, tilting his head to the side before re-wrapping it. "My blood cleaned your wound of death. Your cousins they called Matilda, but the Familiar could only do so much. It was either my blood which as long as you stay breathing for a few hours, will heal you, or the wolf's blood, which would have sentenced you to a fate worse than...well who wants to be controlled by the moon every month and all those bad hair days."  his lips curved up in a smile that was meant to ease the moment. Landin hugged the iv bag tighter.  Vlad sat back then in the chair, crossing his arms and legs in a bored attitude. "I took the time to look over the casket. I think..." he raised an eyebrow as he nodded. "...I know who bit you. I've seen those designs before. Back in my time. He was  rumoured to be a great sorcerer." he moved his left hand gesturing in little circles, showing a clear distaste for the idea. Or the man himself? Landin couldn't tell from his point of view. "Had covens devoted to him. To his resurrection."   The bleached blonde could tell by the way Vlad was sitting that he was holding back something. Something personal and something very important; at lest to Vlad anyways. "I'm sure you know why it attacked you? Why it waited in darkness, and didn't once it escaped, just run out and start feeding on the rest of the group. It sensed in you the same thing The Seer had that day. It needed your psychic abilities. Your power. That's the thing with a Sidhe. They become so power hungry." the dark haired vampire laughed then at what he considered to be a joke. "Where the sorcerer is his devotees are never far behind. They are who we need to look out for now. Your vault of toys are not safe. Specially the fragments of the books. They can not be brought together. I can only assume in the last few days, they were? Or at lest part of them where? Otherwise, he wouldn't have been woken up."

Landin processed what was being said, and tried to sit up. He fell back down like a stone before making it to a 30 degree angle. The nausea feeling like a ton of bricks in his throat, his skull becoming a drum solo.

"We've already contacted Quentin and told him to stay where he is with his part of the book fragments. And the magickal items your grandfather had collected, they are being taken by the mutts to a different location. Which I must admit, I'm bit jealous about. Your grandfather had spent his lifetime collecting some important toys. I'm sure the covens will be none too happy when they see some of them." Vlad reached his strong pale fingers over checking the pulse of his patient. "This is taking too long." he answered. "We need to speed up your metabolism." Vlad said grabbing Landin's jaw, forcing him to open his mouth before dragging a nail across his palm, allowing one single drop of his blood to fall on the human's tongue. "Good boy." he patted his check in half mocking. "Now you grow up to be big and strong like uncle Vlad." he laughed "The hybrid is going to need your talents if he is to help me get Nosferatu back. And mark my words human, I will get my wife back!"  Vlad got up from the little desk chair silently putting it back in it's spot as he crossed the length of the room. Landin watched in a cloud of pain and confusion as the other male seemed to hover at the doorway, unsure of something. But the bleached blonde swore he'd heard the vampire mumble under his breath  "And my kingdom." before passing out again.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Blood, energy, magick. We've got suckers of all kinds leeching up everyone's life)

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Coffee Talk March 17th 2017

Spudguns!  It's a Friday 9am EST where I am. Just thought I'd jam in for a second and say, Sunday might be Tuesday  this week.  If you read me much, you know I tend to post on Sundays most of the time. The week got away from me while working on my youtube channel.

I do however, have a "What that Movie Inspired Me to Do" coming up next Friday the 24th. I'm joining in on another of Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen 's challenges. 

That is literally all I had to say.  Sunday might be pushed to Tuesday and I'll have a big heavy post for Friday next week.

Till coffee

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 303, chapter 303

Out of Time

Landin gulped a desperate amount of air, as he wiped his left hand down the front of his shirt. Small streaks of blood and grease staining it as he did. Swearing, he then ran his hand over his mouth without thinking, adding sweat to the mixture.  Edric snarled at his friend, already hunched over the broken iv bag.

"Dude! That was so awesome!" Seward said practically bouncing up and down. "I've never run so fast in my life!" the younger of the Van Helsing cousins remarked, as he dropped the second cooler of iv bags onto the picnic table.

"Speak for yourself." the bleached blonde male said coldly as he moved away from not only his younger cousin, but from the two half turned creatures who were both kneeling on the ground devouring the first cooler of blood bags. "That was too close. Way too close man." Landin said shaking his head, running his still blood covered hand over his neck. Closing his eyes, he could feel the hunger flowing off both Edric and Arthur like echoing shock waves. It wasn't the kind of vibrations he had hoped to get from Edric, not to mention, it was more than the psychic could handle. "I'm going to grab a shower." he mumbled walking away from the scene of their crimes.  Edric nodded silently in Landin's direction as he sat back against the leg of the picnic table, his eyes the pure white of the banshee.

"So my eyes never going to do that?" Arthur asked tossing a freshly squeezed blood bag over his shoulder like a used chicken bone. "That white empty socket thing?"

The hybrid snorted licking his lips before grabbing another of the blood bags. "Nope." he pulled his knees up dangling his wrist over his right leg. "You're not special enough. Seriously..." Edric turned then to look at the lycanthrope. "I would give anything to be able to turn completely into a wolf like you can." he said pointing then towards Arthur. "At lest you know where your bloodline comes from. You have a bloodline."  Edric turned looking towards the edge of the backyard. "At the end of the day, I'm on my own." the weight of the blood bag felt good in his hand as he sloshed it back and forth, watching the bubbles gather air near the edges before swaying to the other end. Like a lava lamp he used to have as a kid.

"We'll get her back." Seward said breaking the moment.

"Will we?" Edric asked shrugging. He made a duckbill with his lips before biting the corner of his mouth. "Should we even try?" he stood up brushing the grass and dirt from his jeans. "She knew. Nosferatu knew that at some point..." the sandy-blonde hybrid tossed the iv bag down onto the picnic table next to the half used pile of paper plates; that still held the remains of Arthur's BBQed ribs, as he brought both hands up to his temples. "She saw it coming. That Bacchus was going to arsejack us!" gesturing with his left hand towards the yard he made a sweeping movement. "That's why she broke the sire bond. So that when we were separated, we wouldn't go insane the way Dagan had. Or the way we were those first few days. You know." Edric shook his head tilting it to the side in sudden disbelief. "She saw it all so clearly but I had to be in charge. Had to prove that I knew better than she did. And look where it got me?" he brought both hands then to his chest slapping himself twice.

"Look where it got you." Seward repeated smiling. "She's still your mate isn't she? She's like a god or something. You still get to say your mate is a god. How cool is that...okay not time to look at the bright side yet." he held up his hands in defeat backing up a few steps. "Just saying..."

"Don't you start!" Edric said pointing at his friend.

"Me? You said yourself few hours ago, you couldn't loose her. That you were happy for the first time in a long time because of her. Now you're ready to give up? You, Edric are the single most powerful creature in this known universe; and you are throwing in the towel after one boo-boo? Really?"  Seward replied his humour drained out leaving only his anger.  "I would give anything to have the abilities you two have!"

"Keep it up then!" Edric's voice began to rise, echoing slightly in the yard. "Keep up your attitude and I might just let you have some." he spat in disgust between them. "Power my ass. Yeah, I've got some sweet new skills. Werewolf speed, strength, healing ability. Banshee hearing, sight, immortality. But I've got a lot of damned let downs too! In case you forgot. Stuck at a street corner in the rain if there's a manhole because I can't cross running water, my ears are constantly ringing because everything hurts them, my nose constantly feeling like it's on fire because it's so sensitive. Someone knocks over the salt or the pepper at the dinner table and I'm stuck there counting every last grain of it. Can't wear anything with silver because it'll burn my flesh to ash. Never mind that I can't eat pizza or sausage anymore because the world puts garlic in everything. Roses...who'd ever thought that a flower shop would send mortal fear into me? Huh? And then there's this" he gabbed himself. "The full moon ritual controls you. It controls you unless you're one of the few who does have a mate. A mate that you might not have any say in having?" he shrugged. "This..." he gestured then to the iv bags. "Is the neutrality of it. The blood..." he shrugged again his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. "You need this but it's just a drug, an addiction you can control. The one part about this that does not control you completely. You can learn to survive on the smallest amounts as little as possible." he took a step towards Seward. "But if you want a piece of what I've got going on, of what Arthur has coursing through his veins; then by all means. Otherwise, be damned careful what you wish for!"  he looked the young human up and down giving a snort. "You pissing in your pants yet?"

"So you lied about Nosferatu?" Seward's voice was steady but low.

"What?" Edric stretched his chin out towards him tilting his neck a few millimeters.

"I said; so then you lied about Nosferatu? About what you said yesterday in the kitchen. About how you wanted her to admit she wanted you." Seward answered.

"No!" Edric screwed up his nose his eyebrows touching in disgust. "Shack you didn't listen. All I'm saying is that everything comes with strings. Even when you've checked all the angles and double checked. There's still an invisible spider web thin string holding up the disco ball." he brought his right hand up in a claw like manor. "Nosferatu saw it coming down the line. She knew the pitfalls better then the rest of us and she tried to save everyone from the bad tides of paranoia. She tried to be the white knight and look what happened. She left us like the seven dwarfs holding our balls in one hand and pick-axe in the other. Not because she wanted to, but because that's just what was meant to. Do I want her back? Bet your maltese bippy I do."

"That's a shacking stupid movie." Arthur said from his seat on the edge of the picnic table gnawing on a large pork rib. "An action adventure romantic horror melodramatic comedy. I mean, what isn't now a days?"  he scratched at his neck letting the magick mist dissolve around him as his clothes completely disappeared. "Things would be so different if these two had told me what was going on before the night was over." the blonde sniffed, spitting towards Edric as if challenging him, pointing towards the shed. "If they had told me about the ritual just a few hours sooner...I would have understood what the hell was happening to me and I wouldn't have let them keep me chained up that first night. I would have been the one to claim her!"

"Oooppss." Seward giggled blushing. "Completely forgot that you were dating her first." his good humour had snapped back into place, leaving the dark haired human embarrassed.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yes, the Maltese Bippy is a real movie...)

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Food n Flix March 2017

It's that point in things again, where I say Food n Flix is being hosted by  Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm;  and the selection this month is  2015 sci-fi drama The Martian.  (based on the novel)

I realized I hadn't taken part in group since last November; so thought it was high time to jump back in.

movie: The Martian
starring: Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels
genre: Sci-fi, Drama,
year: 2015
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When an astronaut is accidentally thought dead and left by his crew on Mars; he wakes up to find he's alone. After tending to his wounds, he figures out a way to send a message back to earth, and begins to turn the deserts of Mars into a workable farmland. Back on Earth, the government begin plans to rescue him, only they find out they are on an extreme deadline, as he's low on supplies after a brutal storm destroys his farm. Finding himself once again struggling for survival, he manages to travel halfway across the planet's surface to meet up with the rescue ship, which takes over a year to complete.

This film is all about survival. It flips back and forth between the isolation on Mars and the chaos on Earth. You never see any of the earth shots where there isn't at lest two people in them. Same goes for the crew after they have left mars. Another sneaky note, is that the earth shots always have food in horrendous amounts. There were a few scenes, where the artwork were even food related, not too mention the junk food that was in mass supply.  All to contrast with the bleakness on mars.

notes: crackers, coffee, mac and cheese, beef goulash, french toast, meatballs and sauce, vegetable soup, stroganoff and noodles, sweet and sour chicken, beef teriyaki, meatloaf, vegetable stew, potatoes, nuts, juice, water, milk powder, cookies, oranges, candy, donuts, jelly beans, pastry, pop, soup, sugar, ketchup, asparagus, Chinese food, beef jerky, cereal, prunes, whiskey, pizza, lemon aid, fruit, salt, pepper, oil, hamburgers,  "broccoli" (the far shot of the potato plants made me think of it) "paprika" (the desert shots made me think of it) "spinach" (dead plants made me think of it) bagels (in a poster) "popcorn" (the water gathering tent made me think of it)

I think the fact they kept showing little things like the salt and pepper and ketchup etc, was an interesting touch. Just sort of driving home how we take things for granted that we never realize we do.

This was one of those movies where there were no bad guys. For once, the "big corporation" was just as much the good guy as the hero himself was. Even though, the emphasis was on how much "the bosses" had (side tables overflowing with chocolate and cookies) and it was very in your face, it was never done from a cruel way. But, an ironic and sort of sad way. 
I also thought the use of the pirate metaphor was brilliant, having the lead character expressing certain things by revealing tidbits of sea-fairing laws.  He literally becomes a space pirate.

I had to really keep my focus on the food for this, because A) the movie was overflowing with it, and B) if I stopped to think about the whole alone isolation issue, I wouldn't have made it through the film. I admit, it had me crying at a couple of points.

In the movie, we see him grab the potatoes that one of his crew members had brought for Thanksgiving dinner. He pretty much survives by growing potatoes. I promised Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, that I would not make anything with potatoes; without even having seen it yet. I am actually glad she held me to that promise, as it forced me to really jump back into the game.

I decided to take my inspiration from a few other elements in the film.  We see him counting out the freeze-dried rations, as well as planting seedlings. We also see him packing up as much as possible to hike across the unknown desert, his supplies not much more than dehydrated and nearly rotten potatoes.
Dehydrated + sun-dried + seedlings + power hiking = granola.  Well, it does in my brain anyway.  


2 packages instant oatmeal
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup raisins
2 cups sunflower seeds
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup peanuts

toast oatmeal, cranberries, raisins, peanuts and sunflower seeds in oven for 40 minutes, stirring a few times, at 300degrees

let cool, then add maple syrup, mixing well.

put in freezer until solid.

Okay, so this is where I admit, they fell apart. The recipe I had, literally said "in freezer until solid enough to hold shape".  I had them in there for over four hours, and they still fell apart in the middle of my taking the photos. I don't know if they just needed more time, or more syrup or if I didn't form them tight enough?  But, they did taste amazing. 

I would suggest, these would make for a better topping on yogurt then trying to have as bars.

Well, that's about all that I've got to offer on the topic this month, don't forget to join us next month when  the group will be looking at  A Touch of Spice, hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 302, chapter 302

Out of Time...

Quentin shuffled around the small office, noticing the heavy scent of stale donuts and burnt coffee. The tow truck owner returned from the main area, a clipboard in hand. He was tall, heavy set, with a dark beard and covered in tattoos. The name on the little name tag read Zeddy.

"Help yourself to some coffee, donuts. They were fresh this morning." he gestured first to the little table near the window then towards the clock. "I need you to sign here, here and here." he held out the clipboard not actually indicating any of the spots that needed to be signed. "It will be about two weeks before I can get the parts in."

"I don't have two weeks. I need to be able to get to Saskatoon and then back..."

"Yeah, that's not going to happen before two weeks." Zeddy replied his attention on the little black and white television sitting behind him on the small table. My Gothic Kitchen was on. Quentin's phone buzzed causing him to jump. There was a text from Seward asking if he had any ideas for getting more blood bags, as both Arthur and Edric were showing signs of needing to feed. Quentin replied for them to rob a blood drive. "Right, as if." Zeddy commented under his breath towards the tv set. "Like Karmilla would ever allow herself to be made a member of  Barlow's harem. I mean, how stupid do these guys have to be? Not knowing that Barlow's holding her captive right under their noses? There are five of them..." he gestured towards the tv, a donut in hand. "Six if you count the goth dude." he stuffed the donut into his mouth, dripping crumbs everywhere.

"This today's episode?" Quentin asked moving closer to the tow truck owner.

"Yeah, taped it few hours ago. You hooked on it too? I mean, it's a soap opera and it does get really cheesy but, it beats those reality shows." Zeddy replied sullenly.

"Yeah, um...where is the bad guy holding her captive?" Quentin asked as he started dialing Seward's number again.

"Well technically, I guess it's hell." he pointed to the screen. "This one here, he knows how to find her. He found a map left for him in this old desk drawer. Only, he hasn't told anyone yet about it. Too busy being all broody or something." he shrugged. "That and he just killed a cop. So there's that side plot." he shrugged a second time. "And of course, there's the wizard character. He's been off the show for awhile, doing a movie or getting a nose job or whatever actors do on their time off. But he's back now, playing evil twins. The one twin is trying to kill the goth dude..." Zeddy said scratching at his beard. "The other twin, he's trying to bring his grandmother back from the dead. That's something only Karmilla knows. She figured it out awhile back, but hasn't had the chance to tell anyone. Honestly, I think it is one of the reasons she was kidnapped. This show is doing that all the time. Kidnapping the main chick."

"Huh." Quentin grunted as he moved to the other side of the small office. "Hey, Seward I need you to find a copy of My Gothic Kitchen. Today's episode. In fact, go back..." he turned to look at Zeddy. "When did this storyline start?"

"Uh, two days ago? Yeah, I remember because I was working the morning shift and was able to watch it while I was ironing. I like ironing, very relaxing." he reached for a cookie can on the side of the desk opening it. "Cupcake? Made them myself. Full of iron. Cause you know, you need that, otherwise you're dead tired, totally drained of energy." he grinned pointing to the tv screen again. "Just like a damned vampire."

"I think you should catch up with the episodes from this whole week..." Quentin shook his head declining the food. "The Seer used to write for it right? Well, I think he's trying to send a message. Well he's not called The Seer for nothing now is he?"

"...and what about the astral projection huh?" Zeddy said getting up to get himself a cup of coffee. "Everyone totally forgot that Karmilla had astral projected that one time way back in the beginning of the series. Though that was more a by product of her dying that one time. But still; with her technically being in hell, wouldn't she technically be dead therefore being able to astral project or something?" he sat back down causing the chair to creek as he did.  "It's an old underground bunker." Zeddy said over his shoulder towards Quentin. "Where Barlow has her."

"Yeah I'm still here. No I'm pretty sure...okay fine deal with the iv bags first but...there are four of you figure it out delegate the maps and the blood...I'm renting a car I'll be back by morning."

Technically in Hell...

Our heroine paced back and forth, the silver bars of the cage burning her whenever she got too close. Bacchus appeared in the doorway of the room, dressed like he'd just been at a rock concert. As the main act. His pants were black leather, his shirt reminding our heroine of something from every heavy metal video she'd seen growing up, but that was nothing compared to the pounds of silver jewellery that dripped from his ears, neck and hands.

"Here put this on." he said snapping his fingers. A long black trenchcoat materialized in the cage beside her. It was fitted to her shape, obviously tailor made for her.

"So it's come to this has it? Once again, you're treating me like some pet."

"Oh you knew the score." Bacchus said crossing the length of the room, still with the Australian accent. "Loki had first use of you but he screwed it up by letting you remove your soul. Now you're mine." he raised his hands out to his sides tilting back. "For all eternity."

"You said after I defeated The Seer. After I learned a few more spells. So why now? What changed?"  the female banshee asked as she buttoned up the coat.  The sandy haired god roamed around the half empty room, practically dancing in front of the cage.

"You changed." he said simply.

"Everybody changes. It's called life, evolution."

Bacchus brought his left hand up to his mouth his blue eyes becoming cold slits as he glared at her. "You weren't suppose to. You are an immortal creature. Unfeeling, ruthless, brutal."

"Nobody is unfeeling." she replied getting as close to the bars as she dared. "Not even you gods. Cause if you were, you wouldn't be so damned eager to win. Something spooked you. Come on, be honest, tell me. The witch doctor is in, I'm a captive audience." she snarled her hazel eyes flashing to the pure white of the banshee. "What really broke you down? Huh? What really made you speed up your timeline? Revenge?"

"Sacrifice." he nearly spat the word. "Your sacrifice." he slammed his open palm against the cage rattling it. Our heroine gasped as she processed what he meant. "You know, I couldn't understand why at first. You jumping so quickly into that spell. Removing your soul, and half your powers. Then when you didn't even blink at the thought of breaking the sire bond...well." he shrugged throwing his head back eyes closed. "You were greedy and selfish with Dagan, The Seer even. But with Edric...I didn't see that coming. I fully expected it would have been those half breed furballs you mothered to be what ruined you for Loki. But even that didn't register." he tapped his hand to his chest. "In the end, your fledgling was your downfall." he turned walking towards the door. "Get comfy. It's going to be awhile before you're suitable to lead my girls. Until then, I think I'll keep you out of gen-pop. For your own safety. Half my warriors you killed to begin with."  Bacchus left our heroine alone closing the door behind him.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story.  What do you think, do we keep Zeddy?)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Coffee Talk March 3rd 2017

Spudguns!  How's it today?  Got a few things I wanted to run in and talk on.

#1- This would be your official announcement for Night Bleeds April - We are doing the combo of the 1985 book The Vampire Lestat and the 2002 movie version Queen of the Damned.  The deadline for that is the last Sunday of April which is April 30th 2017.
So the rules are simple, - you must have a blog to take part, read the book and watch the movie, blog about what you thought and if it inspires you to bake/cook/craft anything, add that to your blog post. And link to either this post or the day of post on here or even the Night Bleeds page.

#2- As I pointed out the other month, I'd like some input from you guys. I'm still hoping to get some movie recommendations from everyone. I've started doing a few youtube related projects, and am interested in whether you my lovely Spudguns!, would be care to have videos on here?

Okay, that's about it for the moment...I'm going to go to the kitchen make a coffee and maybe dance stupidly to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack... oh like you never have....

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Night Bleeds Feb 2017

This is the first round of book/movie club for this year. This year, instead of being just vampires, I wanted to bring in the themes of witches and zombies as well. Why? Because, as I pointed out last year with a few of the selections (Dark Crystal, Hocus Pocus, Omega Man) they can be one and the same.

So I thought it was fitting to start the year off with a story that manages to walk that tightrope. Practical Magic. (book by Alice Hoffman was released in 1995 and the movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in 1998) I've actually talked about the movie a few times over the years on here, and was even inspired to make pancakes with apple syrup back a few years ago, for Food n' Flix as part of a big "potluck".

book:  Sally and Gillian have spent their whole lives trying to be like everyone else. Only, they're not. They come from a family of strong women who just happen to be able to cause things to happen. Gillian, the younger of the two sisters, ran away from home when she was a teenager, was married 3 times, and lived everywhere across the lower United States. Her mistakes were as wide open as the places she lived. Sally, the older of the two, has been the adult in every way since she was just a kid. Both witnessed how passion can cause you to loose your morals along with your heart; at very young ages as they watched everyone in their town it would seem, come to their Aunts for spells. Both women end up reacting to the knowledge in different ways. Sally, ends up a young widow with two young daughters of her own. Her heartbreak causes her to move as far from their hometown and the Aunts as possible. Sally has just begun to really get her life back on track, when Gilly shows up one night with her dead boyfriend in the backseat of the car. The two women have no choice but to bury the body in the backyard.
Jimmy's body, fertilizes the yard so quickly, it causes lilacs to grow out of season and practically over night, drawing to Sally's house, all the women in the neighbourhood. Each seems to find themselves saddened by the memories of their own lost loves, not knowing why. On one of these particularly hot summer nights, as Gilly is standing outside under them remembering the few good moments with Jimmy, Ben a teacher at the school where Sally works, sees her. Ben falls instantly in love with Gilly, and just like some of the women who used to visit the Aunts, Ben just won't give up on love.
Sally's daughters, both teenagers, find themselves falling hard as well. Antonia, the older of the two, falls in love with a boy at work, Scott. While Kylie, the younger and wilder, has to admit she's got feelings for her best friend Gideon.
But before the summer is completely over, the two women find themselves the main suspects when Detective Hallet comes looking for Jimmy in a multi murder investigation. A man who Sally now is unable to tear herself away from.
As the Owens women deal with their new set of relationships, they also have to deal with the "man in the yard", who even in death doesn't want to give up control, and continues to abuse them.

movie: The Owens women have been cursed in love for hundreds of years. It seems any man who falls in love with them dies young in a horrible accident. This combined with the fact the whole family are witches, causes the latest generation -Sally and Gilly- to be outcasts in their town. Gilly, always the party girl, runs away as a teenager cris-crossing from place to place breaking hearts along the way. That is until she meets Jimmy Anglelov; an abusive drunk. Sally on the other hand, falls in love with the guy working at the grocery store. Soon, Sally's life is peaceful as she's finally accepted by the locals now that she's married. But her happiness is short lived. A few years into the marriage, Sally's husband is killed in an accident, leaving her and their two young daughters with no choice but to move back in with Sally's aunts.  Sally's aunts are known to be able to cast love spells, which Sally learns they did for her to years before to help her get married. After dealing with her grief, Sally opens a small store with her two best friends.
Meanwhile, things have gotten worse for Gilly, who's had to resort to slipping belladonna into Jimmy's drinks to keep him sedated. When she finally has the courage to ask for help, Gilly calls Sally to come pick her up. But Jimmy tries to kidnap them both, and in self defense, they poison him. Now, after both women have spent their lives denying their magickal heritage, they try one of the most complicated spells to bring Jimmy back to life. Now a zombie, Jimmy is even worse; resorting in Sally killing him for a second time and having to be buried in the backyard.  The rose bush that was planted over him begins to grow wildly overnight, taking over the entire yard. Before they know it, a police officer shows up on their doorstep looking for the missing Jimmy. Gilly tries unsuccessfully to cast a spell on the officer, terrified of being sent to jail. This causes both Sally to confess everything, and Jimmy's ghost to start possessing Gilly.
Sally, her daughters, the aunts and most of the women in the neighbourhood then band together to help release Gilly from the death grip Jimmy is still holding on with.

The differences between the movie and the book are enough to notice, but not enough to call them different stories. Such as in the movie, Sally and her daughters move back into the Aunt's house after the death of her husband; where in the book this is the point in the story where they leave the Aunt's house.  The character of Jimmy is already dead in the novel when Gilly shows up, but in the movie, he dies after Sally rescues Gilly from him. The two daughters, Antonia and Kylie, are reversed in age and appearance from book to movie. Detective Hallet has a major role in the movie, but does not appear in the book until the last 50 pages; as the Jimmy storyline is not as up front. The characters of Scott, Ben and Gideon are left out of the movie all together. Sally owns a store in the movie, but in the novel she's a secretary at a school. The Aunts have even less effect on the novel's plot then they do in the movie, as we see them in the very beginning and end only. And there is no actual possession in the novel as there is in the movie. 

The themes in the movie are sisterhood, love, abuse, trust, honesty, faith, believing in yourself and duality. Everything seems to be done in twos here. From the sisters - the Aunts Jet and Francis, Sally and Gilly, Antonia and Kylie- to the men, to the best best friends. (Gilly starts off with her first teenaged boyfriend and ends with Jimmy. Both men are less then intelligent. Sally starts off with her husband Michael and ends with the detective Hallet. Both of whom are overly sensitive.) Sally has two female friends who are Wiccans, and there are two of the school moms featured repeatedly that become part of the coven.
Just as Gilly/Sally are duel sides of a coin, so are Jimmy/Hallet. Each representing the best and worst characteristics of what men are capable of. Each in their own way, devoted to their ideals. And both happen to be "cowboys". Which has to be the ultimate symbol of male movie icons just as a witch is the ultimate symbol of female movie icons. We also have two dead "sister witches" in the form of Maria Owens in the 1660's and the mother of Sally/Gilly from the 1960's.

The themes in the book are sisterhood, trust, abuse, grief, death, control, self awareness, be careful what you wish for, sadness/depression. There is this sense of everything balancing itself out but not in the same way the movie ends up doing. There really isn't the same level of duality in the original novel, but more of a coming full circle. As shown with the drugstore girl who begs and begs repeatedly for the aunts to help her make the man she loves love her back. Only, when it becomes too much for her, she becomes trapped in her own bitterness. Later, at the end of the novel we hear she finally "gets free of him" when the husband dies and she leaves town. While trying to control the man of her desires, she ends up being controlled by him, which is her own fault.

And what did everyone learn last year in book/movie club about vampires...don't always look for a blood sucking fiend. Be aware that real vampires drain your life. They take from you what makes you you. Be it your blood, or energy, or spirit, or self respect. 
Add to that, the modern popculture zombies are all branched off from the vampire genre and how in folklore vampires/witches/ghosts were considered the same thing...well see where I was going with this month's selection.   So, the story has two "vampires" in a lot of ways. Jimmy and Drugstore Girl. (who we see in the beginning and end of the movie too) Jimmy's abuse and addictive behavouir in life, his ability to call to the women in the neighbourhood like a male siren, controlling everyone with fear and setting them into petty fights (in the novel)  and his ghostly possession (in the movie).  Drugstore Girl doesn't care about anyone else's feelings but her own, demanding over and over from the aunts assuming they and those around her owe her something, taking not only the freewill of her lover but destroying his marriage to his first wife as well.
I decided to make something this time around. In the book, the characters of Sally and her two daughters are vegetarians, one of the movie's most noted scenes is when Sally looks up at the sky and comments on the red light around the moon, and everything important seems to happen in the garden in both movie/book. So, taking these elements, I decided to make a "blood on the moon salad". 

I used a pre-mixed of mixed greens (spinach, radicchio, endive, green romaine, red oak, arugula, red chard)
dried cranberries, smoked almonds, red grapefruit and a feta oregano vinaigrette.

I had wanted to do a blood orange, but couldn't find any so that's why I went with the red grapefruit. Which looked a lot deeper in real life, not as deeply red on camera sadly.

The almonds, I just used a rolling pin to crush them a little.

The combo of sweet cranberries with the salty of the feta worked amazingly well with the smokiness of the almonds. This is a combo, I would dare to even add in a dessert. The whole time, I couldn't stop thinking that it would have been perfect in a cheesecake.

Nothing overly fancy, but yay, food inspired by the combo this month.

If you would like to take part in any upcoming Night Bleeds book/movie combos, the next one is in April. We'll be covering The Vampire Lestat (book) and Queen of the Damned (movie)  But I'll post an official note about it next month.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Coffee Talk Feb 24th 2017

Spudguns!   It's a Friday. Just jamming in for a quick moment to remind everyone that this Sunday is the last Sunday of the month, which means it's the first Night Bleeds combo for 2017.  We're covering Practical Magic.

Also, to remind you my lovely readers, that I kinda need your input. You might remember, I asked you all to leave me some movie recommendations back few weeks ago. Would still love to hear from everyone.(here's the post to refresh your eyes)

There are a few What that Movie Inspired Me to Do; coming up soon. (Food n' Flix, and some more zombies courtesy of Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen)

Till later

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Random movie Feb 22

movie: These Girls
starring: David Boreanaz, Caroline Dhavernas
genre: Drama
year: 2005
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: Three teenaged girls blackmail the one hot older man in their town into a sexual relationship.

Based on the play

So, flipping channels, flipping flipping see a movie listing Boreanaz so decide okay why not?  Okay, so the last time I decided to randomly watch a movie on tv because of one of the "main actors", it ended up they were barely in it. Not the case here. Boreanaz is in 90% of this. So that's a plus.  I had a small smile when I saw a scene where one of the characters is flipping a coin trying to decide what to do and it was indeed a Canadian coin. Bonus points.

And that's about where the good vibes ended. I'm not too sure what the main goal of this movie was? Were we suppose to feel sorry for any of the characters; the three teens who not only cause an affair, but upturn the lives of their whole sphere; or the older man who should have known better and had some respect for himself? Is it a cautionary tale of small town boredom? What?

I think this would have been more interesting if they had done something else with the one main male character. Either made him a sleazier guy or a nicer one. Cause as a middle of the road character, he didn't have much.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 301, chapter 301

Out of Time...

Edric stormed around the backyard, his double row of fangs bottom and top exposed, his eyes pure white of the banshee, his nails taloned claws. A roar escaped his throat that was more than an growl, more than anything any of them had heard before. Landin swallowed the bolt of fear as he jumped from the hood of the car where he'd been sitting for the last hour watching the hybrid. The sound shook the windows of the house, in pure anger.

"What do you mean you lost her?" Quentin asked over the phone. Seward headed towards the middle of their street trying to get out of ear shot of the very pissed off Edric. "How do you loose a 5'7 170 pound banshee? Like how?"

"Dude,dude, dude. We didn't loose her..." he said pointing to himself. "Technically, it was Edric who lost her. But but but...technically she's not lost. Just not in this dimension." the younger male said into the phone as he bit his thumb in worry.

"Again, I ask how do you loose track of a 5'7 170 pound woman?" Quentin's voice was barely audible over the sound of a mack truck honking and speeding past in the background.

"Bacchus." he said simply shrugging to himself as if it was all the explanation needed.

A few hours earlier...

Edric leaned on the ticket counter, the sliver coloured purse draped over his wrist, causing the two teenaged boys working the concessions counter to snicker. Nosferatu had tossed the object at him along with her black cardigan  as she went to the ladie's room. Seeing the line was starting to form, the hybrid went ahead and bought the tickets for the latest western. Our heroine returned, startling one of the teens causing him to become extremely bashful as he took their snack order. Raising an eyebrow Edric turned to look at his sire not understanding what had caused the sudden turn of events.

That was his first mistake.  Nosferatu was standing there in a grey tweed pencil skirt that came just below her knees, and a buttoned up blouse with sleeves that came to her elbows, a shade lighter. He had watched her agonize over the outfit for a half hour back at the warehouse; like any other woman would. With the sweater, she looked like someone out of the 1950's. It also reminded him of the dream he'd had earlier. Edric couldn't pull his gaze from her, as she seemed to glow. In fact, he felt dizzy suddenly and it had nothing to do with his emotions for her. The hybrid's shoulders began to tighten as his ears twitched. The air around them had shifted just slightly, giving a subtle hint at the collective rise in temperature. Sniffing, the sandy-blonde male snarled as he acknowledged the fact a few of the movie goers were starting to move closer to them.

"...Edric?" her voice slithered around his brain, causing the hybrid to do a double take. "My purse." she held her hand out for it. Moving his wrist so that it slipped onto her's, the male felt a tightness in his throat. It suddenly occurred to him, he'd only seen her interact with humans a few times before. He wasn't sure if this was just the half god thing or the vampire nature? Either way, he understood now why the others called the results a love spell. And whatever that was causing her to effect the humans in the room, it was causing the absolute worst parts of his werewolf side to come bubbling up to the surface. Edric wasn't sure he'd make it through the next two hours without ripping the throats out of all of them. 

He finally understood the mixed messages. The sandy-blonde male realized for the first time, that his sire wasn't denying him out of spite or games; but because she wasn't sure his intentions were, well his intentions. How could someone who's designed to entrap, trust that anyone attracted to them is truly so?  Collecting their snack order, he followed her into the screening room. It seemed to drip with the scent of something forgotten. The hybrid's nose was on full alert as he placed their snacks down, moving around the room, his face blank.

"We're going to sit here." he pointed to a row on the far side of the screening room, nearest the handicapped area. "It smells the cleanest." Taking their seats, Edric let out a deep breath, craning his neck around to see how many others were going to watch the film as well. To his relief, there were only three other people who entered the room. Half way through the movie, the sandy-blonde male began to get restless. He couldn't seem to sit still, his knee bouncing, shoulders feeling like they were too big for the small space; even though they had a whole row to themselves. He sensed before he even felt our heroine place her hand on his thigh in a mild attempt to get the fledgling to sit still. Which he then did for the rest of the movie. Edric sat in stone silence all his attention on the screen, taking in the shades of golden yellow dust that seemed to cover the actors clothes and the suppressed noon day sun that always seemed to hang behind some cliched clock tower.  Just as the credits started to roll, he leaned over planting a unseen kiss on our heroine's temple. The hybrid felt a calm he'd never felt before as they left the cinema together, discussing what they thought of it. And for a few hours, Edric forgot he was supernatural. Forgot he was in a supernatural relationship. For a few hours he'd allowed himself to just enjoy himself again. Without thinking about the new rules, without thinking about the bloodlust, without thinking about his need to be pack alpha. For a few hours Edric was just some random hot guy on a normal average date with some nice geeky chick he had a crush on. 

That was his second mistake.

Five minutes ago...

"Tell me again what happened?"  Ruthven asked as he stood in the middle of the Van Helsing's backyard, a cigar in hand. Edric shook his head his eyes closed, nostrils flaring. He knew he needed to get things under control, knew he needed to be able to think clearly. Which wasn't going to happen anytime soon if he stayed transformed. Taking a few deep breathes, the hybrid managed to get his fangs to retract, allowing partial control over his own body.

"I told you. We were in bed and this pair of arms just appeared out of thin air, like from some bad horror film and grabbed her. Lifted her up towards the ceiling, like ten feet off the bed and pulled her through this whirling portal thing. I could see Bacchus on the other side, and she was gone!"   Ruthven nodded as he took a few drags on the cigar rolling his hand indicating for Edric to continue. "What do you want me to say? That's it! I came right over cause I have no idea what to do!"

"Everything I have heard you guys saying about him, everything I've read in those spellbooks Nosferatu has been clinging to like her life depends on them, about these gods...Bacchus is more cruel than Loki. And Loki is the trickster! Bacchus, he waited...he baited you! He waited till you were emotionally attached to her and ripped her out of your grasp. Literally! What did you do to piss him off?"

"I didn't do anything!" Edric's words were pressed through clinched teeth. "He warned us days ago that he was going to take her. To have her lead some army or something. We didn't think he meant now!"

"So what he's messing with you for nothing?"

"I don't know? He is a god." the hybrid said practically spitting the sentence. "All I do know is I...I can't...I can't loose her." he shrugged. The male blinked, letting out yet another deep breath, his eyes shifting back to their human blue. "As cheesy as it sounds, Nosferatu is pretty much all I've got left. For the first time in a really really long time, I was actually happy."

"Well there you go." Ruthven said taking another long drag on the cigar. "There's your answer. You dared to have a happily ever after. Which in your case really would have been for all eternity. Haven't you ever paid attention to those crappy romance novels or bad horror films? Whenever the heroes start thinking it's happily ever after time, the big bad swoop in and poop all over it." he moved his hands in a smoothing gesture. "Poop, over everything."

"So what are you saying?" the hybrid did a double take shaking his head, his one palm up. "Bacchus stole her because we slept together?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Ruthven blew smoke in the hybrid's face.

"He's saying, style up your hero hair, we're pulling a Stefan." Seward said walking over to them. "What? I know I'm not the only one who watches Vampire Diaries."

"Dream you said something similar." Edric replied pointing at him.  Seward's face dropped as he took a large step back.

"You dreamed about me? Dude, I don't roll that way."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Hero hair...)