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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 317, chapter317

Out of Time...

Our heroine lay on the floor her wounds already healed, the blood drying in the salt, forming a prison of its own. She should never have opened her mouth. Never corrected the other creature when she had been boasting of Valhalla. Our heroine should have just let it be. But she didn't, she couldn't. The female creature spoke of having been there, of having moved along side the valkyries. Boastings of nothing but play acting. Our heroine had only to let the female have her moment, even if it was a lie. But, the banshee couldn't leave well enough alone. It cost her two back teeth.

"I'm fine. Good even. I mean, the floor is somewhat clean. Cleaner than some of the floors I've been left to bleed out on. No, really, don't get up. And I don't blame you for not wanting to get too close to me cause you little rat are big enough for a snack. What's that? Oh you spotted a crumb of something by the leg of the table enough for your dinner. Groovy, but first can you swing that tail and just move some of these damned grains of salt for me huh? All nine thousand eight hundred and fifty two of them..." she shifted her head a half centimeter. "make that fifty eight. I didn't see the sprinkling of it by my ear."

"Why are you still on the floor?" Shayne said from out of nowhere.  Our heroine sniffed as she sat up her short spiked hair smashed sideways.

"The view was nice." she shrugged getting to her feet. She pointed towards the spilled salt. "I wasn't done counting them."  Shayne shook her head in confusion. "Vampiric creatures can't pass by things like seeds or sand or any kind of little spilled grainy things without counting every last one."

"Oh." Shayne's eyes went wide. "So what else is true? Do crosses work?"

"No. Garlic yes. Which totally sucks by the way cause I really miss garlic bread." she pointed to the salt that still lay on the floor by her feet. "Seriously, can you sweep these for me. They are blocking me and I really need to pee."


Dagan stumbled into the doorway of the building as he was exiting the bar. The sudden sense of heat at his left elbow causing him to blink; his body on automatic as his fingers encased the offered hand. His ears were more than ringing from the noise, his very sensitive nose nearly burned from the inside from the lack of air conditioning; as stale beer and sweat clung to him. He barely heard the female's giggle as she drunkenly stumbled over her own shoes. The pair stumbled and staggered their way in a zig zag across the next few streets as the shapeshifter tried to ignore the constant babbling his drunken companion was saying. He'd picked her simply because of the white fur coat she was wearing. One of those shaggy messes of fakeness that hung just below the edge of her too mini mini-skirt, and seemed to be puddled at her elbows in a careless angle. He felt her move away from him as he stopped suddenly. The city zoo had been closed for years, the 'do not enter' sign faded from the weather and sun, but the scent of the animals still clung to areas long forgotten within. Raising his right hand, the auburn haired male felt the heat coming off it. Spreading his fingers, he pushed the tips against the heated area, a slight resistance making him wonder.  "Baby, I lost my purse. I think it's back at the bar." the slurred giggling voice said from a few feet away over his shoulder, causing Dagan to look. He moved back towards the girl shrugging.

He woke the next morning to some horrible station on the radio, the girl still passed out, the fake fur coat clutched in his hand. It even smelled synthetic. Years of bar hopping clung to the wool and acrylic like a life of its own. Using his werewolf speed, he moved in a blur, out the door of the girls' apartment, out of the building and halfway down the street, before the magick mist had fully formed around him. Dagan found himself once again standing at the back entrance to the old zoo. He couldn't explain it, but it was almost as if someone had stuck a grappling hook into his chest and reeled him in. Sniffing, he ran his left hand through his hair, smoothing it back before deciding to break the lock and chains baring up the gates. Screaming, the werewolf shook his hand as smoke rose in heavy grey clouds from his now burned palm. Snarling, Dagan cracked his neck rotating his shoulders more determined then ever to get into the place.  He was still wearing the white fur coat.


"What are you doing?" Ruthven asked his younger cousin as he walked into the kitchen refilling his coffee mug. Landin said nothing at first as he continued to stare out the window squinting.

"Trying to read his mind." he finally whispered gesturing towards the backyard where Arthur was. The werewolf was crouched down on his heels in the farthest corner of the yard, completely naked, covered in dirt and leaves chewing on a bare turkey bone. "He's been like that for the past hour. Just chewing away on that thing."

"And that's entertaining?"  the dark haired human asked reaching around his cousin to see what the book was he had in front of him. Ruthven flipped a few pages of the journal discovering that other than the date, it was blank. "And this?"

"Why I'm trying to read his mind." Landin sighed biting his lip. "He's easier to read when he's in full wolf form."

"Yeah too bad we have to keep him locked up when he is though. Okay you going to tell me why you want to read his mind?"

"I want to know why Nosferatu keeps scoring these guys? Is it just a supernatural thing?" the bleached blonde looked at his older cousin. "I mean, you've become smitten with her too, I've seen it. So, spill, what is it that attracts you to her?"  Ruthven stared blankly at the journal for a few long seconds before shrugging. "So is it this so called love spell because she's half god?"

"Not too sure myself. But one thing I do know..." Ruthven pointed his coffee mug towards the backyard. "We're going to need a higher fence if we want to keep the neighbours from calling the police on him. We've been lucky so far that Mrs. Brownstone has been on vacation. He's going to get himself arrested for indecent exposure soon."   The two Van Helsing boys snickered as Arthur gave them the finger not bothering to look up from his chew toy. "Shack. Forgot about the wolf hearing."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Mid-season always a hard point)

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 316, chapter 316

Pangs of Glory

"What's going on here?" Edric asked as he stood suddenly behind them. Seward swore under his breath before jumping between Edric and our heroine, who was still holding the handful of underwear from the clearance bin.

"Surprise?" Seward said nodding towards them both, his hands now clinched at his chest as he rocked up on his toes. "Nosferatu decided to stop by for coffee before the fireworks...cause it's July 1st and...oh BBQ..." the dark haired male said stammering as he looked at his empty wrist. "I'll just go do a quick set of rounds and then see if there is anything in the food court we can use for a picnic or...I'll be back." he scurried away in the direction that Edric had just arrived from.  Our heroine and Edric stood there both unsure what to say or do next.

"He means well." our heroine said as she cleared her throat suddenly remembering she had a half a bin of cotton underwear in her hand, placing them back and smoothing them out. "Total method to his madness. I think?"

"Yeah, he's a good...I'm sorry, what are you doing here?" Edric tilted his head blushing hotly, scratching at his neck. "I mean, hi I'm Edric."

"Nosferatu." she held out her hand not sure if she should offer it or not, but it was too late by the time she'd thought the gesture through. Edric had already grabbed her hand in his, the action so familiar it took them both a few long seconds to realize they hadn't actually shook hands. They were both just sort of standing there in a daze holding hands.

"Edric! Edric! Edric!!!" the sound of heavy running seemed to break their trance as Zeddy came around the corner at top speed. He stopped beside our heroine placing one hand on her shoulder, the other at his chest trying to catch his breath. "I'm not hallucinating. I'm not too high, there is someone after me!"

"Dude, there's no one after you." Edric replied his blue eyes closed all blushing and awkwardness stripped from the moment. "Okay fine, say there is. What makes you think it and what did they look like?"

"Big, horns on their head, furry." he gestured over his shoulder towards the hallway nearest the food court. "I was getting flour from the storage area, and it's shadow took up half the wall. Hi Nosferatu, you're still here?"

"I'm sure it was nothing. But, I was in the middle of doing rounds so I'll check it out." Edric said back to work mode.

"Good. Nosferatu can come with us. I'll hide behind her." Zeddy mumbled as he took the tail end of their little group, literally walking behind each of them peering over their shoulders. "It's good to see you two finally together. I mean, man, if I had to listen to him any longer about how he wasn't sure he should message you...ouch what you hit me for?" Zeddy rubbed his left shoulder from where Edric had punched him. They continued on in silence for a few more minutes, Edric opening the door to the storage area not seeing anything out of the ordinary. He was about to yell at his friend when our heroine pointed to a spot on the floor.

"Does that look like a hoof print to you?" she bent down to examine the dropped bag of flour and the light dusting it left across the floor. There was clear indication that something had been there.

"Uh. Oddly it does." Edric replied in puzzlement. "Okay you're not completely crazy this time." he said off handedly to Zeddy.  Hunching down on his heels, Edric tried to get a closer look. "There seems to be a trail sort of. If you call three scuffs a trail." he turned towards the back of the storage room, where the trail seemed to stop. Getting back to a standing position, the sandy-blonde male made his way to the back door. It was unlocked which it shouldn't have been. Grabbing his flashlight, he peeked into the hallway. Nothing but spiderwebs and dust. He waited for a long pause, listening for something when he noticed the webs were moving. There seemed to be a breeze coming from somewhere, only there were no fans or air ducts. "God, this is like a maze. Did you know this was here?" he turned to ask Zeddy. The larger male shrugged shaking his head.

"No idea there was a second door in this room. That's usually in that spot." he pointed to a large wooden bookcase. The bookcase had been moved a few feet, but looked otherwise untouched. The boxes and cans all still in their place. "You go check it out and I'll wait here." he grabbed our heroine by the shoulders hiding behind her.

"Alone? You who's like a foot taller than I am, and out weigh me by 40 pounds, want me to go in there alone? With no map or anything?"  Zeddy didn't answer just nodding ducking behind our heroine some more.

"Oh give me that." our heroine said with a sigh as she grabbed the flashlight out of his hand.

"Scream if you need us. Like if a psycho killer is in there or you trip into a well or something." Zeddy said. "We'll get Seward to rescue you."

"Uh. Speaking of. He should have been back by now." Edric started to dial Seward's number.


Out of Time...

Seward snorted as he woke, the sound of the cell phone buzzing somewhere near him. He pushed the stack of open books away from him as he searched for the intrusion to his dream. Hitting the button, he found he'd missed a call from Quentin asking him if he'd gotten any farther with his research?  The dark haired male was about to reply that he hadn't when he spotted a photo in one of the books. Grabbing the large volume he dragged it into his lap still sitting on the floor of his grandfather's book shop. The page before him was written in a language he couldn't read, but the woodcarving was very familiar. Shaking his head, Seward got up off the floor and headed for the back of the store. Searching the one corner of the building where they had comic books, the male found what he'd been looking for. A rare collector's edition of a 1970's horror comic. Seward had convinced his grandfather to add a bit of a "modern" edge to the store a few years before, but his grandfather had been less then willing to do much more than appease him with the far back corner converting one book case for it. But here, now in inked pinks, yellows and slime greens, all faded from their former glory, he found the matching images.

Returning to his spot on the floor, the dark haired male compared the comic's panels to the woodcutting in his ancient text. Even with the "modern" setting of the 1970's, when you ignored the intense afros and street slang, the story seemed to match up. Though he had to admit as he titled his head to the side making a small noise in his throat, he did like the rainbow that glided out of the disco sorcerer's hand, and the magick 8-ball that sent lightening up to activate the skull shaped mirror ball over the dance floor. 
The story centered around a guy who had to travel to the underworld to battle a god. Along the way, getting stuck in a maze having to fight a minotaur, a group of feral women and searching for the key with a bunch of magickal fae.

"Just like my dream." he whispered to the comic. Seward scrambled for a pen and paper to write down what he saw in his dream before he forgot it, but couldn't find a pen. Quickly, he hit the record button on his cell phone, dictating the dream.  "July 1st, book store, secret passage way, hoof prints, flour, the make-up...which was fairy dust! the stuffed animals, uh...uh a bat, a wolf, a fox, there were trees and a pool, I think it meant to be a wooded area? Not sure, what else was there?"  he closed his eyes letting out a deep sigh forcing himself to remember. "a prism on the text book, text books in general, oh it was a metaphysics book! So the occult, Zeddy was there, he was going on about movies and..." he looked at the comic in his hand. "he was standing in front of the comic book store in the dream, talking about the whole thing..." hitting the off button Seward dialed Quentin. "Hey, I think you need to return. Leave the book wherever you stashed it, and get back asap. Oh, and tell your new buddy he needs to come with you."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Disco inferno anyone?)

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Food n Flix July 2017

It's that time again, where I tell you "hey, the group watched a movie and were inspired to make stuff". This month's Food n'Flix selection was Dirty Dancing, and it's being hosted by Chef Sarah Elizabeth.

plot: Two teenaged girls spend two weeks with their parents at a hotel, and end up falling for two staff members. The older sister unknowingly gets involved with the local cad, while the younger sibling ends up with the misunderstood rebel. Before long, they find themselves having to battle their own personal morals vs what they have been told they should believe in.

I am not going to lie, I've never been a fan of this film. I'm not a fan of  Romeo/Juliet style stories at all, and that's what this is at the core.  I have just never seen the appeal of this movie, or Patrick Swayze? (I always thought he looked like an oversized troll but...)   (I mean seriously, what was wrong with Watermelon Boy? She by passed the one guy completely for the flashiness of the dancer)

What this movie is about and does handle well is the topic of abortion, and I will give it all the props on the planet for that, and it was one of - if not the first major film to do so; but otherwise; when you strip that off you're left with a story about two teenaged girls who get involved with older guys.   Here, you have "Baby", this 17 year old kid who pushes her way into the lives of these twenty-somethings, sticking her nose in their business where it doesn't belong, pretty much steals Penny's job out from under her not too mention her best friend, and flaunts her wealth by giving her money to "fix the problem".

So, with all that said, I had a wait for it...TV EDIT ON VHS!  Yeah, I managed to borrow a really old copy and was so worried it was going to get eaten by my vcr.

Notes- "meringue" (because of the Merengue dance scene) soup (mentioned) pickles, bread, butter, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pot roast, chicken, watermelon, alcohol, cake, "pot pie" (one of the dancers' hat made me think of it)  pop, milk, rice pudding, brownies, cabbage rolls, coffee, bagels, donuts, jujubes (mentioned) grapefruit, eggs, sausage, pancakes, toast, juice, jam, bacon, pastry.

There was a lot of breakfast foods that I saw, but I wanted to go with! Yeah, the nodes of pink throughout from the title to her dress had me thinking of icing sugar actually. But, the temperature here has been too much for me to handle without having the oven on; so I went for the only other pink food I know how to make...Beet and Potato Salad.


2 large potatoes,
half an onion chopped,
pinch of salt,
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup Miracle Whip
sliced baby beets with juice

Boil potatoes in salt water till they are slightly tender, drain and chop
Set aside to cool, 

once cooled, mix potatoes with onion, salt, sugar, Miracle Whip,

Put into fridge for 15 minutes,

Take your beets and chop them up, I would advise doing so either on a plate or a paper towel, because they will stain everything.  I used 4 pre-sliced pieces but adjust to the amount of salad you're making.

Remove potato salad from fridge and add your beets, mixing well,
Carefully add 2 Tablespoons of the beet juice.  Again, if you are making a larger salad you can add more, or if you want a darker colour.

Mix well,

Return bowl to fridge for about 45 minutes.

And that's all I've got for you this time around.    And next month's selection will be Second Hand Lions, and is being hosted by Fictional Fare.

Till next time

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 315, chapter 315

Pangs of Glory

They continued to walk through the empty mall, our heroine still wondering if she should be pissed off at Seward or flattered that he was trying to play matchmaker?

"Wait 'em second. So he's not gay?" she shook her head stopping once again, this time in front of the expensive make-up store. The display featuring a two foot poster of a woman in deep charcoal coloured eye shadow and sparkles over her cheeks and lips; the headline reading You'll make your wildest dreams come true with our Fairy Dust. Little pots of the powder sat piled under the poster shaped like cartoon fairies. Only they looked smooshed, flattened like roadkill.

"You thought Edric was gay?" Seward asked the smile and good humour still glowing in his eyes. Our heroine said nothing as she stood there waiting for him to answer her. "Like I said, Edric has been crushing on you for a really long time..."

"It's just, when a man's that hot..." our heroine sighed continuing on down the empty mall, her foot steps echoing as she did.

"You've never seen him strung out depressed after a break up, all..." Seward let his arms turn into a windmill as he moved the few steps to catch up with her. "...blotchy cry eyed and having spent a week eating nothing but Poutine and pie, and drinking himself into oblivion, his hair gross with not being washed for a week, and the beer butt..."

"You mean gut don't you?"

"No, I mean butt." Seward puffed out his cheeks a little slapping his own rear. "Everything goes right to that guy's arse."

"I no longer know if you're still trying to sell me on the idea of him or put me off it?"

"Sell you on him. Definitely. Just pointing out that he's not that hot." Seward shrugged dragging out the word. "Just a guy under all that pretty. He poops like everyone else."

"Yeah, thanks for that visual." our heroine said waving her hand near her temples. "I didn't really need to think of anyone that way."

Seward looked up to see the book store lights were on. Telling Nosferatu to wait, he checked out the store.  One of the display tables had been knocked over, spilling a stack of books. Bending to pick them up, he half glanced at the fact they were metaphysics text books, the cover looking like a giant crystal with coloured dots marking off a prism shape. "Hello?" he continued on towards the back of the book store, spotting a bit of light coming from the stock room. Satisfied that the store was in deed empty, Seward returned to where he'd left our heroine.  She had moved on towards another store and was staring at the window display. A bunch of stuffed animals were hanging by threads over a large blow up pool. A little fuzzy grey bat seemed to be about to fall off it's thread, having been hung uneven, and with the breeze from the air conditioning, it swayed just a little too close to the little red fox and white wolf, who were positioned nearest an evergreen tree.  

"Does that look wrong to you?" she asked her fingertip tapping on the glass window, pointing just above the fox and wolf.

"No. Same display they've had all week. No one's touched it."

"No I just mean the fox and wolf being too close...never mind. I don't know what I was thinking?" her voice trailed off slightly as she let out another sigh. "I don't think I'm up for this. Meeting Edric, I mean."

"No no you are! You totally are!" the younger male said eyes suddenly wide hands out once again as if holding up an invisible wall. "I'm sorry, okay, I didn't mean to gross you out with the poop comment..."

"Ah sweetie, it's not that. I just mean...he's..." she tapped the window again without thinking before looking up at the stuffed bat. "...and I'm..." she could tell by the fact Seward's expression hadn't changed that he wasn't listening to her. "Here." she said grabbing him by the elbow and leading him towards yet another store on the other side of the hallway. Stopping in front of the men's clothing store, she shoved Seward towards the mannequin dressed in a tux. "Edric right." she continued, passing another two stores before reaching the lingerie store. She pointed towards the plain white cotton underwear in the clearance bin. "Me." she dipped her hand into the chaos of price tags and material pulling out a handful. "Not a bit of frilly or flash. Understand now?"

"Um...if I say no will you continue to try to explain by taking me over to the lacy frilly pink see-through...and...I'll shut up now."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Remember, they are standing in Edric's blindspot.)

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Coffee Talk Randomness July 13th 2017

Spudguns! Got your dark roasted coffee bean goodness...yummy right. Okay, so I just heard there is going to be a remake of the movie Little Vampire. You know I'm digging that. It's getting a Hallowe'en release. Makes sense. And that will hold me over till the next Hotel Transylvania film scheduled for next year.  Which again, timing wise fits, with the whole reboot of the Universal Monsters that they started this year. I haven't had the chance yet to see the first in the reboot; The Mummy.  I plan to though. I know, it's a Tom Cruise movie and I hate his stuff. But, let's face it, he nailed Interview with a Vampire. Against everything anyone believed, he shinned in Interview with a Vampire. And I suppose at some point I need to actually see the Mummy movies that came out in the last twenty years.

Big will notice, I never did relaunch my Top 5 Favs segments. That's because I never got any responses from anyone. I had asked back beginning of the year for some movie recommendations and, nothing. I'm disappointed.  That was one of my more popular topics on the blog here too, which surprises me actually that no one...moving on from my self pity.

Recognize the silver purse don't you? Right you are, it's what inspired that dream sequence that I wrote in Nosferatu Adventures. Look at that, the purse is a star.

Yeah, my brain is in full on vampire mode, more than normal. As I've pretty much been watching nothing but vampire films for the youtube movie reviews. And as I mentioned before, there are a few different reviews on my youtube then there are here in written form.

Another segue...I'm pretty happy with the current schedule for Nosferatu Adventures. So I think I'll continue on for another few months of just doing them every two weeks. Which means, there will be one this Sunday (July 16th,)
If you want to catch any of my video reviews you can do so (here)  With that said...til next time.

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Coffee Talk July 6th 2017

Spudguns!  Just coming in to remind you all that the Night Bleeds all vamp combo for August 2017 is Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko; the 1998 (2004/06 English translation) novel and the 2004 movie version.

Rules: Read the novel, watch the movie, and if it inspires you to bake/cook/craft something, blog about it.  You must have a blog to be part. Link to either this announcement or the actual Night Bleeds page on here. Leave a comment on here letting me know you joined in. (or the day of's post)
The blog post must be the current timeframe, in this case August 2017

Deadline: the last Sunday of August 2017 which is the 27th

And as always, if you're in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, let me know.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 314, chapter 314

Pangs of Glory

Seward stood near the east entrance of the mall, having just done the second walk around of the night. He checked the clock on his phone twice before putting it back into his pocket, feeling a little nervous. The phone buzzed exposing a text from Edric asking what was taking him so long? Seward had positioned himself so that he was out of range of the security camera, and quickly texted that he was in the bathroom. Clearly a lie, as he was outside waiting for the familiar sound of the bus. A smile crossed the younger male's face, as he spotted it pulling up; one lone figure back lit by the harsh green lights of the interior.  Nosferatu stood a few feet away from him, as Seward felt the need to wipe his palms of sweat.

"Hi.Hi!" he said waving her towards the door of the mall. "I'm so glad you decided to show up."

"I told you yesterday I would when you asked.What's going on anyways?" the auburn haired female asked, as she adjusted the strap of her purse over her left shoulder. She was dressed in a pair of jeans that flared at the bottoms, a black cammy with lace at the neckline, and black sweater. Seward blushed as he guided her into the building.

"Edric is like totally in love with you." he said still smiling. Gesturing his right hand towards the hardware store he nodded. "This way. Come now."

"Your best friend? The guy who's photos you keep showing me? The one who looks like he should be some viking pirate or something?"

"Yeah that would be the one."  They were half way into the hardware store, when our heroine stopped in her tracks causing Seward to turn back.

"Wait. So what, you showed him my photos too? Why?" she asked again fidgeting with the purse strap.

"No. Um..." he scratched at the back of his neck making a face shrugging his shoulders. "Don't get mad." Seward raised both hands towards her as if holding an invisible wall. "But...he's the one who told me about you." he shrugged again. "Edric saw you way way long time ago..." he turned then gesturing his right arm wildly towards the lawnmowers. "And has been crushing on you ever since." the younger male grabbed hold of her elbows and began pushing her out of the store, and into the main area of the mall.

"Hang on! So let me get this straight. You're telling me, your best friend knew about me before I ever knew about him?"

"Huh uh. Pretty much yeah. This direction past the store that makes all those smelly soaps with fruit juice." he moved them closer to the middle of the mall, trying to keep her out of the cameras view.

"Why am I only finding this out now?" Nosferatu remarked as she turned to face Seward, causing him to slam into her.

"He's very insecure? Yes, that's the answer I should go with. Um...he's very insecure." Seward nodded smiling once again, the dark mop of curls bouncing around his ears. He side stepped her clearing his throat blushing. "Can you stand a little more over here away from the security cameras. Thanks"

"No man is ever that insecure. What's gives?" our heroine's voice took on a sudden distrustful tone as she crossed her arms under her chest giving her boobs a boost. "What's the score?"

"Hey Nosferatu." they both turned to see Zeddy walking out of the lotto store, a pop in hand. "Seward said you were coming by tonight." Zeddy slurped loudly on his drink. "Hey, have either of you seen that new movie, the one about the crazy mob guy who keeps stealing his brother's gang, turning them against him? It's got that dude in it from that Australian soap opera. I was hoping to go this weekend to see it, but had to work." he shrugged. "Heard the soundtrack's an all 80's death metal sort of thing. I'm sure you've seen the previews for it or the poster?" he waited for them to say something, but both Seward and our heroine just shrugged. "You know the one..." he rolled his wrist gesturing then towards the direction of the nearest clothing store. "The one mob guy is all about taking over the world, but his brother is like all about rebuilding it. And they end up in this massive battle with the one kidnapping the second one's favourite waitress...or maid or mistress or something. Brainwashes her into running his cult for him." Zeddy held up his hand then as if describing someone's height before leaning on a mannequin for the comic book store display. "It's got that chick in it who's done all those cheesy bad monster movies." Seward and our heroine continued to look at him blankly. "Blood Splatter Beyond Dracula's Tooth, Die Die My Moonlit Bat, Renfield and the Corpse-Kickers..." their expressions didn't change. Giving up Zeddy sighed taking another large gulp of his pop before turning heading back to the pizza place.    

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Every movie is better with an all 80's death metal/heavy metal soundtrack!)

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Night Bleeds June 2017

Spudguns! It's that time again for the all vampire book/movie club. This month's selection combo was Witches of Eastwick.

Book:  Alexandra, Sukie and Jane have been friends for years. Ever since they all moved to the small town of Eastwick. Alexandra is getting bored with her current lover Joe, who keeps asking her if she wants him to leave his wife; while Sukie has just decided to exchange her current lover the town minister Ed for her boss Clyde, and Jane is also bored with the fact her current lover Raymond Neff is too demanding. The three women decide it would be nice to have a change of pace, when they find their worlds turned on it's side as a new man moves into town.
Unfortunately for the three witches, Darryl Van Horne, is more than just the talk of the town. He's also the center of attention from the other women. His entrance stirs up trouble with the city zoning board, but at the same time, manages to give half the town new jobs. He claims to be an inventor, but none of his works every seem to make it past the first creative stages. Meanwhile, he's prompting the three witches to expand on their own careers; pushing Jane Smart into trying harder works of music designed for a solo spot in the orchestra, as well as promising to make Alexandra Spofford the next household name in art. As each woman is seduced by their own fantasies of what Darryl really could represent for them, their home lives are breaking down. As the wives of their lovers are also beginning to want their own freedom from the husbands.
Felicia's husband Clyde, with his dreamy ideas of becoming a step father for Sukie Rougemont's children, snaps one night killing his wife with a fire poker before hanging himself. Brenda Parsley (Ed's wife) is both relieved and annoyed by the fact Sukie has dumped Ed for Clyde, as the affair was the one thing keeping Ed in check. But because of Sukie's desire to move on to Clyde, a teenaged Dawn sweeps in to ruin the equation. Dawn convinces Ed to run off and join a group of radicals opposing the war, which in turn gets Ed killed.
With the deaths of Felicia and Clyde, their children Chris and Jenny arrive in town. The three witches take a liking to the younger Jenny, inviting her to join their coven. Sadly for them, Jenny manages to steal Darryl from them, doing the one thing they couldn't, marry him. This sets off a chain reaction of hate from Jane, who convinces Alexandra and Sukie to help her get rid of the girl. They perform a spell using sympathetic magick by creating a poppet of wax and personal belongings of Jenny's. Jenny quickly becomes ill, and diagnosed with cancer. 
As an elderly couple -the Hallybreads; move in to town and buy Felicia and Clyde's house, Jane sets her sights now on the husband Arthur, leaving the wife Rose to deal with a new loneliness. Rose then befriends Dawn, Brenda and Greta Neff forming a new coven of their own.  Before long, Jenny dies leaving her now very wealthy widower husband Darryl Van Horne free to move back to New York with his lover; Chris, Jenny's younger brother.
Alexandra, Sukie and Jane have no other options but to do another spell each for their perfect man having decided they no longer want or need to stay in Eastwick.

So this book which is a 1984 novel, is for starters, set in the 1960s. Though, not a lot of "60's" details really stick in your brains letting you know this. It's mentioned here and there, but it honestly could be any decade really.

The big main theme here is women's liberation. Anyway you slice it, it comes down to a woman starting over and taking back her power. No pun intended.  It differs vastly from the movie version, from the fact they already know they are witches, to the multi-layering of extra characters, to the fact they are already very solidly having affairs when the story begins. Not too mention, the character of Darryl Van Horne is basically a bystander in it all. He's more a prop in the novel than anything else. Nor is he ever expanded on character wise. The story is seen through the eyes of all the women in town. Even with information in regards to the character of Darryl, it's either given by the four main women -Alexandra, Sukie, Jane, Jenny; or Rebecca the waitress who is dating Darryl's butler.  And nearly half the novel is done in second-hand/third-hand style. As gossip passed between the women. 

Movie: Alex, Jane and Sukie are three bored housewives. Jane is freshly divorced, Alex is widowed, and Sukie's husband abandoned her. Every week the three spend their Thursday nights trying out new recipes, drinking too much, gossiping about the rest of the town, and wishing for a better life. One night, they make a mutual wish for a new man to enter their lives.  That same night unknown to them, their wish is granted as Darryl Van Horne has just bought the old mansion on the hill. This sets off a ripple of excitement through the town, gathering the attention of Felicia; the town's self declared moral compass. Before long, the three main women find themselves the center of a scandal as each is seduced by Van Horne. Felicia, on the other hand has become obsessed with driving them out of town. But her visions of the coven drive her husband crazy, causing him to kill her then himself.
On the heels of the double murder, our main characters Alex, Jane and Sukie; decide to break away from Darryl's influence, but a moment too late as each ends up pregnant.
The three feel no choice but to use magick to send him away as they finally realize it was their combined will that brought him there to begin with.

This is one of those situations where the adaption is so different from the original works, that you almost can't even call them the same story.  In the book, Jane is the villain. There is nothing likable about the character of Jane Smart at all. She's vindictive, bitter, selfish, violent, abusive, and just greedy.  The character was not just softened for the movie, but overhauled into something more human. The movie combines the characters of the Neffs with a few others, giving Greta a base few mentions at the martini night scene when they are talking about the school principal. Where as in the novel, she's got a larger role.

The movie, is a starting over movie. All three of the main characters have lost the love of their life one way or another, and find themselves struggling to find a balance again.

I've talked about this movie in more detail last year when I hosted it for the May 2016 Food n Flix.  As well, I've done two recipes for it in the past. (Hallowe'en 2015 day 13 and the May 2016 Food n'Flix)  even though there is a ton of food mentioned in the book, I decided not to try any recipe right now. 

The vampire element you are the novel, Jane becomes more "alive" as Jenny deteriorates. The character of Jane goes from pale and mousy, to vivacious and brazen more and more as the spell works. Jane has literally stolen the life out of Jenny by having cast the hex on her. And it's at this point in the novel that Jane Smart ends up with her choice of lovers. (Which once again, has me casting notice to the subplot in Dracula where after the women are bitten and turned, the men become afraid of their sexuality.)
In the movie, Darryl is the one who holds the vampiric hold over the women. Manipulating them into giving him what he wants most, which are children. (and this vampiric element tying it to the idea of him being Dionysus/Bacchus which I talked about in a previous post) We see yet another parallel to the idea of Dracula and his three brides/Lucy and her three suitors; as Darryl has linked himself spiritually/emotionally and psychically to the three women, leeching off them their love and growing more powerful from their fears. (the scene where Darryl is sitting eating the basket of fruit watching the television sets of their video confessions, and suddenly their fears become real. He gets a powerful jolt from that both metaphorically and literally)

And with that, I'm going to end this one here for this month.  I'll be back later in the week with the official announcement post for August's combo, which I do believe is Night Watch...till later.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 313, chapter 313

Pangs of Glory

He shifted the gear as he looked over his right shoulder towards the other car, Seward gaining on him. Edric laughed as he crossed the finish line clapping his hands, before raising his arms in victory. The little screen beeping and glowing with the strobe lights announcing him the winner. Lifting himself out of the seat of the molded plastic 'car', the sandy-blonde male stuck out his tongue at his friend clearly enjoying himself as he bounced to the song piping through the arcade. "200 points! You owe me a drink." he said pointing towards the younger male.

"Yeah yeah." Seward said, running his hands through his dark hair, one lone curl flopping over his forehead. "You got the keys?" he asked gesturing to the door of the room. Edric rolled his blue eyes at him, before retrieving the key ring from his pocket.

"We better lock up in here, the floors should be dry out there by now." he commented slapping Seward on the shoulder. The two were little more than night security, even though they got paid more and were allowed to wear plain clothes. With it being July 1st long weekend, the mall had closed early, which had them arriving for their shift while the janitor was still cleaning. Seward had decided to come to work that night in a red and white t-shirt that simply had a maple leaf on it. He just couldn't resist. They locked up the arcade behind them, before heading down the escalator to their office; Seward checking the notes from the day shift.

"Okay I'm going to do the first walk round outside." he held up the note scribbled on a small piece of grid paper. "They have been having issues again with drunkenness near the south end of the building. I'll go check that bus stop make sure no one's hanging around."   Edric nodded as he settled in to watch the security cameras.  It took Seward a full fifteen minutes before he returned. Sighing he smiled weakly. "Your chick here again?" the dark haired male asked gesturing towards the screens.

"Nosferatu's not...but, yeah. She was at the fancy make-up store." Edric mumbled as he started to swivel in the chair, his hands locked behind his head.

"I don't understand you sometimes. You've been crushing on her for how long now?"

"Long enough to know that every Tuesday she goes to the record store cause its new release day, every third Wednesday it's the book store because that's when they get the new shipment of magazines. And every Thursday, she comes in on her way back from the cinema, buys a coffee at the fancy coffee place and grabs the bus on the north side of the building."

"Not your chick huh? That so totally proves she's your chick. And how do you know it's the cinema?" Seward asked smiling.

"She still has the half empty popcorn bag with her when she enters the building." Edric commented matter of factly.

"Have you thought about introducing yourself and asking her out instead of just sitting here during shift watching footage of her from the day?"

"The thought has crossed my mind." Edric let his voice drop a notch. Running his hand through his hair, as he continued to blush. "I'm not her type."

"Have you met you? You're everyone's type. You walk down the street and lamp posts swoon. Dude, ask her out." the younger male said as he checked off the schedule sheet. "Here in fact you can use my phone." he continued as he reached into his back pocket for the cell.

"Give me that!" Edric blushed wildly as he hit the on button. "What the hell would I say?"

"Hi. I'm Edric, I work at the mall." Seward raised an eyebrow at him, as Edric licked his lips before pressing them together, continuing to blush. "Just send a message on her instathingamginnick. Less stalker guy, more casual."

"The world has gotten too casual if you ask me." Edric said pouting. He held up the phone to his buddy. "See, goth guy." he moved his thumb across the list of who she was subscribed to. "Another goth guy with zombie make up." he moved his thumb again. "Another goth guy in a rock band." he continued to scroll through the list. "And another goth guy at a comic convention.  Oh and the goth guy with zombie make up holding a set of drum sticks at a comic convention."

"Different guys though." Seward shrugged. "Oh and the dude from Walking Dead. So that's something right?"

"Everyone is subscribed to the dude from Walking Dead. He's the dude from Walking Dead." Edric's voice became pinched as it rose a few notches, his hands gesturing towards the wall.

"Good point." Seward took his phone back looking at the page sighing. "Oh! Dude from Walking Dead just posted about his...I'll look at that later." Seward's voice dropped as he turned his back for a second. The phone binged, causing him to move a few feet away his back still turned. It binged a second time before he put it back into his pocket.

"Well, I see Zeddy forgot his keys again." Edric yawned. "Better go let him in." pointing to the security camera that was positioned just outside of the food court.

"When does he ever remember them?"

Shrugging the sandy-blonde male got up from his seat and headed down the hall. Unlocking the door nearest the pizza place, Edric stood waiting for Zeddy. The larger male was looking around, his eyebrows knitted together.

"What's the matter?" Edric asked.

"I think...I think someone's following me?" Zeddy remarked quickly as he tried to squeeze in past the other male. His arms out in front of him, his shoulders hunched.

"Why would anyone be following you?"

"I have no idea?" Zeddy shook his head eyes wide. "But I've been feeling it all day. Like when you're standing in line at the grocery and people are standing so tight to you, you can actually feel them breathing down your neck. It's been like that all day long."

"Dude, how much have you been smoking?"

"Nothing. I haven't had anything at all today...well okay I finished off the brownies that we got from grandma's roommate at the retirement home."

Edric nodded his head rubbing his hand over the back of his neck. "That would do it. You know Donna cuts those with mugwart right?"

"So?" Zeddy shrugged as he started to unlock the door to the pizza place, needing to get the dough made for the next day.  "Wait, so there's not pot in them?"

"Oh there is. She just adds mugwart too. Balances it out. So you shouldn't be feeling paranoid." Edric sighed as he started to walk back to the office.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yep, a mall.)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 312, chapter 312

Out of Time...

Edric wandered around long since having lost track of time. He gauged it to be somewhere after 2 a.m. just by the sudden rush of after bar traffic. He wasn't angry anymore, wasn't even sad. He was just numb. Thinking over everything that had happened in the last couple of months. How his life went from total crap to total high, back to...what was it even? It was still technically new. He could go anywhere he wanted, reinvent himself into whom ever he desired. All he had to do was keep on walking out of the city limits, never looking back.  The male hybrid was more than tempted. His powerful thighs pushing him forward in the night. What did it matter if he did? Edric had nothing holding him to the city anymore. With his sire missing, he was alone. No family, no friends, no job and no pack. The gravel crunched under his boot as he continued on towards the grain elevators, the edge of the harbour in sight.
No pack. Well, that wasn't completely true now was it? He had accidentally turned Detective Arthur Holmwood, and there was Dagan, his sire's ex. Though none of the three could stand being in the same room with each other. The thought of them being a pack made the sandy-blonde male snort with laughter. Another round of heavy crunching underfoot as Edric rolled his eyes. Looking up, he spotted a few sailboats on the water, the lighthouse in the far distance guiding them. The thought then crossed his mind of renting a boat. Of just sailing across the lake into the next province or even getting out of the country. But that rocky land mass that seemed to guard the edges of the waters, the giant; spooked him. The idea of having to pass his ship by it sent a cold shiver through him. If werewolves were real, what was that thing out there on the horizon really?  The waves began to crash up on the edge of what passed for beach. For the next few miles, all there was were rocks that seemed to mark the baseline between the lake and the sloping land. Edric took a seat on a larger one, his legs stretched out enough for the spray to lap at the toe of his boots.
The thought continued to invade the spaces in his mind, of just leaving and becoming someone else. Of finding work; something he could put his new found energy and strength into. Did werewolves work? Could it be possible for him to hold down a normal job? Construction maybe or rescue work? No, he shook his head at that one. The idea of any kind of bloody emergency scene would send him into a bloodlust. That also left out most sports now too. The dream he'd had the other day, he'd been a professor. He watched as a tiny pool of minnows glided around in circles just centimeters from his feet.
Sniffing, he leaned forward, his elbows now on his knees. And what about the rest of things? Our heroine had tried to warn him. Tried to get Edric to understand that claiming her as his mate would leave him vulnerable once Bacchus collected her. Letting out a deep sigh, he closed his eyes, resting his chin on his one hand. In the short amount of time, he'd gotten very used to having his sire with him. He sat up bolt straight, his eyebrows knitted together in worry. What about the blood? He could survive on the iv bags, that was proven already, but it was the connection he got from feeding off his sire, of her feeding off of him that really got him through it so far. It was itself, a drug. The real anchor for him now. The idea of not having another mate didn't disturb him half as much as the idea of never having that jolt, that high again did.
Now, he felt sad. Sad because he should have felt guilty at the thought. But hadn't. Edric rubbed the palms of his hands into his thighs, his shoulders tensing up as he swallowed the realization. He really did want her back. Selfish as his reasons were, as they could be, Edric wanted Nosferatu back!
He wanted to be with her in a house with a backyard just like the Van Helsing's had. Wanted to be able to sit in the kitchen in the mornings with her as they made breakfast, just like the kitchen at the Van Helsing house. Hell, if he could he'd buy the house from the three Van Helsing boys if they were willing to sell it to him.
No, that's not true either. When Edric thought about his life now, this new gift he'd stumbled into, he thought of sharing it with our heroine and the three Van Helsing boys. Seward, Ruthven and Landin were like family to him now. They were his pack.
Growling, he stood up tossing his head back, his eyes closed tight, letting out a scream of frustration. It wasn't anything like he'd allowed himself before. It was more than a howl of the wolf, more than a human scream. It was his banshee side that he allowed to rip through the night from his throat. And when he opened his eyes, they were not their normal human blue, or the amber-grey of the wolf, but the pure white of the banshee. Like an empty white socket.

"Bacchus!" the scream of pain chilled even him as he demanded the god show himself. "You have something that belongs to me!" he slammed his fist into his chest as the magick mist dissolved around him for a heartbeat. His own ears began to ring, as the last notes of the echo bounced back off the water. He swore the one sailboat that was closest to the shore bobbed a little more than it should have as the waves crashed harder. The hybrid waited listening to the animals, the birds, the very fish as they all quickly got away from him. His nostrils flaring he swore even the leeches miles out in the still shallow areas fled in fear.  He screamed again.

"What is it with you mutts that you think you're so damn entitled? There are rituals to call on gods. But you just scream, throw a tantrum and expect the gods to answer."

"Who are you?" he spun around to stare at the female.

"Doesn't matter. I'm not actually here, I'm just a token." the female said crossing her arms. "Bacchus is busy, what do you want?"   Edric snarled as he moved closer to her, his hand out in front of him. It went right through the female's neck like a hologram.

"If you know who I am, then you know what I want. I want my mate back!" his voice rose taking on a pinch.

"Wasting time here. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Nosferatu is Bacchus's now. Anything else?"

"Tell Bacchus that I'm going to find where he's hiding her. And when I do..." he stumbled forward, the figure having disappeared. "Shack!" he screamed again into the night air, this time scaring an owl. Gasping for air, Edric ran as a blur back to the Van Helsing's.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Anyone else got the theme for Love Boat stuck in their heads now? No just me then)

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Random movie May 26st 2017 (Food n Flix )

Spudguns! It's that time of month, when I offer you up my dinner and a movie, for the blogging group Food n'Flix. This month is being hosted by Debbi at  Kahakai Kitchen  .... and it's Princess Bride.

movie: The Princess Bride
starring: Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon
genre: Comedy, Adventure
year: 1987
format: DVD

plot: When a young boy's grandfather shows up to read to him, his imagination is sparked with a story about pirates, true love, evil murder plots, revenge, and things that are not always what they seem. We follow the characters in the fairy tale - Westley and Buttercup- as their adventure unfolds. Buttercup believing Westley is dead at the hands of the Dread Pirate Roberts, agrees to marry the prince. The prince is trying to start a war with the next kingdom, and plans on doing so by killing Buttercup and blaming it on the neighbouring kingdom. But his plans are foiled when Westley who is not only alive but in fact the Dread Pirate Roberts shows up to rescue her.

Based on the 1973 novel.

This is one of those stories everyone loves. It's got something for all tastes.  My favourite scenes are Westley sword fighting with Inigo Montoya; who has like the coolest line in all of moviedom  "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you have killed my father prepare to die".  I mean, who hasn't at some point in time quoted that like for no other reason then it's damn cool!  My other favourite scene is when Inigo and Fezzik take Westley half dead, to see Miracle Max. The comedy timing of Carol Kane and Billy Crystal is as perfect as the sword fight is earlier.

Notes:  cheesies, cow, chicken, pig, apples, garlic, leeks, bread, carrots, dough, celery, water, herbs, goats, buttercup (her name) brandy (mentioned) peanut (mentioned) cheese, eel, wine, "cinnamon" (the sand made me think of it) "swordfish" (the fencing made me think of it) sandwich, juice, coffee, sliced ham, pears, rabbit, soup/stew, lemon juice (mentioned) mutton-lettuce-tomato sandwich (mentioned) chocolate, muffin (mentioned) potatoes, wheat, onions, walnuts, mango, grapes, pineapple

I have to confess something. My recipe didn't work. And I did not have a back up plan. I had said in another post, I'd be back that week with this, but my recipe failed and I wasn't sure I was going to do this at all. And if you've been following this for any length of time, you know I like to think outside the box as much as I can.  What I ended up doing, was going with the obvious. I ended up making a soup.  My inspiration scene being where Inigo is drunk and falls face first into his soup/stew.  And it used more than half the ingredients from my notes.

 Ingredients for mom's beef soup

1 package stew beef
2 large potatoes or 3 small ones
1 cup chopped carrots
2 stalks celery chopped
half onion chopped
1 cup instant rice
1 can tomato soup
1 can veggie soup
1 container beef broth
half a turnip chopped
salt to taste

Rinse the beef in cold water until most of the colour is out.  Then put it on to simmer for about an hour, at which point you remove any scum from the top. Let simmer for another half hour,
Chop all the vegetables, adding in the celery and onion first.
Stir in the beef broth
Let simmer for another fifteen minutes, before adding remaining ingredients

With the lid half way on, let simmer for another 45 minutes, so that the rice can plump up.

First off, yeah I did a meat dish. Which of course I did not eat. But mom seemed happy with it so... And second, it ironically fit. This was one of those weird situations, where I was banging my head against the wall with lack of inspiration, and was literally walking around the apartment with the damned dvd in hand when mom called asking me to go to the grocery for her. When I saw how the shopping list was turning out;  it made perfect sense. And yes, I walked around the grocery with the movie in my purse cause I'm spiffy like that.

That's it for this month. If you try this one, let me know what you think cause this is one recipe I didn't taste myself.    Next month the group will be doing the movie Volver and is being hosted by Evelyne at  CulturEatz

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 311, chapter 311

Out of Time...

Landin sat in the living room, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a fur coat, a cup of hot tea beside him on the table, and the remote in hand.  He said nothing as he settled into the warmth of the sofa; overly aware that he was being watched from the kitchen doorway. Edric leaned against the wall, his arms crossed as he observed his friend.

"So what is he doing?"

"Uh...Mohawk Girls are on."  Seward said matter of factly before licking a maple butter sauce off his thumb.  Edric turned his nose up as he squinted at the younger male.

"What is it with this family and their soap operas? You with your Vampire Diaries, him now with his Mohawk Girls...what's next is Ruthven addicted to..." he gestured then towards the television.

"Death in Paradise. He's got a thing for British detective stories." Seward remarked a little too snotty.  "I mean, Mohawk Girls is good, but it's not exactly North of 60 or the Rez."    Edric let out a deep sigh as he shook his head, his left hand at the back of his neck.

"You're killing me here. How is any of this going to help our situation?"

"Landin is filtering all this best he can."  Seward said raising an eyebrow.

"Landin has ears and is only sitting ten feet away. I can hear you guys you know." the bleached blonde said not bothering to turn to look at them. Pointing the remote towards the tv, he turned the volume up. "And whatever you've got hatching, I don't want any part of it. I'm done with all this supernatural crap."

"Great to say, but you're a medium. All this supernatural crap isn't done with you. Far from it I'm betting given you were visited by the white wolf."  Vlad said from the stairs. The dark haired vampire stood in the middle of the stairwell, taking a seat lengthwise one leg dangling between the rungs. "I can't tell you why because I don't really know yet, but you've been chosen. Given a gift. You need to explore your gift, expand your mind not dull it with pretty moving pictures." he nodded towards the television.

"Honestly man, if I don't dull it with pretty moving pictures I will loose it completely." Landin said around his nails as he started to chew on them.

"And this...this helps?" Vlad continued, running his hand over his short goatee before running his fingers through the short spiked sandy brown hair. Tapping the top of his skull, he rolled his brown eyes to the ceiling. "Whatever happened to Shakespeare?" 

"Ah, turned into movies." Seward remarked. The youngest of the group was feeling the most bold since their visit from Odin. Seeing the way he'd manhandled Edric made Seward realize they were all truly in this together, none of them more important than the others.


Rolf's Kingdom

"How long he been like this?" Maxwell asked as he stood in the doorway of the library a sandwich in hand. Finn shook his head not bothering to look at the werewolf.

"Since yesterday." the familiar responded pulling the tiny round sunglasses down his nose to glare at Rolf in shock. The familiar's cat eyes glowed green in the darkness of the castle. He watched as Rolf was kneeling in the middle of the large room, a blanket over his shoulders and a crayon in hand. The shapeshifter had been covering every bit of wall and floor in the room with what looked like gibberish. "Woke up screaming about seeing a large wolf dead in the middle of the room, and there being nothing but a large room filled with snakes. Him being trapped in it." he shrugged then, pushing the glasses back into place, before running his pale hand through the sun-kissed highlights of his sandy-gold hair.

"At lest he's stopped blushing every time Reuben walks into the room. Dude's been messed up ever since Nosferatu dumped her soul into him. Can't be easy getting all her memories too?" Maxwell commented his own brown eyes shifting around suddenly. "Uh...any idea how to you know remove it?"

"No. I've tried everything magickally I know, talked to the Sea Witch, and the Necromancer. Until either Loki returns and zaps Rolf, or another god decides to get involved; our king is stuck."

"And no one has seen or heard from Loki in months." Maxwell mumbled.  "Hang on. What's he doing now?" they watched as the large werewolf stood up the mass of dark curls tangled in knots around his face, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulders as he shuffled through the library. Watched as he lifted his left foot stepping over one drawing he'd done, the one in the green crayon, as he then shuffled two millimeters to the right performing the same side step over a large patch he'd done in orange crayon, before walking toe to heel as if on a tightrope to the far corner of the room. Here he knelt carefully beginning again with the now blue crayon in hand as he began to write more of the unknown language.

"That's it. I'm going to Victor's. Try not to get yourself killed while I'm gone." Finn commented turning sharply on his heels.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Maybe Rolf just wants to colour for awhile, cause you know, it's relaxing...)

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Coffee talk May 16th 2017

Spudguns!  Got your morning drink of choice...I'll's okay I know the drive thru can be a long haul...okay good.  It's spring where I am finally. The weather where I am has been all over the board, like it's got split personalities or something. Hot with +30C one day, -10C with snow the next etc. If you follow me on youtube (me on youtube) then you might have seen me talking about the fact one of those crazy random flash storms the other week caused a power outage/surge that fried my television. It forced me to upgrade my life. This sort of has nothing to do with this blog yet everything. As it put me a few weeks behind on the schedule I had going for the movie reviews, both on here and the youtube ones. And naughty me, I don't always post the same movie reviews on here as I do on youtube. Which is why I'm posting about this right now.
Which brings me to my next thing. I'm going to be spreading out the Nosferatu Adventures, a bit more the next month or so. I'm still trying to find my balance between writing it and making the videos. So, thru mid summer, I'd say T.N.A. (my werewolves not the wrestling company) will be closer to two weeks between installments.

I'll be back later this week with my offering for Food n' Flix; and the next installment of Nosferatu Adventures.

And if you follow me on youtube, then you can connect to me on instagram too, the link is linked on my channel page. You can see photos of my vampire t-shirts, and my pointless Hallowe'en countdown, and other such randomness.   Oh my god, social media is exhausting, I'm going to need a nap just from trying to link my life. 

talk later

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Random movie may 14th 2017

movie: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2
starring: Colm Feore, Patrick Huard
genre: Comedy, Crime,
year: 2017
format: Cinema

plot: Two Canadian detectives, David who is undercover, and Martin who is now a federal agent, find themselves reunited after ten years since they last worked together to solve a murder investigation. This time around, they are caught up in a terrorist plot that at first seemed like nothing but a simple car theft.

I talked back few years ago about how much I loved the first of the films. So of course, I had to rush out to see this one in cinemas. First off, let me just say thank god for subtitles, because 95% of this was French and I don't speak a lick of French.  And I'm actually amazed it landed in my local cinema, because we never get subtitled films unless it's a film fest. So this was very cool simply for the fact it was a non-English film being shown in my local cinema.

The first film was a buddy cop comedy that didn't take itself overly serious. This however, is a buddy cop drama-comedy that does take itself more serious.  For me, the biggest laugh came which the joke of the theft of the hockey helmet, and what to do with it afterwards.
The plot starts off soft, with what looks like just a mob boss running a car theft business. But, it soon turns out the cars are being used as mobile bombs and being sent over the boarder to the states.  This movie pretty much says the states are/is destroying itself at rapid speed.

And the mob boss isn't even "the big bad" in this. The first half of the movie is centered around the undercover investigation, framing the mob boss as the bad guy; but we quickly learn he's just a pawn in a much more devious plan.

Since it just came out in cinemas this weekend, I won't say too much else because of spoilers, but I will say, that the ending leaves plenty of room for a third film. Even though one character is dealt a "shaky hand", his storyline can easily be reopened. There is also a hint of the possibility if they make a part three; there being a female cop brought in. And I really really really hope there is a third part to the series. 

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Coffee Talk May 9th 2017

Spudguns!  It's that time again, where I come in and let you know what the current Night Bleeds combo is. And yes, I realize I'm late with it this month. Sorry, I would forget my skull if it wasn't bolted on.  But, the current combo is Witches of Eastwick  the original 1984 book and the 1987 movie.

Rules are simple, you must have a blog to join in. Read the book and  watch the movie and if you are inspired to bake/cook/craft anything, let me know with a link and a comment to either this post or the post on the day.
The deadline is the last Sunday of June 2017, which is Sunday June 25th 2017.  Please link to either this announcement or the Night Bleeds page itself.  The blog post must be current; in this case done in June 2017.

As always, if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to join me for the physical book club, let me know. 

I think I remembered everything I needed to tell you guys, so I'm to coffee.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 310, chapter 310

Out of Time...

"Vlad was so angry when he realized he would never get a kid from me. I truly believe he thought he could magick one, that my lycanthrope side would counteract us both being vampiric. His grand plan was to raise the oldest, but Loki wouldn't allow it. Then of course, the others died before he could snatch them up to become his adopted heir." our heroine said to no one in particular. She was sitting on the floor in the corner of her little celled area, the trenchcoat spread out like a skirt. The female who had entered the room with the dinner tray said nothing as she pretended not to listen. "I wonder if anyone ever decided if I was worth my weight in gold?" she giggled at the thought. "Certainly, it couldn't have been silver now could it?" she scuffed her foot in a half circle watching the other female as she left the tray as close to the bars as possible. This new bacchae was careful not to get too close to either our heroine or the silver bars. Her violet eyes seemed to glow nearly lilac as they gazed unmovingly at our heroine. "That's all I ever was to any of them. The token wife. Dowried to the hilt. Only, no one paid for the mergers in any monetary wealth. No they all payed in death didn't they?"  she kicked the bars slightly, a small puff of smoke rising quickly from her ankle as she did. "I can't reach that. Not that I would eat any of it anyways, given I don't trust it to not be poisoned. Do you not speak? Huh? I know you should still have your tongue, as I haven't ripped it out. But only because you're new."  the auburn haired banshee licked her lips as she watched the other female walk around the room, one hand on the sword at her hip. "Afraid of silver. Interesting." our heroine sniffed deeply closing her eyes. "But not a wolf. There's not a hint of wet dog at all from you. So what are you? You're not like me. That much is clear, with those purple eyes and those octopus arms for hair."

The female stiffened when hearing that. "You ma'am; can be certain there is nothing wrong with the food. I made it myself."

Our heroine stopped giggling, stopped smiling as she slinked up the wall to a standing position. She was across the length of the little prison in half a breath, her palms smoking from the bars as she pulled on the one enough to get her arm through it.  The bacchae gasped as she stood in complete shock as our heroine unlocked the cage door stepping out into the main area of the room. She was then nose to nose with her as our heroine grabbed her by the throat holding her high above her head.

"You did not just ma'am me!" she tossed her to the ground letting the bacchae fall. "I know that word did not just come from those fish stained lips of yours. Clearly, I am no one's grandmother, therefore clearly, I am not someone you would ma'am!" she turned walking back to the little cell, sitting once again in the corner.

"But if you could escape why haven't you?" the bacchae said holding her throat.  Our heroine shrugged.

"I needed the vacation." her words were cutting.

"So you really are her? The one I heard stories of growing up." the bacchae said getting to her feet.

"Depends on what you heard?" our heroine snarled, letting her wrists dangle over her knees.

"The only female wolf to give birth and survive."

"Sure if you say so. I mean, yeah I pushed out those furballs. More than once. I survived, most them didn't though so don't get all party throwing. But I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Besides, I wasn't totally wolf now was I? Hybrid. Banshee first, then loaded up with all that shapeshifting goodness." our heroine sniffed again looking at the female. "You're not what you appear to be are you there?"

"I am not. I bargained with Bacchus. My devotion to be anything other than..."

"A female wolf." our heroine clapped her hands slowly. "Smart girl. You saw your mortality and chose to be a planter for a fish head instead. Explains the fear of the silver bars." she moved to a standing position again, daring to eye the tray of food. "So what are you not poisoning me? Looks like some sort of stew."

"It's mutton." the bacchae replied.

"You got a name?" our heroine reached for the piece of bread that was also on the tray.


"Shayne. Odd name for a female. Well Shayne. Give me your arm."

"What for?"

"I'm a banshee remember. Need blood."


Landin said nothing as the wolf entered the room. At lest he thought it entered the bedroom, but he couldn't be too sure it hadn't been there all along. He watched as the white wolf paced back and forth at the foot of the bed before jumping up on it. The creature's breath hot on his face and neck as it decided to stretch out on top of him. Landin could do nothing, as if his limbs were not his own. The white wolf licked it's muzzle nodding his head towards him, his eyes cast downward as it let out a lonesome howl. When the scream finally broke through Landin's lips, he sprang up to a sitting position, the sweat covering him completely. He was completely alone. No sign that the creature had been anything other than a fevered dream. Getting up out of the bed, the bleached blonde male began walking down the hall, down the stairs towards the kitchen where he was sure the voices he was hearing were real. The empty iv bag still connected to his arm, trailing behind him like an plastic tail.

"Anyone know who the white wolf is?"

Vlad had been standing in the backyard, hearing him, he turned and walked through the back door of the house. "Why would you ask that?"

"I just had a vision of a large white wolf."

"Only female werewolves dream of them. And only when they are pregnant. The only exception I've ever heard of was Rolf. But that's only because he shared a soul with Nosferatu."

"So what does this mean?" Landin asked making himself a cup of tea.

"I'm not completely sure." Vlad remarked.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well he is psychic remember)

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Night Bleeds April 2017

Spudguns! It's that time again, for the all vampire book and movie club. This month's combo is the book The Vampire Lestat (1985) and the movie version Queen of the Damned (2002).  Now, the movie actually is half of this book and half of the third book in The Vampire Chronicles.

I have to say, The Vampire Lestat, is my favourite book. I read this when it first came out; when I was 12. Most of it went over my head, but that didn't stop me from connecting to it. My copy ended up being a permanent fixture in my purse from the time I read it in 1986 until just a few years ago. I've read this four times completely in the last 31 years. It also coloured the spiritual path I ended up on.

Book: We open in 1985, with Lestat waking up after sixty years buried underground. His dreams have been affected by the radio news, and general conversations of the people living in the area around him. It's steeped his hunger in more than one way. Lestat is most drawn to the punk metal band living on his property, their music having coloured his dreams. He decides he wants to become the new lead singer, telling his new neighbours that he's going to write everything, and pay for everything. He then begins to tell the group about his life, and decides to write not just the music/lyrics of their album, but his autobiography as well. He's done this with the intent of stirring up trouble with the vampire community.  We then are taken through flashbacks to his childhood in France, where he has runaway to join a group of traveling actors, where he falls in love with his best friend Nicolas; who has also runaway to become a musician. Nicolas's violin music has helped to propel them to a small theater, where Lestat is the lead actor and Nicolas is the head musician. Before long, Lestat is kidnapped and taken to a tower by the vampire Magnus. Magnus does not teach his new fledgling much other than telling him the most basic of rules, before setting fire to himself and dying. Lestat is then left to explore his new nature. Soon, Lestat returns to his friends at the theater and learns his mother Gabrielle is dying. He decides to turn her then. She's his first fledgling. Nicolas becomes his second, and for a few years they live in harmony. But Nicolas has become so depressed, he sets fire to himself as well. At this point, Lestat meets the ancient vampire Armand, who is the coven leader in the area. The coven proves to be lacking in their own own identity, until Lestat gifts them the theater. He then goes with Gabrielle to Egypt. Here, Lestat meets Marius, one of the oldest vampires on the planet. Marius tells Lestat about how he was turned, just as Armand had told him his own story. Marius also tells Lestat about Those Who Must Be Kept. The two first vampires, whom Marius is the caretaker of. Akasha and Enkil.  Akasha and Enkil, have not moved or fed in hundreds of years, and have become like stone. Lestat does not let this stop him though as he plays music for them, causing Akasha to move for the first time in over a hundred years.  Lestat is then turned out, banished from them, and goes to the New World. Here, he spends nearly a hundred years with his next two fledglings, Louis and Claudia, before Claudia's attempt to kill him. From here, Lestat confesses that he went underground for the first time in 1929. We are now back to the "present", and Lestat is getting ready for his first rock concert. He has openly broken all the rules of the ancient vampires, by telling mortals about them. This enrages the other vampires, and they have all begun showing up at the concert trying to kill him. But, each of his enemies suddenly bursts into flames, and Lestat believing it's Marius returns home to wait for his friend. When he is given a dream message of Marius trapped in ice, he learns that the one causing his enemies to burn is indeed Akasha awakened. His last image is of her grabbing him just as the sun is rising.

The main themes I got from this novel were desperation, vanity, loneliness, fear, grief, anxiety, wanting to be loved and fearing the ability of not being loved, and the ying-yang of spirituality.  We are taken through every major religion from Christianity to Celtic beliefs to Egyptian beliefs to the lack of beliefs.
This novel manages to hand you every polarity there is in spiritual terms, from Armand's coven who claim to devote themselves to Satan but still follow Catholic ideals; to Dionysus, to Osiris and Isis's myth, to the Druidic worship of nature.

The very thread of the main relationship between Lestat and his mother Gabrielle is that of the Pagan views of the moon/sun stories and metaphor for the changing of the seasons. As his mother is dying of a wasting disease, the son rises to her aid; giving her this new rebirth. (the mother goddess with her lover/son with the death rebirth of the seasons) This is then paralleled with the characters of Akasha and Enkil, who are the center of the Isis/Osiris mythology. The god being struck down by his brother who chops him to bits, leaving his wife to piece him back together all but one part. Thus, he becomes the god of the dead/underworld. (as the vampires in The Chronicles can not have sex)
The male/female roles are very blended here as well. The female characters are very strong characters who as they become vampires become cold towards everyone else, while the male characters are the more emotional and passionate characters.  And of course, this lends once again fittingly to the whole idea of the destruction side of the goddess, and the nurturing side of the god.  In fact, all the female characters seem to be the ones in control of the situations. From Gabrielle being not just Lestat's mother, but the fact she directs their journey for most of it, and comments about how she could see the direction the world is headed. That she envisioned a new religion where the vampire was feeding openly and humans being little to nothing. (which of course is Akasha's grand goal later on) The mention of Claudia from the first novel, who demands to be given equal power as Lestat, feeling she is more deserving than he is given her being stuck as a child. To the female vampire in Armand's coven who is clearly more in charge than even he is.

When Marius is telling the story of when he first drank Akasha's blood hundreds of years before, how he fell to his knees kissing her hand, therefore becoming her most devoted follower. That is just another version of the Dracula/Renfield story line. Master and servant. This also finds its way in to the rest of the novel in a much subtler way.  Lestat's human lawyer/banker is nothing more than another example of this pure devotion. Even though Roget does not know of Lestat's true nature, he still acts in the same way. Even Enkil is nothing more than an over barring bodyguard to Akasha in the end. The character of Enkil sits silently moving in a rage only when someone tries to come between himself and Akasha.

I actually loved the idea that we come full circle with the little "families" that Lestat has. In this novel, (which even though it's book two, it's first in the story's timeline arch) we see Lestat with his fledgling mother who is this blonde wild creature, and his dark haired depressed best friend/lover Nicolas. And in Interview with the Vampire, we find Lestat in a family with dark haired depressed best friend/lover Louis and the child fledgling Claudia who is this blonde wild creature. I thought the direct parallel was a brilliant link to the chain. And once again, comes to the idea that it's a metaphor for the old myths of the changing of seasons, the cycles that constantly repeat themselves.  (the women he can never possess, never understand, never get over and never control)

I also love beyond words, the fact Lestat is a telling of Dionysus. It's not just something the character refers to, but is in part woven directly into the whole make up of the plot. There is a section on page 330 where Lestat is thinking about the myths and stories of Osiris and Dionysus comparing them. "This god Osiris was the god of wine to the Egyptians, the one later called Dionysus by the Greeks. And Dionysus was the 'dark god' of the theater, the devil god whom Nicki described to me when we were boys at home. And now had the theater full of vampires in Paris. Oh it was too rich. I couldn't wait to tell it to Gabrielle."  It's the character of Nicolas who brings up the whole idea of becoming a Dionysusian. Of throwing their breeding to the wind and diving into the arts, living in a frenzied state of that of actors and musicians. And then we see Nicolas fail to reach his own ideals as Lestat embodies them effortlessly.

movie: it's the year 2000, and Lestat has been in a self induced coma for most of the 1900's. He is drawn to the goth band who are down the road from his hiding place, and decides to join them. As the band gets ready for their first concert, a group of paranormal scholars, called the Talamasca, are worried about the sudden rise in paranormal activity. They have been watching for hundreds of years, chronicling the most powerful vampires and witches around. Jessie is still new to the Talamasca, but very eager to take on the task of being Lestat's watcher. She soon becomes involved with him on a personal basis. Jessie also feels connected to other members of the vampire society, experiencing odd dreams of her family and members of the biggest vampire coven.  On the other side of the planet, Akasha the first vampire, has been awoken from a three thousand year sleep by the sounds of Lestat's music. She frees herself from the confines of her hideout and begins searching for him. Everyone ends up at Lestat's concert. The members of the Talamasca, Jessie, Akasha, Marius, Armand, Pandora, and Jessie's aunt Maharet. We learn that Maharet is one of the oldest vampires, created at the same time as Akasha, and therefore Jessie's dreams are more than she has believed. Akasha then kidnaps Lestat, promising to make him her new king, as she begins to create her version of a new world run by vampires. Everything comes to a head in Maharet's underground mansion, as the vampires declare war on each other. 

Since this film is the combination of books 2 and 3 in the series, it is a bit unbalanced. I do like this film, the ideas are there they just could have been polished a bit more. I didn't care for the way they did the character of Jessie at all. Nor did I overly click with the "goth scene" they threw them into. That's something I would have kept to the original a bit more, having it either still in the 1980's rock style or better yet, given it was done in 2000-2001 I would have maybe set it in the very late 1970's.

One of the big differences in the movie to the book is the fact they combine two of the vampires; Magnus and Marius, making them one character. (Another is that they completely removed the main story of the twins from book 3.)

The fact they had a different actor playing Lestat in this movie from the first (as well as Armand. Who are the only two characters brought over from the first movie) actually makes sense to me. This story is suppose to be a good hundred years after the first movie. Lestat is in a different state of mind, he's grown, had major loss, basically been through a divorce (yes I'm comparing the idea of Louis leaving him to a divorce) and pretty much has a different attitude. Having Stuart Townsend playing Lestat as the rock star works. He looks like he could be Jim Morrison. (though I would have loved loved loved to have seen Val Kilmer in this role)

My favourite scenes are pretty much the ones between Lestat and Marius (Vincent Perez from Crow 2 City of Angels) Perez brings a nice balance of slyness to the role. Almost as if he's playing a cat and mouse game that no one really realizes they are part of. The term seductively bored, could easily be used for the way he presents the character. He manages to say more with a tilt of his chin and down casting his eyes, then some of the other actors do with a full monologue.

The big themes I got out of this film were acceptance of self, and the feeling of belonging. You almost get the idea that they were subtly exploring oppression, but it gets lost somewhere along the way. You also completely loose any of the spiritual aspects from the novel Vampire Lestat. All the questions on what is good/evil, all the metaphors and myths about world religions are completely missing here.

And that's about all for now. Our next combo will be in June, and it's Witches of Eastwick, both book and movie. But I'll be back later in the week with the official announcement post for it.

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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 309, chapter 309

Out of Time...

Edric slammed his fist into the brick wall as he stomped around the outside of the warehouse. A snarl escaped his throat as he thought about what the mirror guy said. Nodding to the now broken bricks, he ran back across town to the Van Helsing house.  It seemed his refuge was become his weakest link.

"Hey dude, you're just in time for..." Seward commented as he locked the car door holding up the bag of take-away. It went flying onto the lawn as Edric grabbed his friend slamming him face first into the hood of the car.

"I just saw some guy in my bathroom mirror telling me Nosferatu, my sire, the female I claimed; would be giving birth to a Van Helsing! Shacking explain to me how would that be possible?" he rubbed Seward's face harder into the hood of the car.

"Good news! Good news!" the dark haired human said.

"How is that good news? The only way someone else can claim her is if I die." the sandy-blonde hybrid screamed.

"It means we get her back! We get her back..." Seward was starting to run out of breath. Edric let go snorting, as he took a large pace, circling back around to glare at his young friend. Edric picked up the bag of food, moving as slow as possible to make sure Seward saw the gesture. He could tell by the weight of it that it was still okay, nothing had fallen out, or it seemed spilled. Carefully the older male placed it on the hood of the car. "Tell me what happened. Exactly?"  Seward said rubbing his hand then at his throat. Edric filled him in on the situation, his blue eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf as he seemed to get angry again.  "Okay, what do we know about it? We know..."

"That I die is what we know! I end up dead and someone..." the hybrid began screaming again.

"...we know that in order for her to give birth, that means she will get her soul back. And if it's someone claiming to be in my family, then we get her back." Seward said his hands up trying to calm the hybrid down. "And one of us get turned." Seward swallowed hard, his eyes darting back and forth quickly.

"If you think I'm going to sit back and allow you or Ruthven to take my place you've got another thing coming!" Edric was pointing at Seward, his nails having become glass like and at lest two centimeters. Seward swallowed again trying not to blink as the nail on Edric's forefinger was getting just a bit too close to his face.

"What if it's not? One of us I mean?" Seward inched away from him grabbing the bag of food slowly moving towards the house. "You did say the guy said he isn't born for like over seventy years still. So what if it's not us? What if it's our grand kids or something who ends up..."

"You're over looking the me being dead part!" Edric said following the human into the house and straight to the kitchen. The sandy-blonde hybrid brought his left hand up to his skull, in the gesture of a gun, his eyes wide having gone back to their human blue. "Trust me, I really don't have any suicidal tendencies."

"Are you sure right now? Cause that's a really impactful gesture." Seward replied dropping the food on the table picking up a stack of napkins. "Really, a cartoon character?" he said waving the children's birthday napkins at the nearly empty kitchen.

"They were on sale." Ruthven shrugged as he walked into the room. "So, if I heard you right just now, you saw something..."

"Someone! I saw someone." Edric corrected him growling.

"Someone, who may or may not be Nosferatu's kid, and may or may not be related to us down the road. And may or may not be lying to you? Don't we have a coven we're suppose to be crapping our pants over? Huh? Isn't there a couple of uber powerful male witches out there that both just happen to be Nosferatu's exes who might want to screw with your head because you're her guy right now?"  Ruthven ran his hand over his beard, wiping the corners of his mouth before picking up the files on the table, waving them for dramatic effect, then dropping them in front of Edric. "You had me watch weeks of that soap opera cause Quentin had a hunch about The Seer leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in it." he pointed to the table before turning back towards the kitchen door. "I am pretty sure Hansel and Gretel were punished because in their selfishness, they didn't see the forest for the trees."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Edric growled again.

"You're not the only one who's affected here." he doubled back to the kitchen table grabbing the small glass of rum, the ice clanking as he did. "I forgot my drink." he mumbled as he then left the kitchen.  Edric stood there blinking shaking his head in a double take.

"What just happened here?" he asked hooking his thumb towards the doorway.

"He misses her too you know." Seward replied shrugging as he removed five plates from the cupboard. "They'd become friends."

"Friends? He thinks they became friends." Edric crossed his arms in defiance. "He just got suckered into her spell is all. Friends my arse." his eyes became hard slits as he shook his head, the sandy-blonde hair falling over his one eye, forcing him to fix the limp mohawk. "Banshee half god." Edric snorted in disgust.

"Edric. Go home. Go home get some sleep grab a few iv bags, go for a run. I don't know." Seward said closing his eyes emotionally exhausted. 

"Wait. Are you kicking me out?"

"Yeah." he nodded making a clicking noise with his tongue. "I am. In fact what time is it?" he looked at the little clock on his cell phone. "For the next four hours. Edric I'm uninviting you from this house."  he pointed towards the backdoor.  Edric snarled his hands in fists at his side, rocking up on his toes. Opening his mouth he tried to speak but found he couldn't. It was as if his throat was closing in on him. The air trapping in his lungs as if he were holding his breath underwater, his neck and face turning red. But he couldn't move. The hybrid was stuck in place as if part of the floor. Burn marks began to form on the edge of his collar, small blisters appearing over his skin as his nose began to bleed.  "I undo it! I unto it! You're invited to my house! I invite you in, and give you free reign of the place!"   A howl of pure pain escaped Edric's lips finally as he grabbed his skull in both hands falling to his knees. The magick mist seemed to burn off him in one giant puff of smoke, leaving the male naked for a few seconds, a heavy layer of sweat across him where the blisters were already beginning to heal.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. The X-Division might just save wrestling again.)