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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 255, chapter 255

Darkest Forest ...

Reuben walked into the large room not bothering to knock. He didn't need to, Victor had sensed him coming down the hall. Straightening up to his full height, the sandy blonde male barely gazed over his shoulder at the shapeshifter. "Need something?" Victor's words dripped off his lips like melted honey. Only Reuben knew there was nothing sweet about it. The werewolf sniffed as he crossed the threshold dragging a finger across everything silently marking some territory.

"Damen's outside with Harker. He's asking if he can have burgers for supper?"

"I'm afraid I've already sent the maid to the market, it will be her choice what we are having, but I'll make sure tomorrow burgers are on the menu if he's still interested." Victor replied, his tone softening just a little. "Damn, it's good to be back." he turned rubbing his hands together. Bacchus had mysteriously decided to remove the barrier between Rolf's Kingdom and the Darkest Forest, after nine years. The ban on vampiric creatures in the Darkest Forest was once again lifted. Not only was Damen who was half banshee, Victor who was an incubus, but Rolf who shared his actual soul with our heroine, had all been unable to cross into the forest for almost a decade.  Now Victor stood once again in his castle the dust and cobwebs a strangely comforting sight.  Reuben sneezed.

Picking up a discarded corset, Reuben snarled sniffing it. "I see Bryon took good care of the place over the years." tossing the article of clothing across the room, the werewolf sneezed again. "Little zombie prince..."he sneezed twice more. "...sss." Reuben shook his head his eyes wide, his very delicate werewolf senses over run with dust and mold.

"Did you just call him a princess?" Victor asked pouring himself first a scotch then deciding to hand it over to Reuben instead.

"Not on purpose." he downed the drink in one swallow. "Speaking of self proclaimed royalty. Don't you think it's a bit odd that the Queen has never tried to overtake Rolf's kingdom? I mean, there was nothing holding back him and his army for the last nine years. The magick barrier didn't effect humans, or werewolves for that matter. I've crossed back and forth between the two kingdoms hundreds of times."

Victor shook his head downing a drink of his own. "Actually, it's never crossed my mind." he smirked pouring another drink. Making a noise that fell somewhere between disgust and satisfaction, the older male shivered. "The poor fellow hasn't had much luck with lycanthropes though has he? Both his advisers were bitten, turned. Hell, his own father the King is a werewolf. What chance would the Queen stand if he sent his men up against not just another army, but one commanded by another werewolf? He no longer has a witch in his pocket. A bunch of humans going against shapeshifters unprotected without a witch's magick. No one is that stupid." Victor turned a half step, scratching at his left hand mindlessly, his eyes locked somewhere over the edge of Reuben's head. The older male could feel a shift in the air almost as if the room was beginning to close in around them. Smiling to himself, he licked his lips, angling his chin so that the soft light from the window caught the curve of his cheekbone. "You can breathe you know. Just because I look like my nephew, doesn't mean I'll react like him. At lest I hope not." the sandy blonde said seductively as he leaned back against the large bookshelf, one knee crooked. "You miss him don't you?" he asked rubbing the tip of his thumb over his bottom lip. "Best friend, love of your life, pack alpha. But the banshee got to him first." he made a sound as he closed his eyes for a long second. "You can think about it all you want, don't even pretend you're not." Victor brought his right hand up between them making little circles in the air. "I'm an incubus remember. I feed off desires. And right now, you're like a walking neon sign."

"Doctor Frankenstein!" a voice called to him from down the hall intertwined with the heavily urgent footfalls of one of the servants. "Doctor Fran...oh there you are." the large woman said placing a hand on her throat, her eyes never leaving Victor. Reuben shook his head as a half smile crossed his lips. The servant's body temperature having rising a few notches, causing her scent to be that much sweeter.

"Here I am." the sandy blonde male echoed mockingly. "What is it this time?"


Out of Time

The redheaded male left his hiding place from behind the dumpster, as he watched the coroner toss his cigarette and head back into the building. Quickly, he grabbed the door before it closed, making sure to keep out of view. He counted to ten before entering the darkened hallway, ever mindful of the security camera at the mid-way point in the hallway. Ducking into the nearest exit, he crouched down under the edge of the little framed window in the middle of the door. Letting out a deep breath, he closed his eyes nodding to himself before reaching over to pull the emergency alarm. Quentin figured he had about five minutes, seven if he was really lucky, to get down the hall and to the morgue, get the body and get out. Seeing the few staff members run past him, he slipped out of his hiding spot, making a run for the room they'd just abandoned.

There were three fresh bodies that had just been brought in within the last few hours. None of them were who he was looking for, and that forced him to start opening the drawers. "Come on man, talk to me. Where are you?" he whispered to the room. "What was that?" he whispered again as he could have sworn he heard something banging, causing him to stop cold his hands out at his sides fingers spread. There was something about the far left drawer that grabbed his attention. Opening it, Quentin smiled wide. "Come on we need to get you out of here." Reaching into the bag he was carrying, he felt the warn dog eared cover of the book about teenaged vampires as he grabbed the clothes he'd brought just in case. "And it's a full moon tonight bub." he continued to drag the body out of the drawer, realizing he didn't have time to get him dressed. Tossing him over his shoulder, he hauled him out the nearest window.

Few hours later...

Edric felt as if his lungs were collapsing in on him. Opening his mouth, he made a noise that was something between a gasp for air and a silent scream. He couldn't move, his arms were pinned to his sides. Panic started to spread through him, clutching at the base of his spine before entwining itself up to his throat. The noise that seemed to fill every molecule around him was driving him insane. Pounding in his ears, feeling like a drum solo was exploding behind his eyes. Edric could feel his heart beating triple the speed, every bone every muscle in his body ripping in pain. He needed to get out. To get up, to stretch, his body didn't feel right, his skin suddenly on fire.

Quentin jumped, blinking as he tucked his shoulders in, raising one knee instinctively. The banging on the metal safe he'd been sitting in front of, freaked him out. The door began to dent from the inside, one rounded fist shape after another, followed by what he assumed were knee prints. Within seconds, the door flew open sending a horrible echoing through the empty warehouse, as it ripped clean off its hinges. Edric let out a scream that wasn't completely human nor was it completely animalistic either.  Before he had a chance to think, Quentin found himself face to face with Edric. Well, almost face to face, as Quentin had erected a small fence between himself and the overturned safe. One made completely of silver chains and barbed wire.  Leaning closer, his hands clawed talons, saliva dripping from his bottom fangs, snarling, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf, Edric grabbed a hold of the fence. Howling in agony he let go doubling over his palms smoking.

"Easy now. We've got all night." Quentin remarked trying to keep the fear out of his voice. "I left you something over there." he gestured gently towards a table that had a few bottles of water, and a canned ham. "Sunrise is in three hours. So what do you say we just chill out here till then huh?" he ran his hand over his mouth, suddenly feeling his throat go dry. He waited, but Edric said nothing as he continued to down the water, tossing the canned ham across the room. Spinning around, the new werewolf snarled again as he ran both hands through his hair, smoothing it into a limp mohawk. Glancing at his own hands, his breath coming out in sharp jagged gasps, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"What happened?" he spoke around the fangs garbling his words, slurring them.  Quentin said nothing just nodded towards the paperback about the teenaged vampires and werewolves, sitting on a shelf few feet from them.

"I think you're totally howling at the moon." he replied sitting back down on his side of the silver fence, reaching for a box of cookies. "Gingersnap?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. So can you tell who my two new wrestling crushes are???)

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