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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 291, chapter 291

Out of Time...

Bacchus sighed as he walked around the small room in the occult shop. The sound of the snoring shapeshifter grinding on his every nerve. Snarling, the god was tempted to knock over one of the statues from the shelf just to hear it crash. Rolling his eyes, he decided against it, instead pacing around in the slowest motion his body would allow, as to not frighten the others. Quentin was set to arrive with orders to collect the other spellbook. That's what the sandy haired god was waiting for. He watched as the little hellhound bounded down the stairs like the puppy he was, his curiosity causing the little furball to sniff everything in his path. Yelping, he came skidding to a stop in front of the sofa where Dagan was snoring.  "I don't expect he'll be awake anytime soon." the god spoke to the creature scooping him up in his arms. "Vlad had to restrain him earlier. In order to get him back here. And Rufus doused him with some sleeping potion." the little pup whimpered as he turned to sniff Bacchus's face.


Edric lay on the hotel bed, empty blood bags scattered around him. Burping, the hybrid sighed as he flipped through the channels once more. "I'm bored."

"We still have a couple hours till sunrise. You can handle it." our heroine said, her back turned to him as she flipped through the large spellbook. Her ears twitched as she heard her fledgling beginning to hold back a giggle. "Don't say it."  she looked at his reflection in the window. Watched as the male rolled over the edge of the bed tossing the used blood bags into one of the empty plastic grocery bags, before leaning on his elbow.

"I get it more than you realize. You're tired of being treated like some championship belt. Everyone's greasy little paws clinging onto you like you're their only chance at stardom. I understand, I do." he laid back down with a grunt. "I dealt with that my whole life too. That was until you turned me." he let his left arm drag over the edge of the bed, running his knuckles back and forth on the rug. "Only difference is you didn't become the title shot until after you were turned." his voice lowered to a whisper. "I envy you for that. In a way." the sandy-blonde male was off the bed standing behind his sire without a sound. "You at lest got to have a normal life before you became the championship belt." he nodded to his own reflection in the window; his arms suddenly around our heroine's waist.

"We've been over this a million times. Soulless equals no longer the title belt." her shoulders stiffened as she got defensive.  The male hybrid shrugged, reaching one hand around her grabbing the large spellbook and sitting back down on the bed.

"A spell for keeping moths out of the garden, a spell for turning your enemies into slaves..." he flipped the pages noisily. "Right next to a recipe for chocolate cake and lemon basil cookies."  Nosferatu glared at him as she opened a bottle of pop. "What?" Edric continued to flip the pages letting out a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a sigh of disgust. "Like I said, I'm bored." he pulled his right hand away. "It bit me." he said watching the drops evaporate.

"That's what you get for rough handling it. Paper cuts."

"No, I mean it bit me, Not just a paper cut." he held out his hand towards her. There was no denying there did seem to be a red spot on the tips of his two fingers that looked a lot like fang marks. "Explain that to me." he pouted.

"Yeah dude, I can't." she replied taking the book back placing it on the small table again. She watched the male's reflection once more, as he flopped back on the bed, his right knee moving from side to side. "You hungry? We can order something." she turned back around to face him.

"This time of night? Everything's closed man." he sighed reaching out once again for the tv remote. He turned on the weather channel seeing the little icon for the sun, the time stamp beside it reading 6:48am. Glancing at the bedside clock, Edric let out another sigh as the digital lights flashed 3:15am. He hadn't transformed in over two hours. Scratching at his stomach, the hybrid sat back up his blue eyes wide. "You think it's safe yet?" he asked all seriousness to his tone. "I mean, maybe we should call them?"

"And what? Ask if Matilda was brutally shacked by a crazed wolf?" our heroine crossed her arms over her chest, hugging herself.  Edric tilted his head to the side processing the sentence.

"You mean...that..." he brought his hands up crossing them first at the wrists then uncrossing them, his fingers flexing in question. "Oh.Oh!" he blushed.

"It's not a pleasant experience trust me."

"Were...were any of the times you were claimed..." his voice trailed off as he continued to blush. Our heroine sat down on the bed, nearest the headboard but keeping a few feet between them. "...was it..."

"Less than brutal?" she let out a sigh of her own. "Couple." she tucked her feet under her, curling up with emotional exhaustion.

"Well by now he has to have claimed her? And we won't have to worry about the ritual any more." Edric said yawning. Stretching back out on the bed beside his sire, the male allowed himself the luxury of believing everything was going to be okay. "So let me ask you something." he tucked one arm behind his skull closing his eyes. "If it had been the other way around. If you and Matilda had been the ones effected by the ritual...who would you have gone and claimed?"

"Fishing for compliments so beneath you." she moved a little closer to his shoulder tempted to rest her face on it, but held back instead fluffing up the pillow.

"I know." he tapped his other hand against her thigh. "Answer. Come on. Truth or dare."

"I wouldn't have had much of a choice once the full moon kicked in. The guys have described it as sort of blacking out but not really. You have no control over yourself yet it's like watching from a dream. You know it's happening, yet you can't do anything to stop it. I guess it would have been you?"

"You guess?" his voice raised in a pinch.

"You would have been the closest supernatural male. Plus the sire bond..." she trailed off. Our heroine turned over onto her side, tracing her fingertip over Edric's throat. He swallowed, the pulse point in his neck beating rapidly. The tint spread then from his cheeks up into his ears and down his neck causing goosebumps. "You know, for a male, you blush a lot."

"Well the bloods got to go somewhere." he bit the corner of his mouth.

"Oh my god."

"Shhh." he let a half grunt escape his throat. "Not so loud, Loki might show up." he squeezed her thigh before yawning again. "With your soul." he grinned wide. "Second thought, maybe that's a good idea. Huh? Then I could claim you..." he growled playfully.

She sat half way up on her hip, clearing her throat. "Your hand does not belong there."

"Yes it does. Besides, that's a lot of thigh, plenty of real estate." He winked at her from over his shoulder. The phone started to ring, causing Edric to practically steamroll over our heroine so he could answer it first. "Yeah?" he mouthed the words It's Seward. Our heroine nodded pointing to her ears.

"Banshee hearing." she sighed half listening to the hollow voice on the other end, half admiring Edric's shoulder, wanting desperately to rip a chunk out of his smooth flesh.

"Are you sure? Okay just keep calm, we...we can't for another two hours at lest. Sunrise...drug him. Go ahead and just stab him full of whatever you've got...I don't know! Then hit him with a lamp. Figure it out!" he hung up swearing. The male hybrid let himself fall diagonally across her as he howled in frustration. "Well we're going to have a pack after all. Don't say it!" he spat, more angry with himself than anything. The sandy-blonde male swore again, slamming his fist into the headboard causing it to dent. "I didn't bite him I swear." he moved to a kneeling position balancing himself at the edge of her hip; before jumping from the bed in a blur. "If you had just let me take you for my mate, we've got enough for a pack and Dagan is going to be alpha" he paced back and forth feeling like the hotel room was choking him.

"Ugh! You don't want it trust me." our heroine said as she got from the bed, "It's like being Prime Minister, everyone thinks they want the job, but in the end it's a really rough gig." she mindlessly said as she grabbed the room key. "I'll be back in ten minutes, just chill out for a few."

"Where are you going?" Edric demanded his eyes having flashed to the amber-grey of the wolf.

"The laundromat few doors down. I am going to see if I can find something to wear." she gestured to the sweater and shirt she was barely wearing.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Edric making lemon and basil cookies, naked, wearing only a pair of glasses and an apron that has the Canadian flag on it...)

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