Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Coffee Talk Feb 6th 2018

Spudguns! Hope you're having a fabulous day wherever it is you are right now. I, myself am sitting here freezing my boobs off, drinking more hot liquids than should be humanly possible, while I write this.

That could only mean one thing; it's February, and where I live that means deep freezing cold. The kind of cold that keeps you inside cause if you go out for 30 seconds you will become frostbitten.

It's also zombie month as far as the theme schedule goes. Only, I've yet to get around to doing anything even remotely close to what you would consider homework. So far, I've managed to dig through my endless boxes of dvds and find my stack of zombie movies. Which, ironically is much larger than I ever thought. (all comedies I might add) So, why haven't I gotten around yet then to reviewing any zombie movies for this month's schedule?

Because, I just don't get it. No, seriously, I really don't get the appeal of zombies. Beyond the metaphor for consumerism, biological and environmental issues, what are they about? What's the glue that keeps people interested in them?   So this, is what I'm tasking myself with this month. Finding the real reason people dig the unearthly leftovers that fill pop-culture. 

Today marks 267 Days till Hallowe'en.

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