Wednesday, January 22, 2020

FoodnFlix Jan 2020

Spudguns!, it's that time again. This month's Foodn'Flix selection was 2019 movie Always Be My Maybe, and is being hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

plot: A celebrity chef returns to her hometown to launch a new restaurant and reconnects with her childhood best friend/first love.

I didn't really care for this film. I've said before, I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies, and this really felt too formulaic for me. The highlight for me were the scenes with Keanu Reeves playing a hyped up version of himself.

Okay, so the amount of food in this movie is really high. I was not even ten minutes into this movie when I already had a half page of written notes.

Notes: canned spam, rice, herbs, soup, kimchi, lemons, apples, green onions, bananas, melon (in painting) greens, potato-chip sticks in chocolate, pop, fries, jack'O'lantern, onion, beef, sauces, dumplings, dough, juice, potstickers, sugar, salt, pepper, beer, hamburgers (mentioned) oranges, grapes, ham, coffee, casseroles, parmesan cheese (mentioned) Burger King menu, wine, prawns, tuna, cereal, donuts, fish-sauce (mentioned) tea, roast beef sandwiches (mentioned) saffron (mentioned) limes, scallops, lettuce, garlic, oyster sauce, kale, popcorn,  a scene with a walk in freezer (at the 15 minute mark!) count chocula (mentioned) breakfast burritos, ginger (mentioned) cabbage, dragon fruit, carrots, mushrooms, chilies, asparagus, sesame seed mixture, hot dogs and spaghetti, ketchup (mentioned)  matcha (mentioned) rice paper (mentioned) goats, buffet, lemonade, chocolate, iced tea, spare ribs, chop suey (sign) chicken (sign) martini, lobster (screen saver) pineapple sandwich (mentioned) a scene at a farmer's market, beets, tomatoes, venison (mentioned) micro-greens, fish flakes, caesar salad, mango, lamb carpaccio, quail parfait, rice noodles (mentioned) scotch, fig (mentioned) daikon, red and orange peppers

I just gave up trying to take notes on the walk-in freezer and farmer's market.

I had a difficult time with this one. But the scene with the breakfast burrito sort of stuck in my mind. I've done one before though for the blog few years ago (one of my zombie recipes) so sort of didn't want to go that route again. Then I was thinking about the potstickers and I ended up going with a super simple snack. A deep fried wrapped banana.

Super simple, simple, simple dish (3 ingredients so can't really call it a recipe) with just sliced banana, chocolate and eggroll wrappers.

I just cut the banana in half, then cut each half on the diagonal, and rolled them each with two squares of the chocolate.  Then deep fried them for about five minutes, rotating the rolls constantly.

I drained them on a paper towel, letting them cool for another five minutes, and ate them while still warm.
I decided to use a heavy cream at the end instead of a dipping sauce, as the chocolate made the rolls a bit sweet already.

That's all I have for you this time around,  don't forget to check out Foodn'Flix  next month, as our selection will be Nina's Heavenly Delights, and it's being hosted by Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen.

Till later.


  1. Sorry you didn't like the film. But I'm glad you joined in the #FoodNFlix fun anyway.

    1. Thanks, I know everyone's tastes differ, but still glad I joined in.

  2. Well the movie inspired chocolate banana spring rolls so it can't be all bad!!

  3. This is a fun dessert, you cannot beat the chocolate banana deep-fried. Mmmmm! Sorry you didn't enjoy the film, though.

  4. Great and inspired dessert. Yes, my favorite scenes were with the "hyped-up" Keanu! Funniest spots. But I did find Wong hilarious. I thought her timing was impeccable.