Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Year 3 Day 54

movie: Last Vegas
starring: Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro
genre: Comedy, Drama
year: 2013
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: Four friends in their 60's reunite for a bachelor party in Las Vegas, as one of them is marrying a woman thirty years younger then him. When one of them decides to spend a few hours gambling, and wins, the hotel manager where they are staying believes them to be more important then they really are and gives them the penthouse for the weekend. Soon, they find themselves the center of attention and fighting over the affections of a lounge singer.

This was a cute film. I have to admit, given the fact it's been compared to the Hangover films, I wasn't sure I wanted to see this, but it ended up being completely on the other end of the spectrum. De Niro, Kline and Morgan Freeman work extremely well together and carry the story. The comedy comes from this dynamic, with the more serious element falling on the shoulders of Micheal Douglas.

The story is a nice balancing act between friendships and romance. What would you do for the people who mean the most to you? Would you let them make what you know to be the biggest mistake in their lives or would you step in?

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