Friday, April 11, 2014

Coffee talk April 11th

Do we want to see a sequel to Goonies after 30 years? Or for that matter a remake of Gremlins?
There was a point where I would have said "YES!" (in full on Daniel Bryan mode)  but honestly, I think after 30 years, lets leave them alone.

Speaking of remakes... Charmed. When I first heard about the Charmed tv show getting a remake, I hated the idea. Then I sort of liked the idea, then thought about it and  hated it again, then re-thought and came away liking the idea.
I understand that it's a great foundation, but why a remake? Why not just a spin-off?

One of the new tv shows I'm really loving this year is Remedy.  It's an original Canadian medical-drama/comedy.  It centers around a family of medical staff and their relationships. It's really great to see so many vampire-actors on there. (Catherine Disher, Lisa Ryder from Forever Knight, Sara Canning from Vampire Diaries,) always a bonus in my world.

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