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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 139, chapter 139

A year and a half ago...

He rolled over, his arm smashing into the warmth of the body beside him. Biting his bottom lip, Dagan climbed out of the bed silently, thankful that his werewolf speed allowed him to move in a flash. He was already out of the room before the magic mist swirled around him, leaving a pair of pants and boots in it's wake. The werewolf rounded the corner of the large hallway, throwing himself against the wall with the nearest open window, before sliding to sit on the floor.
Closing his eyes, he decided to just wait till morning. The three of them had arrived at the camp the day before, agreeing to go with Teshi, to meet Prince Kraven.
The prince had been very taken by Reuben, and insisted that the three werewolves stay the night. Rolf had thought that odd given how the witch Teshi had made it sound so life and death, but still it only took a little bit of convincing and about five bottles of wine to get Rolf to agree.  Dagan on the other hand, had been quickly convinced by the kitchen maid.

For all of them, in Dagan's mind, an acceptable way to waste a few hours. All physical, no emotion.

Scratching at his right knee, the werewolf let his skull slam a few times against the coolness of the castle wall. He was bored. Not just in that moment, but with the idea of it all. The shapeshifter had learned years before that just because the physical was there didn't mean the emotional was going to be too. Dagan opened his eyes to stare up at the sky through the open window, catching a glimpse of the moon. It was nearly full, and seemed heavy against the rich blackness of the night. Pointing at the near roundness of it, he cursed it. For all the power being a werewolf gave him, it took the simplest thing from him. It took from him what it took from all the lycanthropes, a chance to have a normal relationship.

"You so owe me." he whispered to the open window.

Five days ago...

The auburn haired male climbed through the long grass, his boots making slurping noises in the mud as it caked onto him, as he made his way towards the group. Sniffing, he stared down at the female, his hands at his belt.

He was on his ass in the mud before he even realized what had happened. Jumping up, he snarled at her, his teeth snapping just a centimeter away from her face. He could still feel the heat on his chest from where she'd planted both her palms, having shoved him with all her weight. Dagan blinked then as he realized she looked different. It took him a few long seconds to process the fact her hair had changed, the two grey streaks missing from her short red spikes. The streaks that had appeared right after he'd claimed her as his mate.

The werewolf turned his attention then to the Seer who was standing right beside our heroine, letting out a heavy breath. "What have you done?"

Rolf squinted as he too turned to look at the sidhe witch, shrugging his shoulders as he felt the anger rolling off his friend.  The Seer held up his hands as he took a half step back.

"It wasn't me! It wasn't me!" he replied bowing his head. But it was too late, Rolf had picked him up and tossed him about thirty feet into a tree.

"You're the only one who would have gone behind my back like that!" Dagan spat as he was crouched over the Seer pointing behind him at the rest of the group. "So don't lie to me! Don't try to weasel your way out of this." a howl escaped his lips as he kicked the Seer in the ribs. "You've been wanting my position as alpha since day one. Stab me in the back!" he kicked him again.

"He didn't." a voice said from behind him. Dagan spun around, his hair everywhere, his lips covered in spit as he glared at Reuben. Sniffing, the dark haired male stood to his full height, his left hand at the back of his neck. "It wasn't him. He's telling you the truth. Calm down and just listen. Listen to what your guts are telling you." he flicked his hair out of his face as he continued to look at his buddy from under his lashes. His chocolate brown puppy dog eyes turning the amber-grey of the wolf.

Dagan stumbled a step as he moved away from the Seer. His shoulders slumped as he jutted out his jaw, squaring it, his eyes squinting up. "You? You took my position as the pack alpha? You stole the one thing that means anything to me, and did it by shacking my mate?"  he slowed his pace down to a near crawl as he stalked towards Reuben. "That's very unlike you. Very cowardly of you."

"I didn't plan it that way. I didn't plan on it at all..."

"Really? Really, then why did you do it? Huh?"

"I didn't have a choice! You were gone, we thought you were dead. As far as I knew, you were all dead!" he poked Dagan in the chest. "I woke up to find myself in a cell, and the banshee the only other person around. We were stuck together during a full moon." Reuben let out a sound that was half a sigh, half a growl. "If it hadn't of been for the fact the full moon hit while we were locked up together..."

Dagan nodded, taking a half step to the side, his shoulders rotating into a shrug as he opened his mouth. His fangs were exposed suddenly, his own blue eyes having turned to that of the wolf, and what looked like two days of beard appearing on his jaw. "Don't think this is over." he ran the back of his hand over his lips as a growl rumbled from him. "I will get my position as pack alpha back." he turned then towards our heroine, tipping towards her so that his chest was tight against her, her nose getting smashed by his collar bone. "I guess you got what you wanted after all." Dagan's tongue darted out leaving a wet trail between them. "Just remember, sweetheart, you might not be my mate anymore, but you're still bound to me. I'm still your sire."

He was gone in a flash, the others left standing in the mud confused.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Someone needs a hug. I think it's me.)

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