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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 146, chapter 146

The caramel coloured wolf was snarling, snapping his fangs at the woman. He backed up a few steps, circling to the left when his nose twitched. The air shifted just an inch, filling with the scent of the other werewolf.
Within a blur of soundlessness, the woman who had been trying to kill him only a half second ago, was split in two pieces, her blood covering the wolf's muzzle. Licking his face, the large wolf snorted in disbelief.


Our heroine felt something tickle at her ears, causing her to move in that direction without thinking about it. The Seer was in trouble, she could smell the dampness of sweat on his fur mixed with the underlining of sandalwood and nutmeg.  She found herself suddenly  a few feet from him and a woman dressed in red leather. How did an amazon manage to find them this far from the main part of the kingdom?
A rage exploded from Nosferatu as she crept up behind the woman, her one hand under the woman's chin, her other at her waist. She cranked then twisting her in both directions at once with a force she'd never known before. Blood splattered like a hose as the limp body came apart in the vampire's hands.
Opening her mouth, our heroine let out a sound that was more then a scream as she threw her head back. The wolf yelped as he took off as far from her as he could, his delicate ears hurting from the roar.

He watched from the edge of the woods as the vampire stepped over the body, her nails long sharp glass like claws, her usual row of double top fangs now a row of four. Her eyes which normally turned pure white exposing her banshee nature as if there were nothing in the sockets, had small pinpoints of amber-grey. Her eyebrows suddenly gone as two bumps now protruded over her eyes. The female's usual soft pale cheeks were higher, sharper looking, down right grotesque. She moved another step ripping the dress from her, kicking the shoes off as the magic mist engulfed her; leaving a pair of black yoga pants and oversized t-shirt in it's wake.

Then she whistled. Whistled the same way Rolf did when he was impatiently wanting the attention of Reuben or Dagan.  "Change out of your fursuit, meet me and Leo in Ash's room. We need to have a family meeting."


Rolf stumbled in the darkness, his eyes suddenly feeling as if someone had blinded him. He stood there, blinking over and over again, his one hand near his face.

"You alright?" Reuben asked reaching for his friend. Rolf sniffed nodding that he was.

"It's nothing I hope. Just felt..." he ran his finger then over his forehead. "Must have gotten stung by something. Feels like my face is swollen."

"Na, you're fine man." Reuben shrugged.

"Fine. Fine? You call this fine?" Dagan remarked as he stopped pacing and pointed at the large male. "Look around me and tell me what you see!" he rocked back then on his heels. "Nothing! Right! You see nothing but darkness. Darkness that even we can't see through." he waved his hand out to the side smacking into something. "Oh hang on." he flicked the light switch.  The room lit up then with what seemed like a thousand tiny pinpoints of golden glowing orbs.  Leaning backwards to stare at the ceiling, Dagan licked his lips. "What are those stars?" he asked turning around on his heel.

"No, souls." a voice said from overhead. The three shapeshifters turned as one to stare up at the balcony across the room. Loki was standing there, just under a branch of the nearest grouping of lights. "This boys, is where life and death are controlled. This is where you will call home for the next while. Each light on this tree is a soul. When it starts to dim that means you are needed. The stronger it glows, the younger the life." he moved down a flight of stairs towards them, pointing to a large filing cabinet on one side and a bookshelf that spanned the whole length of the room on the opposite wall.

"Oh my god, there's paperwork?" Dagan said slumping his shoulders, arms loose at his thighs as he let his head loll against his chest. "No one said anything about paperwork!"

"Dagan, there's always paperwork." Loki grinned, gesturing to the wall. The walls and ceiling were like one large version of the carving Rolf had seen on everyone of the doors while he'd been imprisoned. The large dark haired male cringed as his strong fingers then scratched mindlessly at the scar that never healed, running from his shoulder across his chest to his hip. It started to make sense then. "Welcome back to Valhalla." Loki continued clapping his hands together.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. hope Dagan can type...)

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