Sunday, July 13, 2014

If I was your Jukebox

Sunday afternoon, avoiding doing anything that involves lifting boxes or cleaning, and remember last fall when I did that post about wrestlers being vampire movies? (If I was your Vampire) Well, I was thinking about theme songs and how sometimes they just don't add up.
So, grab a coffee and join me now for another pointless game and waste a few minutes as I pick new theme songs for a handful of wrestlers.

(No wrestlers were harmed or intentionally insulted in the making of this post)

1) Roman Reigns- Unholy by Kiss

2) Seth Rollins-  Only  by Anthrax

3) Dean Ambrose- Swatting at Flies by Flotsam and Jetsam

4) Tyler Breeze- Helena by Misfits

5) Corey Graves- Perfect Skin by the 69 Eyes

6) Brad Maddox- Tainted Love  the Marylin Manson version

Bonus- The Shield : I Still Believe  by Tim Cappello from Lost Boys soundtrack.  Anyone who's ever listened to this song knows why I picked it. Not just the title, but the whole thing could easily describe their storyline.

Okay, so the song Helena by Misfits, is one of those that begs to ask the question if I showed you my true nature would you still be able to adore me? To me, that is the perfect description of the character Breeze brings to the table.

Perfect Skin by 69 Eyes, well there is the obvious, the tattoos! But, this is a great character. He can balance that edge of villain or hero with ease.  Just that touch of vampiric grace.

Unholy by Kiss, I picked this one because it's from the point of view of the anti-hero, someone who becomes the hero because he doesn't have a choice. And can't you just picture Reigns with all that hair like some Conan the Destroyer type coming down those stairs to the vocals of Gene Simmons?

Only by Anthrax, you've got a song about a character who feels they have been taken for granted and in order to have a self again they need to flee. Almost making an excuse to escape but not completely. And once again, just a jamming time.

Swatting at Flies by Flotsam and Jetsam, this one was my first pick after the group song. You have a character who has had to survive a hard existence, and who gets stabbed in the back along the way. Very much fits the Ambrose storyline.

Tainted Love...I picked because well, I really like the song specially this version. But, the Maddox character had been misused. I don't think he was ever given the credit he deserved when he was on the shows. Such a miss. They need to bring him back. Maybe give his character a bit of a dark streak.

Okay that's my list for today. Can you tell that I'm an old heavy metal fan?

till later.

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