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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 239, chapter 239

Rolf's Kingdom

Flicking his long hair out of his face, the large male sat on the overturned tree, one foot stretched out in front of him, the other bracing the edge of the chunk of wood. Holding it up to survey his work, Rolf let out a huff of exhaustion letting his shoulders slouch in defeat.

"What's that huh? What's that? " he felt the slap on his back as Reuben seemed to appear out of nowhere just to his right. "That a stake? Are you making wooden stakes? What do we need wooden stakes for?" The other male ask in rapid concession as he reached his right hand out to tap on the object before stretching to this full height then crouching back down on his heels, sweeping his hair back into one of his too smooth to be human ponytails.

Rolf just stared at him from the corner of his eye for a long few seconds. "How many rabbits you have?"

"What makes you think I had any rabbits? Why do you automatically assume I have been hunting rabbits all the time? So what is it for?"

"Not a stake. It's a toy train man." he squinted up his face, his dark eyebrows getting lost in his long curtain of hair. "It's for the kid for Mabon."

"Stick to needlepoint."  Reuben remarked sticking his tongue out at his friend clearly enjoying himself. Looking around them as if he'd suddenly remembered they were not just outside but by the small lake on the edge of the castle grounds, he made a sound that was louder then a growl but not completely a scream.
The auburn haired eight year old dropped the handful of dirt he was playing with along with the pebbles and turned to rejoin them. Standing in front of Reuben, he stomped his feet smiling letting the werewolf sniff his hair.

"Seriously. How many rabbits you been snacking on? I haven't seen you like this in years." Rolf asked again mindlessly tossing the failed attempt to carve the toy into the lake.  Damen looked over his shoulder at his uncle then turned back around to stare into the depths of Reuben's chocolate brown puppy dog eyes, before inching closer to him so that he was directing standing between the werewolf's knees, leaned his forehead towards Reubens and placed both small palms on the wolf's face.
Reuben closed his eyes giggling as the grains of sand still on Damen's hands felt like rocks pelting him. Moving from him the little boy held up his hand towards Rolf, with four fingers up.
"Dude, four? You had four rabbits?" Rolf asked half smirking himself. "No wonder you're bouncing around like a teenager."

"I was hungry."  He stood just as Damen's attention was caught by a squirrel, leading the little boy to move away from the werewolf and towards the edge of the bushes a few feet from them.

"Na you were greedy." Rolf replied.  Both werewolf's stiffened as the air around them changed. Rolf already to his feet growling. The scream broke not only their good humour but frightened the birds from the trees. Reuben covered his sensitive ears before realizing he was already running towards where the sound was coming from. 

Rolf's breathing didn't return to normal till he was standing a few centimeters away from Damen, who's pale face was mostly hidden behind a very large strong hand.

"Owwwwww!"  The male screamed as he doubled over shaking out his hand. "He bit me! I think I need a tetanus shot!"

Rolf put one massively strong arm out to grab his buddy. "You deserved it." he smiled wide. "You're immune to everything you don't need a tetanus shot." He slapped him on the back a couple of times just to add a dash of insult to the injury. "We done with our deja vu?" he asked seeing that Reuben was now holding Damen.

"Yeah yeah sure." Dagan replied nodding his head. The auburn haired male started to run his hands through his hair smoothing it back, then began patting himself down, looking back behind himself on the ground for something.
The little boy sniffed back a tear, still clearly shaken as he grabbed tight to Reuben's neck with one hand, holding out his other towards Dagan. "Ah there it is." The werewolf said retrieving his prize. He seemed frozen for a few seconds as his fingers grazed the boy's hand. Shaking his head, the male took a large step away from the kid. "You're creepy." he growled as he began to stalk away towards the edge of the woods. "You coming or what?" he screamed back over his shoulder.

"Should we tell him?" Reuben asked swinging the little boy around to give him a piggy-back ride.

"Na, let him find out about Maxwell himself." Rolf sniffed flicking his hair out of his face. Turning to look at his nephew he asked what happened?  Reaching a dirty fist up to the tall male, Damen tapped Rolf on the forehead letting him see a vision of the squirrel running into the bushes and up the nearest tree, and when Damen had run after him, he was flung backwards fifty feet. That's when he screamed. He hadn't seen where Dagan had come from.  "I reminded you before we came outside, to be careful about the invisible wall. Come on, we better get back inside, something tells me a storm is about to land in our laps."

The little boy looked up at the sky shaking his head, his little eyebrows knitted in confusion. "Not that kind of storm." Reuben said laughing.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Been a few weeks I know, but distractions, distractions, dis...look air)

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