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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 273, chapter 273

Out of Time

Our heroine stood there in the little kitchen her arms crossed under her chest, giving her boobs a lift. She glared at Dagan refusing to talk to him; her attention squarely with Edric. He hadn't left her side since they'd gotten there as if he'd been glued to her shoulder. They watched as suddenly, the sheet was lifted from the other end of the magick mirror, exposing the little auburn haired nine year old. Edric let out a slight grunt as the female slammed into him. The feel of her delicate fingertips on the center of his lower back, sent electric shock waves through him. He realized he was there to play bodyguard, he didn't realize how the physical contact would begin to affect him in the process. A part of him wanted to rip her throat out at the very thought that she was that close to him. That she was expecting him to protect her and it disgusted him that he knew he would, no matter what he actually thought of her.  Part of him wanted to rip her throat out just so he could taste her blood, knowing that he could then force her to feed on his own, strengthening their sire bond. The sire bond was a strange desire all it's own. It ticked away in Edric's mind, sometimes in time with the rushing of our heroine's blood, which he could hear louder than anything else in the room. He hadn't fed in a couple of days and it was starting to show.

That was his first mistake.

She was practically huddled in his armpit, doing her best not to look at the magick mirror. Dagan was already laughing and joking, asking how the kid's day had been, getting updated on the events on the other side of the mirror from Finn, learning that Rolf had gone to talk to the Queen about joining him against another kingdom. All the while, the salty copper scent that burned just below the surface of our heroine's skin filling Edric's senses. Intoxicating his already swimming mind. Closing his eyes he could feel his gums begin to swell, his mouth filling up with saliva.
He remembered nothing in the next few seconds before his head slammed against the floor. Half sitting on his hip, Edric was dazed as he licked his lips. Pink ropes of bloody saliva dripping from his bottom row of fangs; as he stared up at the other werewolf who had positioned himself between Edric and Nosferatu. Snarling, he was on his feet again, advancing towards Dagan, only stopping once the female grabbed him. The magick mist fading under a sudden blast of heat as he realized her hands were on his shoulders, pushing him back into the other room. "I'm going to slaughter him!"

"Let's see you try!" the older male screamed as he stood his ground.

"No you're not." she sighed once the fledgling had stopped shoving against her. Running his hand through his hair, he spun around in a complete circle before cracking his neck, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Why not?" he spoke through clinched teeth noticing the small smear of blood on the edge of her collarbone. The wound already healing, having no memory of causing it. His tongue darted out across his lips searching for any droplets of the crimson gold.

"Because he's faster than you, stronger than you. Older than you. You forget, Dagan had been a lycanthrope for about thirteen years before he created me. And that darling, was eleven years ago. He might look as young as you, but he's been at this a long time. And like it or not, he's still my sire. You feel the sire bond towards me just the same way I did towards him. I know what you're going through. How crazy it makes us. Worse when you don't feed." she brought her hands up again resting them first on his shoulders, then trailing them down his chest before turning him around and guiding him towards the door. "There is a deli down the street, we can scare up some blood there."

"Pig's blood! I don't want that crap!" he spat the word. Stopping cold he caused her to stumble slamming into him. Letting out a deep breath, she continued to push the male hybrid out of the building and onto the sidewalk.

"It will take the edge off! Besides." she dropped her hands down his back sending another wave of electric heat through the male. "We need to pick up dinner for when everyone gets back." she was trying to keep the fledgling occupied knowing that if he instigated a fight with Dagan, he would just be handing the alpha position to him. Edric was not ready for that fight. Dagan had been pack alpha for almost as long as he'd been a werewolf and Edric was barely a week turned. There was no other way she could protect him from that brutality. Turning him might have been an accident, but she wasn't ready to loose him just yet. Not too mention, she wasn`t sure yet that Dagan should be sticking around? She was still tossing back the idea that when she found a way to send Vlad back; just maybe Dagan should make the trip home too?

He stopped, spinning back around abruptly, glaring at her hotly. He was trying to assert his authority by refusing to move. "Is it always going to be like this?" he let out a short giggle. "Huh? One second feeling fine, the next the only thing I can think of is blood, flesh, ripping someone apart. Then the not thinking part because I can't control myself?" he brought his left hand up to his forehead, his finger point blank in the middle as he tilted his head closing his eyes."Cause right now, this really sucks." he moved just enough to close the gap between them, feeling the need to ensure the connection anyway possible. "Why is it, that every single fiber of my being" he cracked his neck opening his eyes, exposing the amber-grey of the wolf. "is telling me that you're suppose to be sucking the life out of me?" he made a face of pure frustration as he tilted his head back again. "That did not sound right." he slammed a closed fist into his other hand. "This is your fault!"

"It's the sire bond. I told you it makes us crazy." she backed up a few feet, refusing to break eye contact with him. Edric didn't miss a step as he stalked after her, his breath hitting her hair in angry exhales.

"There's something else you're not telling me. What is it?" his voice became a growl as he continued to force her backwards until they were at the edge of the building. Tendrils of grey steam rose from his chest as he began to loose control of the magick mist. Our heroine bit her bottom lip at seeing the t-shirt disappear then reappear across his muscular shoulders. At lest she thought, he was beautiful to look at. "Tell me!" his fingers dug into her upper arms as he shoved the female, causing her to bounce against the wall.

"The sire bond is what caused Dagan and I to become mated. It was inevitable." Edric's eyes became slits as they searched her face, another one of his mad like giggles escaping his throat. "If we hadn't of kept feeding off each other the way we did, we wouldn't have strengthened the bond to the point it had gotten to. Male werewolves mate for life." she had no choice but to divert her eyes. She was quickly loosing her restraint, his scent like a spiced invitation.

"So you're saying the next chick I shack I'll be stuck with?" his expression turned angrier as he brought his left arm up pointing down the street.

"Only if you fall in love. You can waste time with no consequences, but the sire bond pretty much trumps that." she gasped, feeling the tenseness of the male's body still pressing her against the brick wall of the building. He slammed his palm flat against the edge of the bricks, letting out a small growl.

Letting his face relax, his eyes turn back to their normal blue, pulling his shoulders a few centimeters away from hers. "So you're telling me that if we shack up, we risk being mated for life." he shifted position, his one knee dangerously close to the inside of her own."And that the sire bond is putting that idea in my head?"

"Right." the word was barely a hush. That seemed to be enough of a cold shower to calm some of his anger. Taking another half step back, Edric ran his hand over his face then across the back of his neck. As our heroine held her breath not wanting to remind him about the whole pack alpha part.

"Fine! We'll go to the deli. But I want a burger, and ribs." he turned storming off across the street as if the last few minutes had never happened. 

"And there's that werewolf metabolism kicking in for the day."  He was already ordering by the time she got across the street. Opening the door to the little deli, our heroine was struck by the overwhelming sensation of deja vu. She could not explain it, but seeing Edric standing there his hands resting on the counter, his one knee bent causing the dark jeans he had magick misted to be just a little snugger showing off his perfect thighs. Shaking her head, she reminded herself it was the sire bond getting to her now too. Edric's entire body language had changed the second he'd entered the deli. It seemed to soften, his guard no longer up. Our heroine watched as he interacted with the shop owner, smiling, his voice polite and low. Watched as he thoughtfully made a list of items that would be enough to feed their entire group at lest for the next 24 hours.
The owner nodded towards the back saying he needed to check the one item. Hugging his elbows, Edric waited till he was gone, then using his werewolf speed slipped behind the counter opening one of the display windows. Taking a paper cup he tilted a tray of something that smelled too sweet into it, before sliding back towards her. He handed her the little cup bringing a finger up to his lips gesturing for her to keep quiet before returning to his spot just as the owner came back out shaking his head. Edric had somehow managed to return to the exact position he'd been standing, his arms crossed hugging himself as if he'd never moved.

He turned then to look over his shoulder at our heroine. "It's going to be awhile till he's got the food for the bbq ready. You want to just hang out here or what?"  Our heroine nodded gesturing towards one of the two tables that sat in the corners by the front door. "Cool. Hey, can I get an order of fries and a pop while I wait. She'll have an iced coffee." he said not bothering to ask her if she actually wanted an iced coffee. The female made a slight sound under her breath that only the hybrid could hear as she sat down waiting for him. He was going to test his limits every chance he got, she could see that now.
The male carried the two drinks over to the table, opening the lids taking the little paper cup and dumping half in each. Replacing the lids he gave them each a swirl before handing the iced coffee back to her.

"Did you just pour chicken blood into my coffee?"

"Yes ma'am I did."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures, starring your heroine...me(straight up story. I don't know, I think we might have a new love triangle angle...)

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