Sunday, December 3, 2017

Coffee Talk Dec 3rd 2017

Spudguns! How is everybody doing this overcast day? (I've always wondered how many answer without really thinking cause we spend our lives online?)

Well, it's a Sunday, in case you haven't been listening to a calendar...listening to the calendar; not a difficult thing to do, I mean, they do still make paper calendars by the thousands and it does make a swooshing noise when you flip the pages and a cluck-clank when you drop them, and even a swear word or two when it slides under the desk and you have to hunt for it.
It's also December 3rd; which makes it the anniversary of the blog. Just in case you didn't notice the little...okay not so little countdown list on the sidebar there cause it's gotten fatter each year most likely soaking up all the butter from the recipes.

So I decided not to follow pattern with trying another movie a day countdown. Which, I think I talked about back last one of these? This Year 7 of the Blog will be another Random kitchen drawer of jars. Just a big potluck of cheesy goodness.

The Nosferatu Adventures will continue to be every second Sunday. (next two on Dec 17th and 31st)
and I've got a new post series planned for Thursdays. (starting this week Dec 7th)
And of course, continuing with the recipes inspired by; posts.

Now on to new business...

New business.  I've got a weird all encompassing themed project for this blogging year. Which, if you haven't been to my Facebook page (here)   You might not realize I've already started. It's Hallowe'en based and  a bit on the silly side, but then again we need that in our lives to keep us balanced and fresh. Okay it's a lot on the silly side, but that's what you come to me for.
That part of things include, a daily Hallowe'en countdown, movie trivia,(Saturdays) movie quotes (Wednesdays) as well as a new post segment on Mondays that will be starting tomorrow on my other blog. (if I get it finished in time, I'll let you know).  So the Facebook page will be "Hallowe'en central" this year.

I'll be back later in the week.

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