Friday, March 23, 2018

Coffee Talk March 23rd 2018

Spudguns! How's everyone on this Friday morning? Awake at lest I hope.  Anyways, I'm not sure how to stretch this out to be a semi- decent length post?  Because it's basically just a program note.

I'm going to switch this week's stories around. Yep, instead of having an installment of The Nosferatu Adventures this Sunday (March 25th) I'm going to toss you another installment of the new one Cinema Files.

So, Cinema Files for this Sunday (March 25th)  and The Nosferatu Adventures will return next week (April 1st)

That is literally all I had to post on here today, and now I'm not sure how to make this post any longer?

I could tell you that in May, I'll be hosting Food 'n Flix for the last time.  Hey, guys guess what, in May 2018, I'm hosting Food 'nFlix for the last time. It will be my 5th and final hosting of it. (to be honest, for some reason I thought it was my 6th?) And because of that, my theme (that I have literally let fall through the blogging cracks on here) will be connected to my movie selection. So, don't forget to check back in later on for that. (I have been keeping up with the themes on my Facebook page though)

With that, I'll be back later in the weekend with Cinema Files.

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