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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 332, chapter 332

Out of Time

Our heroine sat down on the wooden bench, her breath floating out in smoky clouds. It had been so long since she'd been able to just sit and not have to look over her shoulder, afraid the rustling of leaves was someone or something else out to slaughter her. At the moment, the worst thing she had to worry about was a lost caribou trying to cross the highway. Vlad had stayed with her as they walked down to the beach, not that far from the university campus. It might have been winter still, but the cold weather didn't deter too many. There were still more than a handful of people either BBQing, or sitting around a small bonfire drinking and singing songs. Or what drunkenly passed for singing.

"You're happy to be back?" Vlad had meant it as a statement, but allowed the sentence to hang as if a question. He knew he needed to sit back and let her get her barrings again. Our heroine said nothing as she wrapped her arm through his, leaning on his shoulder. She was getting too comfortable with him and she knew it.

"I should be." she finally said with a heaviness. "I should be thrilled that I'm not up to my ears in betrayal and spies and bad tempered lycanthropes. I should be overjoyed at the fact I'm home. The place I kept trying to find away back to. But..." she shrugged letting the thought sink in. "What did I really have to come home to? I mean..." she gestured then with her left hand towards the edge of the nearly frozen beach. "What was that fight for? I spent all that time worried that everything here had been destroyed, that you lot had all been fighting tooth and nail with Edmund's coven. With The Seer. That there might not even be anything to return to, only to find out nothing happened." she shivered against her ex husband. "Nothing happened." she repeated the words as if trying to process it herself.  The winds changed causing the scent of beer, bonfire smoke, and sweat to fill their senses. Our heroine had to brace herself against it; practically plugging her nose. Cracking her neck she closed her eyes willing her fangs to stay put. She didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to go back to iv bags after the last few years.

"What about Edric? Your mate?" Vlad asked his own head down now, licking his lips. "You going to tell him what happened?"

"What am I suppose to do? Run my fingertips through his chest hair and be all like; hey baby, I missed you a lot, but because of some mystical loophole I ended up back with my last mate and then thrashed that by making a deal with a god and oh by the way, ended up sleeping with not just him but two other dudes while I was gone, but I'm all yours again now...yeah totally see that happening." she scoffed kicking at a small collection of broken beer bottles, grinding it under her heel.

"Maybe little more tact than that." he said flatly. "Our kind doesn't do all that well in monogamous relationships."

"Werewolves do. Okay. They are literally designed by Loki himself to have a mate for life. To be with one person till they die. Number one rule. Which I have managed to loophole my way out of more times than I should admit to." our heroine let out a deep sigh of frustration. "Besides, I still think we've got bigger things to deal with than my relationship status. Do we really think that the coven has given up? They have survived one form or another since before you ruled your kingdom back in the 1400's. They are patient if not anything." she stood then having to turn her back to the still partying humans near the edge of the beach. "You fought them once already yourself back then."
She clinched her teeth then at the noise the humans were making. The quick thumping sound of what they were calling music, pumped repeatedly from a car stereo causing Nosferatu's ears to ache. She was growing more annoyed by the second. Vlad smirked as he watched her trying to keep things under control, he himself having learned to block it out.

A flash of a thought, caused Vlad to move with one quick step, standing a few feet away as he continued to watch our heroine. Watched as her foot came stomping down on the wooden bench breaking it in three pieces, before she turned facing the human party goers. She was on them before they realized what was going on. Before any of them had a chance to scream let alone fight back. The throats ripped out of the two guys to her left, the arm ripped clear off of the guy who was working the BBQ, the last one simply tossed into the side of his truck, the wet snap of his neck breaking as he did before he passed out.

Our heroine could do nothing then as she fell to her knees in the wet sand and half melted snow. Her full Banshee nature exposed as a scream tore from her in as much a brutal force as the carnage she'd just caused.  Gasping for air, she lowered her shoulders and face, resting her forehead on the rough ground. She waited, wiped the half frozen tears from her face as she got her barrings, the winds still heavy with the scent of it all, of the saltiness and copper of blood. Blood that covered the ground, that covered the broken bodies of her victims, that covered her. She waited for what should have been the second round of frenzied screams, but they never came. Vlad should have had no control over his own Banshee nature. Instead, the dark haired male stood with his back against the truck, the stereo in hand like the mechanical heart it was.
Tossing it into the bed of the truck, Vlad sighed deeply letting the breath out slowly through his nose, as he uncrossed his ankles, moving then from the vehicle. He rubbed his hands together, removing the imaginary dirt from them before turning to look out over the edge of the beach.

"Sloppy Nosferatu. Unlike you." he cleared his throat as he moved around the scene, kicking sand first into the bonfire, before crunching up a few handfuls of snow dousing it out. His jaw muscles working overtime as he clinched back what was clearly the expected scream. Shaking his head, he blinked back the pure white eyes to expose his human brown ones. It was taking every ounce of his powers, his skills to keep the banshee nature under wraps, but Vlad none the less was doing so. "Lycanthropes." he nearly spat the word. "Such messy, emotional creatures. It doesn't take one much to see that you've become too much like them." he grabbed one of the victims by the hair, checking for a final pulse. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Ah yes, a soulless uncaring voice of reason...)

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