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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 334, chapter 334

Out of Time

Our heroine sniffed as she waited for the coffee maker to finish. The scent of the hot liquid almost too much for her overly sensitive nose. A pencil sticking out of the top of a journal on the edge of the kitchen counter grabbed her attention, as if it were taunting her to read it. Opening the thin coiled bound book, she was taken aback at the drawing. There, staring back at her in deep embers of charcoal and lead was none other than Bryon. Grabbing the book she sniffed deeply pressing her nose to the pages; the coffee still overpowering her nose. "Seward!" she screamed. "Seward!" dropping the journal back down on the counter, the female banshee moved throughout the house at a speed that was a blur to a human. Knocking rapidly on the bathroom door she growled through her double row of fangs. "Seward, why is there a picture of Bryon in your journal?" she impatiently began to pace outside of the bathroom, her mind unable to focus.  The dark haired human male opened the bathroom door, dripping from his shower, tightly holding a towel around him.

"What?" he asked trying not to slip from the puddles forming around his feet from him rushing out of the shower.

"Your journal. Why is there a picture of Bryon?"

"Who's Bryon?" he asked squinting his eyes nearly closed as he squeezed past her towards his room.

"The guy you were drawing."

"Drawing...oh you mean the guy from my dream?" he shrugged as he started to struggle with a pair of boxers. Which were starting to stick to him as he hadn't bother to dry himself; our heroine standing in the doorway of his bedroom her hazel eyes wide in what he believed to be panic. "One of the guys anyways." he said not bothering to look over his shoulder. He knew he'd find the female banshee nearly on tiptoes pressed tight to the invisible barrier, as he had not invited her into his room. The thought gave him power. "That's his name? So he's real?" stepping into a pair of jeans, he finally tossed the towel into the hamper as he moved back into the hallway, causing our heroine to follow like a puppy.

"Yes. Bryon. He pretty much runs the Frankenstein estates. Victor's right hand man." she replied gesturing wildly with both hands. "Wait a minute. You said one of. There was more?"

"Another dark haired guy, well werewolf actually."

"Short hair, long hair, beard?" she reached out grabbing the human by the shoulder spinning him around to face her. Seward was confused about how she could do that but thought she'd fill him in when she wasn't so panicked.

"Short hair spiked. They both had spiked hair. No, no beards." Seward was starting to get the deja vu feeling again he'd had from the dream. "I drew him too." he said gesturing for her to follow him back to the kitchen. Taking the journal he flipped back a few pages, showing her his other drawings.

"Shack. That's Maxwell." she sighed as she began pacing around the male. "What's this?" she asked pointing first to the throne then the paw.

"I saw the Bryon guy sitting on this throne in this crazy mirrored room, the other guy's reflection though in the mirrors, and there was this severed paw but it didn't have anything to do with the rest of the dream...I don't think?" he scratched at the back of his skull doubting himself. "You're going to tell me it does though aren't you?"

"What kind of paw?"

"Panther I think."

"Dax, he is a familiar, who..." she tilted her head to the side.

"was a panther." They both said in unison.

"Why didn't Vlad say anything about this?" she pointed now to the picture of Maxwell. "He knew him too."

"I haven't shown these to anyone." Seward replied casually. "So...what does all this mean? Cause I'm not the psychic. Landin is."

"Landin is what?" Edric asked as he came into the Van Helsing house from the back door. He'd been out for a run when our heroine had gotten home.

"Psychic." our heroine said mindlessly. "We'll finish this conversation at a later time." she added quickly as the sandy-blonde male hybrid walked over to her, practically shoving Seward out of the way, wrapping his arms around her tight. He gave his mate a squeeze as he sniffed her neck still not liking the fact her scent was still different. Turning her face from him, our heroine recoiled slightly, lifting her shoulders as if to slip out of his touch. "And we'll finish this after you shave that disgusting thing off your face."

"You really hate the beard that much?" Edric stared at her, his blue eyes displaying half amusement half confusion.

"Yes. It's gross." she pushed her palms gently against his shoulders trying to keep him at bay.

"It's a beard. It's hair. Half werewolf remember it grows triple the speed of a human's..."

"I don't like it. I want it gone." she continued to recoil in his arms.

"Ruthven has a beard. Vlad has a beard and you aren't yelling at them."  Edric remarked.

"Vlad's is kept. Vlad looks like a young hip daytime soap star."

"Oh I've been taping Bold and the Beautiful for you." Seward interrupted cheerfully the coffee pot in hand.

"Yours looks like farm animals live in it." she turned her face to the other side as Edric continued to plant kisses on her cheek, smirking. 

"Leaving a neagtive impact on you is it?" he pointed to his face his fingers spread wide gesturing to encompass the beard. "See if there are any cows or chickens trapped in this ball of fuzz?" he continued to tease her. His smile bright and heartbreakingly genuine.

"There was that one time you had those fruity-o's cereal stuck in it." Seward commented as he continued towards the back door with a cup of coffee. "Like all day and you didn't even notice."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Why do beautiful men grow such gross facial pets?)

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