Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Cinema Files s1 p16

The Cinema Files
page 16, chapter 16

Gumshoe Intermission

"Mons get ready all your vids wit' the words shoes and feet in ther' title. I just delivered a few vases to a podiatry convention." Blake's voice cut through the length of the video store as the bell jangled.

"What is wrong with you?" I stomped through the store from the far left side, having just restocked the horror and sci-fi dvds. I moved back towards the check out counter, angrily opening dvd after dvd not paying any attention to it; as I attempted to make sure the right ones were in the cases.

"What 'ya mean? What's wrong wi't me? What ya talk'n about?" he replied his face ducked down as he began to shuffle through the pile.

"This morning. Your behaviour. What was that?" I picked up the already checked pile and started to shelve them.

"What?" Blake's voice trailed behind me as I slammed the cases onto the shelf.

"Uh how you reacted to both Ryan and Rudolph."

"Oh I'm sorry Mons if I ruined your little attempt at a scooby gang there." He said sarcastically. I made a face as I moved around him watching him duck his one shoulder to keep me from slamming into him, as I hit the play button on the answering machine. A female's voice came through the little speaker asking for a copy of  In Her Shoes, followed by a man looking for the movie Red Shoe Diaries. "See warned ya."  I didn't get a chance to argue as the bell over the door chimed announcing the arrival of a customer.

"Do you have a copy of the Man with One Red Shoe?"  the drag queen asked as he stood towering over us at nearly seven feet.  I pointed towards the comedies as I stared watching him touching the beehive wig making sure it hadn't been damaged on the top of the doorway, desperately wanting to ask him where he found the black pumps he was wearing.

It was after 9:30pm, and I decided closing the store half hour early would be fine. The winds began to bit a little as they picked up  forcing me to tug my coat closed. The fancy grey trenchcoat I was wearing wasn't actually designed for real weather. Turning the corner, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by ducking into the grocery store. I'd be able to pick up something for dinner, and steal a few moments of weatherless warmth. I found myself without thinking standing then in the frozen food section as a hand tapped my shoulder. I looked up to see Rudolph, a sad distracted look in his beautiful grey eyes.

"Hello you."

"Rudolph hey." I sighed as I grabbed a frozen pizza from the freezer. He took it from my hand, tossing it back in. "I wanted that."

"I've been thinking about the video store this morning."

"So you felt the need to deny me dinner?"

"No. I'm going to make you dinner."  I still couldn't figure out his accent.

"Are you making pizza for dinner?" 

"No." he shrugged as he tilted his head to the side licking his lips. I waited for him to say something else but he just stood there for a long moment ping ponging between duck faces and furrowed brows. I grabbed the frozen pizza again holding it tight to me like a shield. "You didn't come home last night."  he repeated this information from this morning.

"Were you spying on me?" I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or freaked out?

"Not spying no." his reply was staggered through his teeth that distant look in his eyes. "There was a fire alarm just after midnight. I didn't see you in the crowd of people the parking lot." his voice became soft. "When the fire department let us back in, I tried knocking but...the guy with the small dog in the apartment at the end of the hall said he saw you leave hours before with someone."  Shoppers were starting to bump into us, reaching around my shoulders for the freezer doors. We moved onward then towards the check out. "Then I got your text and at lest I knew you were safe."

"Uhm yeah. I was out with Ryan...er Detective Whitechapel. He was working a case needed some help."

Nothing seemed real. I stood about an hour later in my bathroom fresh form a long over due shower as the steam escaped through the not completely closed door. Rudolph's behaviour I wanted desperately to say was caused at lest in part by jealously, but his body language suggested otherwise. He had seemed genuinely worried, lost in his own memories of the night before. My gut was telling me his motives were pure even if they weren't transparent. Blake on the other hand, he was a pickle. Blake just hated loosing. Hated the idea he couldn't charm his way out of or into a situation. Crossing into my bedroom, I slithered into a fresh pair of underwear, some comfy yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt. And then I took a look at myself in the mirror, sighed removed the shirt and declared to the reflection that a bra was needed. Then scolded myself for my lack of enthusiasm. Whatever Rudolph was wanting over dinner, seduction wasn't part of it.  I barely got my apartment door locked when Rudolph had popped his torso out the door of his own place as quick as a rabbit; the click of his own door echoing in the too empty hallway. I jumped dropping my keys.

"Finally all my furniture has arrived."

Letting out a short sigh, I closed my eyes telling myself it was exactly what I knew it was. Not a date. He was excited for a housewarming party and there were most likely already people from the newspaper waiting. It had been a week since he'd moved in and by now with his looks I was more than sure he'd enchanted half his co-workers. I crossed the threshold to an empty apartment. Crickets empty. There were no other guests, no friendly drunk co-workers or anything of the party sort. His apartment mirrored mine in the lay out, as well as the fact he brought his case files home. Boxes of them. The only difference here was his version of the crime board was front and center in the living room taking up half the wall over his desk.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your heroine...me(straight up story.  He's up to something...)

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