Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 136

Movie: The Good Witch's Garden
Starring: Catherine Bell, Peter MacNeill
Genre: Family, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Year: 2009
Format: TV EDIT

Plot: A young woman  is about to turn her house into a Bed and Breakfast, just as a stranger comes to town and claims it's not her's and soon moves into her family home with documents that back him up. As the small town becomes divided between them, evidence appears to prove the stranger might not be who he says he is.

This is not the kind of film you would think from the title.  It's a straight up made for tv film, that is more in the vein of a an episode of Touched By An Angel then anything else.
It's also the second film in the made for tv movie series.

 what do I think I learned from this film?
This is one of those "you know in your heart right from wrong"  message movies, it's pretty cut and dry as far as why you're going to take away from it.

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