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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 266, chapter 266

Out of Time

The hellhound ran across the floor, turning his body as his paws slipped and skidded nearly out from under him, his bottom bumping the edge of the desk, before heading back in the other direction. The pup did this another round at full speed, panting wildly until he found himself no longer on the ground. Giving out a small yelp, he realized he was treading air, the warm steel grip of the large male holding him tight. Sniffing, a short pink tongue darted out to lick the tip of the male's nose, as the pup gave in to being held, all thoughts of his game gone.  Headbutting Dagan's chin, the pup snorted a yawn as he felt the werewolf's heartbeat next to his ear.


Reuben scratched at his elbow, his eyebrows knitted together. "Tell me, how is it we followed the recipe but still failed?" he whispered to Finn, his back towards the magick mirror. "And how does that woman know who I am?"

"She screamed for Rufus and Dagan?" Finn asked.

"No, that's impossible. Rufus is dead." the dark haired male exhaled roughly, scratching now at his stomach.

"Well, maybe she's someone from our future? This mirrors work by opening up one side to the now and one side to the past or future."

"Not the one the Sea Witch has. That's current. She opens to us, and she's alive right now, dealing with us in this point." he shook his head, his long curtain of hair falling like a veil around his face. Flicking it out of the way, Reuben exhaled a confused sigh.

"That's only because we're responsible for the death of her old Librarian." the familiar tapped a pen on the edge of the bookcase beside him, his nose wrinkling. "Whomever she is, she must have the answers we're looking for, otherwise the mirror would not have connected us to her...shhh." he straightened up as figures began appearing on the other side once again. "Oh my god." Finn pointed towards the mirror in shock as The Seer walked into view. Reuben turned back to look, his arms crossed as he did.

"Holy Shack!" his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes nearly welled up at seeing his old pack member. "I actually thought you were dead." he ran both hands over his face, eyes wide. The smile couldn't be hidden as it crinkled at his eyes giving him little laugh lines. "Dude!"

"Good to see you guys." The Seer's shoulder dropped an inch as he pulled a chair up to his side of the mirror. "But, why the mirror?"

"We needed to find out some stuff about the Frankenstein family curse." Reuben replied.

"Nosferatu's son is dying. Which, given the fact he's an immoral werewolf banshee hybrid; shouldn't be happening. But, with her being a Frankenstein..." Finn interrupted.

"Uh yeah about all that."he cleared his throat pursing his lips. "I don't think..." he let out a deep sigh closing his eyes. "I've got some bad news on that. I've been gone because..." he rubbed his hands on his thighs. "...what is this? Cotton...anyways, so I was gone, I was here." he pointed to the floor. "Because Pan...remember he's possessed you too...Pan possessed me. And Loki and Bacchus for that matter, brought me here to wherever this is, to keep me safe. Matilda and Rufus have been using their magick to keep Pan bound." he gestured with his thumb over his shoulder. "They're like you, a Familiar. Which they did up till...and...and Pan from getting anywhere near Nosferatu while she was pregnant, the first time. But now, she's pregnant again and Pan managed to um...jump bodies. From me. Into her...well not her her, but her, the baby part of her. So yeah, that's the news."

"Hold up." Reuben raised his right hand then crossed his arms again. "Rufus and Matilda? Familiars? How?"

"When they died Loki made them Familiars." he pointed to the floor again. "Brought them here with me, to babysit me."

"So I did hear her scream for Dagan?" Reuben asked. The Seer nodded then proceeded to scream for the other male himself.  The auburn haired male sauntered into the kitchen, the little pup still in his arms, as he did. His face lit up at seeing Reuben in the mirror.

"Buddy!"  the little pup craned his neck to lick Dagan's face again his tail wagging happily. "Not you. Though you are still needing a name aren't you?" He pointed to the half hellhound half St. Bernard before scratching at it's fur in between the rusty brown and black patches on the white area behind his ears. "Can you believe we've had him a week and he's still no name brand?"

"So it's true then? Kendra was right, Nos is knocked up again?" Reuben asked flicking his hair out of his face again. "Is it a litter again?"

"Just one." Dagan replied holding up his finger. "But, given the fact Pan is now possessing it, that might be one too many."

"Yeah, the reason we made the magick mirror." Finn added. "William, is sick. Dying. This is how we knew she was pregnant again. Something about there only being two Frankenstein children a generation? Dude, your family curse is killing the kid."

"She named him William? Wait hold on, you said only two a generation..." The Seer started to do the math. "When did she?"

"When she was with still with Vlad." Reuben answered. "When Loki saw she survived the first birth, he went all out, stuck her up with four pieces of souls from four packs. One survived." Reuben grunted as he felt Finn elbow him in the back. "A Blacksmith actually."

"His great great great great, there are a few greats in there, uncle." Finn said without any humour.

"Maxwell." Dagan growled. "He dead yet?"

"No." the familiar replied pulling the little round sunglasses down his nose to expose his cat eyes.

"You need to get on that." the auburn haired male retorted as he breathed in the scent of the little pup as if it was the only thing keeping him grounded.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I feel the lyrics to a Manowar song coming on...)

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