Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over Coffee...July 5th

I'm sitting here now, on a day where I'm just wondering about a ton of stuff, and one of the things I was thinking about randomly; were a few blog posts I had done back a few years ago on another blog.

And then re-posted on yet another blog few years after that for a Halloween theme. (at some point I'm sure I'll re issue them all here too... just maybe closer to Hallowe'en)

They were a "best of" series.  All on the theme of vampires.
What got me thinking about all this today was a short clip I saw online for the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp.  He talked about some of his favourite vampire movies over the decades.

One of my first non-movie of the day posts on this blog was a short list of my Top  5 vampire films
(I have two other blogs dedicated to just the review of vampire movies and books)

Another thing is that no matter how well we plan something, things get in the way.
The plan for this challenge was to watch one different movie a day for one year and blog about it.  And so far, for the most part that's what's happened.

for the most part.  But I in my grand wisdom, did not take in account the unforseen.   As in power outages that kept me from watching a movie on a particular day or from getting online to blog.
I also did not take in account sick days.   Or in my case, the broken knee.  A whole week was stripped from the challenge because of my being in hospital back in February.  There's also been a few days where migraine headaches have gotten the better of me and looking at a tv or computer screen was impossible.
I have to wonder, if Julie Powell ever had so many medical issues when she first did the Julie and Julia project?  
I'm sure other bloggers who dared to do year challenges had ups and downs, highs and lows and massive eye strain along the way... right?

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