Monday, March 17, 2014

Nosferatu's Lunchbox

Themed cookbooks are everywhere. Just everywhere. From Star Wars, to Star Trek (those yes I expected to hear of) to True Blood, Mad Men, Disney's Princess and the Frog, to Muppet's Presents Miss Piggy's cookbook, to zombie cookbooks get the idea.
I'm a big food person. Love to cook, not always successfully (I hate to admit it, but my cooking skills were much better before I became a vegetarian 13 years ago. Seems tofu is a lot easier to screw up then chicken) and I'm constantly buying cookbooks (no, sadly I don't own any of the ones I just listed) I also love to see what people consider their signature dish/drink.

If you've been reading my soap opera on here, The Nosferatu Adventures,  you know that for 90% of the story, our heroine (that would be me) Nosferatu carries around a lunchbox. You would also notice, that I have the characters eating all the time. Food, plays a massive roll in the story like it does life in general. And when my vampire and werewolves aren't sitting down like civilized monsters, they're usually feeding off each other. (literally)

So, I got the idea in my head this morning, of what would Nosferatu have learned to cook since her time with the werewolves?  And what kind of recipes would Rolf have inherited from his aunt?

The first "signature" dish came to me without any trouble, Reuben's Rabbit Stew.  So I searched my many cookbooks, and found nothing. All the cookbooks I own, and I own four large boxes of them, I could not find one recipe for rabbit stew. This took me to searching online. Here, I found a few recipes for it.   All are extremely time consuming. Not that I would actually try the recipe myself, because I'm a vegetarian, but, I wanted to add a recipe to the blog that would be on an easy level for anyone willing to try it.
After two hours of searching for the rabbit stew recipe, I decided, I need to figure out one myself. This could take awhile, given I don't eat rabbit and even if I did, that's not something you can get where I am.  What should have been the easiest signature dish for the story, has turned into the hardest. And I'm just getting started.

So let's give him a signature drink for the moment.

I wrote Reuben as a guy who is the most loyal of the group, but as we've learned, he's got one of the darkest streaks to him. (I've got about six pages of notes on where I want to take Reuben's character)
Some drinks I thought would work with him are the Rusty Nail, The Prince Charming, or Black Russian. 

The Black Russian, is a classic with 1 and a half oz Vodka and 3/4 oz coffee liqueur

The Prince Charming 1oz Prince Igor Premium Vodka, 4 oz cranberry juice, and 1 oz pineapple juice.

The Rusty Nail, is made by 1 and a half oz of Scotch and 1 oz Drambuie with a twist of orange peel

Personally, I'm really leaning towards that Rusty Nail as Reuben's signature drink. It looks like it's a light drink, but it hits hard.

And as I tell you in the story...tune in for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your more from the lunchbox. 

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