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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 129, chapter 129

Bacchus stood there seething for a moment, his eyes closed, hands locked behind his neck, feet apart as he went over the whole thing. The plan had been simple, introduce the female to the alpha, have them bond, and unlock her abilities. Then, plant Loki's experiment in her, and create a new breed of werewolf. After, which her powers would be more then just that of a simple vampire, she'd possess the abilities of the shapeshifters as well. At that point, Bacchus had meant to make her the first alpha of his new bacchae.

Simple.  Bacchus just hadn't expected Dagan and our heroine to be so stubborn. He hadn't taken in account that she might indeed fall for one of the other males. Opening his eyes, a devious looking smile crossed his lips. Waving his hand slowly across the room, an invisible coating seemed to spread over the building. "Let's up the ante"


The credits for the first film splashed across the screen, quickly followed by the intermission commercial. Just as the door to the screening room opened. Everyone turned to see who was joining them for the second movie.

A silence seemed to come across the group as the female walked into the room. She was thin, dressed in a skirt that was so tight it was like a second skin that came mid-thigh, a low cut top that was tied at the neck, and boots that came just below the knee. All in pink. Her hair was long, in waves of chestnut. Looking over at the group, she smiled as her gaze caressed each of the males. Taking a seat in the back of the screening room to the left of everyone, she settled in waiting for the second film.

Our heroine felt all the air go out of her lungs as she watched the reaction each of the males had.


"That's dirty. You do know you just signed our little bat's death warrant don't you? Now none of them are going to bother with her."  Loki said a look of amusement on his face. "I give them ten seconds, and they'll start moving to where your little plant is."

"You have that little faith in your own pets? What about the whole pack is family, mating for life, loyalty you sewed into their dna?"  Bacchus asked as he gestured towards the group.

"Was your idea to introduce the plant." Loki mumbled.


The Seer sat up just a little straighter, as he smiled wide at the new chick, running his hand down the length of his shirt front.

"It's getting crowded in here suddenly." Leo remarked.

"Yes, maybe one of us should find a new seat." The Seer replied as he started to head towards the chick. He stopped a few feet away on the steps, turning to look at our heroine. "Nice meeting you." he turned again towards the back of the screening room, sitting down beside her.

"I'm going to get something to drink." Leo commented, gazing up towards where the new chick and the Seer were now sitting. "Would anyone care for anything?" 

"I could use a pop." our heroine said grabbing her purse. She turned to look at Rolf who was still sniffing, but was no longer sneezing since he took the sinus pills. "You need anything?"

"Na, I'm good. Thanks." he said, leaning to the right, his shoulder bumping Dagan's as the larger male turned to look at the new chick, his eyes glancing again at our heroine. He elbowed Dagan getting his attention. "Dude."
Dagan had been in his own little world, staring blankly off towards the movie screen. Jumping up, he  turned to look towards the back of the room, removed the glasses he'd been wearing to watch the movie, tossing them into his messenger's bag and began to climb over the back of the chair, walking to the end of the aisle. The auburn haired male stood there for a moment before walking up the steps, mumbling to himself.

Dagan then stopped abruptly, turned around and walked back down them, his arms tucked close to his sides as if keeping invisible people from touching him. "" he counted out loud as he continued to mumble to himself as he came to stand in the middle of the room, tilting his head back to look at something on the ceiling.  He continued to just stand there as Leo and our heroine brushed past him heading back out to the lobby.

"Is he okay?" Reuben asked suddenly standing beside Rolf.

The larger male shook his head shrugging. "I have no idea. Could be stoned?"

"Hey!" Reuben shouted as he moved towards Dagan. "Hey, buddy. Are you on something?"

Dagan blinked as he turned his upper body towards him, then swiveled his lower half back into alignment. Closing his eyes tight, the male scratched at the back of his skull, rotating his shoulders twice, craning his neck slightly, his jaw squared. "I could really use a burger."  He said his hands suddenly everywhere as he padded the pockets of his jeans. "Where's my money?" Finding a ten dollar bill in his pocket, Dagan turned around in a half circle, then turned back to the others. "You need anything?" Both Rolf and Reuben shook their heads no, but it didn't matter as Dagan hadn't bothered to wait before turning back towards the door.

He sauntered past the usher, who was now sitting beside the door of the men's room, presumably to stalk Reuben were he to need the toilet; crossing the length of the lobby to the snacks area. Dagan then stood in line behind Leo and our heroine as they waited for the teenaged girl to get their order. Sniffing, Dagan's leg began twitching.

"You're coming back in for the second movie right?" his voice a whisper as it slithered around her shoulder. Turning to look at him, our heroine gave the tall male a nod. "Right that's cool, cause I liked talking to you about that other film. This one is a favourite of mine, cause it's a werewolf movie. I...I think it's cool anyways." He shrugged, his left hand out at his side, drawing circles in the air as he talked. "Do you like werewolf movies? I only ask cause so many chicks are just into that whole vampire thing." he brought his hand up to his face, his second and third finger in the shape of fangs. "You know cause of all that vampire stuff, seems to get chicks high or something. All that biting on the neck stuff..." he shrugged again. "I mean, vampires are fun, you know...but so many people forget there are other monster movies out the mummy, creature from the black swamp style stuff, giant mutant bats and ...then there's Frankenstein." he cleared his throat, scratching at his right shoulder.  The girl working the snacks counter handed both our heroine and Leo their order, asking Dagan what he wanted.

"I'm going to get something for Ash." Leo said softly nodding at her. "Catch up with you in a second."  Our heroine then wandered back to the screening room alone, as the tall dark haired male turned to look at the younger Dagan. "Bit thick with the geek fest don't you think?"

Dagan shook his head in a quick jerk, his eyebrows knitted together. "What...wa...what you mean?" he ordered his food. "I was just killing time. You two were standing here, so, I was being polite." he scratched at his neck.

Leo grunted as he leaned on the counter, waiting for the girl to notice him, but she just seemed to be too wrapped up in making sure Dagan's order was perfect. Getting bored, Leo reached one arm over the counter, grabbed an empty cup, filled it with ice and pop. "She's out of your league."

"Now how can you say that?" Dagan asked paying for  his order, stuffing a fry into his mouth.

"I can say that because she's not your type." he placed the money down on the counter for the pop, turning back towards the movie screening room.

"What makes you think she's not my type?"

Leo said nothing as he opened the door entering the movie.  

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Leo vs Dagan in the main event)

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