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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 128, chapter 128

Reuben cleared his throat, running his hand over the edge of his beard as he sat for another few moments, before deciding to join the group. He had been in the public eye for so long, it was almost refreshing to have the little group of people in the cinema screening room letting him be. Almost. There was a part of him that was dying of curiosity to know what was so interesting for the group?
Getting up, he crossed the aisle, placing his hand on the back of the chair, smoothly jumping over it completely to land on his feet, switched hands and repeated the action to land on Dagan's right, taking the chair beside him.

"Not even out of breath. I'm impressed." our heroine said, tilting her head to smile at him.

"Thought I'd crash your party." he winked, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling in the flashing of the movie projector.

"Movie club." Dagan grinned wide both hands in the air, palms up as he nodded towards the screen. Our heroine jumped up from her seat, making her way up to where Ash and Leo were still sitting. Leaning over, she placed one hand on either side of Ash's shoulders, whispering into his ear.
The tall tattooed male ran his tongue over the edge of his bottom lip, shrugging, smacking the back of his hand on Leo's shoulder repeating to him what she had just said.
The long haired male, removed his sunglasses, made a dismissing gesture towards her as he stood up and began to walk down the steps taking a seat on the other side of the Seer.

"That would be a yes." Ash replied as he too stood up, jacket in one hand, the other on our heroine's back between her shoulder blades.

"Um...could...could you maybe tell me what's with the seating arrangement?" The Seer began, as he cleared his throat, hugging his extra large tub of popcorn, making a face as he pressed his tongue against the top of his mouth.

Ash sat down beside our heroine on the very end of the aisle, boxing her in beside the Seer.


"Huh." Bacchus grunted as he watched the events from the small window of the projection room. "Didn't see that coming."

"Better get the second movie cued up. I think your plan is about to backfire." Loki said with a hint of humour, as he pointed to the second canister without looking.

"And you're just loving this aren't you?"

"Well, what do you expect? Huh? You put her here, in this reality, once again the only female. Of course someone other then your golden retriever in there is going to start sniffing around her. You've got them locked in a cage, so to speak. They are going to start getting the idea in their heads of that limited supply again. I don't think your favourite little pet bat in there is ever going to make a choice, because the choice is never truly going to be her's. It will always be theirs."  Loki gestured with both hands first at his left side then his right, punctuating his point. "You can manipulate the situation all you want, doesn't matter." the dark haired god said shaking his head. "You wanted her with the alpha, you forget, Ash technically is still a pack alpha. And on some level, he knows it even in this reality. I mean, just look at how they are all interacting with each other." he stood up moving towards the little window, one arm across his stomach, biting the thumbnail of his other hand."Rolf and Reuben have taken a spot beside Dagan. Dagan and the Seer have both planted themselves right in line with  Nosferatu challenging each other, while Nosferatu has made the gesture to welcome Ash and Leo. Who...who have placed themselves on the same level as her. It's almost like the pack has split into a hierarchy." the god's brown eyes flicked back and forth as he began to examine his pack. He pouted turning towards the other god. "I don't like this."

"Uh, you never like anything." Bacchus remarked between clinched teeth. "Besides, they're pretty much acting like normal, only as humans. The Seer and Dagan butting heads, Rolf and Reuben showing their support, Leo being Leo, Ash suffering in silence..."

"And Nosferatu feeling like the invisible girl." Loki added pointing to the group. "Even now, she's the center of attention and she still doesn't feel like any of them notice her."  he clapped his hands together, rocking forward on his toes. "Which, I think is part of the problem."

"Why she's not as powerful as she should be." the sandy blonde male said letting out a sigh.

"Well that too." Loki giggled looking up at his buddy from under his lashes. "That and the fact the witch is using her as a light socket."

Bacchus threw his head back in frustration, clasping his hands together over his head. "Of course! How did I miss that? Every time...aaggghh...every time the sidhe feeds off of her, he saps her powers. Damn it!" the god slammed his hand into the wall, causing a crack that ran to the ceiling.

Loki cracked his neck puffing out his checks. "Truth sucks sometimes." he smiled sticking his tongue out.

"Not funny."

"Ready to wrap this little field trip up?" Loki asked peeking back through the window of the projection room.

"Not just yet. I still think that putting Dagan and Nosferatu together was the right move. They're meant for each other." Bacchus said off handedly.

"Well, someone needs to give them the memo on that. Cause I think our little bat girl is getting really friendly with Mr. Ink Splotch."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Popcorn...)

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