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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 140, chapter 140

Ash's ears twitched, as he woke. He had been given one of the two rooms in the wing by the kitchen when the group arrived few hours before at the convent. He hadn't been sure they would be let in, but The Seer had talked not only his way into an invitation, but the rest of the group as well.
Ash had barely been asleep for an hour when he heard noises coming from the kitchen that he somehow knew wasn't right. The werewolf jumped out of the small bed, magic misting a pair of leather pants, before silently opening the door and making his way down the hall.

Letting out a sigh, he ran his hand through his short mohawk slamming his shoulder into the door frame. "What are you doing?" He asked, peering around the edge of the threshold, seeing what looked like the young servant passed out in the corner of the room. At lest, he hoped she was passed out and not dead. A very nearly naked Dagan stood in the middle of the kitchen covered in flour, molasses and eggs. Puddles of liquidy gobs that the older werewolf assumed were failed attempts at baking, covered every solid inch of the table, a chair and the floor around Dagan's feet. Dagan himself had hand print sized splotches of coloured powders on his thighs and butt from where he kept wiping his hands on his pants.
Sniffing, Ash's nose became filled with the scents of cinnamon, cloves and honey.

The auburn haired  male mumbled to himself before turning to look at Ash, rubbing his hand through his bangs, leaving a trail of egg and smashed apricots. "...honey jars. Magic took from me magic will bring back...did you see the spoon? Big wooden thing..." he spun around in a complete circle nearly slipping on what looked like a crushed apple.

Ash pushed away from the door, seeing the spoon in question sitting in a large pot of chocolate that he figured Dagan had melted and forgotten about. Handing it to him, he raised an eyebrow. "Dagan, you've never used Hoodoo in your life."

"I can learn!" his voice cracked on the last word forcing him to clear his throat twice. "I'm a lycanthrope, I can do anything!" he nodded to the mess he had created.

"Anything it would seem, but lose gracefully." Ash scratched a very tattooed arm as he looked around the room. "How long you been in here?"

"Uh..." the younger werewolf threw his head back staring at the ceiling for a few long seconds, mouth open, tongue pressed against his teeth. "...twenty minutes?" he pouted rubbing his hand over his face, leaving another splotch of batter on his cheek. He licked his fingers clean of the mixture and continued to mumble to himself about needing more sugar.  "Hey, can you do me a favour and go into where that traitor backstabbing buddy of mine is and get me a slice of his flesh and some hair?" he grabbed a small jar that was filled halfway with molasses and some paper. "I need it for the spell."

"No." Ash gestured towards him. "Dagan, honey jars are not usually used for revenge. Usually they are used for love...spells. This isn't about your position as pack alpha is it?"

"What else would it be about?" he asked as he started to write on a small piece of paper, the pencil breaking. Letting out a sound of frustration, Dagan bit into his finger and started to write his spell in his own blood.  "These types of spells are designed to bring things to you. I'm going to use it to bring me back my position as alpha. And if I have to slaughter Reuben, breaking up him and that female in there in the process, well hey then that's what I'll do." he said as he started to fold the page towards him counting as he did. "They did that to me."

"Dagan..." Ash ripped the page out of his hands, tossing it into the pot of chocolate. "They didn't do that to you on purpose. They didn't do that at all. Ares did." he shook his head letting his hand slap against his thigh. "Now, I have no idea why the god wanted you dead, but he's the one who pushed you into the water for the mermaids. Not Reuben and not Nosferatu. They both have told you that they thought you were dead. They thought they were the only ones who made it out alive." he took a step closer to the younger male, grabbing Dagan's face between his fingers, forcing him to look at him in the eye. Ducking his chin a millimeter, Ash lowered his voice so that Dagan understood he was not threatening him. "They were trapped together for weeks, just them. And it wasn't pleasant from what they told me. There was a lot of mistrust, pain, anger and grief. Reuben loves you, he always has. He didn't stab you in the back, he was caught with her when the full moon hit. Triggered the ritual."  Ash let go of his face, Dagan's nostrils flaring as he pursed his lips together. Shaking his head, the younger male grabbed at his own jaw then as if to make sure it wasn't broken. "No more spells okay. Clean up this mess before we get kicked out of here. You might enjoy living in the woods twenty-four-seven pissing on trees but I don't. We'll talk about this with Reuben in the daylight."

Ash turned and left the kitchen heading back to his room.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Maybe Ash should be the alpha?)

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