Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Coffee Talk 28th Aug

Anyone remember back at the beginning of the year, I said I was going to start reading the Night Watch series of books by Sergei Lukyanenko and post about them?  Well, guess what, I found my copy of Night Watch (first in the series) in the bottom of one of the moving boxes this morning. (yeah, still not unpacked)  So, that means, I'm going to give this another go.
Now, if I could just find what box the movie version was in...

Speaking of having some adventures... okay so I wasn't but...Swearnet the Movie, comes out this week here in Canada. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Trailer Park Boys pulled this one off. From the preview, it looks like it's a bit SCTV-ish crossed with ICP style stuff. In other words, looks awesome.

There are crickets outside my window as I type this, setting the mood for a laugh. Crickets...yeah I got nothing else right now.

till later.

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