Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Year 3 Day 91

movie: Haute Cuisine
starring: Catherine Frot, Arly Jover
genre: Food, Drama, Biography,
year: 2012
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A French chef is asked to be the personal cook to the President of the French Republic, and is faced with countless road blocks by other staff members. The two years she spent working there is inter-cut with her last few days working as a cook in Antarctica.

This is based on a true story.

Oh my god, don't watch this on an empty stomach! The food in this movie could give all the food scenes in Julie/Julia a major run for it's money. The whole tone of the film is comforting and daring and simple yet refined, as the food moves you from one emotion to another. This is more then just "food porn" this is a rare comforting passion in every scene. 

You see the lead teaching her sous-chef at the same time, learning from him in such a way, you are drawn back and forth between two ideals; that of a mother and son and on the other hand, like two people delicately flirting. This has a hint of courtly love to it. Not just in the dynamics of the chef and sous-chef, but of her and the president as well. Their scenes, which consists of them talking about their favourite recipes and sharing a truffle sandwich, gives you to understand what real respect should look like.

This is a beautifully done movie that leaves you wanting more. More of the food and more of the story. All the actors nailed their characters, dipping and diving into the complications of their relationships, while still making it seem like a surface shuffle. (manner and etiquette have a strangle hold on many of the characters ability to show any real emotions while at work)

If you don't mind subtitles, then I say watch this one...after dinner.

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