Friday, August 15, 2014

Year 3 Day 99

movie: Soul Food
starring: Vivica A Fox, Nia Long
genre: Drama, Food
year: 1997
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A family deals with the loss of their mother, leaving the grandson to put the pieces back together, the only way he can think of; by getting everyone to come to Sunday dinner.

This is roughly a two hour movie, but it took me closer to three to watch because I'm a crier and I had to stop the movie at lest four times cause it got me crying.

It opens up with the family together, pretty much all happy, and in an emotionally good place. Then one tragic thing sets off a chain of events, which leads to everyone breaking down and expressing their hurts/fears/anxieties towards each other. And in the tradition of all great food movies, it takes a big meal to sort it all out.

I think that's what makes this type of film so good. The fact that when you do a "dinner film" like this one is, it's based in real life families and traditions, which everyone on the planet can identify with on some level. 
I think everyone at some point has been part of the big dinner where you're life's secrets spilled out, and tough choices are made/lessons learned.

And the lesson within the sub-plot of this film? Family. Pure and simple. Doesn't matter if it's the one you're born into or one you make yourself apart of, in the end it's all we've got.  That and maybe some really great recipes that should always be remembered.

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