Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random movie

Witchboard 2 the Devil's Doorway

plot: A young artist moves into a new apartment, only to uncover first a ouija board left by the last tenant and second, a string of murders that someone in the building wants to cover up. Before long, she finds herself possessed by the former tenant.

This 1993 movie is the first sequel in the Witchboard series that started in the mid-80's. It stars Ami Dolenz and Timothy Gibbs.

I hadn't seen this movie in years, then stumbled on it online earlier. One of my favourite lines from it is when the landlady is talking to the lead character and says "This is Dew...I named him after the song...you know Me and You and a dog named Dew."

"I think the song is Me You and a dog named Boo."

"What? No. Who'd name their dog Boo that's a stupid name."

On the scare factor, it's low on the scales, reading more like a made for tv movie,  but the story is decent.  It does get caught up in it's own style, but then again most movies from that era did, locking themselves in a time-bottle.
For a ghost centered film, it works it's dream sequences perfectly, but lacks the real drive behind the possession scenes.  

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