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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 174, chapter 174

Our heroine sat on a small step outside the general store, yawning. Finn was inside getting them supplies. He managed to surprise her when he sat down beside her silently, handing her a mug of coffee. "That's not fair you know. Not right. You being able to sneak up on me like that given I'm half vampire half werewolf."

"Cat remember." the familiar grinned at her pulling his sunglasses down his nose winking at her. "So what's got you so distracted?"

"The white wolf." she sipped her coffee taking in the scent of it, letting the steam fill her nose as it hit her face. "I haven't dreamed of it yet."  The familiar shrugged clueless for once. Our heroine looked at him sideways, both hands wrapped around the coffee mug for dear life. "Female shapeshifters dream of a white wolf when they are having a litter. I dreamed of him last time weeks before I actually...and this time nothing. Got me a little worried."

"But last time, you weren't half mutt even." Finn said tossing a tiny ball of loose threads into the air over and over again playing with it.

"Right, which is why not having the dream is upsetting this time."

"Drink your coffee." he nodded towards the Elton's house. "The sisters are going to church, they always go to the next village which means they will be gone for about an hour and a half. When they do, the servants get that time to themselves. I overheard them say they wanted to head to the next village as well for supplies. So this is our best chance to look around that old house."


Rolf was standing in the middle of a park, trees lined the entrance by the street, cars parked neatly on either side of the road. He stood staring down at the large onyx wolf pressed against his hip, feeling just as confused and lost as he was. They took a step in unison towards the sounds of a group of kids somewhere, all around them it seemed, as a small sandbox suddenly caught his eye. There were two figures sitting in the sandbox, one pale as chalk with sunken looking eyes, amber-grey wolf eyes, thin like he'd been starving, reddish hair; dressed in jeans, white sneakers, a red hooded sweater and grey shirt, the other a mirror image of the little boy only his eyes were black empty sockets, and his skin glowed of health. The first little boy looked up at Rolf giving him a weak smile, the second turned staring up at the werewolf with a mocking tone.
"Uncle. I don't want to play with him anymore. He's taking all my toys from me." the first little boy's voice was thin, strained making it difficult for Rolf to hear at first. Crouching down on his heels, Rolf felt the onyx wolf sit as well as the male reached a strong hand out to rumble the child's hair. The wolf lifting his paw at the same time. That's when he noticed the string attached to them both going from each of the boy's chests. Touching it, the male got a shock that sent both himself and the wolf tumbling backwards.
Getting up, they ran back to the sandbox, the sound of other children getting louder and louder around them, as Rolf watched the first little boy slump over his nose bleeding. The second boy turned to look at Rolf laughing as he stuck his finger out smearing the blood then licking it. 
"Come on, let's play." the second little boy said jumping up grabbing the hands of the first. He dragged him out of the sandbox, moving as quickly away from Rolf as he could. Rolf tried to move, to say something but nothing came out. Even the wolf who was trying it seemed to howl was silent. They watched the two little boys then shimmer into two wolf pups, one with pure white fur the other like a strange silken shadow.

Rolf woke with a start, his right leg knocking over a lamp. The dream had seemed so real, as he leaned over palm flat on his forehead. Sniffing, the dark haired male blinked getting his barrings, remembering he was in an Inn two days away from where he'd left Nosferatu. Stretching, he shook off the cobwebs of the dream and headed into the shower.

The village...

"This isn't fun by the way." our heroine said leaning over Finn's shoulder as the familiar picked the lock. They had sneaked around to the back of the house, thinking it safer in case they were spotted.

"What part? The fact we're breaking and entering, the fact we're about to go into a creepy house filled with bad memories for me, or the fact that your so called new pack are twitching less then twenty feet away trying to figure out how best to well best you?"

"All the above now that you've mentioned it." she slapped his shoulder. "And don't mention it."

Finn opened the door standing directly in the threshold, his arm out for her to go first. "Ladies first." Our heroine sighed looking around feeling like some rebellious teen looking for a place to make out. Which, glancing at her companion wasn't a bad idea.

"Good thing they already invited me over otherwise, you'd be looking pretty foolish right now." she mumbled, unable to keep the smile off her face.

"Didn't even think about that part." he frowned. "You want the basement or the attic?"

"Basement sound fitting." she still couldn't get the idea of them being in a cheesy detective movie out of her head as she moved quickly towards the basement stairs. And like every cheesy detective movie she'd ever seen, the stairs creaked and squeaked with every step she took. There was a sliver of light coming from a broken window casting shadows across the floor, in the shape of the glass. "Cue Abbott and Costello." she mumbled to herself as she made her way across the length of the room, not finding anything out of the ordinary. She couldn't really smell anything, there was just too much dust and dirt overpowering her senses. Turning, our heroine was about to return upstairs when she saw something. She scolded herself for not noticing it right away. A small puddle of what looked like dried blood was under the edge of the stairs. The banshee moved towards the back wall reaching for the small door. It was obviously a root cellar. Opening it, she found nothing to indicate anything horrible, just a cold damp room the size of a small cabinet. The blood could have come from anyone at anytime over the last two decades. Sighing, she headed back upstairs.

"I found something." Finn called out, his voice coming from the direction of the second floor. Sprinting up the flight of stairs, our heroine found him hunched over a small locked chest. "It's one of the trunks the aunt brought with her when she cat-napped me." he ran his hand over the lock chanting, an orange light glowing from his palm as the lock came undone. Reaching in, Finn found a stack of books and a old doctor's bag. "So what's the big importance of some books that they would need to be locked?" he started flipping though them. "Diaries." he sounded disappointed as he tossed it back into the trunk. Our heroine had already reached over his shoulder, grabbing the doctor's bag, opening it.

"Uh Finn." she tilted it towards him, then sat it down on top of the nearest trunk. It had two extension shelves filled with bottles and small items. They found a set of oils, runes, a lighter and candles, a small poppet, a book, mirror, graveyard dirt, rose petals and thorns, a mallet, salt, a bottle of water, a large knife, a crossbow with bolts that were silver tipped, a cross, a silver chain, and wooden stakes. "What are they doing with a hunter's bag?" she took a large step back moving in a blur. Hitting the wall, our heroine felt something sharp in her back. Turning she found she'd bumped a doorknob. The door seemed to be hidden in the wallpaper. She let her eyes flash that of the wolf before turning to the pure white of the banshee as she opened it. The room smelled of stale incense smoke and burnt wood. Finn was beside her in a heartbeat, his hands on her shoulders as they surveyed the room. It was like something out of a true crime novel, photos covered the whole wall with x-ed out marks, string leading from one area of a map to another, notes on every kind of supernatural creature Nosferatu had come in contact with. "I thought you said the aunt was a witch?" she nearly spat the words.

"She was." the familiar said letting his hand slap his thigh as he turned around in a circle, looking at every inch of the room. "This isn't the aunt's. Her scent isn't attached to it. I'm betting whoever's space this is, is the reason the aunt disappeared after she came back home." he looked down at the female his ears twitching. "I hear someone. Come on, we've got to get out of here."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. We made it this far without the vampire hunters thought it was time...) 

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