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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 293, chapter 293

Out of Time

Our heroine entered the hotel room silently, her pale skin practically glowing in the dimmed light spilling from the bathroom. Edric poked his face out from around the bathroom door, "I don't know about you, but this night has felt like it's dragged on for at lest three months."  his eyes sparkling as he gestured towards the skirt. "You found something then." he crossed the room grabbing a handful of tie-dyed material, raising an eyebrow. "Shameful. There is a naked hippy somewhere out there right now because you..." he stopped talking actually looking at the banshee. The male hybrid tilted his head to the side, his eyebrows first relaxing then beginning to knit together in question. Nosferatu stood there, her arms crossed, her face down hazel eyes searching the floor. "You were gone an awfully long time." he whispered squinting his eyes at her, tilting his neck again as if getting a better look. His stomach seemed to drop and began sending a sick panic through him, forcing Edric to swallow hard.

"The sun will be up soon now." our heroine said without looking at him. She knew he was seeing her right then in a different light. Edric grabbed a hold of her hand locking his fingers with hers. The confusion like a stamp on his face, as he brought his free hand up to first her throat, then her chest. The tentacle like beams that glowed; that connected them at every chakra point were all but gone. The male let his fingertips trace the line from the hollow of her throat to the edge of her cleavage.

"What did you do?" his voice began to shake, causing him to close his eyes shaking his head. "It's not as bright." he tapped two fingers on her chest, just over her heart. "What did..." he made a sound that was something between a grunt and a growl. "what did you do? I need to know..." snarling Edric pulled his hand away from her chest as if it had burned him. "Tell me what did you do? I need to hear you...say it!" his voice began to rise as he fought to control his emotions. His duel nature was threatening his human side as his fangs began to break through his gums, his eyes turning the amber-grey of the wolf.

Forty-five Minutes earlier...

Our heroine slammed the door of the laundromat, her mind racing with what Vlad had just told her. Dagan, had not in fact claimed Matilda for his mate. He hadn't had the chance, as he'd been knocked out cold. She looked at the sky, breathing in the night air. Her banshee senses were in overdrive, allowing her to see the slight ring of light pooling in the sky. Light that no human would see for at lest another two hours. Their plan had failed. Without Dagan having claimed a mate, this whole process would happen again at the next full moon. Like it had countless times already in the past decade. Nosferatu was stuck in this never ending loop. This fresh hell of having to outsmart the lycanthropes every month.  She couldn't take it any more. Even giving up her soul, she was still locked into this victim role; at the mercy of a pack alpha. Just as Vlad pointed out.

"Nice night for a stroll." the voice came from the shadows just behind the dumpster. Our heroine turned to see a man leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. She was about to make a dismissing comment when she noticed the smirk on his face. A beautiful face at that. The guy was around 5'foot 10, with short cropped sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes, a sculptured nose and thin lips. He had high cheek bones that drew your eyes to the softness that seemed to radiate off him. Sniffing, our heroine laughed to herself. Bacchus. The god had changed shape once again, and seemed to be for the moment, Australian. The only thing that was the same were the blue eyes and sandy hair. The female figured even the gods had some traits they couldn't change about themselves.

"What?" she shrugged taking a step towards him.

"You're miserable. Fortunately for you, I can make it all better. Well, part anyways." he said moving towards her.

"Why?" she sniffed again, catching the hint of seagulls and trash.

"Why not?" he reached one hand out towards her snapping his fingers. "End of all this, you're mine. You want to win this imaginary fight you've created for yourself with The Seer. Who, I must point out, hasn't been heard from in days. Hint, yes he's still in this reality just not here." he pointed to the ground. "You pointed out yourself, that you can't fight him till you find away to locate him and keep him in one place."

"So you're going to track him down for me?" she sighed letting her hands slap her thighs.

"Not on your life. No, I want you to do that part yourself. It's a skill you're going to need when you're with me, leading my bacchae. But I can take away some of the distractions for you."

"Let me guess, all it will cost me is having my soul shoved back into my body?" she growled at him.

"No. That would be playing to Loki's benefit not mine. I like you better without a soul. This way you are useless to him, which means I'll collect you that much sooner." Bacchus grinned in the shadows of the parking lot lights. "Say that you want my help and I'll remove it." he nodded towards her chest. "No more sire bond."

"That will leave me vulnerable..."

"To what?" the sandy-blonde haired god shrugged. "No soul, therefore they can't claim you. What does it matter if you've got Edric hanging off your every word following you like the overgrown puppy he is; or not?"

Two Minutes ago...

Edric's fist flew into the wall, just centimeters from our heroine's ear. Leaning over her the male hybrid began breathing heavy, his neck beginning to pulsate as he stared her down. Both sets of fangs had emerged as he growled wiping the back of his left hand across his mouth, thick ropes of saliva sticking to it. "No!" the sound was garbled as he shook from what at first seemed like pure anger. The female banshee stood there waiting, expecting her fledgling to continue his assault. To rip a chunk out of her neck like Dagan always had when he lost control of things. He punched another hole in the wall, this time closer to her rib cage. "No!" he repeated in a hiss, moving first a half step from her, then back towards her again. He bent his forehead to hers; his breath hot gasps of pain. "You do not get..." he grabbed her face in one hand, plaster dust flying around their mouths as he did. "Look at me! You do not get to take everything away from me without giving something back!"  Edric ran his hand over his mouth again, his mind no longer his own, no longer clear. "This is a sham. A sham, and a conspiracy!" the male gritted his teeth together tilting his head side to side, his eyes then turning to the pure white of the banshee. "First you didn't want me as the pack alpha, fine I get it. Then you decide I'm not good enough to be your mate, bruised the ego but could handle it. Now, now you don't even want me sired to you. You want me out of your life I'm gone!"  Our heroine stood there, waiting for the rest of it. Waiting for him to do his worst.  "I'm done!" the male continued to hover his breath hitting her hair in rasps.  Neither of them moved.  They were down to just about an hour now before the sun was scheduled to rise. Once it did, Edric knew he was on his own.  The male let out one more deep breath as he turned moving towards the hotel room door. "You owe me. You owe me a pack, and a mate. You are leaving me without an identity. Half shapeshifter, half vampiric. Totally alone." he stood there his hand on the doorknob. "You not even going to deny it? Not make an excuse or defend yourself?"

"What do you want me to say?"

Edric turned flexing and unflexing his hands, his left arm twitching in frustration. "Why? Why not me?"

Nosferatu screwed up her nose, her hands at the back of her neck, playing with the edges of her short spiked hairdo. "My god. You're like a broken record. Thank god this night is finally over." she replied as she flopped down on the bed.

"That's it isn't it?" he pointed towards her. "You're waiting for it to be safe enough then you're going to race over to the Van Helsing's so you can rescue your precious Arthur. Or have you already?" Edric brought his one hand up to his chin, before shaking his head in disbelief. "You love him and now that he's a werewolf you're going to let him claim you."

"Oh, shack I totally forgot about him." she sat back up on the bed.  "He was a cute distraction when he was human. Useful even."

The male laughed. "A cute distraction?" he growled clutching his side, doubling over suddenly. The female reached out across the edge of the bed towards him. "Get away from me. Everything you touch turns to crap. Get!" he slapped her hand before falling to his knees. Edric was starting to transform again. 

"That shouldn't be happening." she looked out the window, seeing that even though the moon had moved across the horizon, it was still visible in the sky.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Edric's loss and pain might be someone else's gain.)

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