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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 294, chapter 294

Out of Time...

The hybrid screamed, clawing at the female's hands as she covered his mouth. "Ssshhh! I know it hurts. But you can't afford to scream. There are sleeping humans, and if you shatter the windows..." he nodded, straining against the pain as he buried his face in her elbow. "You've been fine half the night. What changed in the last five minutes?" she lifted the male to the edge of the bed, watching the tears of pain pool from his eyes. The hybrid was struggling to breathe. Biting her wrist, she force fed him once again. Edric could do nothing but cough up the blood as another spasm tore through his limbs, as they broke and realigned themselves. Arching his back, the hybrid suffered another round of torture. "The full moon ritual sets into motion the need to claim a mate. Any male werewolves in the same territory will tear each other apart in order to get the female first. You stopped transforming earlier because...because Dagan was across town out of your territory. Which means either he's woken up and is near by or...or Arthur has fully turned."  The bed stopped shaking, Edric laying silently still. Every hair on our heroine's body stood on edge as the air around her shifted. Opening his eyes, Edric sniffed. The low growl that escaped him hurt the female's ears.

The air crashed out of her body at the same moment she crash landed on the ground; broken glass all around her. Edric crouched in the now broken window, his taloned claws covered with a thin layer of sweat, his nose twisted into a muzzle, his eyes pure white. His duel natures unable to either take full control of his body, trapping him between the wolf and the banshee.

Launching himself from his perch, the male landed squarely on his feet, centimeters from our heroine's head. Crouching down, blocking her view, he snarled towards the edge of the parking lot. Nosferatu didn't have to look to know Edric was warding off a rival.  Only, none of it made sense. She was soulless, unclaimable. Both Edric and whomever he was threatening should have both made a run for the other side of town where Matilda was. She was the only other supernatural female in the whole reality they'd been dropped into by Loki. A reality where magick didn't work the same way it did where they were from.  Our heroine felt a rib crack as the male hybrid dropped his hand to her chest, pressing on it. He was holding her in place, keeping her from getting up from the ground. She watched as he tossed his head back, sniffing the air, grunting; as if satisfied with the result.  The female let out a short gasp of pain as Edric stood, his taloned hands tangled in her short spikes dragging her to her feet.  Picking up a piece of the broken glass, he crushed it in his hand dragging his palm across the wall of the hotel. Before smearing his blood down her face and the front of her clothes. Marking his territory.

Edric backed away from the female in the direction he had been growling only seconds before. A guttural noise echoed hollowly in the rapidly rising sunlight. The now grey sky hinting at a light tint of pale orange and copper. Our heroine still couldn't tell who her fledgling was marking his territory from, and there didn't seem to be any scents in the air to clue her in. In fact, she could smell nothing but the hot coppery salt of Edric's blood smeared on her. Nothing was getting past it to free her mind of the chaos it was in. Seconds ago, they were done with each other, freed from the sire bond ready to part ways. Now, she was standing in what seemed to be the middle of a war for territory between her chosen champion and some unknown assailant. Oddly, this time she was just a viewer and not the prize.   Or so she thought.

Both Edric and our heroine caught sight of the preconceived threat at the same time; turning towards each other in question.

"Really?" Nosferatu shook her head squinting up her eyes as she gestured towards the figure. "Yeah, I guess The Seer sends his love." she nodded towards the guy dressed in the mermaid costume. The Seer had cast a spell over him, basically possessing the guy. The joke being that he was one step above a zombie and of course, wearing a mermaid costume. "No one else would be twisted enough to send a mermaid to do...guess it's time to get my hands dirty. You can go, I got this."  Edric snarled wiping the back of his hand over his mouth, before moving very slowly to the right of our heroine. Grabbing the edge of a dumpster, he pulled himself up perching on the very edge of it in a crouch. "Or you know, grab a seat get comfortable...ow!" she grabbed at her neck, the long nails of the drag queen having left their mark. Edric tilted his head to the side his eyebrows knitted together at the sound of bones snapping and a yelp of pure pain. The guy stumbled back a few steps holding what was left of his arm, the shattered bones exposed just below the elbow before passing out.  "That was sadly too easy." our heroine commented as she turned taking a step towards her fledgling. She felt the sharp edge of the dumpster cut into her cheek as she was sent flying into it. Turning around, she spotted three more mermaid costumed men, the one closest to her holding a baseball bat. "Who brings a bat to a vampire fight? Wait, puns on me."  Grabbing it out of the guy's hand, she snapped it in two before ramming him face first into the brick wall. The scent of blood was now heavy as the limp dead body fell to the ground. "Where exactly did he find these guys?" she ducked as the next guy back flipped over her, landing almost perfectly in the tight fitting dress. "His wig didn't even fall off, that's impressive." she pointed towards him before moving around him in a blur. Our heroine found herself moving out of the way at rapid speed as the guy had managed to get a few punches in, one kick landing squarely in her chest. He barely blinked as the female just stood there smiling. Edric snorted from his perch on top of the dumpster, informing our heroine of the final mer-man to her left. "You know what..." she removed her hands from their chests at the same second, her arms covered with blood; their hearts in her hands. "I really hate mermaids."   Breathing heavy, she lifted her right hand, the bloody heart still in it so that it was just under Edric's muzzle. "This blood's for you."

Growling the hybrid grabbed her wrist, his fangs sinking deep into the offering, before draining it. He jumped down from his seat, taking what was left of the heart from her, chewing noisily on the muscle. Nosferatu leaned back against the dumpster with a thud, licking the blood off her fingers. She saw the way Edric's eyes shifted to her other hand, as the male licked his already blood covered lips. She handed him the other heart moving a few centimeters from him.  Another sound escaped his throat that was more animalistic then she'd yet heard from him. Dropping what was left of the prize, Edric nudged his face against her ear. Taking a few deep sniffs, the hybrid ran off into the darkness, just as the banshee scream began to rip from both their throats.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I really do hate mermaids.)

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