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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 310, chapter 310

Out of Time...

"Vlad was so angry when he realized he would never get a kid from me. I truly believe he thought he could magick one, that my lycanthrope side would counteract us both being vampiric. His grand plan was to raise the oldest, but Loki wouldn't allow it. Then of course, the others died before he could snatch them up to become his adopted heir." our heroine said to no one in particular. She was sitting on the floor in the corner of her little celled area, the trenchcoat spread out like a skirt. The female who had entered the room with the dinner tray said nothing as she pretended not to listen. "I wonder if anyone ever decided if I was worth my weight in gold?" she giggled at the thought. "Certainly, it couldn't have been silver now could it?" she scuffed her foot in a half circle watching the other female as she left the tray as close to the bars as possible. This new bacchae was careful not to get too close to either our heroine or the silver bars. Her violet eyes seemed to glow nearly lilac as they gazed unmovingly at our heroine. "That's all I ever was to any of them. The token wife. Dowried to the hilt. Only, no one paid for the mergers in any monetary wealth. No they all payed in death didn't they?"  she kicked the bars slightly, a small puff of smoke rising quickly from her ankle as she did. "I can't reach that. Not that I would eat any of it anyways, given I don't trust it to not be poisoned. Do you not speak? Huh? I know you should still have your tongue, as I haven't ripped it out. But only because you're new."  the auburn haired banshee licked her lips as she watched the other female walk around the room, one hand on the sword at her hip. "Afraid of silver. Interesting." our heroine sniffed deeply closing her eyes. "But not a wolf. There's not a hint of wet dog at all from you. So what are you? You're not like me. That much is clear, with those purple eyes and those octopus arms for hair."

The female stiffened when hearing that. "You ma'am; can be certain there is nothing wrong with the food. I made it myself."

Our heroine stopped giggling, stopped smiling as she slinked up the wall to a standing position. She was across the length of the little prison in half a breath, her palms smoking from the bars as she pulled on the one enough to get her arm through it.  The bacchae gasped as she stood in complete shock as our heroine unlocked the cage door stepping out into the main area of the room. She was then nose to nose with her as our heroine grabbed her by the throat holding her high above her head.

"You did not just ma'am me!" she tossed her to the ground letting the bacchae fall. "I know that word did not just come from those fish stained lips of yours. Clearly, I am no one's grandmother, therefore clearly, I am not someone you would ma'am!" she turned walking back to the little cell, sitting once again in the corner.

"But if you could escape why haven't you?" the bacchae said holding her throat.  Our heroine shrugged.

"I needed the vacation." her words were cutting.

"So you really are her? The one I heard stories of growing up." the bacchae said getting to her feet.

"Depends on what you heard?" our heroine snarled, letting her wrists dangle over her knees.

"The only female wolf to give birth and survive."

"Sure if you say so. I mean, yeah I pushed out those furballs. More than once. I survived, most them didn't though so don't get all party throwing. But I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Besides, I wasn't totally wolf now was I? Hybrid. Banshee first, then loaded up with all that shapeshifting goodness." our heroine sniffed again looking at the female. "You're not what you appear to be are you there?"

"I am not. I bargained with Bacchus. My devotion to be anything other than..."

"A female wolf." our heroine clapped her hands slowly. "Smart girl. You saw your mortality and chose to be a planter for a fish head instead. Explains the fear of the silver bars." she moved to a standing position again, daring to eye the tray of food. "So what are you not poisoning me? Looks like some sort of stew."

"It's mutton." the bacchae replied.

"You got a name?" our heroine reached for the piece of bread that was also on the tray.


"Shayne. Odd name for a female. Well Shayne. Give me your arm."

"What for?"

"I'm a banshee remember. Need blood."


Landin said nothing as the wolf entered the room. At lest he thought it entered the bedroom, but he couldn't be too sure it hadn't been there all along. He watched as the white wolf paced back and forth at the foot of the bed before jumping up on it. The creature's breath hot on his face and neck as it decided to stretch out on top of him. Landin could do nothing, as if his limbs were not his own. The white wolf licked it's muzzle nodding his head towards him, his eyes cast downward as it let out a lonesome howl. When the scream finally broke through Landin's lips, he sprang up to a sitting position, the sweat covering him completely. He was completely alone. No sign that the creature had been anything other than a fevered dream. Getting up out of the bed, the bleached blonde male began walking down the hall, down the stairs towards the kitchen where he was sure the voices he was hearing were real. The empty iv bag still connected to his arm, trailing behind him like an plastic tail.

"Anyone know who the white wolf is?"

Vlad had been standing in the backyard, hearing him, he turned and walked through the back door of the house. "Why would you ask that?"

"I just had a vision of a large white wolf."

"Only female werewolves dream of them. And only when they are pregnant. The only exception I've ever heard of was Rolf. But that's only because he shared a soul with Nosferatu."

"So what does this mean?" Landin asked making himself a cup of tea.

"I'm not completely sure." Vlad remarked.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well he is psychic remember)

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