Thursday, January 18, 2018

Coffee Talk January 18th 2018

Spudguns!  How's everything where you are? I need to confess something, I screwed up.

Last week, I missed the Themed Day post (we're doing Frankenstein this month) I had too much going on and something had to be dropped, and that's what was sacrificed last week. 

Spent almost a half  hour last night digging through boxes of dvds and found the one I had in mind to talk about, got up this morning grabbed it off the table before I even made coffee, carried it around the apartment for about twenty minutes while I was making the coffee, went to sit down to watch, and cried. Actually, between starting to make coffee and sitting down to watch the movie for review, I had oddly enough; checked the Instagram of another movie reviewer and seen they had posted a review about the same version of Frankenstein I had intended to do. I thought that was only half way weird because this is the big 200 year anniversary of the novel. But their post sort of got into my head.

I started to think about why the story of Frankenstein is so relevant still, and why it resonates so much with society.  How so many of us identify with the creature and his search for meaning and companionship. His feelings of isolation and despair. It didn't help that half the story takes place in the snow covered mountains, and when I looked out my window I saw snow banks that are nearly knee deep in some spots.

I wasn't expecting to be affected by anything, let alone one of my all time favourite stories.

But, have you noticed, that people rarely say they identify with the doctor and his search for the ultimate experience? He has this passionate goal that he pursues to the point of extreme mental exhaustion, only to end up with self-loathing.

With that all said, I will have this week's done for you by the end of the weekend. I just have to switch it out for a different movie. There are hundreds of Frankenstein based movies out there; which is great. Sadly for me, I have only six in my collection.

Today marks 286 Days till Hallowe'en.

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