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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 336, chapter 336

Out of Time

Our heroine sniffed as she listened to the phone conversation Seward was having with Quentin. "Don't forget it's got to be like the size of a big phone book." she said from across the room, busying herself with the task of making a cake.

"She said super size it." Seward repeated into the little phone. He watched from the corner of his eye as first Ruthven, then Vlad floated through the kitchen proceeding to look over the female's shoulder, and attempt to stick their finger into the mixing bowl. Poor Edric was the third and final straw as he got his hand bitten not just slapped when he did. "Hang on." Seward spoke into the little phone before showing the photo Quentin had just sent, for approval. Nodding, our heroine dodged another attempt of Edric trying to steal a taste of the batter and ended up falling backwards into his shoulder, as he planted a kiss on her ear.

"I still hate that beard." she grumbled between giggles. "Like you've got a dead rat on your face."

"Okay, so, he said that he and Zeddy will be here by morning. This seems a bit outrageous if you ask me." Seward replied scratching the corner of the cell phone against his face. "You realize it's costing seven hundred dollars for this prop right? I mean, that's rent money for a month."

"Seward, trust me. It's a tiny price to pay if this works." Nosferatu said finally putting the cake into the oven.

"If it works. Big if." the dark haired human said pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"It has to." the female banshee sighed under her breath. "Cause we don't really have any other options."

"And what happens when this Dax fellow realizes instead of getting The Seer's family spellbook, he's gotten a fake?"

"I haven't gotten that far yet. One step of the plan at a time."

"Um...why is that mirror smoking?"  Ruthven asked pointing to the white trimmed mirror they had in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room. It had been the Van Helsing's great grandmother's.

" no no no!" our heroine was so taken by shock and panic that she froze at first before attempting to move through the kitchen, her legs refusing to work as she knocked over a chair and sent a bowl of corn flakes flying. "He's turned it into a magick mirror..." she gasped in near tears her hand on her chest, breathing heavily when she saw the grinning child waving at her. "Damn you William! What the hell are you doing?" our heroine's eyes went pure white of the banshee as she let her fear melt into pure anger. Tilting her head she growled at the image in the now two way mirror.

"That would be the youngest." Vlad commented softly as he moved back into the hallway from the kitchen."I don't suppose you remember me? You were barely a toddler when you and Maxwell left." he said planting a plastic smile on his face, his top fangs exposed slightly as he lend one arm on the kitchen counter, crossing his ankles. He was every bit the impressive vampire king he truly was suddenly for the sake of the child. He sensed more than saw the shiver of distrust and distaste on the little half breed's face. Vlad all but laughed out loud at the thought of it.

"Well? What the shack do you want?" our heroine nearly spat at the mirror as her shoulders slouched forward in a battle stance.

"Nosferatu." Seward blinked as he felt ashamed suddenly at her reaction.

"Fine!" she hissed not bothering to look at her human friend. "You talk to the little rodent." she moved now like a blur out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards the attic.

The silence was longer than expected and just as heavy. A deafening weight of steady uneasiness from the werewolves, and humans alike as they all stood waiting for the other to say something; anything. It wasn't until a few birds started to chirp loudly outside the kitchen window, that the silence was broken. Seward looked at the clock realizing they'd actually been standing there awkwardly for nearly two minutes half embarrassed, half confused.

"Oh my god kid, not so fast." Landin seemed to appear out of nowhere as he half stumbled down the stairs, his left palm pressed flat against his face. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, his face splotchy. His cousin couldn't tell if Landin had been sleeping, crying or punched? But the area around his eyes were the colour of beets. "Yeah yeah, I'm only a shacking human I don't move at warp speed." he ignored everyone in the room heading straight for the cupboard over the stove, grabbing himself a glass and pouring it full of bourbon. Swallowing a large amount of it, the bleached blonde let out a deep breath and closed his eyes. "This is William Blacksmith Frankenstein. And he's giving me a migraine chill out!" Landin's voice rose in an unusual state of anger. "Look kid, no one cares okay. Big deal, you won some stupid jousting competition. Whoo hoo, big shacking deal." he gulped back another swallow, snorting in boredom. "No you're not." he snarked pouring another half glass.

"Would you care to enlighten the rest of the class?" Ruthven said as he lit a cigar near the back door of the kitchen.

"The little brat here is saying something about coming here and ruling or some crap." he gestured with the glass, slopping the amber liquid on his hand. Drunkenly, he shook the droplets off before wiping his hand on his jeans. "First off, this isn't a kingdom. Second, Nosferatu isn't interested in having you around. None of us are."

"Landin, what's gotten into you? Huh, he's just a kid." Seward found himself scolding his older cousin and for some reason really feeling sorry for the little boy on the other end of the mirror.

"You try having that whiny little half breed's voice in your head." he slammed the glass down on the counter, his hands now gesturing wildly at his ears. "Going on and on about how his brother is sailing somewhere looking for Loki and this Maxwell is ruling the kingdoms..."  This got Vlad's attention as he stood straight leaning forward, his hand out towards the psychic.

"What do you mean, Maxwell is ruling the kingdoms? Isn't Rolf or Reuben king?" Vlad asked.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Will the kingdom ever be safe?)

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