Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 320

movie: Macbeth
starring: Sam Worthington, Lachy Hulme,
genre: Drama, Crime
year: 2006
format: online

plot: A member of the mob goes on a killing spree to make a prophecy about himself becoming the head of the mob come true

Okay, this is the Shakespeare story in a modern format.  And I have to say, unlike  Romeo and Juliet from 1996,  this one actually works.  It works and it makes sense.

Sam Worthington plays Macbeth like a rockstar on steroids. You believe that he is a man falling into his own fear.

It could have been called magick murder and madness, because that's what this comes down to.
I've always avoided Macbeth, simply because everyone and their dog's grandmother have always made comments to me about how it must be my favourite.  This was the first time I've bothered to pay attention to the story since I was in grade 8.   And pairing the story with the setting it was, puts the original play in new light.

It's about betrayal, greed and self delusion.  Macbeth betrays everyone, his mob family, his wife, his business partners. All because he's been told he'll rise to power. Because of the way the prophecy is worded, he ends up believing he's a god and that nothing or no one could ever hurt him, and that's his biggest downfall. He believes his own hype.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Greed is never going to keep you afloat.

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