Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 7

It's Week 7 of the Vampire Movie Club, and yes, it's another week where crap happened in my life to make me a day late.   So, to be honest, I'm a bit stuck as to which movie to choose for this week.  There are so many movies that I kind of want to save for later in the year to work with book club.  (Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Twilight, Daywatch, etc)
But few nights ago, I covered the Forsaken.   So, lets jump into that.

We start with a scene where a woman is covered in blood in the shower, trying to scrub it all off. This then goes into an introduction to the lead character, who is hired to drive a car cross country. He then has to get the week off of work, in which we see him con his boss.  He then starts driving through the desert, his tire bursting causing him to have to pull into a repair shop.  Where he discovers that he lost his wallet. He spends the night in a hotel, and without knowing it, is in the next room to a gang of vampires. The next morning, he ends up picking up a hitchhiker. The two travel for a few hours, then stop to use a public toilet, and the same group from the hotel are hanging around outside, needing a boost for their car.  They unknowingly help the vampires with their car, which causes the vampires to decide to hunt them.
The two boys stop to eat, and see a girl who seems to be high trying to get on a bus.  The hitchhiker, who is actually a vampire hunter, realizes that the girl has been bitten and they take her with them to the hotel to help her.  She ends up biting the other guy infecting him.
The next morning, the two boys spot the car from the gang outside the hotel and open the trunk, killing one of the vampires by exposing her to the sun.  This is what cases the rest of the gang to hunt them wanting revenge.
The two boys start driving again with the girl, and the hunter explains what is going on, and tells him about the origins of the vampires and about the drugs that can help them from turning.
We then see the vampire's driver being pulled over by a cop in the middle of the day, with the vampires hiding in the trunk of their car.  The driver kills the cop before continuing on following the boys.  The female victim wakes up just after nightfall, as they realize the vampires are tracking her by a psychic link.  Their car runs out of gas just as they find themselves at the house of a woman who just happens to live on an old graveyard.  Here they decide to battle the vampires, because it is holy ground.
The two boys and the female victim manage to kill the vampires, and we then see them in the hospital. The hunter has left, and the main character finds a note explaining that the vampire who originally bit him is still out there.  So while killing the gang of vampires cured both the female victim and the main character, it did not cure the hunter.
We then see the main character drive up in the vampire's stolen car on the highway where the hunter is walking, and learn it is 3 months later and he's been tracking him down.  The two then set off driving into the desert again looking for the original vampire that had bitten the hunter. 

okay this was the movie de jour few days ago, for Day 31 on the vampire blog   
And as I mentioned on that post, it's one of the few modern vampire films that uses a Renfield.  It's become a cult classic and usually paired with Lost Boys or Near Dark.   We see a new type of vampire myth created here in this story, and the main themes are revenge, addiction, and isolation.
The vampire is used as a metaphor here for viruses. 

till later

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