Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 142, Chapter 142

Dagan was about to head deeper into the woods, when he turned having heard a heavy thug, then the female swearing. The male went to the barn to investigate. He found our heroine on her butt about ten feet from where Reuben was standing, laughing his head off at her.

"Not funny!" she mumbled.

"What happened?" Dagan asked, scratching his right knee. He shook his head sending the rain flying everywhere, as his hair fanned away from his forehead. This caused him to have to run his fingers through it to comb it back flat.

Reuben raised his hands to his sides, shrugging. "Don't know. One second we were heading towards those hay stacks, the next she's across the room on her ass." 

Dagan helped the female up. "I hit a wall."

"There's no wall." both males said in unison. Our heroine sighed walking towards Reuben again, and stumbling back.

"For me there is." she held her hands out, palms flat against the invisible force, standing on her tiptoes trying to find away around it. Dagan took a step towards his buddy moving easily beyond the spot the female could not. He then raised his right foot in an over exaggerated motion planting it firmly on the ground then shuffling his other foot beside it. He turned in a half circle and did it two more times. "Okay smartass, you proved your point. The question is why?"

"This might have something..." Dagan said spotting a small trap door a few inches from the heel of his foot. Grabbing the small iron latch, he opened it. "Looks like stairs." he nodded to himself. "Hidden room I'm guessing." he sniffed loudly twice. "Someone must be living down there."

Our heroine turned, and walked a few feet towards the left of them, her hand still out to her side as she did. Stopping suddenly she found herself falling over to the right, and barely managed to keep from landing in a large pile of horse poop.

"You're as graceful as a moose." Dagan commented, his hands out in front of him. "A really big moose." he smiled his dimples on display before gesturing to the trap door turning to look at Reuben. 

"So the back half of the building over where they are living..." Reuben remarked pacing the twenty feet behind them. " like their front porch. Interesting. And that trap door is their front door. Question is, who would be living underground?" he made his way back to where the trap door was, watching as Dagan moved to where Nosferatu was standing, and began to count the invisible line by going toe to heel all the way to the other end of the barn. Reuben rubbed his hands over his face then pointed at the floor. "Shall we?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. So who's under the stairs?)

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