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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 143, chapter 143

Dagan lowered himself down into the darkness of the stairs, taking the first few steps carefully as his eyes began to adjust, while Reuben leaned over, his hair smashing the other werewolf in the face as he jumped into the darkness, landing in one of his perfect shoulder rolls at the bottom of the stairs.

"Really? You couldn't use the stairs?" Dagan grumbled, chewing on his bottom lip.  Reuben shrugged, spinning on his heels sniffing. He leaned over near the wall sniffing once more, this time trying to get some sort of scent as to who it was that was living there. But the mold and earth was overpowering everything.
The two males continued through the underground tunnels, finding themselves having to walk single file as the passageway got smaller. "She likes to read at night to you." Dagan said out loud.


"The female. She reads in bed like all the time, and doesn't matter what she's reading, if she thinks it's even sort of interesting to her, doesn't matter, a recipe, spell, history of someplace, she'll wake you up if you're asleep and read it to you. We went through one of the old witch's diaries in one night once. Before I claimed her as my mate."  Reuben let out a deep sigh his cheeks puffing out as he did, slamming a fist into the wall as they continued on to the end of the tunnel. "And if you try to sleep in the bed in wolf form, make sure you're not muddy, cause she'll just toss a bucket of water on you if you make the bed dirty." Dagan started to press his palms against the wall that was suddenly in front of them, trying to locate a door or opening. "And another thing, she pretends that she hates it when you get all wolfed out but, if she wakes up to find you in wolf form, she'll start scratching your ears like you were a pet or something..." he turned leaning his shoulders against the wall.

"Don't talk about scratching..." the dark haired male said suddenly his hands at his long hair. "...I still think I might have fleas."

Dagan was about to say something when the wall he'd been leaning on disappeared and the auburn haired werewolf went flying backwards landing on his back. Rolling over, he found himself face to shoe with whomever they were looking for.

"Not who I was expecting, but welcome just the same." the voice was smooth and very feminine. Jumping to his feet, Dagan nodded. "I'm Kendra." she looked to be in her mid fifties, but that didn't mean much.

"You were expecting someone?" Reuben asked. Kendra nodded, pulling the shawl around her tighter.

"The half witch. But you'll do for now." she turned heading towards a table that was covered in bottles and jars, a small pot in the middle with purple steam rising from it. "and might I say, you look well for a dead man." she gestured then to Reuben before turning to Dagan. "Both of you."


The rain had started to lighten up, and our heroine decided to head back to her room. She'd made it out of the barn, but before she could manage to get another two feet, she found herself being dragged backwards into the woods. A very strong hand covered her mouth keeping her from screaming out, while the other arm was tight around her waist. They stopped moving long enough for the female to be spun around and pushed against a tree.
Her eyes went wide when she saw the very tall dark haired werewolf standing in front of her, his one hand now at his own lips sshhing her.

Rolf was breathing heavy, his hair matted around his shoulders from the rain and sweat. It was clear he'd been running, and from the fact he was naked, it had been in wolf form. Our heroine blushed as she looked away, but her own embarrassment was interrupted by the sounds of voices. Rolf closed his own eyes, pressing against her in the darkness, shuffling her around the large tree as to not be seen.

"He couldn't have gotten too far." the first female voice said.

"Try a locator spell." the second replied. "That worked on the last one."

"I don't have anything of his to use in the spell." she let her hands slap against her thighs in frustration. "Ugh! Let's just go back and cut our losses. We'll get him later."

When Rolf finally heard them leave, he let out a deep breath, moving away from Nosferatu, and finally magic misting a pair of shorts. He then promptly fell to the ground, his left hand groping for her arm.
That's when the vampire noticed the burn marks on both Rolf's wrists, and on his neck. The two women had used silver chains on the werewolf.

"What happened?" she asked suddenly on the ground beside her friend. Rolf said nothing, just shook his head, his massive curls flying everywhere, while he gasped for air. Turning his eyes up to look at her, he just sniffed. "I can't help if I don't know what's going on?"

"No one can help me. I did something and now..." his breathing was starting to return to normal, but the burn marks were not healing. " time is up."

"Rolf? What do you mean you did something?"

"They're collectors. I...I tra...traded my soul."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What would be so important to loose your soul?)

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