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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 222, chapter 222


Jacob, pressed his nose against the door sniffing.  "He's alive!" he said grinning before bursting out in a fit of laughter.

Sebastian scratched the back of his skull as he felt a shift in the air, his body automatically going into a fighting stance. The sound of the torches on the walls flickering, forced him to look, seeing the hallway blocked by the members of the Oaken pack. The solider refused to relax as he knew the Blacksmith pack wasn't far behind.

The sea of bodies suddenly parted, exposing the woman's mate and brother. Someone slapped the larger of the two on the shoulder, bowing his head in respect just as the door opened revealing Vlad. He had a small blanket in his arms, holding it tight as if it were his own life.  Gazing up at the returning wolves, the prince turned his body slightly shielding the baby from them.

"Congratulations. You have a son." he said mockingly to Reuben. "Or a mate...I'm not sure how this works given you are not the biological anything to him, and he is in turn your alpha." the gleam of his fangs as he smiled sent a stab of hatred into Reuben.

"Where's Nos?" Rolf asked about to push his way into the room. The prince raised his one hand, raising his chin towards the taller male.

"She's resting. It was a difficult time for her, believing all these months you had abandoned her, believing you dead even."

"What are you talking about? We were gone two days." Reuben remarked.

"This baby proves otherwise." the prince smirked again moving past them. "Now, if you will excuse me I have to get this one presentable before Loki arrives." he turned heading in the opposite direction of the wolves, then casually whispered. "You look much better with your hair all one colour. The grey really didn't suite you."
Reuben brought his hands up to his hair, running his fingers through it, trying to see for himself. They hadn't even noticed the claiming had been undone. Which, given they were going through a time portal, already feeling like their insides were being ripped out, the breaking of the mate connection was easily overlooked.

Vlad barely stepped foot into the large dinning hall when the shadows started to move around him. Snarling, the vampire held the baby in one arm, ready to draw his sword with the other.  "Relax." Loki said as he walked across the room in the dimming light of the lamps. Stretching, he casually swung one foot in front of the other, touching the walls, the furniture before gliding over to stand in front of them.
Frowning, he leaned over peering at the little bundle. Sniffing deeply, he moved his hands around as if guiding the aroma of something sweet towards him. "Ah fresh baby smell. I have missed that." he let a smile touch his lips for less then a blink of an eye before sticking his finger towards the baby's mouth. "Did she name him yet?" his tone took on a very hushed gentleness to it as he tilted his head to the side practically cooing. Vlad said nothing, just raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry you will have to speak up I couldn't hear you over the deafening silence."


"Probably can't make up her mind. She'll find something fitting soon I hope." the dark haired god said scratching his ear. Vlad lowered his eyes, bending to kiss the baby's forehead then reluctantly holding the little werewolf closer to Loki. "What? He need a changing already? Cause I don't do diapers."

Vlad shook his head in confusion. "Have you not come for him?"

Loki's eyes began to shift back and forth as he stood to his full height, mouth slightly ajar. "Don't be ridiculous. Just popping in to see that he survived. I'll catch up with him once he's starting to show his lycanthrope side." he rubbed his hands together biting his bottom lip. "He is cute though. So pale, little tuff of hair. Wonder if he's going to have dark fur or red? His hair is difficult to tell in this light...what with having Rolf's bloodline and the banshee being a redhead...what now?"

"Forgive me, but I don't understand." Vlad said moving away from the god. Bending, he gently placed the newborn into a cradle that he'd been working on personally for the last month, as a gift.

"What's not to understand? Huh? My son is born, he looks healthy very god like, looks like he'll survive the night. If what's her face survives the next few hours, then the boy and her, will be sent back up the line to 2015 where he's needed. Back to the pack that got stuck with her. Where they can raise him to be the creature he's meant to be. It isn't that difficult to wrap your head around, even for a simple bloodsucker like you."  Loki became angry, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf before shimmering away.


Reuben grabbed Sebastian shoving him out of the way, heading into Vlad's bedroom. The dark haired male stood just beyond the door, stricken by the sight. The already pale female was lost in the whiteness of the sheets, her veins appearing like rough maps of neon against her flesh. Her eyes slightly sunken making her cheekbones appear sharper, while her double row of fangs jutted out of her cracked lips.
He kicked the bed. "Nos. You dead?" He waited, there was no response. He kicked the bed again. "Nos?"

"She was doused with a triple dose of fairy dust. She was in so much pain." a male voice said just behind him. Reuben turned to see the  pack alpha of the Blacksmith clan. Only, he didn't know this; was unaware that this was his ancestor. "You the brother or the mate?"

"I shacked the whore if that's what you're asking." Reuben replied with a dismissive gesture, running his hand through his long dark hair.

"Figures." he snorted crossing the length of the room to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Maxwell." standing back up he got right in Reuben's face, not bothered by the fact Reuben towered over him by a foot. "I'm the guy who has been doing your job while you've been off doing whatever it is you've been doing. Making sure she didn't do anything stupid, keeping her fed, keeping that baby alive." he poked the taller male in the chest. Reuben growled low, his chin down, eyes staring up from under his hair.

"So what you're the new me?" Reuben chuckled crossing his arms over his chest. "Thanks I've got it from here." he went to sidestep around Maxwell but the other wolf blocked him.

"No, you don't got it! And you never will. She survives this, and from what I understand you're not even truly her mate because of the baby, but she survives this, you and me will settle this thing once and for all."

Reuben's chocolate brown puppy dog eyes went wide as he leaned in just an inch. "Oh my god, you're planning on claiming her! You''re in love with her?"   he scratched at his ear. "Why?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Was everyone thinking she'd end up with Vlad?)

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