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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 155, chapter 155

Rolf cracked his neck as he thought about what the hold up was. There should have been a second shadowy image for Harker. The image to let the temporary Fate know what the other man's reincarnation would be. But there was nothing. Just the old form. Scratching at his beard, the werewolf crossed his arms over his massive chest. 

"Okay man, something's not right here." he blinked a few times, smacking his temple with the palm of his hand. "Reception I guess is fine." he shrugged, as the voiceless soul tried to ask what was happening. Rolf held up his hand telling Harker to calm down. "You died. I'm here to help you pass on."

Harker threw himself at the larger male, trying to grab a hold of his shirt, but found his hands drifted through him. Stunned, Harker stumbled backwards, falling to the floor, a look of pain and grief in his eyes.

"Look bud, all I can think of is that you made a deal or something with your god. Did you?"  he asked crouching down on his heels, flicking his hair out of his face. Harker shook his head mouthing the word no. "Well, something is getting in the way."

The Fort...

The Necromancer raised an eyebrow, puckering his lips as he washed his hands. The body was very fresh, only about an hour old. He figured it wouldn't take longer then a few minutes. He glanced again at the female who hovered near the painting of King Leo and Ash, that still hung in his chambers. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her blood.
That had been the deal, he saves Harker, and our heroine gives him a few liters of her vampire blood. The Necromancer was practically salivating he was so jazzed at the thought. It had been decades since he'd come across a human vampire. He'd been making due with the blood from the yellow eyed bat creatures for years, almost given up hope of ever coming across someone like the female ever again.

Quickly he got to work. The Necromancer held his hands over the body, feeding his own energy into it by a yellowy-green light that seemed to course out of his palms, chanting something under his breath. Our heroine was too busy trying not to watch, that she missed whatever it was he was saying.

Suddenly her nose started to burn, forcing her to sneeze. Turning, she saw Harker's chest begin to move, to fill up with air slowly. She moved quickly to stand beside him just at the elbow of the Necromancer. Watching as he started to talk to Harker.

"Do you remember what happened? Do you know your name?"

Slowly the male opened his eyes, looking around as a hoarse whisper escaped him. He nodded as tears ran down his face, his hands then going to where the wound had been. "I...I...was murdered. This woman barged...barged in with a dagger..." he spotted our heroine reaching for her.

"Do you know your name?" the Necromancer asked again.

"Harker. Captain Harker Frankenstein."

The Necromancer's face twitched at hearing that. He took a short step backwards, clearing his throat, smoothing down a stray strain of hair. "Huh...very good...you need to lay very still for a few minutes, as..." he cleared his throat again suddenly looking around the room. "...your limbs need some time to...to work." he turned then grabbing our heroine by the elbow herding her out of the room. Once outside in the hallway, the door shut he let his panic show. "You didn't tell me he was a Frankenstein!" he began to pace back and forth biting his nails.

"What's that got to do with anything?" the female asked.

"Everything! There is a curse..."

"Yeah, only on married members of the family." she said flicking her fingers through the two streaks of grey in her hair.

"Not that! That's nothing but a harmless anti-cheating spell. Any rootworker could conjure that. I'm talking about the real curse."

"Um, sure okay. There's something else? What did that family do for curses to be slapped on them?"


Rolf stood back up to his full height shaking out his hands. "We're running out of time. If we don't move you on to your next life soon, you'll be stuck here in this room, for years. Unable to touch or talk or anything. Now, I'd love to say that this isn't going to hurt a bit, but to be totally honest, I have no idea if it will. But you've just got to trust me okay?"  the dark haired werewolf took a deep breath, relaxing his shoulders raising his hands towards the shadowy figure. His strong fingers were just millimeters away from touching the two soul points, one at the heart chakra and one in the chakra between Harker's eyebrows.

Rolf's fingertips never made contact. Instead, they drifted through the spirit causing the larger male to stumble forward. Stumble right through him. Turning quickly, the stunned werewolf found himself alone in the room. "Huh?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me.(straight up story. Now I need to find a really great curse for the family.)

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