Monday, September 1, 2014

year 3 day 112

movie: Punch Drunk Love
starring: Adam Sandler, Emily Watson
genre: Romance, Comedy,
year: 2002
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After a chance meeting outside of his office, a socially awkward man falls in love with his sister's friend. But before they can even have their first date, he gets himself into trouble with a group extorting him for money.

This was weird to say the lest. Not great, not bad, just odd. There were moments when I wanted to compare it to those romantic comedies of the 1960's. I could easily see Jimmy Stewart playing this role.

The lead character has been bullied and mocked his whole life by his family of sisters, that he's pent up so much anger and has become depressed. The character seems to be a chronic liar through most of the film, only to have waves of guilt that force him to tell the truth.

I'm not too sure what the point behind this movie is, other then maybe to take a closer look at how society looks at depression in men?

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