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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 225, chapter 225

Rolf's Kingdom...

"You must be Max..."  the sentence rolled off Harker's tongue in a single breath as the dark haired pirate leaned against the wall just behind Reuben, his arms crossed over his chest causing his leather jacket to make noise.

"Who are you? I don't know you?" the dark haired male said as he took a step closer, little William clinging to his neck still.

"No. But I know all about you." he cast his eyes down not sure how he felt about the whole thing. "The one who staked his claim pardon the pun, on Nosferatu before Reuben had any chance to convince her to come home. Clearly you got what you were after." he gestured towards the little boy.

Maxwell grinned licking his lips. "Nice to know I've been the topic of conversation." he placed a hand on his chest before adjusting the boy on his hip.

"No. Not really." Harker remarked under his breath. Closing his eyes again he raised his chin turning towards Reuben. "Is he alright?"   Reuben nodded turning towards his reluctant friend, letting Harker run his knuckle gently across the auburn haired eight year old's cheek. "Well then, I guess I'll head back to my research."

"Research?" Maxwell's attention was still half on them half taken by the room itself as he walked around with William still clinging to him.

"Yes, I have a personal library filled with books no one reads." he clasped his hands together bowing slightly. "I'm lucky that witch let's me have pee infuriating." he turned heading back down the hall. 

"Witch?" Maxwell asked tilting closer to the throne running one hand across the velvet.

"He's inherited a reflective position as of late." the dark haired male said giggling. "He's a magick mirror."

"I take it he didn't ask for the job?"

"No one asks to be a magick mirror. Being forced to stay home all the time."  he sniffed. "The pack had some run ins with a pretty powerful sea witch over the years, and at one point, she took it out on him." Reuben shrugged. "Plagued his crew for months, cursing them, hexing them. After awhile, Harker tried to get some revenge. Didn't work. He accidentally broke her magick mirror in the process. As punishment, the sea goddess Yemaya, told him he needed to take the place of the librarian for this generation."

"Why not just make a new mirror for the old librarian to use? It is just a mirror."

"Where's the punishment in that? She could have easily killed him for attempting to kill the sea witch. But to be honest, I think either Loki or Bacchus intervened. Talked her into just grounding him." Reuben put his hand on the eight year old's hair half amused half displeased with the fact he was staring at them, one fist clinging to Reuben's belt while the other hand started to flex and unflex at his side. Then the little boy raised his right hand squinted and pointed at them both mumbling under his breath. "Hey! What have I told you about that!" The little auburn haired eight year old put his hand down, sheepishly looking at the floor. "No spells unless your life is in danger."

"Why? The intervening I mean not the spells part." Maxwell asked shifting his weight so that little William would relax his grip around the werewolf's neck.   Reuben smirked rubbing a hand over his beard.

"They owe this pack a few." he said squinting.

"But...he's not even a werewolf."

"But his brother is." Reuben let out a deep breath telling the auburn haired boy to go find his uncle Rolf, waiting until he was out of ear shot before continuing. "Nosferatu's sire."

"Aren't you curious as to why I'm here?" Maxwell asked spotting the toys still on the floor, allowing William to sit and play with them.

"Not in the slightest, just waiting for you to hop back through." Reuben said crossing his arms over his chest, taking a stance, blocking the doorway completely to the rest of the castle.

"She's turned. On us. The packs, Vlad, the kids..."

"Kids?" Reuben's voice cracked causing him to clear his throat.

"It's that Edmund guy. The second he showed up, Nosferatu...well let's just say she's been under his spell for the last few years."

"Kids? I'm still waiting here." Reuben sniffed feeling the very pit of his stomach begin to curdle with a sourness.

"He safe here?" Maxwell asked gesturing towards the little boy. "I don't want to talk in front..."  Reuben whistled Tombstone appearing suddenly.

"Guard him." The hellhound snorted but walked over to the new boy, sniffing him wildly before plunking himself down beside him.  Reuben nodded in the direction of the hallway, Maxwell following as they turned at a set of large doors, Reuben stopped putting his hand out on the other werewolf's chest. "Talk."

"After you all left, Loki returned for awhile. Couple of months actually. They fought constantly."

"Well she does bring the best out in men." he mindlessly scratched at his beard.

"She refused to have another werewolf claim her. Even married Vlad can you believe it!"

"Wouldn't expect anything less. Continue." Reuben's chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkled as he heard that. He knew our heroine better then she knew herself sometimes. Something in him just couldn't see her willingly giving up a chance with Dracula for anyone. He ran his hands through his long dark hair, sniffing back a giggle.

"Vlad disappeared a few months after that. Just before a full moon. It triggered the ritual, Jacob claimed her, and she got pregnant."

"Just like that? No mystical magickal from Loki...just normal..."

"Yeah, just normally the old fashioned way. She hated him for it. Bitch ripped him to shreds one night, out in the open in front of the rest of his pack. Literally, tore his arm clean off..." Reuben shook his head as he listened, thinking she was so much like her sire.  "Left him on a pike in the middle of the woods like Vlad used to do. Said it was a warning to any pack members that she wouldn't be claimed again."

"And how'd that work for you?" Reuben shifted his weight from one foot to the other the bad feeling in his stomach getting worse.

"Loki returned. He did something to myself and two other pack alphas, reached into us, removed something. Next thing we know, she had a litter." Maxwell brought his hand up to his chest making a clawing gesture.

"And she survived the birth? They survived?" the feeling expanded into his chest up into his throat, causing Reuben to swallow hard, his eyes watering with nausea.

"Yes. All four of the young werewolves survived the birth. But...she wasn't her anymore. And that's when this Edmund showed up. The second he did, she turned on everyone. He said she was his dead wife and she was just completely taken in by him. Something to do with that old spellbook she carried around all the time." Maxwell leaned back at the waist his shoulders hitting the wall. "Vlad returned to the castle, talking about the portal and a visit from Bacchus. They fought, and I mean swords, spells, silver tipped arrows, fought. Edmund wanted the kingdom and he was using her to get it." Maxwell's eyes became distant as he lowered his voice to a whisper. "That's when she killed them. Vlad's men, the other pack members...I found the old gypsy woman Vlad had been so fond of, had her open the portal send me here. William...he's all that is left of her litter."

"Shack me!" Reuben blinked processing everything he just heard, the nausea still clinging tight in his throat, his ears starting to ring. Pressing his hand flat against the wall, Reuben leaned over, a feeling of vertigo flashing hotly behind his eyes, causing what could only be considered a vision as he gave in to the vomit. He saw Edmund, the first Seer, commanding his covens with Nosferatu at his side.

"You okay?"

Reuben grunted as he flicked his hair out of his face spitting  "I better get a mop."

"Let me guess, you just had a skull splitting vision?" Maxwell asked. Reuben nodded. Making a noise, the older werewolf sighed. "William!" he turned heading back into the room only to find little William standing in the doorway with Tombstone beside him, a handful of the hellhounds fur clutched tight in his fist, the beast panting contentedly.  "I told you before, not everyone wants to talk to you in that way. If you want to communicate you use a pencil and paper."

"He doesn't talk?" Reuben asked.  Maxwell said no as he went over picking the boy back up. "Neither does our little monster. But when he screams..."

"Tell me about it. Who knew banshee children could shatter windows in the next village?"  He sniffed little William's hair. "So nephew, I haven't heard you call him by his name yet?"

"Damen...Damen Frankenstein."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yes, Damen... no "i" no "o" no extra "a")

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