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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 228, chapter 228

Rolf's Kingdom

Rolf was breathing heavy as he turned his blue eyes up to look from under his curtain of long dark curls, as he heard a branch snap in the distance. Sniffing, the lycanthrope grunted as he shifted the dead weight of the large elk he'd just hunted from one shoulder to the other. Flicking his hair out of his face, he shook his head snorting as Reuben emerged from the woods.

"Been looking all over for you."

"Of course you have. What's the matter this time? Did Damen sneeze on you or something?" Rolf chuckled.

"When Nosferatu had him, you felt everything right? I mean, with you two all soul sharing and all?"

"Yeah why?" Rolf put the elk down sending leaves and dirt everywhere.

"Maxwell is here. He's got a little boy with him, and he said she had a whole litter. So...why didn't we know about it? Shouldn't you have known? Felt it?"  Reuben asked running his hands over the bark of the nearest tree, breaking off a piece sniffing it. "Someone's been marking their territory." he commented wiping his hands on a patch of grass.

"Ah...the Necromancer has been hanging around again."

"Well he needs to stop it. Needs to be chained up or something."

"Ash and Leo are doing the best they can with him. It's not his fault The Seer turned him and them vanished. You're his next logical bloodline. And to answer your question, since she's been with Vlad, I've had a few visions, dreams mostly, the odd feeling that I should do this or do that, the odd cravings but nothing like when Loki first divided my soul giving her a piece. I've got more of a link with the boy. Since Damen was born, it's his nightmares I wake up to, his fears I feel, if he scraps his knee I feel it." Rolf picked the elk back up tossing it over his shoulder once again and started to make his trek back to the castle. "A whole litter?"

"It gets wilder." Reuben cast his eyes down swinging one foot in front of the other holding it in midair. "She hooked up with the original Seer and turned on everyone. Maxwell said he got the little one out just in time before she killed him too. That this Edmund guy has her hypnotized or something."

"Well, given how connected her and our Seer was, I don't doubt it. And our Seer, from what I've read is nothing compared to how powerful the one in the 1400's was." Rolf nearly spat the sentence as he growled, grinding his teeth together. "What I'm worried about is the fact we told everyone she didn't survive the birth. Damen knows we lied now.  Not too mention..." he didn't bother to finish his sentence as he moved through the gates of the castle walls, leaves crunching under the weight of his heavy footsteps as he did.

"A certain former mate of her's. He's going to be furious when he learns we lied." Reuben replied as he walked behind his buddy, one foot in front of the other arms out at his sides as if he were walking a tightrope, dipping and swaying for effect. "I think we should let Maxwell tell him." he grinned wide.

Darkest Forest 

The auburn haired werewolf sat with his back against the bark of the tree, feeling every groove every splinter of it against his naked shoulders. The empty rum bottle still gripped tight in his dirt covered hands. Dewy whimpering a few feet away from him, having laid out over the newly dug grave. "Rufus was a good kid. He was the best timber wolf you could ask for." he raised the empty bottle about to drink from it, squinting as he realized there wasn't a drop left.  Crawling then to where the last of his rescued timber wolves was, the male tossed the empty rum bottle as he pressed his face to the ground. "You're brother lived a full and happy life. I think..." his words were beginning to slur. "I think I gav...ave youss wall appy your all I'e got lefff." he went to pat Dewy on the head but missed hitting the ground. "Stay still. Stop spinning." he closed his eyes. "Okay jusssss a little ap...." The auburn haired male passed out, still laying on the fresh grave.

He was in a room filled with swords. Every shape, every size, crossbows filled with silver and wooden tipped arrows. Weapons he'd never imagined lined the walls as he slowly crept through. And in the center of it all a well with smoke rising from it.
There was a faint voice calling him from the depths of it, luring him towards it, forcing him to look inside.
The thing living inside the well jumped up grabbing him, it's face looking half melted as if acid had been tossed over it. It's snow white hair slicked down it's back and shoulders. The eyes a strange shade of blue-white as if blinded. "Help me." it screamed as it placed it's clawed hands on his shoulders dragging him under with it.

The werewolf screamed as he woke from his nightmare, a thin layer of sweat covering his whole body. Catching his breath, he saw it was night time, the moon high in the darkened sky.  Dewy no longer beside him on the grave, the timber wolf having been frightened off it would seem. That's when he realized he was completely naked, having magick misted off his pants and boots during his dream.

The spooked werewolf took off in a blur heading back home to the old witch's cabin.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story...see what happens when you drink too much, demons and ghosts visit your sleep...)

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