Monday, January 25, 2016

Night Bleeds, All Vampire Movie and Book Club 2016

Night Bleeds : All Vampire Movie and Book Club.

All Vampire Movie Club:
Idea- pick one vampire movie a month and blog about it.

All Vampire Book Club:
Idea- Pick one vampire book a month and blog about it.

The book and movie combo for the month, will NOT always be the same title. Some months, they will be two random selections.

Bonus: If you were inspired to craft something/bake or cook something, by it (both or just the book or just the movie), then add it to the mix.

Deadlines: Will be the last Sunday of every month (unless specified)

Rules- The blog post must be current (done the same month as the selected book and movie)
          -You must link back to either this page or to the announcement post for that month

2016 Selections  (RED is the current combo)

January -Twilight (movie) and Life and Death Twilight Reimainged (book)

February- Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (book and movie)

March- I am Legend (book) and Omega Man (movie)

April- Vampire$ by John Steakley (book)  and  John Carpenter's Vampires (movie)

May- TBA

June- TBA


August- TBA

September - TBA

October-Salem's Lot (book) and TBA

November -TBA

December- Dracula (book)  and Bram Stoker's Dracula (movie)

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