Saturday, January 30, 2016

Year 5 Day 59

movie: The Hot Chick
starring:Rob Schneider, Rachel McAdams
genre: Comedy
year: 2002
format: Netflix Canada

plot:After stealing a pair of earrings, the school's most popular girl finds herself the victim of a centuries old curse, when she wakes up as a man.

Anyone remember the movie Switch (1991) about the womanizer that gets taught a lesson?  That's pretty much the route of this one. The high school snob gets mojoed and has to deal with being a man, while the idiot who got her body is using it for all it's worth.

I sat down with the intent of a mindless movie, and it pretty much lived up to my low expectations. Schneider has the bulk of the role, which he plays straight. And I'm not being punny here, I mean he plays it as a freaked out teenaged girl, in as serious a mode as one can with this type of film.
The character's big lesson is that she took everyone and everything for granted, and has to find her place in the big picture. Along the way, she looses the chip on her shoulder and becomes friends with the two girls in school who in the start of the film, she had made fun of.
It's a predictable story that points out that looks aren't everything, and that you'll find who you are meant to be when you accept those around you.

what did I learn? Don't judge a book by the cover till you've walked a mile in the author's shoes...

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