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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 249, chapter 249

Rolf's Kingdom

"We're totally shacked." the dark haired male stated plainly as he sat dangling his one leg over the edge of the table. His other was propped up across the length of the old table in the library, as he continued to pull splinters out of his knee. "You know that right? I mean, right?" Reuben made a silent scream of pain as he continued to remove the remains of the shattered branch.

"I'm not the insane one who went chasing after an angry werewolf with necromantic powers." Finn commented as he stood at the end of the table, flipping pages in a large volume. "My head hurts." he complained slumping over pinching the bridge of his nose.

"What do you want me to do?" Reuben's voice rose in frustration, as he removed the trademark ponytail, running his powerful fingers through it again, redoing the ponytail without thinking about it. "He's my bloodline as everyone likes to point out to me!" a splinter went flying with pinpoint precision, by a half flick of the werewolf's wrist to land in the far corner of the room.

"I expect you not to miss next time." the familiar said looking over his shoulder at the splinter embedded in the edge of the doorframe.

"Fairy dust isn't you exact science." Reuben argued, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes closed. Shrugging he dug deeper into his flesh removing the final chunk of wood.  Jumping down from the table top, he flexed his knee contented that he'd gotten it all.

"No, but you only have to be within a foot of the person to toss it at them." Finn all but added a meow at the end of his sentence as he looked down the table towards the other male, over the rim of his tiny round sunglasses. "How the hell did you miss?"  The werewolf honestly couldn't answer him. He didn't understand it himself. One second Reuben was face to face, literally nose to nose with the Necromancer, and before he could breathe, he was gone. Reuben left standing alone in a bramble bush. "It's not like he can use his magick while in wolf form." Finn continued as he scratched the back of his arm. "Can he?" The male straightened up to his full height, his left hand now running through his own short hair the colour of sand streaked with grey and sun-bleached blonde.

"None of us ever could. Can you? When you're in cat form?"

Finn shook his head. "The best I've ever been able to do in cat form was telepathy." he replied wiggling his fingers towards his eyes. "And all familiars are capable of that." he opened his mouth again as if to speak, tilting his head to the side before changing his mind.

"What?" the dark haired male asked.

"This is going to sound massively crazy, but...what if he is able to?" he moved around the room suddenly as if the floor was burning his feet. Jumping up on the table, Finn crouched down balancing himself perfectly on his toes. Removing his sunglasses, he started to bat them back and forth between his palms on the table top, his green cat eyes disturbingly bright as if they were soaking in all the light in the room. Reuben had to hold back a growl, as an instinctive shiver crept up his spine. "What if he's...what if he's his own familiar?"

"You've had too much catnip today. That is crazy." the shapeshifter crossed his arms over his muscular chest. "What does that even mean? His own familiar?"

"Well, he's one of the most powerful sorcerers in like four kingdoms, it's possible he can do stuff that no other werewolf can?" Finn said standing back up, the tiny round sunglasses back on his face.

"I know it's been like nine years, but from what I remember of The Seer, he was more powerful then the Necromancer was, and even he could not do magick in wolf form." Reuben said shaking his head.  Finn couldn't help but let out a snort as he moved across the table, before back flipping off it. "What?"

"Just thinking Reuben, for someone who has always claimed to hate witches so much, how is it that yours is the only bloodline I know that has not one, but two werewolf-witch hybrids"

"I try not to think about it." the werewolf sniffed. His nostrils flared as he brought both hands out to his sides then, inching his neck forward, his ears twitching. Sniffing deeply he mouthed the words "did you smell that?" Nodding, Finn pointed to the doorway. "All this talk about witches is making me hungry. I think I will need to find myself some gingerbread." the werewolf said in an overly exaggerated voice. Turning in a blur, Reuben moved towards the library door, opening it wide, causing the little boy in the hallway to give a silent giggle. Damen stuffed the gingerbread man into his mouth chomping down hard, before braking off a piece holding it out to the older male. "Mmmm, thank you. You know the first time we met your mom we had a picnic. Rolf, Dagan, me and her." the dark haired male nodded the half cookie still in his hand. "And she ate gingerbread. Actually, memory serves me that first few weeks there was a lot of gingerbread eaten. Lots of sweets usually by Dagan."

The little auburn haired eight and a half year old patted Reuben on the head leaving a few cookie crumbs in his wake. Sighing, he moved around the room to where Finn was, holding out the last piece to him. "Such a deep sigh for such a little wolf. Something on your mind?" Finn asked as the little boy grabbed hold of the table ledge swinging on it, looking over the book's pages. Screwing up his lips into a sideways duck bill, he shrugged. Both grown ups watched as the little boy moved across the room again, first closing the library door locking it from the inside then grabbing the nearest chair he could, angling it under the doorknob just to be sure. "Okay that's not very friendly." the familiar commented gesturing towards the door. "You and your little brother fighting?"
Damen nodded again walking around the room once more, this time grabbing a pencil and paper from a second smaller table that sat by the far window. Writing something in a blur he folded the page before handing it to Finn. The little boy then continued to drag a second chair to the magick mirror climbing up in order to reach the blanket that was covering it, ripping the edge off it exposing the surface.

"What you doing bud?" Reuben asked "That's not a toy you know that. We've talked about how it's only for work..." but it was too late, Damen had knocked on the mirror's surface. The Sea Witch appeared on the other side looking less then amused. That was until she spotted the child. Her features softened a great bit and Reuben could swear from his end there was a giggle forming on the old witch's lips. "I'm so sorry." the dark haired wolf started to say, as he was suddenly beside the mirror. The Sea Witch held up her hand towards him and nodded towards Damen.
Snapping his fingers the now anxious little boy pointed towards the note he'd handed Finn and patted the mirror's surface again. It was clear he wanted the familiar to read it for him.

"He really shouldn't have bothered you. Specially with something as trivial as this." the familiar had his head almost touching his chest, he bowed instinctively when seeing the witch.

"What is it?" the Sea Witch asked still in a good mood on her end of the mirror.

"He says he doesn't trust William, his little brother. He wrote here, that there's something wrong with him."

"I'm sure it's nothing..." Reuben was starting to say, but the Sea Witch cut him off.

"Hear him out. He's going to be not just the true alpha when he grows up, but I'm guessing the king's heir as well as Loki's. Not only does he need to trust his instincts better, you have to start trusting him."   Reuben swallowed hard. It was true, that Rolf had planned on turning the kingdom over at some point to his nephew. But that would be ages from then, maybe even a few hundred years give or take. What stung the most was how the Sea Witch had reminded them that Damen was designed to be the one alpha. Born with the intent of controlling all the packs. As Loki's heir, it would be like the separate bloodlines never existed. The werewolf cleared his throat turning a half centimeter on his heels holding back a growl of frustration.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Think someone is worried?)

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