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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 295, chapter 295

Out of Time...

Edric lay in the middle of the sandbox. His memory hazy. The transformation had left the hybrid screaming as every bone in his body rebroke itself, shifting and then realigning. Bringing his hands up to his face, the male was relieved to feel his nose back to it's normal shape. Making it to a kneeling position, Edric looked around, thankful the playground was still deserted. He wasn't too sure just how he'd explain being covered in blood. Stretching, he figured he could always just say he'd been drunk in a fight, and passed out on his way home? The male ran his hand over his shoulder, feeling every notch of muscle. He remembered running for miles, climbing over a few large buildings, roaming their rooftops.

Running for miles. Sniffing, he grumbled under his breath. He was in the next city. The sire bond had truly been severed, allowing him to have distance between himself and our heroine. Swearing Edric magick misted a hoodie, pulling it up over his ears, hiding his blood stained face as he headed back towards home. The sun had been up for at lest an hour, and there was no telling what had happened during the time he's been gone.

He remembered snatches of the dream, but nothing that seemed to fit together, nothing that made any sense to him. He had been sitting in a coffee shop, one of the ones attached to the big chain book stores, reading a book in a language he'd never seen before. The image overlapped with him dancing in what seemed like a 1970's disco, in a white and purple suite. Another image of himself in the 1880's, dressed as if he were going to the opera, a coach drawn by horses taking him through the streets. Himself working in a mine, that image overlapped with what seemed like a school dorm in the 1950's. With him wearing rolled up jeans and a brown sweater.  Shaking his head, the sandy haired male threw himself against the nearest building, his back flat, shoulders digging into the roughness of it. He closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths trying to clear the cobwebs. Pushing himself back to a full stand, the hybrid used his werewolf speed heading back towards the hotel.

The bodies had been moved. By Nosferatu he guessed. There were still a few patches of dried blood, but if you did not have supernatural sniffing abilities, you would be unwise to the fact a fight had happened there, let a lone the carnage they'd created. Grabbing a hold of the top of the window, Edric climbed back into the hotel room, lowering himself gently into the room. The spellbook was gone, but Edric's metal storage box was still there, as were two of the blood bags. Our heroine had obviously left them for him before taking off. He took a few minutes to clean up washing the night's events off him, before grabbing his stuff.  The male hybrid began sniffing everything, catching her scent, heading back out the window to find her.

"A disco?" he mumbled to himself as he crossed a nearly empty street. The sound of his own breath echoed in his ears as he found himself suddenly at a crescent street. There was a school to his right, a church beside that, and from what his senses told him, if he continued on turning right, there was a neighbourhood mini mall packed with noisy teenagers. Edric stood perfectly still, his hands in the pockets of the hoodie the box tucked under his arm, his nose in the air, eyes closed as a bus zipped past him. The air shifting in its wake forced the male to turn to his left crossing the main area and heading deeper into a side street. He growled low as a familiar scent filled his space, causing him to speed up.  Opening the backdoor of the car, Edric grabbed the backpack that was there, dumping the few contents onto the seat, before shoving the metal storage box and blood bags into it. Dropping the backpack onto the seat as well, he slammed the car door before turning his attention to the house.  The hybrid's momentum was stopped as he found himself thrown off the porch before his hand reached the doorknob. Howling in frustration, he ran up the stairs again, only to again be thrown a few feet. Running his hands through the limp mohawk, he kicked the ground sending rocks and dirt flying. "Nosferatu!" he screamed towards the living room window. "I know you're in there!"

"Right, right I have to let you in." Seward smiled as the front door suddenly opened. "This is so cool. Okay..." the dark haired male said practically jumping in place. "My first real guest since inheriting the house..." he cleared his throat bowing. "I invite you."   Edric snorted as he tilted his head to the side, his eyebrows knitted together. The younger male sidestepped still holding open the front door, the smile still plastered to his face. Edric let go of the tension he'd been unaware he'd been holding, as he crossed the threshold of the house, his arms suddenly relaxing and feeling like jelly.  "You want something to drink? Something to eat? I've got sandwiches. Landin brought a whole side of roast beef and a large ham with him from the shop cause he's a...butcher."  Edric bit his lip, his blue eyes falling up and down over Seward.  "How about I go make some coffee?" Seward's voice dropped to a near whisper all the excitement drained from him. Nodding, Edric turned heading up the stairs to where he knew our heroine was.  The hybrid ran his hands over everything, the walls, the railing, photos of the Van Helsings, a small vase that sat on a corner table, the need to mark his territory became stronger and stronger the closer he got to the grandfather's room. Edric stopped in front of the bathroom door. The shower indicating someone had recently been in there. He sniffed the edges of the door, his hands flat on the wall. Snorting, he continued on towards the bedrooms. The female banshee wasn't in the grandfather's room, nor was she in Seward's. Edric did catch the scent of Arthur though. It was obvious he'd been there, only hours before. Anger clinched at Edric's chest as he continued on to the attic. The sandy-blonde haired male stopped cold in the doorway, once he'd found his sire. She was sitting on the floor, a large pentacle drawn in the middle of it, four orange candles and one yellow at each point. Shaking his head blinking, he swore the yellow one had been floating a few centimeters off the ground.

"Dude, you totally need to see the collection grandpa Van Helsing has. He makes Matilda's occult shop look like a school kid's flea market." our heroine said getting up blowing out the candles. He noted to himself, as she was stepping over the edge of it, careful not to let the hem of the tie-dyed skirt knock over any of the candles; that our heroine had changed her shirt. Hugging him, she caused the male to stagger a few centimeters. The powdered blue men's shirt reeked of Seward's scent. Breaking the embrace just as quick, she tilted her head to the side. "Huh. Ruthven tried to hug me earlier when I got here, and he went flying across the kitchen." our heroine said ducking her face to watch Edric as he continued to lick his fingers touching the nearest bookcase; acting as if the hug had never happened. But she still caught the slight rise in his body temperature as he tried to suppress the soft blush at his cheeks. "He's at the hospital. Landin and Arthur took him. Concussion and three stitches. That sounds like the barrier when someone is claimed." The male looked at her processing what she was telling him. "Would you care to explain?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Let's just throw the logic out on this one)

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